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A few months back I wrote a post titled "One Christian's View of World of Warcraft" In the last two days it received 56 comments that I had to delete. This post is to address seven issues with those who have commented or watched the dialogs.

7 Issues for World of Warcraft Players

A few months back I wrote a post titled “One Christian’s View of World of Warcraft” This post received over 200 comments. In the last two days it received 56 comments that I had to delete. I have turned on my comment moderation.

There is a ongoing conversation about my post on the WoW Head forum. Many remarks were made as to my deleting comments and not addressing them.

This post is to address seven issues with those who have commented or watched the dialogs.

1. Deleted Comments

You can comment here in disagreement however, I will only approve valid comments that address the issue (not my lack of intelligence for believing in God and the Bible)

As I stated in the original post: I will not approve any obscene comments sexual remarks or vulgar language. Please keep it G rated.

2. Logic

Several posts on the WoW forum were about logic and some good points were made. I understand logic, rhetoric and dialectic. Logic is a skill or a tool like a hammer. A hammer can be used to build something useful or as a murder weapon. See my Logic post.

The God-given ability to reason well is a critical thinking skill that is vital in science, mathematics, law, forecasting, diagnosing, and just about every other discipline. The ability to reason well is of great importance.

The problem is not logic–it is worldview, see next issue.

3. Worldviews

There are mainly two world views in America—a secular world view and a Christian world view (it can be divided into more categories, but for now we look at the main two). American public schools teach from a secular, humanistic world view.

Christians must evaluate things like entertainment and movies we allow our children to view, etc, in a  in a radically different way from that of secular humanists.  See “Four Questions Reveal Your Worldview”

It is not logical to comment on a post for Christians about Christian behavior if you don’t believe in God. We have different standards. We will not agree.

I wrote a post on self esteem recently. The secular word focuses on self-esteem.  God says humble yourself. A relationship with God cannot be earned by our diligence, our commitment, or our effort. See The Self Esteem Lie


I am grieved that some people think that I am slamming them and looking down my nose at wow players. I sincerely did not try to be holier than thou. If you reread the post I think you will see my true intentions.

MY INTENTION: to evaluate the game my pre-teenage boys were curious about and share what I found with my like-minded friends (saving them the hours of research I did) that read this blog.  My evaluation is based on the Bible.

I sincerely apologize if I have said anything to lead anyone to feel that I am better than them. I want to make it very very clear I am not judging any person. I am making a judgment on this game for my family.

I do not think I am better than any Wow player. I am not. I am a sinner. I battle sin daily and often fall.

As I said in the original post

We are in a battle daily–not a virtual battle–a real battle! The Christian walk is a battle against our sin nature or our flesh. “The flesh” refers to the fallen nature still with the believer. In Romans 6, Paul says the old man has been crucified and that we can overcome the flesh by reckoning ourselves dead to sin and by yielding ourselves to God. God’s Holy Spirit assists us in our battle against the flesh.

Saying you are  a “Christian” has many meanings today.  I am saved– this means I accepted Christ sacrifice for my sins and I want Him to be Lord of my life. I believe the Bible is the instruction book for a fulfilled life.  This does not make me a non-sinner but a forgiven sinner.

It because of His righteousness not anything I do. As a matter of fact, I got tired of trying and failing and disappointing God. See the video on the post  I Got Tired of Trying to Please God

I am sorry if the post or attitude sounded judgmental towards anyone.

5. God is Not Mean and Angry

God is NOT an angry judge sitting in wait to throw a lightning rod. He is a loving father waiting for his children. Don’t let anything I say lead you to feel another way.

Too many people believe God is judgmental, angry, and elderly–detached from the world waiting just for someone to do something wrong. See Survey Reveals American’s View of God

God’s Character

The most stunning portrait of God our Father is in the parable of the prodigal Son.The younger son demanded his inheritance early and left the family. The older son faithfully stayed with his father. The younger son spent the money on wild living and ended up broke & hungry feeding pigs. He decided to go home and beg forgiveness in hopes his father would give him a servant’s job.

Now here is the SUPER part: The father longingly watched for his son’s return then when he saw him approaching, he came running to the prodigal son kissing him over and over, even before the son apologized. The dancing father was elated in his son’s return. The father loved the son sooooo much he told his servants to have a big BBQ party in celebration.

That’s how much God loves us. He is waiting for us to come to him– no matter what we have done there is nothing His grace won’t forgive!

This  is not about your worthiness.  This is not about winning points. This is  not about what you do or fail to do. It is about the fact that He is your father and waiting for you  to enter in a relationship with Him!

