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10 Homeschool Video Tours

10 Homeschool Video Tours

teaDon’t you just love peeking into other people’s homeschool rooms for organizing ideas? I do.  I get excited by Ikea shelving.

I am recouping from foot surgery—surrounded by a cluttered mess! I can’t wait until I can clean again (the older you get the more you enjoy clean and tidy). I thought I’d share the inspiration, so here are several video tours with tips and ideas to inspire you to organize your homeschool area. Grab a cup of tea and get inspired!

Inspiring Homeschool Room Tours

1. Confessions of a Homeschooler Tour

Erica Arndt  shares her updated homeschool room. See the full blog post here.


2. 1Plus1Plus1Plus1 Homeschool Tour

Top homeschool blogger Carissa shares this video below and several photos of their homeschool on this blog post. 

3. An Ikea Homeschool Room

Becky at A Place to Nest shows off her Ikea storage solutions in this homeschool room tour video. She turns her formal living room and formal diving room into a homeschool ares.


4. 360 View Homeschool Tour

Elaine Mingus from SuperRadChristianWriterChick shares a 360-degree view of her homeschooling room. Visit her full blog post for more ideas.

5. Two Part Homeschool Video Tour

Jolanthe Erb of HomeschoolCreations shares both videos below and a blog post. 


6. GreenApple Homeschool Tour

Keek shares their homeschool room and ideas.

6. AFarmHouseFun’s Homeschool Room

Mom of six (so far) shares their basement schoolroom.

7. CraftsandMore Homeschool Tour

Misilla  shares her homeschool ideas in this video as well as their science experiments, music area, and bulletin board.

8. Bold Homeschool “Room”

MacKenzie Monroe from Bold Turquoise On Live  gives you a tour of their school room and explains their school day with My Father’s World. (I’m a turquoise lover too, MacKenzie).

 9. Watch Me Homeschool Tour

Public school teacher turned homeschooler shares how she teaches her four young boys.

10. Not Your Average Homeschool Tour

Organizing Your Homeschool Blog Posts

KeepCalmTeachOn gives a peek inside their homeschool room  with 30+ photos on flicker

organized homeschool room

Love the colors and Ikea shelves in SimplyHappenstance’s homeschool room. 


I can really relate to Happy Housewife Colleen. Our family, like her family, moved from a 3,000 square-foot home to a tiny home. She offers several clever organizing ideas for small homes.


Heidi of  Happiness is Homemade‘s organized homeschool room is inspiring.

homeschool room organized

Another post showing IKEA’s Trofast and Expedit furniture to store books and supplies.


The Pennington Point‘s homeschool organization post

The Natural Homeschool takes you on a tour of her homeschool space and makes you feel like you are right in her home.

homeschool roomo tour

Well Planned Day Planners

Have you seen the Well Planned Day Planners designed by my daughter, Rebecca Keliher? They are specifically made for homeschoolers.

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