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A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft

A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft


Introduction to World of Warcraft

Note: Title was changed from A Christian View of World of Warcraft to A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft because I don’t represent all Christians.world-of-warcraft-players

If you haven’t heard of the World of Warcraft game, you or your children will. The popularity of this game is mind blowing–over 1oo million people are playing worldwide, (ONE HUNDRED MILLION!!) undertaking role playing adventures for a fee of about $15 a month. World of Warcraft is a MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing 3-D game).

I evaluated this game and decided I don’t want my children (boys under 14) playing it. Many may disagree. This is the decision I have made for my family for the reasons below:

Evil Character and Quests


You begin the game by creating a character choosing from ten races and nine classes. The classes in World of Warcraft are Warriors, Mages, Druids, Hunters, Warlocks, Priests, Paladins, Rogues, and Shaman. Races are divided by Horde or the Alliance. The Alliance includes Humans, Night Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes and Draenei. The Horde includes Orcs, Tauren, Undead, Trolls and Blood Elves. Male and female sexes are available in all races.

View this video from the creator to get an idea of the of the characters game.

Clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Maressa Orzack believes 40% of  World of Warcraft subscribers are addicted to the game. Said the doctor: “I think there needs to be warning labels on MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, similar to warning labels on cigarettes.


Characters take on “quests” or assignments that include traveling through terrains and fighting different kinds of monsters. Players climb and improve skill as they perform the quests. At times a player may need the help of other players. These are called dungeons which can be two to five players or groups of 30 to 40. It can take several weeks or months in order to pass the dungeon depending on the skill and the playing style of the player.

Many of the quests involve violence. Much of the game is spent fighting a diverse and sometimes frightening assortment of computer-controlled creatures gone bad-wild boars, wolves, rogues, undead creatures, dragons, thieves, etc. that include graphic depictions of blood during combat with appropriate sound effects.


Players control an avatar (character) in the world inside the game. They explore the landscape, perform all activities and perfect skills while winning items. Items include things like herbs, manna, and gold. These items, along with different weapons and armor, are a focus of the game as they improve various attack or defense skills.

Subscribers advance through levels one to80 a 70 [ediupdated]. But level 80 does not mean the game ends. It’s a bit complicated to explain but once a player makes it to level 80 for most this is the real start of the game. Many users have different characters at a level.

Casting Spells, Witchcraft, Ghosts, Violence

Players fight by casting spells. More correctly – they pretend to cast spells.  Different spells have different effects on other players or monsters. Players earn the ability to cast spells by visiting trainers and by receiving items dropped by monsters, found through quests, or sold by other players. The strength of the spells depends on the players’ level and earned items. Spells can improve or weaken friends and enemy troops. Other spells do direct damage to enemies or heal allies.

When a player dies, they receive a dialog box to “Release Spirit.” By pressing this button their character is transported to the nearest graveyard as a ghost. Priests, shamans, paladins, druids, and warlocks all have the power to bring other characters back from the dead. The method and frequency with which they can do so varies by class.

World of Warcraft is rated “T” for Teen with warnings of blood, suggestive themes, use of alcohol, and violence. WoW is a place where thousands of people communicate in an unmonitored environment. Foul language is used consistently. Alcohol is occasionally referenced. Players can buy and consume alcohol in taverns and pubs to the point of getting drunk.See full size image

Women characters are dressed scantly. Promoting lust. Players can “flirt” with one another while some females are scantily clad. (A teenage girl suggested I add this red flag, her words dressed whorish and horrible!)[AdSense-A]

A Christian View

God says “Abstain from all appearances of evil. I didn’t write it God did.

The Bible is clear that casting spells is an abomination to God. Those who practice witchcraft (sorcery) will not inherit the kingdom of God (Galatians 5:20-21). These practices are anti-God and are in rebellion against Him. Also see Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Isaiah 44:25; Jeremiah 27:9; 2 Kings 21:6; 23:24, Ezekiel 21:21; Isaiah 19:3; 1 Samuel 28, 1 Chronicles 10:13-14.

Do not let your people practice fortune-telling or sorcery, or allow them to interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft, | or cast spells or function as mediums or psychics, or call forth the spirits of the dead. (Deut 18:10-11 NLT)

When you come into the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire [an ancient occult practice], or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination [detestable] to the LORD…”-Deuteronomy 18:9-12a

Some Christians play WoW and feel it is harmless. I have talked to some of them that look at me like I’m off my rocker for even considering there is something wrong with this game.

What Does God say about the Appearance of Evil?

Various message boards have threads of discussion about Christians playing WoW. Players say they even use the game to be a witness and lead other to Christ. They defend the right to play this game because it is not really evil but only a game.

OK, its only a game–Lets say it is not evil for arguments sake. Does it appear evil?

Is it OK to play a game about casting spells? Gamers aren’t really casting spells. They are only humans, not priest or warlocks, and they only direct the character that they have chosen to go through an adventure casting spells.

Pretending to cast spells is not the same as casting spells but I don’t want my children to pretend to cast spells.

These are my children and this is my decision. Why are people so angry (deleted over 200 F…U. comments so far)  for stopping MY children from playing this game?

The Real Spiritual Battle

We are in a battle daily–not a virtual battle–a real battle! The Christian walk is a battle against our sin nature or our flesh. “The flesh” refers to the fallen nature still with the believer. In Romans 6, Paul says the old man has been crucified and that we can overcome the flesh by reckoning ourselves dead to sin and by yielding ourselves to God. God’s Holy Spirit assists us in our battle against the flesh.

God wants to transform us into Christ’s likeness (2 Cor. 3:18; Rom. 8:29 and 12:1–2). If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit (allowing the Spirit to control our lives). Walking in the Spirit is the daily experience of the believer who feeds on the Word, prays, and obeys what the Bible says.


Will You Lose Your Salvation Over a Game?

Playing WoW is NOT going to make one lose his salvation. You won’t lose your salvation over murder.  God loves each of us even in our sin. Does that make it right? But is it pleasing to Him?

What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?
By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Rom 6:1-2

Christians are to live lives of holiness by the grace of God. The Bible explains we are to prepare for battle by putting on the armor of God:

Satan is a strong enemy, so Paul exhorts us to be strong. Paul knows that the flesh is weak (Mark 14:38) and that we can overcome only in Christ’s power. The very power of God is available to us through the indwelling Spirit (3:14–21).

We must sit before we can walk, and we must walk before we can stand. We must understand our spiritual position before we can have spiritual power. We must beware of the wiles of the devil (Eph. 6:11) which means his strategies, devices (2 Cor. 2:11) and snares (1 Tim. 3:7). He is the ruler of darkness and uses darkness (ignorance and lies) to further his cause (2 Cor. 4:1ff; Luke 22:53).(Wiersbe’s Expository)

People are like tofu. We take on or absorb the things we are surrounded by. Read this passage from Galatians and ask yourself what fruit is produced by playing WoW? Gal 5:19-6


How We Spend our Time

Even secular parents voice concerns over the addictiveness of the game, and the creation of a sedentary, non-communicative, non-social existence. Wikipedia explains the high level of addiction in WoW:

Stories of game addiction are a common source of criticism of WoW, earning it the nickname “World of Warcrack”.[67] In June 2005 it was reported that a child had died due to neglect by her World of Warcraft-addicted parents in South Korea.[68]

Dr. Maressa Orzack, a clinical psychologist, was interviewed August 8, 2006, stating that of the 6 million subscribers “I’d say that 40 percent of the players are addicted.”[70] The 40% figure was not derived from a scientific study overseen by Orzack, but rather came from “a forum that Nick Yee runs.” She added in an August 2006 interview that “even if the percentage is 5 to 10 percent which is standard for most addictive behaviors, it is a huge number of people who are out of control.”[71] Also, according to Dr. John Grohol, a colleague of Orzack’s, “Dr. Orzack is not claiming that up to 40 percent of World of Warcraft gamers are addicted based upon any actual evidence or surveys of players. This is just her opinion, based upon her own experience and observation of the problem.”[72]

This video is an interview of a family with a teenager playing WoW up to 12 hours a day.

“It matters to God how we use our time. It is something which He has given us. We don’t own it. We are responsible to manage it for Him. It doesn’t mean we must always work. Part of our time should be used in recreation and rest, the development and enjoyment of relationships. But we must be aware of how we use our time, and use it wisely” (Max, Anders 30 Days to Understanding the Bible).

Anything we spend time doing to the point of putting aside Bible study and prayer should be a signal to us that there is a problem. It is like recognizing hunger pain as a signal to eat. Time is limited. It is like a bandwith. Use it well.

Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.” (1 Corinthians 4:2).

Think on These Things (Not Evil)

Thoughts are powerful; “as he thinketh, so he is” (Prov. 23:7). Where we focus or thoughts can lead to either unrest and discouragement, or spiritual thinking and peace.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Phil 4:8).

Paul encourages us to press toward the goal, to live a life that would honor God and kept his focus on eternity, not the things that this earth can give:

…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing. Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself. (Phil 3:13b – 21)

Jesus Came to Set the Captives FreeHow do we set the captives free?

Twenty years ago Christians would be livid about this game, but after years of this desensitization WOW slips under our spiritual radar. World of Warcraft is one of the many tools used to captivate and desensitize many concerning the Occult and divination (They appear to be sheep, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Beware, as Christ warned, for they are everywhere.)

But God can set the captives free, once a captive turns their eyes toward Jesus. The way back from any captivity is first acknowledging that one is a captive and seeking God.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Heb 4:16

When the LORD brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:1-2

Change comes by incrementally by transforming the mind (Romans 12:1-2) –by grace, Scripture, prayer, Christian fellowship– in putting off the old man and putting on the new man in Christ (Ephesians 4:20-32). Then you are set free to live and think in a manner that is pleasing to God. (Matthew 28:20; 2 Timothy 3:10).

Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another. Rom 14:19

WARNING: Negative or discussion comments welcome however, please read the guidelines before posting a comment. Profanity, and name calling will be deleted.


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  1. It is a relief to see a Christian defending the faith and not immoral and dangerous “games”! Thanks for bringing this up; you’ve made numerous relevant points. I believe the same goes for the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Narnia hype.

    Mrs. Mecomber’s last blog post..Fort Stanwix, Rome, NY: Summer 2007

  2. Wow, Robin. I think yesterday was the first time I heard of this game, and it was just because there was a mention of it on a page I ran across on the net. I had no idea it was so popular.

    What I hear of it reminds me very much of Dungeons and Dragons which was popular when I was a teenager and young adult.

    I feel you are doing your readers a favor by alerting them to the danger of games like this. Even if they disagree, you will surely provoke them to think it over. In Yahweh’s judicial system, witchcraft and sorcery are capitol offenses. Why would believers choose to identify themselves with these type of characters?


  3. Thanks for an intelligent and informative review!

  4. Amen to that Robin! I am with you! Jesus saved me from the occult, so our family stays as far away from anything portraying magic as positive as we can. Like Mrs. Mecomber above we also apply the same reasoning to Harry Potter/LOTR and Narnia. Though they are promoted as Christian friendly, magic can never be ‘good’ no matter how hard we try to portray it as such.

    Jennifer Bogart’s last blog post..How to Avoid Offending Pregnant Women

  5. Reading things like this, seeing the “true American” buying “American” vehicles drinking foreign gasoline faster than my little foreign car, watching the politics of Hillary Clinton, and John McCain, viewing CNN, listening to calls for a moral America, and constant demands to curb global warming, no matter what the current economic cost convince me that life is one huge long running joke, and all I can do is watch.

  6. 🙄

  7. garrett

    you’d think that with all the righteousness of christians today they would be going after some thing more important. like actual murder and genocide going on around the world. The simple fact that you’ve spent the time to dissuade a video game among all things just about proves that your not directly trying to make a difference. stuff like this is complaining at best.

  8. Kudos to the writer for actually researching World of Warcraft enough to give an accurate description of the game. I don’t agree with her stance that it is evil, but I respect the fact that she researched it instead of just repeating other things she heard about it and stretching the truth to agree with her point, as many articles of this type generally do.

    However, this comment isn’t necessarily about the article, but about Jennifer Bogart’s comment. The Narnia books aren’t only “Christian friendly”, they are Christian allegories written by a devout Christian, C.S. Lewis, the writer of Mere Christianity (which happens to be the only thing that has come close to converting my atheist friend). The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is a clear allegory to the betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ. It was written by Lewis to help his 5-year-old goddaughter have a better understanding of Christ’s sacrifice.

  9. garrett, why are you surfing the Internet instead of out fighting all the world’s murder and genocide?

  10. It seems if a viewpoint comes from a Christian, it automatically makes that viewpoint wrong.

  11. Thanks for this awesome post. This may help me later if I am trying to convince someone that world of warcraft is bad.

    nick: coondog’s last blog post..Go visit Ron Paul Friday At Branson, MO!

  12. Wow thank you for sharing! I will show this to mom. I recently did a few articles on this similar topic but on Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and other such fantasy books.


    I’m having a giveaway! Come check it out!


    Miss Jocelyn’s last blog post..Pondür Me This Giveaway!

  13. It seems like some Christians have a real problem differentiating between fantasy and reality. If you do, you would be wise not to play role playing games or read fantasy or fairy tales. But I think that some of the practices common in some churches today (name it and claim it, praying certain terms over someone as if they’re an incantation, trying to divine God’s will by flipping open a Bible at random) are more in line with what the Bible describes as witchcraft than anything in a video game or Harry Potter book.