6. Don’t Judge God by Christians

Many of the comments I deleted and comments on the WoW forum referenced “you Christians” in a very negative tone.  I completely understand.

Please don’t judge God by actions! I don’t  like being called ignorant for believing in God but I do understand (breaks my heart to say this) there are some pretty hateful, judgmental attitudes  in churches.

Any I understand some of you think I am judgemental. I know I sure have been and I ask God to forgive me for it.

I understand because I have been hurt more by folks in churches than anywhere else. See the post “Why I Don’t Go to Church Anymore” by my friend Wayne.

I do go to church. After much searching, I found a church with more loving folks than angry judgmental ones.

Please, please, don’t judge God by people, especially me.

7. Prayers

Finally, I am praying for each of you and I have asked other to be praying.  God hears and answers prayers. I’m praying that each of you will open your eyes to God’s love.

I am also praying God will show me if when I have a wrong attitude and that He will adjust it to show His love.

God bless you.


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  1. It’s par for the course….when you address touchy topics where most who are addicted to games do not have a clue about religion….the result is what you’re experiencing.

    This is the same tactic that liberal’s use….when they can not win the argument based on merits or substance, they divert their attention by attacking the messenger.

    In short, it just proves that you made your point…to the disgust of the video game addition crowd. Remember that folks today are educated by the Al Gore’s and Michael Moore’s of the world who believe they must kill babies, redistribute wealth, provide homes, cars, education, food, child care, health insurance, life insurance, jobs, hair-cuts, clothing, video games and everything else known to mankind.

  2. Robin:

    as a fellow christian, let me state that i do respect your opinions,
    i am a wow player, and a fairly devout christian, i have read a decent amount of the bible.

    my opinion is the game is fantasy, as there is a separate between the game and my real life; However anyone that knows me in game that have raided, or ran dungeons with me will tell you i am unlike most, im friendly, im nice and im helpful; much like i am in real life… when people ask why, it is a good chance to show them what i live for.. the true living god.

  3. Oh Robin,
    I love this post. I can see or *hear* your heart in this. I pray that others will too. As a fellow believer I know that you and I don’t agree on every little topic or issue but I have never felt anything other than grace exude from your posts.

  4. Aaron, as a christian how can you play a game that glorifies the (evil)undead, witches ,false priests and so on..
    the game is about everything the Bible teaches against and I applaud you for being…nice but even bad guys have their good days:0)you cant serve two masters you will love one and hate the other…

  5. I enjoy Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series. I’ve read all the books and watched all the movies. My kids will read them when they are old enough and if they are interested. I’ve played a number of fantasy card games and some video games.

    All that to say, I don’t have a problem with fantasy. I don’t know a whole lot about WoW as my kids are not old enough to be interested. But, if the hateful responses to your blog are any indication of the average player I don’t think I am interested in my kids finding out about the game.

    I find it interesting that so much energy has been put into rebutting a blog post directed at “Christian” parents, by non-christians.

    Thank you for your grace filled response and your apology.

  6. jean i will disagree with you simply because its fantasy, and i do not cross fantasy with reality.

    My bigger focus is bringing people to god,
    Acts 13:47 — “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth

    when your a light, even in a dark place, everyone wants to be around you, everyone wants to be like you, whether you believe it or not, i feel god has called em to do my small bit of “mission” thru wow. and i can think of quite a few who ive had great talks about my living god, that i would never have met if i didnt play wow.

    Romans 3:29 — “Is God the God of Jews only? Is he not the God of Gentiles too? Yes, of Gentiles too

    ^take this verse as you will, to me it still applies today, we can either sit in a circle with our christian friends, and do only what it is “good”, or we can go all through out the world and be a light for God everywhere


  7. Lisa,

    Yes i agree with you, most Wow players are extremely rough, ive met people on the game im not proud to say exist.
    I take this as a challenge, and you ALL should if you call your self a christian, we cannot let this world live by hatred, we CANNOT keep in a “circle” we have to show the light of the TRUE LIVING GOD to this world, it needs him.


  8. A friend of mine called me today. She’s greatly troubled because her husband is addicted to WoW. He’s given up the game 3 times for his marriage, but has started it again.
    I am a Christian. I’ve read about this game and even thought it is fantasy, it affects peoples lives. This man had been in Wicken for many years and deep into black magic, casting spells, etc. Now he’s involved in a game where he’s casting spells, etc. How can this game benefit his life? How does it get him further away from Wicken and closer to God? I see nothing of value for the Christain in this game. I don’t think that this marriage can be saved because the game has become his all-in-all, it’s that addictive.

