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21 Signs You Are a Homeschool Book Junkie

21 Signs You Are a Homeschool Book Junkie

Too Many Books?

Is there such a thing?


Hi, I’m Robin and I’m a Homeschool Resource Junkie. I am a bibliophile, a book addict, a bookaholic, addicted to books.

The practice of loving or collecting books is dubbed bibliophilism, and the adjective form of the term is bibliophilic. I have a the habitual longing to purchase, read, store, admire and consume books in excess.

I wonder if all homeschool moms are bibliophiles or they become bibliophiles? I think it a chicken or egg question that will remain a mystery.

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21 Signs You Are a Homeschool Book Junkie

  1. http://heartofwisdom.com/images/blog/bookaddict.jpgEvery wall in your house has a bookshelf and you are contemplating how to hang more from the ceiling.
  2. You wakened groggy the morning after a curriculum fair, unable to remember how many you books you bought or how much you spent? You shake in fear at the thought of looking at the  receipts.
  3. You ordered a fourth filing cabinet because the 1-3 are  overflowing with curriculum catalogs.
  4. The local owners of used bookstores  invite you to their kids birthday parties.
  5. The flash cards fall out of your craft closet and bury your toddler and large dog.
  6. Your night stand is toppling over and there are large tumbling stacks on the floor. with books that, yes, block the path to the bathroom but give you great comfort and inspiration.
  7. You can’t read a full curriculum review on the Internet without clicking through to see if you can afford it.
  8. You were on the first waiting list for a Kindle.
  9. The librarian greets you with “Oh, you again!
  10. Your mailman ask for anothe rroute becasue of that homeschool mom and  all those book deliveries (even after you installed the super duper humongous mailbox he still can’t fit ALL the packages in).
  11. Amazon denies you a renewal of Prime Shipping.
  12. You are purging by selling your books on Amazon (see Mine Here)
  13. You would not think of going to the doctor or dentist, without book bag stuffed with several genre options.
  14. When you finish a book you get this awful empty feeling, like you just pulled the plug on a loved one.
  15. You lend out your curriculum to your homeschooling friends but don’t tell them you’ve never used it yourself.
  16. You made the decision to purchase your home based on the built in book shelves.
  17. Your hubby put his photo in your curriculum catalog stack to remind you of what he looks like.
  18. Your collection contains more books than any family with 20 children could possibly read in one lifetime
  19. You buy what looks like the greatest curriculum ever the curriculum fair only to get home to find you bought the same one two years ago.
  20. Your children refer to Boarders and Barns & Noble dangerous places. They know once you go in they might not see you for days.
  21. You visit Library Thing, Good Reads, and Shelfari daily.
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  1. Here’s where I fit in:

    #1 I’m trying to find more bookshelves so I can buy more books!

    #3 Have to remember to purge catalogs once a

    #6 Current nightstand has small bookshelf on it, books piled on it and in it, & there is a floating bookshelf above it on the wall that I made from a turorial on the internet.

    #10 Just installed a huge mailbox for the “fit” purpose.

    #12 That’s a clever idea. I might have to do that.

    #13 Don’t know why it took me so long to get into this wonderful habit. Love the “What a reading?” questions.

    #14 This kept me from reading for pleasure for a long time. I hated leaving my friends behind.

    #16 Built in bookshelves or the potential for them would definitely be a buying bonus.

    #18 Uh, yeah.

    #20 I browse for hours.

    #21 Haven’t been to those, but I will now.

  2. Um, guilty as charged.

    I love the idea of the book hangers in the closet! Maybe I could clean out my coat closet to do that. After all, we don’t really need those coats; the books are more important! 🙂

  3. Yeah, some of these I can really relate to, for sure. Love the list—thanks for the smile.

  4. I love this post! I too am a book lover! I have more books then most small town libraries. I’m not joking! My husband and I are building a new house and I told him my biggest desire was to have a library. So, he said okay.I will be in book paradise!

  5. Yep, I’m guilty. I hate getting rid of books, and the piles all over the place can attest to that! *Blush*

    I still have baby books from my boys – and they’re 11 and 8! I guess I really don’t need to keep them ALL. It’s going to be years before we have grandchildren, and we really don’t have room for them all. I guess I can pass them along to friends with little ones so I can at least go for a visit every now and then. 🙂

    Great post, Robin! I needed a smile today.

  6. Yes, I can identify with a lot on this list. What’s funny is today I was looking at a review for Jot and Tittle and did a web search to check it out. Where would I be perusing this book? At Robin’s website, of course. Somehow that struck me as funny considering she sent out this blog on The Homeschool Lounge today.

    Lori – who is sure that we are all saving the world from having the classics go extinct after being purged from the public library system. We will always have copies to lend 🙂

  7. Hi Robin! Yes, I am a certifiable bibliophile. We have more books than we can shake a stick at. I have four bookshelves in my little office; aka: “the cave.” I have a huge double shelf in the living room, three in the dining room (barely enough room for a table and chairs!) and oops, one more in there too. One by the bathroom door, books in the boys room, books in the girls room, books in the crawlspace, books in boxes, books in the closet. I think I have a pretty cut and dried case of bibliophilia, don’t you think? LOL!

    Great post! Good to hear from a fellow book-lover.