  14. lol

  15. “S”, are you saying this is an ok game? The game is horrible. why would anyone want to play this JUNK? What is with these people these days? Witchcraft IS BAD. and if you are having problems with deciding whether or not to be playing this game, just ask yourself, Would Jesus be playing this game?

    nick: coondog’s last blog post..Go visit Ron Paul Friday At Branson, MO!

  16. Robin
    It is not easy being that voice, calling to repentance, out in the wilderness. You have done it well in this article.
    Some questions came up in our family during our discussion of the whole LOTR/CON discussion that our discovery and Jocelyn’s articles have sparked:
    WHY do we Christians not allow our faith to cross every line in our lives?
    WHY is it that if it is comfortable to us or an amusement, that we exclude it from the Bible and what the Bible says about such things?
    WHO do we think we can do that?
    We say we want holiness, but we refuse to put it to our flesh and be crucified as we know we are called to.

    I applaud Jocelyn because she found out something that was sinful in her life, and she took it to the Word, objectively, and even though it came out on the side she didn’t want it to, she is getting it out of her life. She is renouncing it and doing what the Word says.

    I think we are selfish, complacent and arrogant to think that we can apply our own desires and opinions and interpretations to a Holy God and His Word. Giving up a sin that has become a part of ourselves is not easy, but Jesus set the example, and we are not called to do the “easy”.

    Spiritual bondage has become a bit like soft-porn in this world, and especially our nation: it is a huge blind-spot to most Believers, and having this blind spot, many do not wish to see. It is taking “Christian Liberties” too far. All things are lawful, but all things are not edifying. We are called to edification, not self-gratification.

    Praying for all of the mockers and scorners who are caught up in this sin.

    Jacque’s last blog post..Prayers For Alex Who Was ?Voted Off the Kindergarten Island?

  17. The third question is “WHO do we think we are that can do that?”
    but, that’s ok, because, I want to check the “follow this discussion” box anyway.


    Jacque’s last blog post..Prayers For Alex Who Was ?Voted Off the Kindergarten Island?

  18. Brian J Buurma, DDS, MS

    Thank goodness, someone finally addressing a HUGE issue for adolescents and teens, including ours!!! My wife and I were beginning to think we were the only ones concerned about this strange Wow thing. We cannot believe the power it seems to have over our kids. It scares us and we have been searching for answers, only to find that “Focus on the Family” and “Family Life” don’t even directly address the issue…or, if they do, they largely ignore the obvious evil nature of it. Rather they talk about the addictiveness of video games in general. I think Wow needs to be dealt with; and I am singing Robin’s praises already even though I’ve only just discovered her here today.

  19. I’ve never played it and don’t plan to. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons not to play WOW, not the least of which is that it’s a waste of money and a time waster, but I don’t buy the “RPGs are evil!!!!” mentality.

  20. This is the reason governments have taken over society. Religion always goes to far and get carried away!

    This is a joke!

    bbrian017’s last blog post..3 Diseases That Hit The World…Hard

  21. I have learned, bbrian, that opinions, being beliefs, prove that even non-“religious” opinions are religious, all the same. So, that is kind of a circular comment.

    Jacque’s last blog post..Prayers For Alex Who Was ?Voted Off the Kindergarten Island?

  22. “S”: I’m not saying all RPGs are bad, you can have a RPG without having witchcraft in it. They could even make a RPG that teaches stuff about the Bible, Like a game where you are against evil and on your way(or quest) to defeat evil, A preacher or pastor comes to talk to you about God and Jesus. They could even have a Bible in the game so you could read the Bible even if you don’t have a physical Bible.
    and you don’t have to use witchcraft to fight either, Why not use Robot Lasers or Swords?

    nick: coondog’s last blog post..Go visit Ron Paul Friday At Branson, MO!

  23. Stephanie

    I have never heard of this game before. Thank you for the heads up!

  24. I also want to applaud you for reasearching this game. You also should check in to “EVERQUEST” and “EVERQUEST2” made by sony. It is also known as “evercrack”. It is very addicting and my husband has played off and on for years, nearly destroying our marriage at times.

  25. Someone commented and asked why Christians should be worrying about video games with so much suffering going on in the world. We’re concerned about the suffering in the world but we’re also concerned about our children.

    Tony’s last blog post..Faith of a Child

  26. Hi Robin
    My husband and I have been watching this game take over our children’s lives. The game is extremely addictive, and it took over every aspect of their life. We prayed earnestly for years and praise the LORD our prayers are being answered, our oldest boy, decided to sell his character, our youngest son made a choice not to play any more, and our second son is still struggling with the continual draw of the game to keep playing. It doesn’t help that he lives in a house where the other occupants all live for this game. WOW is the reason he moved into this home to start with. They have continual link up and play each other all night. I remember once when a new expansion was released they went to a shopping centre at midnight to be the first to receive the expansion pack. They saw people there who looked like they had not seen daylight for months, and in fact had spoken to one person who said he had played the game solidly for three months to achieve some level within the game. This game is such a terrible time waster with a high spiritual content. It got so bad that every conversation we had with our children involved the latest activity of the game. This is no child friendly game, its insidious, and all consuming. It is not easy to break away from once you have spent any time playing it. Thank you for your post. If anyone is concerned about the game you have every reason to be. It is not appropriate for any Christian to play this game and I am thankful that God has the power to change lives and free us from these horrible addictions.

  27. We’re going to have to agree to disagree about a lot of the things you wrote.

    I know that there are some people who just can’t do things in moderation. They become hooked — on booze, drugs, cigarettes, even food, and yes, video games.

    But it is a fantasy and there are plenty of Christians who understand that. The Harry Potter books are completely harmless, as are the Star Wars books, Star Trek, etc.

    Are you suggesting that because The Wizard of Oz includes witches who cast spells it is evil and must be avoided by Christians? Give me a break! That’s just ridiculous.

    As to your comments about other sins, there are many Christians such as myself who simply disagree with your interpretations.

    I am particularly offended by your harsh declaration about sexual orientation and tacit assumption that all “right-thinking” Christians will just fall in line with you. Well, here’s the news: We don’t. Sexual orientation is just that: An inherent characteristic. Expressing one’s immutable trait is not a “sin.” It is an acknowledgment of the way God mad you and yes, Robin, God makes some people straight, others gay, and some bisexual. Do you even know any Christian members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community? Have you bothered to study the subject and understand how the members of that community feel? Have you ever extended Christian compassion to them by really LISTENING to them?

    You’ll probably just delete this comment because it doesn’t comport with your view of the world. It is your site and that is your right, but it is sad that so many people in American today are so polarized, convinced of the correctness of their beliefs and making no effort to understand or appreciate others’ worldview.

    If you want to read a truly eloquent, articulate, and well-reasoned discussion on the subject, I strongly recommend “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama. Reading it will make you think and, hopefully, open your eyes to see that there are so many more ways to look at the world other than through a narrow, judgmental tunnel.

    Jenn’s last blog post..The Letter (Part Twenty-Five)

  28. Jocelyn, I would love to read your articles and the conclusions that you came to :).

    Jenn – As far as sexual orientation being something that we cannot change, I must disagree. I was a bisexual until God removed my bisexual nature when He gave me a new heart. This is not just something that people ‘pick up’ as a personal belief, it is something that God lays on their hearts. God changed me after my conversion, all the glory goes to Him, as it was a lifelong struggle with sin until then. Human reasoning is only that – we must align our lives with God’s word in all areas. The Bible tells us that homosexuality is an abomination, and I’m afraid we can’t change what the word of God says no matter how much some might like to argue it away.

    Jennifer Bogart’s last blog post..Thank You For the Cardy Welcome!

  29. Hmmm, perhaps I should have said I do agree that sexual orientation is something we cannot change. I never could, God needed to change it for me :).

    Jennifer Bogart’s last blog post..Thank You For the Cardy Welcome!

  30. bless you, bless you, bless you! dear sister, I love when people tell the truth!
    May His blessings be upon you!

    love you! Penny Raine

    Penny Raine’s last blog post..Dixie’s day

  31. Do you really think that pretend, make-believe, fairy tale magic using wands and such is what the Bible is referring to when it speaks about witchcraft? They’re not even in the same ballpark from my perspective, and I think that’s the fundamental difference between those Christians who have no problem with the magic in Harry Potter (or video games, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars) and those who do.

  32. Wow, PTL Mrs. Bogart for His awesome healing hand on your life. You are a testimony of his love, compassion, and forgiveness!

    I’d love for you to read my articles. You can find them here:
    A Former Witch Looks At The LOTR – http://aponderingheart.com/blog/?p=432

    Abstain From ALL Appearance Of Evil – http://aponderingheart.com/blog/?p=446

    Blessings to you!

    Miss Jocelyn’s last blog post..Special Times With Daddy

  33. I wanted to comment on this before, but had to run…. First of all, I commend you for taking such a stand on this and making a post on it….This is your blog and you say whatever you like. Isn’t this our freedom of speach? You also have the right to erase any comments you like, for this also is your freedom.

    Yes, the church needs to wake up to this…..
    One comment said “Why will you waist your time on this issue and not on others things more important???? Because this is where it starts. We get slowly accustomed to evil, it creeps in to the point where it’s not so evil any longer, until something horrible like 9/11, Holocaust and genocides hits us again.

    I grew up in Brazil with lies, “evil called good”….what I mean is: the white and the black magic….they are all bad….as a child my whole family practiced macumba (talking to dead people, services with an alter, people practicing divinations, crystal balls and other horrible things…..going to a gathering on Friday night and going to church on Sunday morning….”The church sorta overlooks these issues, because we have purgatory to redeem us from our evil”
    I was told by the people doing these things who also went to church that it was OK, as long as we didn’t cross to the black line side??? Truthfully, I never understood where that line was.

    I was very afraid all of my life, to the point of going to sleep with the light ON until morning. Superstition and other similar things where the root bases for my fears. But, “ALL WAS GOOD” there was so much evil in all of this, so much fear, how could it be good?????
    My culture doesn’t see any thing wrong in many moral issues, why? Because there is no Godly principals, no morals and absolutes taught, “All is good, we make our own evil”…..I see America going down the same path. Is the church ever going to wake up?
    Praying for you,

    Katia’s last blog post..Pray for a miracle

  34. I’ve heard about Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon and other games with supernatural undertones or overtones. This is my first time hearing about WoW. I heard about it on the radio on my way to work this morning. For everyone that thinks this game or any game or movie with supernatural undertones is harmless, be warned. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is harmless about any aspect of supernatural dealings. Yes, it’s a game but it’s a game that is meant to pervert your perception and turn you way from God. This is and has always been a trick of the enemy to turn people away from God. And you are performing witchcraft because the game enables you too. You are playing real people that have attached themselves to these characters and you are deliberately trying to destroy or help them. People would rather cast spells in the game than read the Bible. The game can be classified as a religion. One definition of Religion is “a cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion”…whereas with God it’s not about religion but relationship. And too many people have an intimate relationship with this game.

    I agree with other posters that say magic, white or black, of any sort goes against the Word of God.

  35. Sigh,I have serious reservations about an argument that is more or less founded on the precept that if it “drags” us away from the bible, it must be evil (only red flag that has a position). I do admit that my job can be pretty rough, but evil? And all movies, all TV, all books, all games, all sports, etc…good grief. There are Amish communities that share some of these more extreme views, please find them and partake if need be. I can’t say God has ever put it on my heart to condemn anyone or anything…actually he has done a good job teaching me that I do not have that authority.

  36. There is a lure with anything that is occult or forbidden. The truth is that God knows what is good for us and what is bad. There is a deceiver that uses the same old lies over and over. He says: “Why not? Everyone else is doing it. Is secret power really there for me? Is God keeping something from me? It is just a game. It is not real.”

    People choose to walk in darkness (Rom1:18-32, John 3:19)

    Trust God when he says keep away from these things. Trust God even when you don’t’ understand (Pro:3:5-7). I would not put much stock in man’s wisdom. Barak Obama has limited resources to draw from (Pro 14:12).

  37. Deanna

    My husband plays world of warcraft almost daily. I bought him a computer for his birthday in June. I got him the game not really thinking about its content. I was raised in a very conservative christian home but I admit to pulling away from God starting in high school. I have deeply had the desire lately to renew my relationship with him.

    I am writing his hoping to get some christian opinions and point of view. This past night I woke up screaming and remember nothing but seeing a very demonic looking face by my bed. I woke up by my husband grabbing me and shaking me to see what was wrong. The first think I thought of was his world of warcraft game. I believe in the presence of evil from the devil, so I called on Jesus’s name and felt chills all through my body. After finally falling back asleep I had what seemed like a very realistic dream of hearing a demonic voice and then I felt myself again calling on Jesus’s power to cast out any presence and to calm my mind. I woke up from this dream immediately feeling as if I had actually just spoken the prayer not just dreamed it.

    I am very familar with bad dreams, often dreaming of tornadoes and terrorist attacks but brushing them off quickly and falling back asleep. Yet this “dream” did not go away so easily. Even in the daylight and presence of my husband and child I do not feel safe and secure in my home.

    I would like any opinions as to whether you believe games such as these can open a so called “portal” or simply opening our hearts and minds to demonic evil influence.

  38. Deanna you have no worries! if you feel this strong about spirits in your house Hun it’s something else and not wow!

    It’s a game, simply a game. If anything maybe the game go you thinking about demonic things but there’ not too many demonic things in wow….

    Seems to me you need some psychiatric help!

    I think you should let someone else in your family watch your kids until you’re same and mentally stable again!

    bbrian017’s last blog post..How To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Programs

  39. Deanna~
    Trust your Heavenly Father to protect you, and pray that your husband chooses to protect your family by throwing away this game.