  9. Robert

    I’m fairly certain my wife is addicted to this game. I’ll wake up and she’s not there, and she’s in the office. Trying to confront her about it is met with denial, anger, and vitriol. I have the ability to monitor the time she spends playing. It’s on average about 40-50 hours / week. She stays up all night playing sometimes. I’ve gone so far as to block the ports it communicates on at the gateway, and she just hounds me until I reenable it to the point of not letting me sleep until it’s fixed. Now that the kids are out of school for summer they don’t eat lunch unless they fix it for themselves. After working all day I have to come home and clean and do the stuff she should be doing. It’s ridiculous. This game is very clearly evil. I’m getting ready to file for divorce because she has no room for anything else in her life.

  10. I’m parying for you and your family Robert. This is tragic.
    The first stage of bondage is caused by ignorance, strong holds, and the enemy’s greatest weapon in this stage is deception. Understanding a correct picture of who God is, and who we are in Christ will dissolve a lot of cases involving stage one bondages.

    The primary weapon of the devil to put a person into stage one bondage is deception. It is extremely common and there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been deceived in one way or another. If you keep in God’s Word, which you use to pull down strong holds, Jesus said that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Stage one bondages are caused by deception and lies from the devil, so the way to combat them is with the truth, which is found in God’s Word. God also says that, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.” Ignorance is a nasty disease that we need to defeat!

    Read more

  11. im a 15 year old kid, and appeerntly im marked, like i mean i think thats good, but i mean i like had to quite wow for it ive tried to quite cold turkey and like kit doesnt work, like i quit yesterday and im even feeling like i want to go gt back on, and like another thing i gave up was gayness or w/e u wanna call it i knew that was wrong but still i feel like y shouldnt i be able to try the things that normal teens try because i have a calling, i mean i feel sometimes that what i want to do is pushed back by my mom my church myself in order to do what god wants, and im not gonna lie here i tend not to be to happy about it, i mean i go to church, i love god i really do but i mean i dont do stuff because im not allowed to, not really because i i dont want to, and honestlly not because i love him enough not to want to hurt him but i mean i do cause i dont do the stuff, its juts i feel so confused all the time, what should i do.

  12. Virginia

    Hi Please pray for my son who is addicted to WOW as well. He has been virtually housebound for 4 years now, and has lost almost all confidence, has panic attacks, depression and is now on anti depressants, doesn’t work and just stays in his room with his laptop and converses by internet with other WOW players. I have prayed a million prayers and have got him to go to counselling for the last year but to no avail. We need a Holy Spirit encounter and nothing less. Jesus help us.

  13. Virginia

    Also you can not tell me this game does not have an evil pull to it. As it even makes players aggressive if they can’t finish a stage or get killed etc. And when fantasy takes over real life and people stop living this is very dangerous.

  14. Seattle

    I am a Christian; I also play World of Warcraft.

    While everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions about the game and the people who play it – and while I really appreciate your beliefs concerning WoW, Robin, and I think your blogs are well written and extremely nonjudgmental – I am appalled at some of the responses that have been posted; and I’m not talking about the teenagers that get their kicks by poking fun at the Jesus freaks. I’m talking about the ‘Christians’. Everyone has a hobby; just because my form of recreation happens to be games doesn’t make me better or worse than the guy who sits on the couch for hours after work watching reruns of ‘7th Heaven’. I am a 28 year old single mother, and I have a flourishing social life. (Sometimes less flourishing than I’d like, but did I mention I’m a single mother..?) I am completely devoted to my beautiful five year old daughter. (Though she’s very opinionated for someone so short.) I love God with all of my heart. I think it’s very disturbing, that, because I play WoW, I must be violent, or crass, or uneducated, or in bondage. What gives any of us the right to judge anybody?

    It’s my understanding that judgement is God’s alone.

    It’s also my belief that two of the basic principles that Jesus taught were to love God and love people.

    How can we do either, when we’re constantly sporting an attitude that insults and belittles the people we’re supposed to be loving? lol

    Luke 5:32: “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

    Who should I spread Jesus’s message to? My Christian friends? Perhaps a few Pharisees? People have asked me my beliefs in-game, and I tell them. To me… that’s an amazing thing; that perhaps God is using me to reach others in a way I never expected.

    Virginia: “Also you can not tell me this game does not have an evil pull to it. As it even makes players aggressive if they can’t finish a stage or get killed etc. And when fantasy takes over real life and people stop living this is very dangerous.”