  8. Ummmm, yeah…. you got me.

  9. Hello, my name is Lisa, and I’m a bibliophile…

    Way too many of those apply to me. Add to that list “when you go to the library, you check out and they invariably ask “How many do you have on hold today?”!

  10. >>14. When you finish a book you get this awful empty feeling, like you just pulled the plug on a loved one.<

    I finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle in September and I still miss Edgar.

  11. Too funny, Robin! I can proudly admit that I am NOT a curriculum junkie. My pocket keeps reminding me in check. 🙂

  12. My daughter is worse than myself. She is 12. At one point, without my knowledge, she had 70 books on hold at the library. Of course, she read every single one of them. The library calls 3 times a week to let me know I have books on hold!

  13. Heehee, we’re going to two libraries today, we have around 80 books checked out right now. I don’t like driving over Wears Valley mountain or we’d be going to 3 libraries!

  14. Terri Layne

    I am definitely NOT telling my husband about this list! It would only confirm to him what we both know is true……

  15. Only today we went to the thrift shops to find a new bookshelf to house the lonely stacks of books waiting for a comfortable home. Hmmm… we didn’t find a bookshelf, but we did find a couple more stacks of books to bring home!

  16. Yes more books than we could ever read but I can’t let them go!!! I’m happy to give to other hs mums but the rest I just can’t do it lol

  17. Thanks for picking this up and running with it Robin. We do have piles of books…EVERYWHERE! In bins, in boxes..my husband installed a bookcase over my bed…right over my head, yeah it’s a bit scary but… I need room for books! and it is FULL! But, I love my books, I AM a bibliophile and junkie!

  18. I was already a bibliophile before I started homeschooling.

    I had 2 Latin books and at least a dozen phonics books years before I even had children! (I have been a volunteer remedial reading tutor since 1994.)

    I now have about 20 phonics books and 4 Latin books. The last one was only $1, who could resist that? The first one I bought (before I had kids) was over 100 years old for less than $10, how could I resist that when I might want to teach myself Latin in the future…

    I’m looking forward to when my kids are old enough to learn Latin so I can study it with them.

  19. Oh I never thought of the ceiling !!! Thank you so much! my husband will be so Happy!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  20. PS MARA… The new lead-free law starts FEB 10th. I advise you to Keep the baby books for your grandchildren. They will never be available again. And do not loan them to your friends or you will get a fine!


    Because of Jesus, Bobbie
    Bubbe to seven grandchildren that came fast that you can imagine!

  21. I am totally in denial! I relate to way too many of these descriptions. We have at least one bookshelf in each room of our house even my bathroom. Don’t you read in your bathroom?
    I gave away all my catalogs one time & really missed them, but was too embarrassed to ask for them back. Same thing with the HS magazines.
    My husband & I go out each Monday night & we always end up at Half Price books. They know us by name in there.

  22. This is me to a TEE! We have a very nice home library, but just last week discussed with hubby another area we can convert to a living space for more books. I guess this doesn’t surprise me when we consider the fact that our Heavenly Father chose the vehicle of a book to house His Holy word.

  23. I’ve started piling the books in the garage — they make a stack bigger than both the cars.

    10,000+ so far. I’ve actually started to get rid of books and it’s a liberating feeling.

  24. Melanie

    I love, love, love this!

  25. I think some bibliophiles are born. I remember being very little and driving Grandma crazy with constant begging for her to “read me story, read me a story”! There were certain books that I loved the look and feel of and remember the pictures and subject of to this day. As I got older, it only got worse. I also begged my mom, grandma, uncles, and anyone who would listen to teach me to read long before I started kindergarten; but of course they did not think they were qualified to do that. I was highly disappointed when I went to kindergarten and we did not immediately start learning to read. But first and second grade, now that was the stuffing in the Oreo! I was nearsighted by the time I was in fourth grade.

    I have a lot of books, but lately I’ve been good about picking some out to get rid of…its just very difficult for me to actually finally release them. I will though, I promise.

  26. Oh, this has me in stitches! I’m a homeschool book junkie/bibliophile, too! I just LOVE this post! Thanks, Robin. ;o)

  27. These are great!

    Just yesterday I panicked when I got down to ZERO credits on Paperback Swap. I felt like a crack addict looking for a lost fix when I was digging in my attic for more books to put up! 😛

  28. Buffy Marie

    Great post!

    I too ‘suffer’ this affliction. I do not restrict myself to just books…I’ve been known to wrestle the cereal box from my childs hands just to read the back for a ‘quick fix’. If it’s got printing on it- I’ll read it…

    As a homeschool Mom it was easy to hide my addiction… for it was all related to educating my 5 children. Now that I only have two left at home it’s getting more & more difficult to pretend the vast volumes & stacks of books I bring into the house (as well as the unrestricted amounts of information pouring out of my printer…) are solely to educate the twins.

    Anyone remember the movie Short Circuit…? I’m like Johnny 5- Need More Input!!

    I think my family is considering an intervention…

  29. Anissa

    We have never met, but I think you have been in my house. The photos look very familiar!

  30. Yes, it’s definitely me, too, apart from the Kindle thing – as far as I’m concerned if it doesn’t feel like a book and it doesn’t smell like a book, it’s NOT a book!

  31. Where do I sign up for the book lovers “club”? I loved books before homeschooling, but after 15 years of hs, they are out of control. I love every one of them!

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