    “It’s a game, simply a game. If anything maybe the game go you thinking about demonic things but there’ not too many demonic things in wow….”
    Above all, please do not listen to people who have little discernment in holy things.
    It IS WOW, and games can be evil. Even the ratings commission knows this or it wouldn’t rate the games.

    Christians have a knack for finding a reason to do whatever it is that makes them feel good, regardless of what God and His Word tell us.

    I pray that you will not shun His warnings. Sometimes He does not give them more than once, and the consequences are not ones you will want to live through in this area, more than likely.

    God has given you all you need in His Word. Don’t take my word for it; take His. Trust in Him and Him alone, and you won’t have to wonder if the tauntings and evil revelry in your sufferings (like the one above)make you right or wrong in your interpretations.

    May God grant you wisdom as you seek His Word, and may your husband desire to seek Him with you.


    Jacque’s last blog post..Getting in Gear

  40. JinHee Lee

    First of all thanks to the Ms Sampson for providing us this website with this topic. It was acutally the Words quoted on this website helped me making up my mind not to play wow.

    It has been a few weeks now since I quit WoW. I am a Christian and I have been playing wow nearly two years. I have read the post and comments and I would like to share my opinion.

    I believe wow is not just a game. Why? I am not talking about Mario or Sonic the hedgehog etc, but the game is heavily dependant on community inside the game itself. That, without other people playing online with you at the same time, the game loses its point and fun. When I played wow I was so happy to interact with others while playing game. I met many friendly and good people(I met a lovely Christian as well!). Also I was delighted to tell people when they asked me why I did not associate or make groups with characters whose profession is ‘warlock'(this profession is demonic). I actually felt guilty when I joined a group with a warlock.

    One day, I found out that my password was changed. Turned out that my account had been compromised or in other words, ‘hacked’. I contacted Blizzard but the account was compromised/hacked again several times(Even after scanning with Anti virus programme). At the same time the sermon the pastor gave on Sunday was about Gideon,Judges 6. All of sudden I thought maybe the account being hacked was one of the warnings. I ‘googled’ about the if a Christian should play wow or not and Thanks to The LORD I found your website!.

    And after reading your post and comments, I agree that the contents of the game do involve witchcraft or even demonic materials. I would like to tell you that there are demonic things in that game. As a former active and addicted player of wow, I can tell that there comes a moment when players surrender or lend their characters’ bodies to a demon to finish a ‘quest’. The reward of that quest was very popular and many people finished that quest. I really regret doing that quest too and helping others doing that quest.At that time before I did that ‘quest’, I prayed that even though I carry out this quest, may the soul of the character not be handed over or affected by demon. I know it is a computer game but to me, I felt very guilty doing that quest as a Christian controlling that Character. The character I played represented me in that game.
    That was about a year ago. I was such a fool. Even though I prayed for the soul of the character I played, I believe I still sinned by doing that quest. People may argue that the game is a fantasy world and it is not real. However, even if it was only a game, surrending or lending a body to a demon is NOT acceptable in Christian point of view. Not to mention that the developers of the game set the world in the game made by some gods called ‘titans’. There are many inappropriate or bad attributes I can go on to write about this game.

    So I say, for the Christians who are considering whether to play wow or not, Please do not play it. I hope this comment helped. Thanks very much for reading this far. I am not saying I am perfect and I know everything but I just wanted to give my opinion and recommendation.

  41. JinHee Lee

    I am sorry I made words mistake in “Thanks to ‘the’ Ms Sampson”. It should have been “Thanks to Ms Sampson.

    Again, “I‘googled’ about ‘the’ if a Christian”. It should have been “I ‘googled’ about if a Christian”. Thanks.

  42. Thank you JinHee for sharing your experience. It may help someone else.

  43. I’m sorry but I play world of warcraft and I think that there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t play for 16 hours a day, that is obsurd!

  44. Zerias

    I agree completely about the game. It is not suitable for children. There are some things about the game I would like to clear up as well as a proposition for all Christians.

    1. Not all characters in the game use spells/witchcraft. For example the Rogue and Warrior classes.

    2. There is a language filter and an Ignore option to ignore particularly vulgar players.

    And now for the proposition:

    As Christians we must put God first before everything and must also preach His word to all. This includes reaching people through all media such as radio and television. But what are the odds that a non believer is going to switch to a Christian radio channel or a Christian channel? If you want to reach people, go to where they are and preach the Lord’s word even if it means going to World of Warcraft to preach it. There are Christian guilds in WoW that preach the Word to people in game. I myself intend to start a guild of followers to help preach the Lord’s word to people in game to those who may be hopelessly addicted and need God to fill the gap in there lives.

    If your are interested and would like to help out look me up in the Rivendare server, Horde, by the name of Zerias. Yes I am a Horde character but even Jesus himself dined with sinners and tax collectors (Matthew 9: 10-13) to preach the word to them so they would be saved.

    God Bless

  45. good review, the game is highly addictive and i wouldn’t recommend it to non-believers or someone who isn’t solid in the faith. I do play the game on occasion and for a strong christian with their priorities straight, i see nothing wrong with the game if they don’t put playing the game over spending time with the lord… if i have some free time i’ll spread the gospel while playing wow.

  46. The fact that so many “christians” are defending playing this game is truly a sad commentary on how weak the church has become. We can so easily justify the sin/rebellion we want to hang on to. “It’s only a game, I’m not actually casting a spell on someone.”
    I would suggest carefully reading Deuteronomy 18:9-13.
    Divination, witchcraft, interpreting omens, sorcery, casting spells, mediums, spiritists.
    These things are detestable to the God that we claim to follow.
    Then I suggest reading Matthew 5:20-48.
    Here, Jesus himself closes the arguement about not “actually” doing these things.
    There is a very clear confrontation between the things promoted in World of Warcraft and God’s word. You must make a choice.
    The bottom line is found in 1 John 2:15

  47. I love how people can say “This is evil and so is that”. The truth is, that any argument can be made using the old testament to say “something is evil”. Does that mean we should then lock ourselves inside our houses and sing hymns to ourselves and rad scripture while waiting for it all to end? I certainly don’t think so. I personally think that as dgfgfrrg said “You must make a choice”. I have to say that whether you are for or against something, telling people what’s going to happen in their lives because of it is very judgmental and I disagree with it 100%. I’m not going to argue for or against war craft, because the real issue is this: One: Jesus died for our sins. He is the only way to heaven. Two: All sins are equally as bad. Three: As Christians, we are to set a loving example to both other Christians and to non Christians.
    By simply saying “this is evil” are you really setting a loving example or are you merely trying to make someone else agree with you out of fear. If anything, it saddens me to see how many people are willing to label certain things which in ten years will be obsolete. Its a stupid video game people. If you really care about something, you should care about the homeless people, the suffering, the ones who are in your own neighborhoods who the government neglects and the health care system won’t help because they can’t afford it. The people in third world countries who die of malnutrition and are abused by militant governments because some of you are too busy saying “war craft is evil” and focusing your energy on something that in the grand scheme of things isn’t really that important. Again, if you want to make a difference, get off your butt and do it, instead of preaching about the “evils” of the world. We are supposed to be people who help those in need and make a difference. Otherwise, we’re just like the pharisees, telling others what not to do and not actually living for Christ. Its one thing to “follow the rules” and not help anybody out, but as 1 john 4:20 says:
    1 John 4:20 (King James Version)
    King James Version (KJV)
    If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
    You can quote all the rules you want, but if you can’t put into application your faith, then your faith is dead.
    James 2:20 (New King James Version)
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?
    I hope I’ve made my point here. Whether or not war craft is truly evil, condemning people for playing a game is in my opinion a bad thing to do.

  48. My dear friend Robin~
    I have continued to receive these comments as they have come in, but I must now remove myself from receiving them.

    I simply cannot stand the lack of fortitude in some who call themselves Believers. There is a force of good in this world and a force of evil. I am tired, weary and disgusted that most Believers do not know the difference between the two or really do not care, because that would mean their flesh suffers.

    I am sick to death of hearing their whining and calling those who preach the WORD legalism. Jesus was a legalist, people, according to your definitions! If you don’t like it, take it up with Him!
    Whether or not war craft is truly evil, condemning people for playing a game is in my opinion a bad thing to do.
    Yes, let’s not let people know that God will condemn them, let’s just let them walk through life practicing evil, and we can smile and nod, so as to not condemn them. Then, when God says, “Depart from me, I never knew you,” YOU can be the one they hate!!! Not me brother. Give them a warning, otherwise, why didn’t we just sacrifice Jesus just for our sins instead of Him giving all the whys and wherefores?? Why have a whole Bible to read, instead a little letter saying accept Jesus as your Saviour?

    So, for all of those still getting these or those who will come after… take it up with the One True God, not your perception of Him or even what you wish He would let you do. Yes, you can play, watch, and read all the evil you want, but what does that do for His command to us to “Be ye Holy as I am Holy”? Evil does not equal holiness, and the Bible, in every language and version says that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Even a little bit of evil or a little bit of witchcraft is still the same evil and witchcraft God hates and will not allow to enter into heaven.

    He tells us also to “be ye perfect as I am perfect.” He knows we can’t be, but we are still to try. Let’s grow up and stop sucking on the milk… let’s start chewing the meat fellow Believers!!!

    If Obama is elected as President, we will be getting exactly what we deserve in this nation, and a lot of these comments are proof of that!

    God help us all!

    Love you Robin!
    HUGS and blessings!

    Jacques last blog post..Our Dixon Cheerleader-s!

  49. Francine

    Just want to thank you for this website. It has greatly helped our family!!!

    No wonder in scripture we are warned to not be deceived so many times as we are so easily deceived in calling evil good
    God’s word can be trusted. He has given the warnings for a reason. So glad we found this site.

  50. Normally as someone not of your religon, I would have just laughed at this blog and went along my day but I thought no…not this one, Im going to say something, I will not insult you for your beliefs more power to you,but is this all you people do is look around for something to call evil or wicked? Do you stay up at night contemplateing the next thing that is an affront to your god? Did I miss somethingwhen I read the bible about “Thou shalt not have creativity and thought to dream of other worlds and thier historys?

    Lady look in your own back yard, catholic priests molesting small boys, Lunitic evagers collecting machine guns calling themselves the chosen one leaders of your churches caught with prostitutes and worse? Leave games, Fantasy, and Scifi alone, to some of us they make life in a society where people like you thrive, worth getting up another day.

  51. Oh yeah and you are racist Jacque lol as I feared rednecks and drones?

    If Obama is elected as President, we will be getting exactly what we deserve in this nation, and a lot of these comments are proof of that!

    God help us all!

    Love you Robin!
    HUGS and blessings!

    What are you afraid a black man might change your worldor he might fight or peoples rights, and take your christian beliefs out of schools where it doesnt belong , Now Im sickened Im glad I turned my BACK on your god,at least what I beleve in now The GODS I beleve in now dont turn out people and craziness like this.

    Very Sick to my Stomach.

  52. Miss Jocelyn

    Being how you are not saved you don’t understand the Bible tells Christians to purify themselves and to seek holiness as our God, the one true God, is holy. We were created to further His Kingdom (I mean he is God), and to meddle in such things as witchcraft and magical other worlds are not of God, but of Man and the Word of God says they are wrong.

    I do not believe or endorse much of what churches believe today. They are misrepresenting the Christian faith and the Body of Christ. I am ashamed of a majority of it.

    Also, my mother, Jacque is not a racist. If Mr. Obama was a man of morals and of good standards we’d have no problem with him being president. We didn’t vote for McCain either. Had nothing to do with his race, just his policies and our Christian faith. Jacque’s remark was in reference to what Obama believes (and with further research John McCain’s). Period.

  53. HeTalksToMe

    I myself am a Warcraft player. I have been playing for over two years. I myself see nothing worng with playing the game but I can see the points of view of the people that think its bad. To be a church going christian is to be a servant of God. How can you be a servant of God if your wrapped up in a level 70 warlock that drains souls and life of other characters and or monsters in the virtual world of Warcraft.
    I look at it this way. Everyone has their walk with God. God teaches everyone things he needs and wants them to do and know. If you think its an evil game then God has obviously laid it upon your heart to steer clear of these types of things. If you think its a great game then God has yet to lay it out for you and you still have many things to learn. Everyone learns at a different pace. I am sure everyone here knows, if your true in your walk with God and you follow his word then God has no problem in making his point clear to you. He will open your eyes and he will make it clear as to what you should be doing. I think free will is a choice everyone has and the people here trying to sway the free will choice of others around them is “in itself” wrong. I think the original blog was the closest thing to right that I have seen on this page. The blogger posted what he/she feels God put on their heart to post. Even backing the points with scripture. In my eyes thats not swaying free will thats preaching. But just to blurt out, Warcraft is wrong, blah blah, witches, blah blah, witch craft, blah blah, is spweing hatred which will lead to other things like straying from the subject at hand and attacking others and imposing your will or opinion on others. Eveyone has the choice of free will, the choice is your own. They will be judged for their decisions later by God, not by man on any given day.

  54. “The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.”

  55. It’s good that you looked into the game before writing a review, but I definitely do not agree with your stance. WOW is meant to be a game of fantasy and I feel that as long as the person playing the game realizes that fact they’ll be ok, and as far as these kids getting addicted to WOW, parents need to be handling that. In fact Blizzard even made it to where parents can block their child from playing the game at whatever times they feel necessary.