    How offensive. Are we starting a new thread? Are we onto the ‘games create killers’ theory? Violence has been a part of our society for a lot longer than games have been around. (Cain and Abel, anyone? I doubt Cain was playing World of Warcraft.) Also, I find this very stereotypical. What about all the people that say “I think most Christians are judgmental and ignorant.” Does that offend you? I play WoW, so I must be repressed, addicted, and someone who needs to be prayed for and saved. (I am someone who needs to be prayed for; I’d love that kind of spiritual arsenal at my back; but Jesus already saved me.)

    I must live in my mother’s basement as well.

    P.S. Aaron, you’re pretty awesome.

  15. Moderation

    If you want to go there…
    Fantasy is reality. And you will see (I would like to take this moment to acknowledge that I do so love a debate, not for the sake of division among people, but it makes you really think about the whys of life. Riveting!) that shortly.
    Ok, take a moment to think about culture (I know this sounds random, but stick with me). Take Chinese culture for instance. Their artwork and engravings of dragons, and potbellied statues all stem from a fantastic ideal which IS their culture. It is seen in the clothes they wear, the houses they live in, the rituals they perform, the way they interact. Their culture at this point becomes their reality. Making it safe to say that their fantasy has become their reality, and vice versa!
    Whether we like it or not (and whether we admit it or not), what we put into our minds affects us, there is no doubt. Your life, personality, and character are shaped to some extent by every single thing that happens to you whether or not you have chosen to take part therein. Your fantasies help shape you into who you really are.
    Therefore fantasy and reality are beautifully woven into the intricate and wonderful fabric of our existence. Am I right?

  16. Alright, as both a WoW player and Christian, I feel the need to dispute this view.

    First…how does this game “glorify” evil? So I can play an undead priest. Big deal. So I can throw a fireball. Awesome. These aren’t evil. These are FANTASY. I can pretend that I’m a superhero. I can even dress like a superhero. Does that make me one? No. To look at the “evil” this game supposedly glorifies, you need to step into it and actually look at it. There is nothing evil in there. If anything, the storyline is about fighting evil.

    Second, we’re really going the violence route? Then I’ll use my tried and true rebuttal. Do you watch prime-time TV? Tons of violence and sex in those. How about sports? Violence and profanity. Violence has become embedded in our culture, sadly, and it’s never going to leave. However, this is the lighter end of violence in my opinion. I read the remark about blood being shown (about 1 of every 100 attacks, and so easy to miss I didn’t notice it for 3 months after I started), and the appropriate sounds. I can recreate 99% of the sounds the game makes with a sheet of plywood, and sheet of metal, a hammer, and a wet sponge.

    Finally, what ultimately disturbs me is that these articles are giving Works Theology. The same issue that Paul writes to the Galatians about. However, instead of being told that we must not only believe in Christ, but we must also be circumcised and follow the Torah, we’re being told that we need to give up an ultimately harmless pastime. I know some people get addicted, yes, but how about the people like me, who play for an hour or two a night? I play to pass time. Now, I understand how you can say we need to not follow the appearance of evil. But I’m not casting spells, a little character is. I don’t believe for a minute I can throw fireballs or heal wounds with a few words. And because of that, I fail to see a problem. This seems less of a Christian article and more of a pietist rant. So, let’s go over what else pietists have told me. I guess that not only am I going to Hell for playing World of Warcraft, I’m also going because I don’t have Christian music on my iPod, I don’t speak in tongues, and I don’t go to daily chapel at my college (doesn’t matter that I’m in the pew at church every Sunday).

    Anybody wondering about how Christianity and World of Warcraft relate, I have some advice. Seek out a local pastor. Don’t necessarily listen to a layperson, educated though they may be. And if this comment is deleted, I’ll rest assured that this is an attack article. I just showed a way to get some straight answers from a trusted source; if you get rid of that resource, I’ll have to assume that showing people the way to salvation is the last thing on your mind.

  17. Well Chris,
    You started off with legitimate comments that I was considering then you switched over to unfair rant of this site being works based and saying people are going to hell which we don’t say anywhere.

    This has nothing to do with salvation – the entire site professes over and over that only Jesus saves are works are nothing.

    The original WOW post is a mom judging if a game is appropriate for her children.

    This post, which obviously did not read included an apology.

    –so who is ranting? You. Feeling convicted??

  18. It’s so sad to see Christians defending this game. Robin, thank you for the time you’ve taken to share your heart and the Love of the Lord with everyone. May God give you peace, you’ve done nothing wrong here. We all can be opinionated or think badly of others but I don’t believe it is because we think we’re better than anyone, at least for myself it’s more of a feeling of sadness for where there life is headed as a result of poor choices and knowing that they don’t see it and aren’t willing to make any changes.

