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Ten Minutes to A Clean Bathroom & Free Printable

Ten Minutes to A Clean Bathroom & Free Printable

Have you ever noticed how quick hospital room-cleaners are? They can be in and out of a room (cleaning the bathroom, and bedroom) in a few short minutes. It takes having supplies on hand and a system.

No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but instead of looking at it as the dreaded dirty bathroom job, try viewing it as a simple ten-minute chore. Complete these steps after you brush your teeth in the morning to maintain a clean company-ready bathroom.

bathroom caddy

  1. Grab your cleaning supply caddy. 
    Having supplies all together at the beginning of the job is essential. You won’t have to spend time gathering supplies. You should have a cleaning caddy in a plastic carrier or bucket to carry from room to room when you clean, or keep one on each floor or one in each bathroom. It should contain:

    • All-purpose cleaner (soap scum, disinfectant type)
    • Glass cleaner
    • Paper towels
    • Scrubber
    • Old toothbrush
    • Rubber gloves
  2. Put all dirty clothing in a hamper. (1 minute)
    Don’t worry about sorting darks and lights or turning clothing right side out. Just throw clothes in the hamper or basket.
  3. Stash all toiletry bottles. (1 minute)
    Bathroom paraphernalia: deodorants, toothpaste, hair dryer, curling iron, makeup, etc., should have a place in a drawer or cabinet. Put each in its place when you are finished using it. If storage space is limited, give each family member a separate toilet tote that they can keep in their own rooms.
  4. Ohio: Windex Wipes Are EssentialWipe sink and counters and mirror. (1 minute)
    Don’t give grime the time to build up. Wipe the sink daily with a little multi-surface spray. Keep a container of Windex Wipes nearby for a quick mirror and faucet wipe.
  5. Wipe down the shower or tub area. (2 minutes)
    Most showers and tubs should be cleaned once a week, occasionally more often.
  6. Hung UpSwish inside toilet with a toilet brush, wipe down outside of the toilet bowl. (2 minutes)
    A toilet brush should be in each bathroom. Put your cleaner on a stiff-bristled toilet brush and get it right under the rim. Keep bacteria off your toilet brush by adding bleach (enough so it’s 50% bleach) to your bowl and swishing it around the brush. To maintain a clean toilet you should use some kind of drop-in toilet bowl cleaner tablets in the back tank.
  7. Mop the floor if needed. (2 minutes)
    A quick mopping can be done by spritzing the floor with disinfectant floor cleaner, dampening a used towel and scooting it across the floor. Save regular sweeping and mopping for your weekly chores.
  8. Empty trashBusiness ring(1 minute)
    Each bathroom should have a wastebasket. I line mine with plastic grocery bags and store extra bags at the bottom of the can. Empty the wastebasket last on the way out the door.

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