  56. I kind of feel that the ppl condemning this game are generalizing. What about playing a character like a paladin — a holy warrior that heals ppl and protects them or a holy priest? Do these also get classified as ‘witchcraft’. Even though there are many mentions of priests in the bible. Looking at some of the skills that these characters possess point to Jesus —-> Spirit of Redemption, Holy Light, Divine protection, Purify, Lay on Hands, Divine Intervention.. and the list goes on

  57. shelby

    I can attest to Wow’s addictive perspectives. I used to play long hours of this game when it first came out. I’m now going to school for ministry and I know several youth pastors and the like that play the game. I would disagree that things like “witches,” for example could be seen as evil based on Scripture. These figures are viewed in a negative connotation in Scripture because they are in-fact practicing magic that is of a demonic source. Further, Wow is a role playing game. It is not inherently sinful to pretend to have powers, for example, as long as it is done with a contrite heart that does not stray from God. It’s no different then reading a novel, for example, and pretending your something to exercise the imagination.

    Although I disagreed with you on the point explained above, I would agree that Wow is some-what of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It IS time consuming. There is no such thing as a “casual” wow player. By implication if your “casual,” meaning less than 15 hours of game play per week. You probably are terrible at the game. I had 4 months of game play in 7 months of real life! Do the math, that’s roughly 40-60 hours a week. I was working and going to school during this time. The average gamer plays 30-110 hours per week. MMO’s are devastating for the spiritual life of an individual. As Christians, we need to keep are minds attentive to the ways of this world. Ephesians 6:10-20, Paul, talks about wearing the full armor of God. This is also seen in various verses through the book of Isaiah. This is a Biblical principle. We are called to be prepared. Although it is “OK” to have a hobby. This is far beyond a hobby. “It is a way of life.” Make no mistake.

  58. Shelby

    I decided to make another post. In response to HeTalksToMe remarks about everyone “on their own walk.”

    We are not on our own walk! Paul writes that we are to bear with one another in Ephesians 4. God reveals Himself to us through other image-bearers of Jesus Christ, people. By implication we receive revelation through information like this, and by the hard work of believers to analyze media. This could be an article that God used to speak to you! You have presuppositions that come from post-modern philosophers, whom were agnostic at best. So I would encourage you to seriously consider. How does wow affect your family, your friends, and more importantly your MIND and your SOUL! I used to love wow. I started having dreams about becoming sick or dying, or worse. It finally hit me…. What if I wasted it. What if we fail to connect with those around us to get phat loots from internet dragons? It’s hard to break the love of the game, but at least think about it.

  59. xmrkneezx

    If the Holy Spirit convicts you not to play WoW…obey and don’t play. Don’t get caught up in pushing your convictions off on others as if it’s true for everyone. That’s a very bad place to put yourself. Christians who play WoW are just as saved as Christians who do not play. Salvation doesn’t hinge on a video game.

  60. I am a christian who has recently begun to play WoW yes it is time consuming so one has to practice self control, No one has mentioned you can fish in this game..yes fish..hunt wolves, bears and boars just like hunting..there are christian guilds where born again players meet, chat and pray with each other..how wonderful it was the other night as I was bonding with my unsaved nephew who is addicted to the game tell someone that I would never be a horde (bad guys.) only alliance who in the game itself descibes them as hating anything demonic..
    because they know im saved. Men need a battle to fight..I reccomend wild at heart for all christian men..and for the ladies so you understand how God made us so differently.
    I digress lol..I like to hunt so I can kill fake animals and I have yet to see blood..I like to fish and plan on fellowshiping on a virtual lake catching fish and witness to my unsaved nephew..can I duel other players? Yes im waiting for the day I beat a warlock and gloat you’re on the wrong side by that character a glass of milk, at the virtual inn and talk..yes talk you can if you choose to sit and talk if you want..there is a nice social side to the game that has not been mentioned, I have met many gracious people online from europian countries. I am a caregiver in real life and my character is a holy priest who heals and administers first aid..we are to love our enemies and do good to those who spitefully abuse us and we are also to not resist an evil person yes read it carefully not resist, but offer our other cheeks if smited on one, Wow is a perfect place to implement those attitudes since you can allow someone to beat you in a duel and explain why to someone who would never walk into a church, go on a christian website, watch christian television or ever listen to a gospel song ever in this lifetime..and yes narnia was written by C.S lewis author of mere christianity and the screwtape letters.
    My question is this..how do we preach the gospel to people who are involved with the “evil” portions of this game? How would Jesus reach Wow players?

  61. xmrkneezx, “Don’t get caught up in pushing your convictions off on others as if it’s true for everyone.” Can’t you see that your comment is pushing your conviction on others? May I suggest, xmrkneezx, that you have been convicted and that you don’t have any Scripture to back up your position?

    dj, you said: “how do we preach the gospel to people who are involved with the “evil” portions of this game? How would Jesus reach Wow players?” How would you, dj, witness to a druggie?

    How did Jesus witness to the sinners of His day? He certainly did not join in with their sin in order to witness to them.



  62. He certainly did not join in with their sin in order to witness to them.

    That is what people miss. Jesus went to the slums and to the the streets to minister, but he certainly didn’t go have a drink them at the bar.

  63. Robin…sorry to see you’re getting beat up on this. I agree with you. I could make several arguments for what makes these MMO’s bad, but I think only one thing really matters. Anything that one uses to trump God’s will in one’s life is idolatry.

    My husband gives up sleep and other things to play MMO’s. He neglects his children (and me) and most certainly neglects prayer and communion with God and fellowship with other Christians. I’ve tried to warn him of the consequences…the relationships he is failing to build right now with his family won’t be there when he really needs them…and no MMO will ever fill the void in his life.

  64. Jennifer

    Just visit with the spouse or sibling of someone who is addicted to this game. You might reformulate your opinion if you think this game is not dangerous. I won’t even argue the point anymore. I have lived the nightmare of what this game does to people. It’s real and it is a complete scheme of our Enemy to render God’s people numb, ineffective and neglectful of the condition of our world.

  65. The Question

    To be honest i stumbled acrossed this Blog by accident.I read through all of it interestingly enough i find all of these peoples views quite Thoughtful in there own ways but heres my Opinion on this.

    Is the Weapon the Blacksmith makes Evil or is The weilder being the Blacksmith or the Weilder being the Warrior evil. There is no right or wrong answer you decide.

    And you might ask how does that fit with WoW. Well it fits very well this Mmorpg is a Smoregis borg of Old Storys of Legend and lore with in a Massive world that people some times glance over while playing, and may never see the little things in wow that make up the story line Such as Arthas Prince of the Humans who While trying to Presue the thing he hated so much became what he hated the most a Simalar Story line of Moby Dick. This game is what you interpret it.I Think people who are more likely to get addicted to this game are also more likely to get addicted to more then just video games,Ovcourse this is a personaly observation of my surroundings. This game has more to it then Witchcraft and Sorcery it has Honor,valor Faith and a Human spirit that cant be broken by the [Burning legion] And Sargeras Aka Satan who is all of Azeroths Enemys or the Lich king and the undead scourage.
    ive been playing this game for four years and to be honest…………………. Id Rather Build Mindstorm Lego Robots and watch Childrens Cartoons. This is just a game and id rather play sports and build stuff:)but its all up to you in my eyes No harm no foul but its all good have a Happy new years and God bless ya

  66. The Question

    Im sorry for those whose Love ones do not have a Strong Will to fight its addiction and see what wow Truly is but a game and a Retelling of old storys of peoples Misfortunes and Triumphs. Youre chars Growth also goes towards protecting this fantasy world and to build youre own destiny with in this game . Honestly i think this game could if some ones imagination was big enough create a story of a heroes triumph through darkness from this game simlar to if you where inspired by the bible . some times the Real World is a lil more important than this Fantasy world that Blizzard entertainment Created Dont bash the game Bash the Player please. 🙂

  67. A Seeker

    I have just read all the posts and comments. I am also a WOW player and have been for almost 3 years. I have recieved many different opinions from fellow believers on this game and it being in my house. I just don’t see the probelms with the game that everyone else does. My husband also plays the game and we have created a family guild. A lot of our real life friends play this game and have joined our guild. They all know that inapporiate language and being hurtful to any members will get you a warning, being asked to leave and then as a last resort we will remove them. AS for WOW running our lives…not happening! We have three small boys and a huge extended family in our town. WOW never holds us back from family functions, camping trips, swimming, skating, board games, reading, and anything else that comes along. However my husband and I have our time together on WOW. We run instances together as a team and we have made it our time together. We play on separate computers a few feet apart and enjoy each others company. WIth the way the world has been going, its sometimes hard to find a common interest with your own spouse and that leads to future problems. I thought about giving up WOW, but I still see no harm when there is no addiction to a video game in our lives. If WOW ever became a problem it would be out the door faster then the return of Chirst. We do other things together besides WOW, but on those cold nites when the kids are in bed and the T.V. has nothing on fit for anyone to watch let alone believers we will play a video game together.
    ANd as for the talks of magic and witchcraft I believe that itstead of attacking one specific thing you should attack it all. LotRs, Harry Potter, and some other obvious ones have already been mentioned, but what about the ones no one thinks of? Has anyone decided Disney’s Little Mermaid should be classed as evil? It has a sea witch who uses magic on a young mermaid…but wait its disney. Also Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, Aladin, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, Mulan, Quest for Camelot, Care Bears, Smurfs, and Matilda (just to name a few) all have magic, spells, witches…but no one says anything about them. So until you can go through your own home and rid it of anything magic related why be the first one to cast the first stone?
    And one more thought to ponder…a childrens book of magic and card tricks…should they use it? They call it magic even though it is just a trick with your hand? Are you practicing magic when your say to someone, “Pick a Card”

  68. The Question

    Quest for Camelot is my Favorite movie next to Prince of Egypt. You have a really good point though Seeker

  69. Great Blog! Anyone who plays WoW might as well start singing “I’m on the highway to Hell”.
    This game along with others have a un-holy annointing on them that gives one a false sense of peace. Playing these types of games opens one and his family up to demonic activity as they are conformed into the image of the devil and his followers.

  70. Jordan

    oh my gosh
    cant yal find something better to do than argue about some stupid game over then internet?
    u say what would jesus do? I dont think Jesus would be on the computer or watching tv in the first place, but does that mean its a sin to?? heck no
    yal also say that its a sin to “pretend” to do any magic, or sex, or murder…funny thing…last time i checked, most movies have that kind of stuff in it, so what? we’re all going to hell then because we’ve watched that stuff??
    NO, christianity is based on faith
    and from what i’v seen, you all seem like a bunch of ignorant, arrogant, and prideful group of believers
    you wanna make a defference in the world? go out and be a witness, stop trying to preach about some dumb internet rpg.
    I know a few ppl that have played World of Warcraft, and they act more like christ than most of you have been

  71. Hi, I see that there’re a lot of ignorantrs here. Christ is thr truth, but do you know who is Christ? If not, don’t even type anything here, please. I play WoW a lot, and I’m a practicing Christian. And I know a lot more of people as i am exactly.
    But the most important is that God exists, and Christ is the truth of all the life.

  72. Our pastor and at least one of the elders is involved in this game. The pastor has been confronted by several people in regards to his playing of this game and his advocating for the teens within the church to get involved with this game as well. People are leaving the church left and right. The pastor says it’s nobody’s business what he does is his own time.
    We’ll be leaving too.

  73. My kids have quit playing World of Warcraft and we are all happier for it!

    I don’t subscribe to the theory that every fictional work that depicts witches, etc. is inherently evil. However, I will say that this game got a hold on my boys with which I was not comfortable. They spent too much time in their rooms, did not interact with each other or us, and became quite surly when I suggested that we were not going to renew the subscription.

    Since my youngest attends a private Christian high school (very conservative . . . much more so than we), I had a little talk with the principal & she asked one of his teachers to whom he is very close to speak with him. The teacher is a young man in his 30’s to whom the kids look up and relate. He had a long talk with my son about the dangers of spending too much time playing any video game. I did not let on that I asked for the conversation or knew anything about it. I just sat back and walked . . . and waited.

    They both asked for Nintendo Wii games for Xmas, including Wii fit which they are having fun with. They got the wireless connection going and before long, the youngest was bringing his computer out of his room into the family room. At first, my husband was kind of upset because he got “displaced,” but I told him to cool it and watch his Hascar and History channels in the bedroom or living room. He agreed and joined me in monitoring the situation.

    Even as I type this, the two of them are in the family room interacting with each other and talking to some folks on the internet about “Animal Crossing.” I can hear the conversations because they are coming through the stereo system. They are both happier, less moody, and more cooperative.

    I canceled both subscriptions to World of Warcraft and have informed them that under no circumstances will they be reinstated. I have been praising them for giving it up, and letting them know how delighted I am that they are spending more time together and out of their rooms. My computer is in the living room, so even if I am here reading blogs, writing in my own blog, etc., they are just a few feet away from me and we are talking to each other more in the process.

    What happened? I think the teacher got through to my youngest, but he has never said a word. I also think that he talked to the oldest but, again, they never told us about their conversation. I also think the oldest followed the youngest’s lead in giving up the game and, finally, they have both reacted positively as a result of seeing their parents’ pleasure.

    Oh, yeah. One more thing. Their mother (me) prayed about it. Silently. Without discussing it with anyone else. 🙂

  74. RSMHobbit.

    First of all, while I admire your desire to do God’s will, the sad truth is that you are still a babe in Christ.

    The fact that you quoted the Old Testament at ALL shows this.

    15″We who are Jews by birth and not ‘Gentile sinners’ 16know that a man is not justified by observing the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by observing the law, because by observing the law no one will be justified.

    Faith in Christ frees us from the law. The moment that we try to push people towards it we become as Paul stated…

    4You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. 5But by faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we hope. 6For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

    So what you have unintentenally done is push people away from the Christ by trying to use the law. We are not under its yoke any longer and never were as it was nailed to the cross some two thousand years ago.