    We all have areas of our own life to work on and that we struggle with, nobody is perfect. I just pray that everyone playing these games sees them for what they are through GOD’s EYES instead of their own lives. It’s easy to make excuses for something when you don’t want to exclude it from your life.

  19. edward

    Culture is not fantasy. It is the way you are raised just like I was raised in a christian culture they were raised in a non-christian culture.

  20. I have been playing world of warcraft since it first launched, I imediately became addicted on several occassions it was fights with my spouse,she even left me on another occasion,We made up after a few weeks ..I used to sneak to the computer and play silently. I have made several friends on the game but up until now I realized from this blog that I officially quit playing. Robin you have helped me with a decision i’d longed needed an answer to & I thank you for this post & my lord & savior for I prayed on this isue for sometime w’out any answers. This game becomes extremely addictive & worse It does become evil. Many christian players defend it,but what they should be realizing God gave us time to worship & know him & playin this game taking time away and ignoring our Father it becomes idoltry..All us brothers & sisters need to get a clue! We need to worship Father & our Lord, time is precious & we are running out of time…. thanx 4 the opportunity to post. God bless you all…

  21. SO interesting to see the same religion fight about the same thing….I thought you guys had all the same views…. You were obviously taught by a church, but it seems everything you guys say is very different. So what does that leave this non christian to believe? (If that kind of thing matters to you Ive read almost every religious book known to America.I know a bit….)
    It leaves me to believe that none of you have your views straight and that if the bible is that easy to misinterpret then i don’t want to waste my time when i know i might be messing up the entire time think about it THOUSANDS of American soldiers call themselves Christians and they kill. What does it clearly say in the bible? DO not kill. Thats in so for me there’s no interpretation for that besides DO no kill. What im trying to say is that you really need to stop thinking out of the box with this thing. If the bible says don’t do something and you think for even a second it could be bad then don’t do it, probably is…. It’s not hard people it’s just using common sense and not thinking too much about it.

  22. George

    Nothing good will come from this game. Do not play. Find a better way to spend your time. Go have a relationship with your family and friends. Learn to play an instrument, pick up an interest as Carlin would say, not hobbies, hobbies cost money, interests are free. This is my 3rd time getting off the wow addiction. As it becomes an addiction.

  23. My sisters husband is very addicted to wow. They have only been married a year and now are seperated over it. He told her never to make him choose her or the game because she will go! He brought the game to bed every night, and would fight with her if she said anything about it. Its ridiculous, this man is 40 years old hes not a kid! He even takes it to work with him! As a Christian I believe that anything you put above God is a sin. This man puts this game before himself before his wife before his own children even. I have never played the game, but I believe that if something is that addictive you should stay away from it, best way to avoid becoming an alcoholic is to avoid alcohol! Im not saying that playing this game is a sin, I dont know that, but whatever you put before God is. Its sad because he is not going to have anything pretty soon because of his addiction to this game!

  24. Gabriel

    I totally agree with your points of view and I thank you for taking the time on writing this . God bless you

  25. Wow Robin, this is a really beautiful page – good on you. Thank you so much for all of the information you have posted on WoW and also this page here for taking the time to reach out and also apologise to readers.

    I found your blog EXTREMELY helpful – I got lost with Google when it came to WoW but your research here has been fantastic. Many thanks and keep it up 😉 x

  26. Nelson


  27. Nelson


  28. Rob Slack

    God bless you for this biblical response to the World of Warcraft. While I haven’t read the forums about your post, it doesn’t take much to imagine the kind of response you recieved. But let me share my experience: I’m a Christian, but have not been living right for some time. I would spend tremendous amounts of time playing warcraft, addicted completely, since the game came out. Recently God has kicked me in the behind, and so I am making changes for Him, based on prayer and the word. (“all things are permissable, but not all things profitable”) I thought I would remove Warcraft, not from a ‘good vs evil’ standpoint, but just because of the time sink, and my fondness/weakness for it. so after, I decided to see what the web thought, and your post was top of the google list. It was reassuring to see my reasons supported, from scripture, but, was also awesome to see the issue of magic addressed, since it was tickling my head. I know God hates it – I don’t understand why exactly, but ultimately it doesn’t matter – do I WANT to enjoy emulating something He hates? no. If He is True, and real, and I am his son through Jesus, and seek to please Him, then why should I enjoy things he hates? Your article really helped ‘color-in’ the gray area I was seeing. Thank you and God Bless!

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