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2010 Blissdom Conference!

Blissfully  Domestic is hosting the Blissdom Conference  in Nashville on February 4-6 2010. I hope to attend.

Sponsorship Opportunity

I have transportation and accommodations but no ticket. I’m praying God will provide a sponsor to pay the $299 registration fee.

HeartofWisdom.com receives over 20,000 unique visitors each month. See Heart of Wisdom Stats. Normally I don’t advertise on this site but I’m willing to exchange advertisement on this blog for sponsorship to Blissdom 2010.

If you are interested in sponsering me email robin@ Heartofwisdom.com

What is Blissfully Domestic?

Blissfully Domestic is a group of ladies who are  blissfully in  love with our families and  domestic – devoted to home duties and pleasures; of or relating to the household or the family.

On the Blissfully Domestic Site is devoted to encouraging Domestic Blissful ladies in the areas of:

Ladies attending the Blissdom Conference can attend sessions and Wisdom Workshops.

Those attending the conference have the option to attend sessions on business or writing tracts;


  • Conference Session 1: Legal Guidelines—All bloggers should know regarding current legal and accounting issues as well as the most up-to-date matters surrounding the newly imposed FTC guidelines.
  • Writing Session 2: Connecting with Your Readers—How to cultivate an audience and giving back to your readers in the ways that are natural for you and that matter to them.
  • Business Session 2: Personal Branding—Your blog and social media presences are a digital representation of you, so make sure you are putting your best foot (or most gorgeous shoe) forward whenever you are leaving a social media footprint.
  • Writing Session 3: Striking A Balance— How to make decisions to optimize the good and achieve your goals while also protecting your time, your home life, your health and your sanity.
  • Business Session 3: Community Chest—Successful panel will share their top tips and insider knowledge on establishing environments to attract and retain members, offering diverse content, tools, networking opportunities and other benefits.


  • Writing Session 1: Snapshots of Four Successful Blogs—Bloggers share share their hows, whys and what-to-do-nexts from the current stage of their brilliant blogs.
  • Business Session 1: Leveraging Your Blog and Social Media to Build Your Business—Panelists explain how blogging and social media can leverage key relationships, draw viral attention and forge personal connections with your customers.
  • Writing Session 2: Getting Published—Experts explain how the publishing world really works. Whether you are interested in publishing fiction or non-fiction, delve into information about getting an agent, getting published and promoting your book in today’s publishing climate.
  • Business Session 2: Evolving as a Professional Blogger— Step-by-step by learning how to promote yourself, how to develop your brand and how to demonstrate what you can do for companies.
  • Writing Session 3: Content is Queen—Your writing needs to express your best self, be engaging and be distinctive. This session will discuss ways to focus on your content, topics, approach, language and the other details of high quality blogging.
  • Business Session 3: Niche Blogging—Leaders from various niches to share their successful experiences to help you define your focus, monetize or increase readership for a niche topic, or have a niche section within your personal blog.
  • Writing Session 4: Memoir Writing—The Power and Mystery of Telling Our Stories: How do we tell our stories in the best possible ways?
  • Business Session 4: The Wizard of Ads—Whether you have ads or not, this session will help you understand how this monetization model works, what ad networks do, how stats and metrics are tracked, how to figure out what to charge, the evolution of effective integrated campaigns, and ideas for making decisions about your blog real estate.
  • Keynote Address: Women, Technology and Social Community— In this presentation, real women – real industry mavens– bring home how technologies like blogs, forums, and social media are giving women an unprecedented voice to share their stories, inspire their communities, and create real change in the world.
  • Conference Wrap Up—Dedicated philanthropist and a consummate family man, Harry Connick Jr. will preform.

Will You Be There?  Let me know in the comments.


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