  75. RSMHobbit.

    So what Paul shows is that anything that you do apart from love is sin. So if you think that giving up World of Warcraft will approve you before God, God’s wrath is upon you as you just threw Christ out the window.


    That being said we must also consider that if we do something that will stumble our siblings you have sinned against Christ.

    So if World of Warcraft is something that you know will stumble you brother in a church that you go to, you are better off then to stumble them before Christ.

    The law is nothing. Faith through love is everything.

  76. RSMHobbit.

    or I should have said you are better off giving it up than to stumble your brother or sister. Sorry.

  77. “S”: I’m not saying all RPGs are bad, you can have a RPG without having witchcraft in it. They could even make a RPG that teaches stuff about the Bible, Like a game where you are against evil and on your way(or quest) to defeat evil, A preacher or pastor comes to talk to you about God and Jesus. They could even have a Bible in the game so you could read the Bible even if you don’t have a physical Bible.
    and you don’t have to use witchcraft to fight either, Why not use Robot Lasers or Swords?
    I just want to say to that, there are no ‘Bible based’ RPGs because no one cares. But, I think that you guys are putting this waaaay out of proportion. It’s a game, for fun. You don’t HAVE to play it. If a VIDEO GAME is causing this much stir-up, I can’t imagine what kind of schism a magician like David Blane is doing. F.y.i. I am a christian, but a video game isn’t evil. I agree with what garret said also, why are you going after a video game when there is real murder and genocide going on in the world.

  78. Our pastor and at least one of the elders is involved in this game. The pastor has been confronted by several people in regards to his playing of this game and his advocating for the teens within the church to get involved with this game as well. People are leaving the church left and right. The pastor says it’s nobody’s business what he does is his own time.
    We’ll be leaving too.
    I’ve gotta say… wow… that’s just sad. Your pastor is right, what he does in his own time is his business. You shouldn’t leave a church just because he plays a video game. Doesn’t the Bible say to ‘Love thy enemy’ and such? Is it really our place to judge another’s sin?

  79. ChristianSoldier

    First off, I’m a Christian foremost. I’m currently serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. I’m also an avid WoW player. When I’m not at work, or playing WoW, I’m talking about Jesus to my fellow soldiers. I actually have the nickname “Preacher” because of it.

    Now about WoW being evil because of witchcraft…
    I’ve done EXTENSIVE study on witchcraft and the paranormal before I was a Christian so I have that background behind me and while there are parts that are demonic in this game, it’s main fault is the addictiveness about. It took Christ showing me my marriage was falling apart to understand this. I stepped back from it for many months and re-built my relationship with my wife. Now we both play WoW as our “together time” part due to the fact I’m 1000s of miles away. As Christians, we must keep Christ first and make sure you put time with him first. A few hours (I’m talking 2-3 at the most) every other day is not harmful to your Christian walk.

    As for the magic bit, REAL magic as described in the Bible and by actual practiconers(spelling) is WHOLLY different from pushing a button in a game. It’s not the act but the spirit of the act.

    As Christians we should strongly argue against massive amounts of time spent in this or anything! Moderation in all.

    If anyone wants to discuss this with me, feel free ChristianSoldier03@yahoo.com. Just mention that you read me here.

  80. There’s a phrase I learned a few years back that means a great deal to me. “A man with an experience will never be at the mercy of a man with an argument.”
    I have had a very real experience with the Lord. He turned my life around and upside down. His presence is still a strong factor to my life everyday. I can’t be persuaded by another’s argument against this.
    I too, have strong views on certain games, movies, music and so on. I’ve taken a beaten over them, too, although I feel certain that you have gotten it worse than I.
    As I’m reading the various comments, some I just skimmed, I’m thinking that these issues aren’t so cut and dry. People have to grow in the Lord. Someone who is new or hasn’t been in Christ a long time won’t have the same understanding that I have, due to my several years in the church. Please understand that I wouldn’t advocate playing this game or seeing certain movies to anyone, but, I’ve found that as I’ve grown in Christ over the years, things that I was so sure was okay in the past were suddenly something I needed to see come to an end and they have.
    I don’t find fault in the article. These things need to be said. I personally wouldn’t play the game, I wonder why people I know, continue to play it — I have to believe that if someone is truly a child of God, He, God, can and will make it clear that they should not do or maybe stop doing something.
    What we absolutely must be careful of is: not walking in love. Those who don’t know the Lord are critical of the body of Christ, for these very reasons. For God loves those who do evil, just as He loves those in His church.
    My comments are more for those who have left comments than the author of the article. Someone is always going to disagree about something we believe. We want to draw them to Christ, not push them away.
    I’ve been called legalistic–I’m sure I still am called that. For a long time I found it confusing. What I saw in scripture seemed so clear. What others saw in me was PRIDE thinking my view was — The View.
    We all need to be encouraged and to encourage others to spend more time with the Lord. I feel so sure that if we were to do that, we’d find the desire for any other thing, especially those things He would want to give up, would begin to fade away.
    I want that.

  81. HeTalksToMe

    “Comment by Shelby :

    I decided to make another post. In response to HeTalksToMe remarks about everyone “on their own walk.”

    We are not on our own walk! Paul writes that we are to bear with one another in Ephesians 4. God reveals Himself to us through other image-bearers of Jesus Christ, people. By implication we receive revelation through information like this, and by the hard work of believers to analyze media. This could be an article that God used to speak to you! You have presuppositions that come from post-modern philosophers, whom were agnostic at best. So I would encourage you to seriously consider. How does wow affect your family, your friends, and more importantly your MIND and your SOUL! I used to love wow. I started having dreams about becoming sick or dying, or worse. It finally hit me…. What if I wasted it. What if we fail to connect with those around us to get phat loots from internet dragons? It’s hard to break the love of the game, but at least think about it.”

    Perhaps I offended you in some way, I didn’t mean to come across that way. What I meant by “everyone has their own walk with God” is: He teaches us all in different ways. If by “post-modern philosophers” you mean God, then yes that is exactly right. I listen when he speaks, I move when he moves me, I speak when he puts it on me to speak. I do not always understand why or what I am supposed to be doing, I do not question it.
    I am a fairly secluded person, I always have been. I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life when I had way to much time to think and act upon my thoughts. In the long run it got me in a lot of trouble. I was taught a hard lesson, not by you, not by man, but was taught through my mistakes by God.
    Now I take things a lot slower, I listen and pay attention to people around me, I try to be thoughtful to everyone I come in contact with, friends, family, and strangers. I do not wish to have an exhaustive discussion about what God would do if he was here, or whose belief is right, or how you or someone else interprets the bible and his words are meant in this way and this way only because thats how you or someone else see’s it. All I am saying is that I give God the praise in my life for all things, good and bad. I thank him for the lessons he teaches me no matter how hard a lesson it is to learn.
    Something my grandmother taught me a long time ago about listening to God, she always said,
    “Sometimes you just have to be still”

  82. Super comment HeTalksToMe. Wise words. Thank you.

  83. Stumbled across this blog, actually.

    Kudos for the homeschooling! My two younger siblings are homeschoolers themselves. Good to meet a fellow believer and homeschool family.

    As to WoW, I personally haven’t played it, and really have no desire to play it, as I’m just not interested. I enjoy video games, just not that particular genre, by and large. Thus, I can’t make a comment on the game itself.

    Like JHS, above, I don’t subscribe to the theory that all fictional works that depict some sort of supernatural aspect are inherently evil, and I also don’t subscribe to an “anything goes” mentality. This is where discernment comes into play.

    As believers and individuals, we do have to be discerning and make wise media choices as the Lord leads us. This can be easier said than done, but if we’ll seek the Lord’s guidance, He’ll show us what we need to do in our personal lives. If our lives are firmly rooted in Christ, everything else tends to find its proper place.

    What I want to do in this post is point out two things:

    #1, Al Menconi has a wonderful biblical illustration that helps the individual (for you parents, both your kids and yourselves) make wise entertainment choices. He calls it the “Teeter Totter” principle. Rather than posting a link, as I’m not sure what the blogger’s stance on link-posting is, I’ll simply direct anyone interested to go to Google, type in “Al Menconi Teeter Totter,” and click the top link that shows up in the results.

    #2: I want to attempt to lovingly point out a fallacy in one of your arguments, particularly what’s listed under the “World of Warcraft is Just a Game?” heading.

    While I understand what you’re getting at, I have to say that this argument really isn’t a fully accurate way of identifying something as being sinful. I quote from your second paragraph in that heading:

    “Let’s look at in from another view. Adultery is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice adultery (virtual sex)? Homosexuality is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice homosexuality (virtual sex)? Murder is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice murder (video games)?”

    What you’re saying makes some sense here. But, let’s apply this same principle in other examples:

    -Stealing is a sin. Is it wrong for a child to pretend to steal by playing a game of Cops & Robbers with friends in the back yard?

    Or, let’s use a topic you used above in a different light:

    -Murder is a sin. Is it wrong to pretend to murder (or pretend to be a murderer) by playing the role of “Injun Joe” in a school or community production of “Tom Sawyer?”

    Or, we could put it in a church context:

    -Adultery is a sin. Is it wrong for a young girl to pretend to be an adulteress by playing the role of the adulterous woman in John 8 who was taken before Jesus by the Pharisees in a Sunday School class skit?

    -Idol Worship is a sin? Is it wrong to pretend to worship an idol by playing the role of an Israelite in a skit about the Golden Calf incident?

    We could keep going, but I think the point I’m trying to make is clear. The principle you’re applying can’t identify something as being sinful in and of itself. I believe the reason behind that is that what Scripture tells us is that it’s the intention of our hearts that is of the utmost importance in situations such as these. As we seek the Lord’s guidance, He helps us to discern what He desires for us personally.

  84. excuse the double post. I wanted to go back and correct a typo, but couldn’t. The “?” after “Idol worship is a sin” should be a “.” That’s intended to be a statement of fact, not a question. 🙂

  85. Thanks to ChristianSoldier for his rational post and attitude toward all this.

    WoW is a role playing game that depends on community. It is based on the sword and sorcery fantasy genre popularized by JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Like nearly anything, it is a fine pass-time when done in moderation. Yes, it requires some self control, but what pleasure in life doesn’t?

    We play City of Heroes, another MMORPG. The only difference between the games is CoH involves superheroes fighting crime while WoW involves fantasy figures. The mechanism is almost identical. My son and I play on a regular Tuesday night team from 6:30 to 9pm. We call it our ‘bowling night.’ We have a dedicated team of 8, we get into a voice channel online, and we have a blast together. My preacher and his entire family play. All things in moderation, y’know?

    As for the witchcraft elements in WoW, you do realize how nutty you make Christians look, right? As readers of Harry Potter understand the difference between elements of a fantasy story and genuine occult practices, video games involve a series of logic puzzles and challenges. There is no spiritual component to technology. It is neither good nor bad in and off itself. It is what you do with it that is good or bad. Games, in and of themselves, are opportunities to see one’s character, and to demonstrate proper choices to others.

    I think my approach of playing a MMORPG with my son is a sensible approach. It is a limited time of communion, a shared activity. You can learn and display both nobility and leadership in games like this if you approach this as yet another opportunity to mentor impressionable youngsters.

    I see a great opportunity to minister to today’s culture. We have a publication that engages in pre-evangelism to sci-fi fans, another group that is suspicious of organized religion. And yet, some great minds have enjoyed the genre, and have written for it, from C. S. Lewis to Cordwainer Smith.

    Instead of demonizing gamers, get to know them. This is wide-open ministry field that needs more believers, not fewer.

  86. I am almost 60 years old and have been a
    Christian since l984. Prior to that I was a
    “white witch” who studied Astrology for 15 years
    and practiced it as well as being involved in the New Age Movement for 20 years. Christians
    tried to tell me that the things I was involved in were dangerous but I wouldn’t listen. To make a long story short, I needed lots of deliverance which included casting out demons after I was saved. After that, I stayed clear of Harry Potter, LOR, CON, dungeons and dragons, etc. Recently I prayed for a man who had been deeply involved in WOW.
    The demons manifested and had to be cast out. He now is a sold out Christian and can tell you
    himself that he would never get involved in the
    game again…I believe the Word of God no matter
    what anyone else says.

  87. I ran across an article from September of 2008 that reinforces my experience; that for many videogamers, they are fully aware they are playing a game, however, with the explosion of social media like Facebook, Twitter, (Shoutlife anyone?), people taking part in social networking may be far less as aware of their playing field.


    MMORPG Gamers and Social Media Junkies More Alike Than You’d Think

    There are two major pursuits that lead people to plant their butts in front of computer screens and pound on keyboards for hours without pay. One group of people loves social media in all forms, shapes, and sizes: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, FriendFeed, blogging, etc. The other group loves to play around in massively multiplayer fantasy worlds based in magic and technology. These two groups are more alike than unlike, with one key difference. The second group usually realizes that they are playing a game; the first group usually doesn’t.

    Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are a popular pastime where people immerse themselves in fantasy worlds. Players spend many hours in games like World of Warcraft (WoW), amassing gold, experience, and property while making an uber-powerful character. Other online games like Everquest, Entropia Universe, and EVE Online project the same allure as WoW, while simpler brethren like Kingdom of Loathing, Gothador, and Adventure Quest have their own loyal players. This isn’t a new phenomenon either: MUDs (Multi-User Dimensions) and MOOs (MUD Object Oriented), earlier forms of online games with a heavy reliance on text have been around since the late 1970’s.

