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3 Ways to Bible Journal Digitally

3 Ways to Bible Journal Digitally

I LOVE Bible Journaling! I was out to lunch with a friend discussing a passage I had journaled and I could actually see the page in my mind because I had spent so much time on it. Feasting on the Word, listening to God, and crafting! It doesn’t get any better!

Make a Bible Journal Page in Less Than 10 Minutes

BIble Journaling Passover Deu 16Why Bible Journal?

  • Learn About God
  • Become Confident in His Love
  • Dig Deep into Scripture
  • Introspection
  • Share to Teach others
  • Creative, Crafty, & FUN!
  • It’s a Spiritual Discipline
  • Share to Teach Others
  • Make Bible Time with Children FUN!

What is Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling is like art journaling and Bible study rolled into one. It is done uniquely different by each person depending on their gifts and talents. The Bible Journaling so beautiful popular now on Pinterest is usually done with markers, pens, crayons, paints and other craft supplies right into wide margin Bibles (although some use note books or journal books).

Visual learning is a HUGE trend right now. Especially doodling. In the business world it is called Sketchnoting.


Illustrated Faith and the Bible doodling movement are spreading. Rebecca Jones has a Bible Journaling Challenge every Tuesday.   One study, people recalled 39% more information while doodling. It is so refreshing to see so many spending time in the Word!

Scriptures are full of rich visual imagery and thought-provoking ideas – hearing what God is saying through His Word at times takes pondering. Journaling thoughts, notes, favorite passages, and marking key words helps us grasp deeper meanings.

What is Bible Journaling Digitally?

Bible Journaling Digitally is journaling on your computer. I have Bible journaled three ways explained below the why section.

Why Bible Journal Digitally?

Just because I prefer to Bible Journal Digitally doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beautiful Bible Journaling in Bible. I think they are amazing. But I have reasons I prefer digital. One is I have arthritis and its hard for me to write. Also:

  • Unlimited Journaling Space
  • Faster then Traditional
  • Easy Enough for Children
  • More Bible Time
  • No Artistic Talent Needed
  • Cheaper (Free Software)
  • No Artistic Mess (more Bible Time)
  • Share Online or Print
  • No Craft Room Needed
  • Do Both Paper & Digital
  • More Pondering, Less Washing Up
  • I can send to a company like VistaPrint and get mugs, calendars and T-shirts made.

3 Ways to  Bible Journal Digitally

 1. Bible Journal Online Free

Sketch by Evernote  is a free annotation program where you can load your bible page and annotate online with circles, squares, arrows, and text. It is not as artistic as traditional Bible Journaling but its easy and, fun and educational. I’m working on a tutorial now that should be ready soon. Here is an example:

bible journaling Genesis 1.700

How to Bible Journal n Sketch

  1. First I get a screen shot of the Bible pages from Biblegateway (several versions available)
  2. Open the Bible page in Sketch.
  3. There was a slight learning curve to Sketch. It took a good twenty minutes before I felt comfortable.
  4. I use the annotation tools to mark the text and add notes.
  5. My favorite part about this program is the same–it is UNLIMITED space for notes. You can just keep adding.
  6. Currently Skitch cannot print directly to your printer but you can save the image to your desktop and to save the file and then use the built in a graphics viewer to print.

2. Bible Journal with Photoshop Elements

Digital scrapbookers use Photoshop Elements and clip art or digital kits to come up with amazing pages. I used the same techniques for Bible journaling.

Colossians 3 layout

Inductive Bible Study Overview | ©Precept Ministries InternatioHow to Bible Journal with Photoshop Elements

  • First I get a screen shot of the Bible pages from  Biblegateway (several versions available)
  • Open the Bible page in Photoshop Elements.
  • I mark the text using Kay Author’s Precept Ministry markings (Get the Free ebook about this approach here)
  • I use Photoshop brushes to create a watercolor look (I like watercolors but you can use what ever strikes your fancy.)
  • I add a few flowers from my digital scrapbook stash.
  • I make “Word Art” by using several fonts to write my favorite verse on the side. (There are thousands of free fonts online).
  • When complete you have the option to print and tape in your Bible, in an album, frame or share online.

bible journaling 1john4

Free eBook: Get a free copy of The Inductive Bible Study Method

3. Hybrid Bible Journaling: Digital and Paper

Create a Bible journal page on the computer, print it out on vellum paper and washi tape into your Bible.

genesis 12 covenant 700

You can also upload your Bible Journal Pages to have them printed into calendars, stationary, on cups, T-shirts too.

bible journaling digitally cups

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