    It’s pretty clear that you’re in a different world when you’re playing a MMORPG. You can explore that world on your own, but it’s often profitable to partner with other players to help beat down your foes and become stronger. Sometimes your foes are just products of the game. In other cases you battle other players like yourself in order earn wealth, fame, and bragging rights.

    Do you see some parallels with social media?

    The bottom line for me is that the same lesson applies across-the-board; in everything, moderation. Furthermore, God can use Christians to reach people using both of these tools. We should be very careful to be clear about the real problems. The problem isn’t in playing videogames or taking part in social networking, the problem is in putting those things before God, before family, before responsibility.

    The most important thing I’ve learned recently has to do with self-management. Author Cory Doctorow wrote a post about how he gets things done. He’s all over writing, gaming, film, and all kinds of social networking, but when it’s time to write, he carves out large blocks of uninterrupted time by turning everything off and relegating all his incoming messages to e-mail, which he doesn’t check while he’s working. We can apply this to anyhing, but the message is the same; carve out time for the things that matter, and find ways to use technology deliberately, not letting technology be our masters.


    There’s a world of difference between queue-able and interruptive media, and we bridge it at our peril.

    As I’ve mentioned, for my son and myself, we play our MMORPG of choice, City of Heroes, on one night, for one dedicated time period. We run a dedicated group from 6:30 to 9 on Tuesdays, and we call it our ‘bowling night.’ We start ontime, we end on time or early, and we don’t play that game again until the following week. It satisfies the urge, gives us enough time to play deep missions (Task Forces, in our case) and it gives us the rest of the week to do other things. (For me, I have small group bible study, take part in various ministries for our small church, eat out with the wife, play with the dogs, publish a monthly magazine, do some editing, do some writing, and generally have a full life apart from work and the game.) When I’m in the game, I am a mentor to other players I meet. When I’m not in the game, I’m not in the game. I rule it, it doesn’t rule me. The game isn’t the issue, managing it is. That’s all. One /can/ do it and be a committed, ministry-minded Christian.

  88. its possible to play the entire game without using magic if u pick a class that uses no magic such as warrior or rogue. what about that?

  89. I am a Christian and I started playing this game with the 10-day free trial. With college degrees, a good job, and a loving family I generally consider myself fairly well adjusted but I was a little unprepared for the addictiveness of this game. Having played video games for the last 25 years I’ve made game playing a core hobby in my life and I know a little bit about what makes a good game…depth, complexity, etc. This game truly has it all and more.
    After playing the game for about 3-4 weeks what happened next was truly unexpected. My wife told me over lunch one day that she heard footsteps come to her door when she was having her morning devotions. Since we have a 4-year old she immediately called his name figuring it was just him padding around the house. After 30 seconds she got up and went into his room – he’s sound asleep! When she told me this I asked many questions…”are you sure”, “could our son simply have gotten back in bed”, “could it have been something else”, “are you really sure you heard that”, etc etc. I didn’t want to believe that by playing this fun game that something demonic was in our house and that I have weakened the spiritual armor of our home. The truth, as I’m beginning to see, is that I have been slowly eroding my own armor (and that of my family) through certain types of books and video games for years. Suffice it to say that night I cancelled my account, uninstalled the game, and chucked some other sci-fi books and games with sorcery themes.
    I now see that this is exactly how a believer falls…slowly, and with many small steps. The truth is that I liked this game so much that I want to find a Christian blog that is solidly behind WoW as a harmless game. Privately I know I’m deluding myself. All this just for a game I’ve played for less than a month? Something is definitely out of place.
    What were the footsteps? I have no idea, maybe nothing (so I tell myself), and maybe something much worse. One thing I do know about them – they were a wake-up call! I read the Bible every day, and have been doing so for 15 years. How is it that I gloss over the parts on sorcery? Probably the same reason that Christian people post that WoW is ok – because I want it to be! I like it! It seems ok, it’s just a game, I’m not really doing anything bad, blah blah blah. I have read many forums on this topic and if there’s one common thread, it’s that many Christians (and non) are aggressively and violently opposed to a contrary viewpoint on WoW. If you want to know what most WoW gamers think about Christians, go to the main WoW forum and type in “Christianity”. Nothing but hatred for Christ/religion, and immature Christians hating on the neighbors they are supposed to be loving on. It’s not a community for believers, and for those who think they can play and be witnesses, this game is not a mission field.
    I bought into the lie, and now I’m trying to work this all out. We serve an amazing God, and I truly believe He is trying to lead me away from some of these pursuits.
    Robin – you are to be commended for your thoughtful, informed, and reasoned approach on this topic. Sadly, there are few blogs out there that present the topic with your straightforwardness and clarity.

  90. Tarvarno

    A very good review, I must say. However, I would like to explain the other side of the discussion, as a Christian gamer (though I don’t play WoW, and haven’t for some time.)

    First, you have to understand the philosophy of a game. It’s a diversion, something to help someone take their mind off things for a time. What is necessary for a game, or anything for that matter, to be diverting? It has to be different, in some notable and significant way, from real life. Take Chess for example, most would probably agree that playing Chess exercises their brain in a way they don’t usually encounter in real life. Same with a board game like Clue, only now you have a game that’s taking things a step farther, by adding an aspect of immersion. Chess lacks a backstory to follow, Clue at least begins to fill it in. Both games teach ways of thinking and problem solving that are difficult to learn experientially in real life, but which can be useful in real life. Now, on to my second point.

    When you propose to enter an alternative universe for a time, you must, on some level, play by the rules of that universe. When playing Chess, for instance, a person is doubtless more willing so sacrifice pieces on the board to win the game than that same person would be willing to sacrifice men on a real battlefield to win a battle. The basic rules of the two universes are different, in real life one has to count the cost in lives when fighting, while in Chess nothing matters but the final outcome of the game. The same principle is at work in games like World of Warcraft. Take magic, for instance. In the real world, all supernatural power has a source, either divine or infernal (for lack of a better word.) Now in WoW, that’s not necessarily so. Magic may come from a divine or demonic source, but there is also magic that exists more as a passive principle or a pervasive substrata. A mage conjuring a jug of water isn’t calling upon hell, he’s simply using his disciplined mind in conjunction with the magical currents flowing over around and through the landscape, which are no less tangible to him than upper atmospheric currents are to the weatherman. Assume for a moment that Jehovah had created our world with a pervasive magical substratum. Would He still have forbidden us from “doing magic?” No more than He would have forbidden us from measuring and harnessing the wind. Some classes draw on different kinds of pervasive magical forces, and a couple draw on divine power. The warlock, it should be noted, doesn’t necessarily draw directly on demonic power, but uses the same forces and principles as a mage to subjugate demons and use them, not form alliances with them. Notable exceptions are warlock NPCs who are sometimes seen collaborating with demons, but don’t worry, they’re very much the “bad guys” of the game.

  91. Tarvarno

    One last note.

    Video games like WoW are a perfect example of the handiwork of what J. R. R. Tolkien described as a “sub-creator.” He describes the work of the sub-creator so:

    “[When an author creates a believable world] what really happens is that the story-maker proves a successful ‘sub-creator’. He makes a Secondary World which your mind can enter. Inside it, what he relates is ‘true’: it accords with the laws of that world. You therefore believe it, while you are, as it were, inside. The moment disbelief arises, the spell is broken; the magic, or rather art, has failed. You are then out in the Primary World again, looking at the little abortive Secondary World from outside.”

    The idea is not to create a world in competition with what our Creator has made, but one that reflects and examines the same idea, and is ultimately meant to glorify our Lord. We people are created in the image of our God, and with that image comes a desire to explore and to ourselves create. But as we are below our Creator, and reflect only dimly His likeness, so it is with the sub-creations that people delight in so. Here’s something else by Tolkien that explains this well, I think:

    Though now long estranged,
    Man is not wholly lost nor wholly changed.
    Dis-graced he may be, yet is not de-throned,
    And keeps the rags of lordship once he owned,
    his world-dominion by creative act:
    not his to worship the great Artefact,
    Man, Sub-creator, the refracted light
    Through whom is splintered from a single White
    To many hues, and endlessly combined
    In living shapes that move from mind to mind.
    Though all the crannies of the world we filled
    With Elves and Goblins, though we dared to build
    Gods and their houses out of dark and light,
    And sowed the seeds of dragons – ’twas our right
    (used or misused). That right has not decayed:
    We make still by the law in which we’re made.

    Finally, if you believe that I am in error, please do point it out, because if that is the case, I don’t want to continue being deceived. I must acknowledge that that is a very real possibility, so please, tell me your thoughts.

  92. You Jesus freaks scare me. To condemn a video game, books, tv shows, etc. is just plain ignorant. I play WoW and love it. It’s a fun game, and, yes, I’m a fantasy buff. I read fantasy books, watch fantasy movies, and obviously play fantasy games. There is nothing evil about it.
    For everyone who has a loved one who is “addicted” to this game, I know it is an addictive game but there is such a thing as will power. By no means, is this game evil. They just need to get off their butt and do other things.

  93. It is refreshing to see an informative review on such items…Question to consider, where does your heart belong? If we spend too much time in anything not really worth while, our hearts are certainly not centered where they belong and the activity is liken to an idol. Idol = idle (not going anywhere or accomplishing anything) As a Christian, I played the game to see what all the hype was about when my children decided they wanted to play….Yikes!!! I messed around with witchcraft when I was younger and before I received Christ and it is nothing to sneeze at….For supposed Christians who allow this or Harry Potter in their homes, I have a question…How are your relationships with your children and your spouse? If there is mouthiness from your children and less than amicable relationships…amongst other things…ten to one there is also some sort of deceitfulness going on right under your noses and you’d be surprised at what effects these things and more have on our being. As for the people who think we are fools..I feel sorry for you…The Word of God even warned us that you would see it that way. Evil doesn’t dress in a red suit with a pointed tail. His best diguise is the form he’d originally been given..that of an angel of light. My prayers are for the deceived children of God, because if their eyes are not opened to truth they may greatly regret it one day. Remember also that for everything that is original there is a forgery…Maybe also people who search after the glory of the supernatural that has not been authorized by God have just simply been in christian churches that are spiritually dead!?!

  94. Remember too, little foxes spoil the vines

  95. Michael

    I would like to point out a few things that seem to be biased in Robin’s article.

    1. “…that include graphic depictions of blood during combat with appropriate sound effects.”

    I have done the trial to compare it with this article and I didn’t even see blood. The closest thing was a red number to signify damage done. The sound effects are more like grunts than “blood gushing” sounds, as it seems to be depicted.

    2. The language problem is a very small problem. There is a filter for cussing and other forms of bad language.

    3. The alcohol problem is very rare. As long as you don’t buy it you pretty much won’t get it.

    4. The “Women characters are dressed scantly” is a huge misrepresentation. The only way a person can make this inappropriate is by removing the person’s clothes-not fully removing clothes fortunately. It is a rare occurrence that I have only seen in a “beginning city”. Also, it is only lust if a man lingers on the thoughts.

    5. “virtual sex”? There is none. I really don’t know where this came from.

    6. addiction-as Christians, we should hold each other accountable for things like this. I completely agree that we shouldn’t have distractions like this. Luckily, the creators of the game (I don’t know their names) have a play schedule that a willing Christian can give to his spouse or close friend to let them limit his/her time.

    7. As for the witchcraft, I think it is not a huge problem for a strong Christian. However, obsession with the game(addressed above) is a bad thing that could lead to real attempts at witchcraft. As long as the Christian understands that it is wrong and does not linger on thoughts about magic or get obsessed with it, it is okay.

    Feel free to respond to my post.

  96. WoW and other MMORPG’s are life stealers. These go way beyond your normal video game. My husband has been addicted to them for our whole marriage. He gives more time to them tan to us. And this happens more than gamers want to admit. There are plenty who are far worse than my husband. They don’t call us WoW Widows for nothing.

  97. 1. Yes there is blood. This game is EXTREMELY VIOLENT. Killing, slaughtering, maiming, attacking other players, looting bodies is is the main goal of game. Clans and guilds closely resembles gangs. While some players are drawn to World of Warcraft for magic, most are drawn for violence. As the Pope said “”How could one explain this ‘entertainment’ to the countless innocent young people who actually suffer violence, exploitation and abuse?”
    2. Yes, language is a problem. Almost all players cuss and take God’s name in vain a LOT.
    3. Alcohol is offered.
    4. The woman are dressed scantly. VERY SCANTLY! I almost did not include the WoW video above because the woman was dressed so seductively. Do a Google search on World of Warcraft women. Amazing you think I misrepresented this? What do you call scantly?
    5. I never said there was virtual sex in the game.
    6. It is addicting. As shown in the 2nd video. Addicting as drugs and alcohol.
    7. Witchcraft overflows in this game. Just visiting the main page gives me the willies.

    This post was to point out problems to parents. Parents can visit the site to verify what was said here.

  98. Michael

    1. You are over exaggerating the violence. Clans and guilds resemble gangs? In what ways? Also I doubt there is anyone who is drawn to this game for violence. There are war movies which show realistic violence. Would you classify them as EXPLICITLY VIOLENT? Because if you say yes then the game could not be extremely violent or anywhere near that.

    2. At this point I’m wondering if you actually tested the game like I did. There is a chat filter that blocks most of this. Unfortunately it doesn’t block misusing God’s name, but in the ten days that I tried it, I never saw anyone misuse His name. Plus you can combat this by putting people on your ignore list or leaving “channels” as they call them (so you don’t have to hear their chat).

    3. I never said alcohol isn’t offered. Should this be a problem for a strong Christian?

    4. Women wear fully covering pants initially and show no cleavage. If you read my post, you would see the only time it happens. I would say scantily is anything overly loose or tight, and and any cleavage.

    5. You did not explicitly say that there was virtual sex but if you read this then you will see what I mean

    “Adultery is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice adultery (virtual sex)? Homosexuality is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice homosexuality (virtual sex)? Murder is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice murder (video games)?”

    I know you were just trying to illustrate a point but in this context it seems as though the game has it. Plus that video is nothing at all like the actual game.

    6. I never said it wasn’t addicting. Read my post again and you will see that there is a schedule that you can get someone else to control your time.

    7. Overflows? I still don’t think you have tested this game. People aren’t running around saying “Look at me I am controlling demons”. The first video on this page is not at all what the game was like. The characters are less graphic and not as violent.

  99. Funny, its probably more people playing this game than there is people beleving in god. Religion is the main reason for war…

  100. cheryl phillips

    please do not judge people. god is the only one who can. each one of us have vices. It a game and soild only be view as such. it should be played in monderation and should not take the place of socializing in the comunity such as church. We should respect our christian brotheren that plays this game. As sooon as in inhibits our relationship with god, we should slow down and conversate with god.
    you christian player of wow.

  101. This article was very well crafted. Well sourced, researched and written. I would really like to thank you for writing this. The part i really appreciate is how you try to make a way, make room, for other views. Your article doesn’t, however, leave room for someone to get mad; the verbatim of this article is just too kind. Again i thank you. The simple fact that anyone could become offend by your view in the way it is expressed truly adds to the stereotype of a WOW player.
    For that i apologize; many who play this game are…for lack of a better description, young. There is a stereotype that Americans are fat, lazy, and arrogant. And we are, plenty of studies show it and our media makes no secret of it. This being said, does that make the apparently average American not want to be an American? Perhaps. But there is something to be said about the original American views and values of a truly atomic, once average American family. So for those you have immigrated to Canada, perhaps there is something left in Americanism to be proud of.
    There is also the stereotype of the gamer, though thankfully growing dim. One that presents him as a nerd with no life, and possibly, maybe probably, no salvation. Modern video games have done much to change that view. Now video games have taken the place of tv with interactivity, and less of that couch potatoes syndrome. WOW is one such game that has fulfilled that niche, along with Jak and Daxter, Command and Conquer, HALO, and many more. these games have been proven to be addictive, violent, and in many cases unchristian like in nature. Many would agree though; Many people have issues and are need of an escape. Many people |NEED| God as their personal savior. Many people turn to the wrong thing for that escape, and get lost forever.
    I 21 years old and work naval intelligence and have am working on my Bachelorette degree in Communication Studies with a minor in business. My time is devoted to spemding time with my wife, working out, rock climbing, kayaking, camping, picking up after a roommate and two dogs and many other things Most importantly I am a born again Christian that loves the Lord with all my heart and i spend less time reading my bible than i should, i talk to him all the time. I also play WOW.
    I have been asked by many why i play, and if being Christian is contradictory to that. i have never gotten mad, but i ve also never thought about it…so I’ve never really given an honest heartfelt response. After reading this article and much soul searching i have come up with a true response.
    It can best be represent by responding to the question: Do you love the game? No. My feelings for the game are likened to that of a young Christian man that plays a sport. He enjoys the game. He spends time getting better at the game. And sometimes, he is overjoyed when he wins, and is disappointed when he loses. He knows that non-Christians play his sport too, but he doesn’t leave, he uses the game as a testimony and a common ground to maybe save those lost to life. He also knows that the game is no more responsible for his shortcomings in his life than God. Those mistakes belong solely to the young christian man.
    Does satin use WOW to trick man. I answer whole heartedly, yes! But there is a verse that dictates that God will often take Satins plans, and make good come out of them! That is the power of God. There demonic elements to the game, there are demonic elements in life. Can you avoid them; the question is, should you avoid them? WOW is more than a game…its too big to be considered that. Its a battlefield. And we called to go the battlefield and wage war against satin… to take the fight to his strongholds. ““I’d say that 40 percent of the players are addicted.”” Jesus said that has come not for the healthy but the sick. Thats the realit of the game for me. I play one of few characters that i think a Christian should play (my beliefs on that are large enough for another article). He is considered a holy knight that is called to fight against evil in all its forms. I believe this is an untapped resource for those interested in winning souls.
    For information contacting me do so in game or at my email address.
    Server: Underbog Faction:Alliance Character: Desertseeker
    email: dmontaue@live.com
    I love my family and miss you all very much!!! 😀

  102. Following your logic, Christians should not be playing World of Warcraft or, for that matter, even games as seemingly innocent as Super Mario Brothers for these games teach that killing “game characters” is okay and that desensitizes players to real-world killings. (To quote the author: Murder is a sin, is it OK to pretend to practice murder (video games)?)

    Indeed, everything from video games to Saturday morning cartoon shows create an “acceptability” to violence and immorality. The Christian must be able to differentiate between these things and reality. Any Christian who feels “uncomfortable” directing an on-screen character to do something they would not do in real life (or watching a character on TV do something they would not do in real life) should and probably must follow his or her conscience and turn off the game or the TV (or at least change the channel) to keep from becoming desensitized to violence, immorality, and the occult.

    And what of a Wii game that only has one pretend bowling or playing baseball without casting spells or killing anybody or anything?
    Following your logic, perhaps Christians should not play those games either. They run the risk of losing track of time while playing Wii and, to quote you once again: Anything we spend time doing to the point of putting aside Bible study and prayer should be a signal to us that there is a problem. Still, I have to agree that any Christian who alters the amount of time spent in the Word or in prayer to permit “sufficient” time to engage in any activity (computer gaming, fishing, whatever) should re-evaluate what they are doing.

  103. thank you so much for this info!!!!!

  104. I ran accross you blog by looking up wether a christian should play WOW. I do not but have many family memebers who do and profess to be chrsitians. It concernes me because WOW has so much in it that is against what the Bible teaches. I think so many have a lack of discernment. My prayers that their eyes would be open to this evil. Thank you for expressing the truth.

  105. Thank you so much for this thorough overview of WoW. I have an unsaved son-in-law who falls into this category. He is one of the top designers for a cell phone company and works from home. My daughter does her best to raise her children for the Lord. She is an active member of a solid Bible believing church. Ironically, he attends with her every Sunday morning. The spirit cannot do its job when we make ourselves available to Satan to remove God’s word. This coverage made me realize that I’d better get serious over the prayers that I offer up on behalf of my son-in-law and others. We do not have long. Thank you.

  106. zak cav

    I just wanted to thank Robin and most of the people who blogged on this subject. This is something i had struggled with off and on for over three years, and at time it had threatened to ruin my relationships in real life even with my closest family like my wife. Now i didnt realize it at the time but i would let this game gain complete control of a majority of my thoughts and time, stealing time that i should be spending with my family and friends. I started going to church with my wife and family after she started attending a new church with a co-worker. This is something we had talked about doing for a while but had not, probably because i was attached to the computer any time i could manage to get away for even five minutes.I found Christ and he drastically changed my life. Now i had a number of bad habits i gave up pretty much instantly but i kept telling myself it was fine and trying to listen to others opinions when it came to WOW. Now none of these people where godly people, and they told me no its fine, and to do what i wanted to do not what others wanted me to do, but i felt conviction weighing in on me heavier and heavier every time i played. It took a few post i read on this site to open my mind. Now i know their is bound to be some people that are gonna blog after me and say that its fine and just because that happened to me its not like that for everyone, and they can think whatever they want. I know gods truth and will stand firmly on it, that’s all that matters to me now he gave us life and the bible says how we should spend it. Now this game may not be bad but the addictiveness surely does make it a tool of the devil he will use anything whether its drugs, alcohol, sex or even a video game to keep us separate from God and stop the plans he has made for us. Someone on this site said with all the suffering why are we worried about a game, i let this game take all my time and spent my time selfishly doing what i wanted and desired which was WOW. No longer is that the case i am now dedicated to my family and trying my best to help others especially the less fortunate while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our world is upside down and backwards i caught more flack from people when i started a new wholesome life than i did when i was leading a sinful one, i felt like i was being attacked. I figured out i was being persecuted for having non-worldly beliefs, and a more Christ like view, and most of the friends i had i barely talk too if at all. That’s fine with me they obviously just wanted someone to drink and play video games with, not a real friend. I now feel closer than i have before with my family and have a relationship with Christ, and thats all that i need :). And if u think i never played i had a level 80 rogue on akama pvp and multiple other charecters 70 and up plus lower toons on aggramar

  107. zak cav

    Peter 2:15- For it is Gods will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.

    Proverbs 3:5-6- Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6)in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.

  108. Ben Miller

    Seriously its not that big of a deal parents just read in to it to much its just a game and dont you think it would be better for them to be in their room safe at home for hours rather then out getting into to trouble or doing drugs having sex ect.? Do you think the actuall world has a better influence on your child? No this world is so corrupt that I believe it would be better to have your child at home most of the time then out there being influenced by more serious things then just a silly thing. GAME ON!

  109. Omar Bravo

    I am surprise with the comments made by some christians, how can you say its just a game when pure evil is clearly in front of you and then you try to act like nothings wrong and or say that God has a purpose for you playing that game. I find it quite offensive people claming that they love God when they play these classes,heres some examples of the 3 talents each class has and also 3 spells since each class has over 100 spells its impossible to list them all.

    Death Knight talents are Blood,Frost,and Unholy.
    Spells are Army of the dead,Death Gate,and Death Grip.
    Druid talents are Balance,Feral,and Restoration.
    Spells are Revive,Mark of the wild,and Rebirth.
    Hunter talents are Beast Mastery,Marksmanship, and Survival.
    Spells are Tame Beast,Bestial Wrath,and The Beast Within.
    Mage talents are Arcane,Fire,and Frost.
    Spells are Torment of the weak,Polymorph,and Teleport.
    Paladin talents are Holy,Protection,and Retribution.
    Spells are Holy Light,Exorcism,and Holy Wrath.
    Priest talents are Discipline,Holy,and Shadow.
    Spells are Shadowform,Guardian Spirt,and Smite.
    Rogue talents are Assassination,Combat,and Subtlety.
    Spells are Shadow Dance,Killing Spree,and Prey on the weak.
    Shaman talents are Elemental,Enhancement,and Restoration.
    Spells are Cleanse Spirt,Reincarnation,and Bloodlust.
    Warlock talents are Affliction,Demonology,and Destruction.
    Spells are Summon Succubus,Imp,Felhound,Felguard,and Voidwalker.
    And the last class is the Warrior talents are Arms,Fury,and Protection.
    Spells are Execute,Revenge,and Recklessness.

    And much more horrible names. Of course people who have never played this game have no idea of what I just said so kuddos to you please dont make the mistake that I made of trying this game and wasteing 3 years of my life.
    And the so-called Christians saying this is not an evil game think about this if you die where do you think your soul will go after knowing the truth about World of Warcraft and ignoreing it.
    Thank you Lord for letting me see the truth, and forgive me for judgeing these people because Salvation is individual.
    May God bless you Ms.Sampson.

  110. Omar Bravo

    And it doesnt matter what religion you follow or if you dont follow a religion it doesnt take a genius to see what kind of evil you are RP with. And I’m not saying I dont sin we all sin even with our thoughts, we just have to ask God to have mercy on us and follow him instead of the man.

  111. zak cav

    people talk to each other in warcrafts chat log so degrading and disrespectful exactly how geez has just demonstrated and even worse. and Ben is right somewhat but i have a son i let play warcraft, and i saw how his attitude changed dramatically. He started trying to talk to us just as disrespectfully as people would talk to him in the game, and that didnt fly, so when we said he couldnt play he would throw temper tantrums and bug us non stop wanting to play. he might be safer from physical damage than out on the streets, but he took lots more emotional and mental abuse from older people(who should know better) and name calling than he would playing in the real world with kids his own age, dont fool yourself…

    Mathew 15.14- Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if one blind person guides another, both will fall into a pit.(NRSV)

  112. I’ve been playing WoW for a little bit now…my highest character is lvl 28 and I’m still in spiritual upheaval about it. Someone said that if God is telling you not to do something then don’t do it(not quoting exactly). This makes perfect sense. I should pray about this and then make a decision. The big sin here on my part may be disobeying God.

  113. Praying for you D. Playing or not playing isn’t the problem– its a heart issue. Ask God to give you a pure heart.

  114. AMEN!Anne-Marie

    My husband has been playing these types of games for years! Your right there is missing such and important part of live. We have three kids and aren’t allowed near the computer when he is playing these games, so he even knows he shouldn’t even play these types of games. Even though he doen’t want admit it. I have dicided just to love dispit all of it. I’m not supportive of it and he know it. I believe the Lord has plan and its just in my timing. Theres alway a bigger picture we can’t see.
    As for the evil in this I believe there is! Just another of satan traps to distroy lives. You can tell people all you disagreements and reason why this isn’t good, but there not going to listen util God changes there heart. “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”.
    My family has been ripped apart by these types of games starting with dungon and dragon and now wow. Tell my kids that it is good. Out of mouths of babes!

  115. 9 When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. 10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter ina the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. 13 You must be blameless before the Lord your God.
    (Dt 18:9-13)

  116. Pureragon

    Well 15 and im a strong believer in christ and try to follow Gods way everyway i can and since ive played a few MMos i think i say somthing about this topic.

    Well let me start off and say since God is benevolant he wont be telling us to do somthing without a reason now practicing wicca and witchcraft is wrong and unlike in all these fantasy games or the whole fantasy genre , real life magic isnt good or bad , it is just straight up evil and comes from the devil , now if any of these genres have any reference to real life magic as in real spells signs etc like world of warcraft or orther fantasy genres like harry potter we should keep well clear away from them as they will teach or tell us about witchcraft which we really dont need in our heads , also they open a door way for satanic forces to come into ourfamilys and lives and can cause us lots of troubles and if any of you have children they might entice them into the practice , but is look at orther things in the whole fantasy genre such as Lord of the rings or orther things like it that have connotation to reall life magic and are just purely fantasy then we can play,watch,read etc, them as long as we wont go out in our life and start trying to practice wichcraft also id like to back up my statment with a bible referance

    -1 Corinthians 8:4-13
    008:004As concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one.
    008:005For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,)
    008:006But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.
    008:007Howbeit there is not in every man that knowledge: for some with conscience of the idol unto this hour eat it as a thing offered unto an idol; and their conscience being weak is defiled.
    008:008But meat commendeth us not to God: for neither, if we eat, are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse.
    008:009But take heed lest by any means this liberty of your’s become a stumblingblock to them that are weak.
    008:010For if any man see thee which hast knowledge sit at meat in the idol’s temple, shall not the conscience of him which is weak be emboldened to eat those things which are offered to idols;
    008:011And through thy knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died?
    008:012But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ.
    008:013Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend.

  117. Julian

    I am a Christian. I attend church 3 times a week, I help with every event, and I devoutly believe in God. I, in my past, was addicted to drugs, real violence, and many other things. I do my best to help people with anything I can. To the points of wasting time, I wasted years of my life whoring around, I have found WoW to be a much better substitute. Is watching sports wrong? I don’t believe so, but the posters here find that anything fun is a waste of time. Am I to walk around reading my bible, casting judgments to others? Christ died because we were not good enough, to say that Christ does not have the power to forgive, or to believe that we don’t need forgiveness because we can avoid wrong ourselves. Let me give everyone some advice, if you find your children are playing wow or video games too much, get some courage and tell them “NO”, or you will raise worse demons than anything this game could produce. No, you cannot have an RPG without spells, most RPG’s are also based around doing good, in a fiction (that means not real) universe. We can decide to point at everything else besides ourselves as parents, friends, or spouses. All I have to say is when is the last time you went and gave a homeless man your coat? When have you loaned money without even expecting it back? When have you devoted hours upon hours to renovations to churches? When have you gone out of country to help those less fortunate? Put things into perspective people, 11 million people play this, which is actually less because some have multiple accounts, there are 6 Billion people in this world. This means that 1 in 545 people play. If your child is addicted, you need to check your parenting, not the video games.

  118. Julian

    And just to clarify it is believed that 60000-400000 people have been killed in darfur…. stop worrying about a MOSTLY adult game, that MOST children probably should NOT play if you are concerned about that, and blog and post about that. Maybe even take up a random offering in church for refugees, then look at the totals in the plate. It is a very clear indication of church priority.

  119. Where you choose to spend time, energy, money shows who or what you worship.☝It could be Wow, pets, sports, shopping, etc.

  120. Damaris

    Quoted from Sheree’s post above:

    our oldest boy, decided to sell his character, our youngest son made a choice not to play any more, and our second son is still struggling with the continual draw of the game to keep playing…

    So…basically…you condone the fact that your son benefited financially by his game play and by transfering this to another? Also, are you aware that part of the Terms of Service legal agreement made when an account is created states that account trades/sales are prohibited?

  121. Justin

    This is an expample of something that gives Christians a bad name. I am a strong Christian and I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing WOW. My father is a strong Christian, and he plays with me and has been a game programmer for over a decade. From what I read and see, I think the people that see games as such evil are very disconnected from the games themselves and from how games are made on a technical level (I think it’s kind of like thinking a microwave is evil because all you see is that it superheats items “magically” – once you understand it your view will change).

    It is absolutely ABSURD to say that playing a game where you are casting spells is similar to practicing sorcery. There is no evil intent, and there is no immoral action. I can play a game and hit a button that appears to freeze a well-textured polygonal mesh and go to sleep without a worry.

    Implying that the game is negative because some people are too irresponsible to limit their play time? This is obviously a reflection on the people, and not the activity. Any fun activity can be engaged in to the point where it becomes a problem.

    Scantily clad women? Well that’s everywhere lol. I’ve known many fellow Christians that totally condemn scantily clad women in games, then they themselves go to the beach and throw on a bikini which is much of the time more revealing. When WOW is more lust-inducing than a trip to any American beach, then I’ll agree with your statements here. (btw, as a male who has visited beaches and played WOW all the way through, the beaches are a million times more lust inducing LOL).

    On Violence – If violence makes you queasy or uncomfortable, then I can totally understand if you want to stay away from artistic depictions of it. However, there is no more violence in WOW than you will see virtually anywhere else. I argue that violence itself is not a sin – it is where it is directed that makes it a sin. For example, do you think you’d be sinning by killing a deranged boar? Do you think it would be a sin to decapitate a demon? Again, if violence bothers you then stay away from it (there is a warning on the box of the game after all).

    Players buying and consuming alcohol? During the time I spent playing WOW, I saw less reference and use of alcohol than I did while watching TV or hanging with out with other people. Again, don’t blame alcohol as being a sin – the sin is overusing it. The message being to quit blaming the perfectly fine activity and start blaming the behavior that takes it too far.

    The socializing in an unmoderated environment? Well it is moderated. Everything you say can be reported, and often is. Accounts are constantly being punished for deviation from the rules of conduct. It is very unnerving to people that have not yet adopted Christianity when they hear tripe like this, because nobody should live in a box of complete censorship. Rules should be enforced, but speech by any medium should always be free! You try to block what you believe to be offensive to Christians, and you open the door for them to block your expessions of your Christian beliefs.

    In closing, I am a Christian who has played WOW, had fun with it, and was responsible enough to not let it interfere with my spirituality or my work.

  122. Travis

    you are a crazy person. the bible is a book written by man not god you cant use it as god’s laws. plus World of Warcraft is a fucking video game. im suprised you didnt mention the titans, the metal gods who created azeroth and outland, which are the 2 worlds that wow takes place on.

  123. Benjamin the Left-handed

    The Scarlet Crusade is a group of maddened zealots so dedicated to the removal of all undead that they commonly attack the living.LoC 166 [It is] a group of crazed human zealots, that battles fervently and vainly against the Scourge in the Plaguelands.WoWRPG 20 In the Western Plaguelands, the Scarlet Crusade strikes against the Scourge from Hearthglen.WoWRPG 21 Many Knights of the Silver Hand remained on Lordaeron for several reasons ranging from missing the fleeing boats, to a sense of duty to clear their homeland of the undead. With the destruction of Lordaeron in front of them and the knowledge that Arthas had betrayed them, some knights actually went mad. They hunt the undead in Lordaeron with a zealousness that frightens. Many innocent mortals have been killed through misunderstandings, or simply “just making sure”. These paladins have a frightening policy: When in doubt, assume the person is undead and kill him. These knights would never admit that they walk the same dark road that led to Arthas’s damnation, but few of them continue to follow the three virtues. Those who question their leaders are assumed to be undead sympathizers and are slain. Many serve the Scarlet Crusade out of fear, as to speak up means instant death. WoWRPG 169

    Even WoW has its nutters. In many ways I think its an accurate portrayal of life occurances. Yes…I mean to draw a parallel between a ficticious order in WoW and Christians that see wrongness everywhere they look. Robin, you are the Scarlet Zealot that counts her fellow man as an undead enemy. I believe that you and people like you are looking in the wrong place for all the right reasons. Good luck on your journey, may you cut a clearer path through the fogging pages of too old lore.

  124. Robin after reading this I had a major witness and a strong urge to uninstall this game and cancelled my subscription. I see now looking back that it was affecting my job and my relationship to such an extent that I was on the verge of losing everything. And for what a GAME!! Im glad and feel a weight lifted from me. I hope others who read this and are addicted will just ask themselves one question. Are you pushing away your loved ones and friends? when do you think they will leave you?

  125. How many little ones are not being attended to because of this game? It is occultish and it is
    an initiation into such. Fantasy is somehow seperated from truth in the minds of some, but as
    Christians we are called to truth in all things,
    and imagination is a gift given by God to craft
    solutions for real life and not as a magic carpet
    ride escape from real life. Somehow culture in the western world has left us very confused about that. We are deceived that, say, when we purchase a
    ticket to a movie and see a naked body we are not like a peeping Tom voyer. What right do we have to see that body? Because we paid for a ticket? We are seduced by the culture we live in to discount such. Some are more in love
    with their “freedom” and their “entertainment” than in obedience to Scripture. The truth is, the Lord needs young men and women who are really intelligent and really talented and really the best that they can be for Him in the present age.
    The apostles were not some dummies. Although these were fishermen and some from other fields, He made them the most intelligent men I have ever
    heard, the toughest, the most courageous, and modern man is set on fake courage played out on a game! There is so much more and it is real! If the lure of the game is to portray a false calling instead of boredom, the Lord can give a man the real thing and promise, through Him, He will overcome. Get off the false and have the courage to live the real!
    How can you square that with people who sit around playing video games and wasting their youth and brains and talent? It’s really sad.

  126. Come on guys, what is all this bickering for? Seriously… You are either black or white on this subject… If you claim you cant play this because of witchcraft… then throw out all these movies… NO EXCEPTIONS- Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, ANYTHING with a superhero, and Peter Pan…Really guys, who is going to go that far? Peter Pan is witchcraft is it not? Fairy dust and flying and living young forever… THIS IS satans WORLD!!! WE ARE IN IT, JUST DONT GET ABSORBED BY IT!!! Don’t shelter your kids please, they are going to be overwhelmed at age 18 because they dont know how to live in the world. They will rebel! This is satans world, and we can not protect our children from him. God can. Just pray guys… Trust God and live for Him. John 3:16 is all that matters guys. If you are an adult, and you want to try WoW… go ahead, use it as bonding time between you and your spouse, but dont get addicted to it. Its just a game, and yes, it has strong spiritual warfare mentally, which is why you can not let kids who are not mature play this. They can not separate fantasy from reality like we can, which is asking for doors to be opened. Just remember, put God first, and remember John 3:16

  127. Thanks for this blog. Messing with witchcraft is what World of Warcraft does. The Lord says that if you lust in your heart after another person’s spouse, it’s the same as committing adultery. So if you play a game with witchcraft in it(druids, warlocks etc.), you are still committing sin. Thank you for pointing out that “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” as stated in Proverbs.
    Hitler read “Mein Kampf”, and became a psycho for believing it, many adults and children are obsessed with this game and the “spirit world” and are unbalanced for it, because the spirit world IS our real world. And to just say that it’s entertainment is still wrong. I can watch a movie with sex in it right? No…that’s fornication and adultery depending on the context. Still wrong. And the actors simulating the sex scene…are wrong, yet we have so compromised what our eyes see and what goes into our minds. Job said “I will put no unclean thing before my eyes”. Do we follow Job…or the guy next door who says WOW is ok? I will follow Job..and Jesus. Yes, to play WOW is against Jesus. You are either for or against Him. It’s that simple. Black or white, hot or cold..not lukewarm. And WOW is definitely a satanic game, just like a Ouija board, or books like Potter, Twilight, Goosebumps and the like. Fantasy that goes against the teaching of God’s word has no place in a Christian’s life. We are to be pure in heart, and gentle in spirit, and I sense the anger from those who are pro WOW or the like. They are angry that people who tell it like it is..witchcraft and anti-God, they are are actually angry at God, for what HIS rules are.
    I didn’t make them up, God did, but it’s up to each one of us to follow his rules. NO witchcraft allowed…even in fantasy.

  128. The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    You very nearly made me sick. Ignorance sure is bliss eh? There’s really nothing like a good ol’ heaping helping of self – righteousness to start the day. Now, I could could probably say a lot of things about all of the very many things wrong with not only this post but your blog in general, but I’m assuming if you are brainwashed enough to swallow every spoonfull of BS from a book written by men (MEN NOT GOD) over 2,000 years who had no understanding of physics, biology, geology or even possess a fraction of the knowledge a modern 5th grader does about the way the world works, then you are probably too brainwashed to take any constructive criticism, aka, recognize anything even slightly resembling logic. Please, and I say this with utmost respect and I don’t mean it as an insult, it is just my suggestion for making the world a much better place, please, pretty please, just get off teh internets. Better yet, take yourself off of this earth in any way possible. transcend or whatever you crazy zealots do. You make me ashamed to be a human.
    A Man of Science.

  129. Matthew

    I love to play games, all kinds of games. That’s not my point.

    I think what the advocates of World of Warcraft need to consider is that this game is a “gateway” for addiction and other demonic forces that Satan can use to gain a foothold in your life. We are in a spiritual battle every day that we wake up in this world, the Bible tells us it is so in Ephesians 6:12. When we actively choose to expose ourselves to a game like World of Warcraft, it is the spiritual equivalent of walking down the middle of a four lane divided highway at night wearing black. We can survive, but why in the world would we consider exposing ourselves to that level of danger!?!?

    As one who was addicted to World of Warcraft for several years, I never -once- realized that I had let Satan build strongholds in my life that I then allowed to cause marital strife, as well as loss of the ability to prioritize God, my family and children above the “game” Only through Jesus Christ was I delivered from the grip Satan had over my life. Thank you, Jesus! It is only now that I truly see the situation and the game clearly for what it was.

    I pray that people realize the dangers in the world around them that provide Satan a foothold in our lives. Television programs, movies, books, sports and yes EVEN GAMES meant for simple entertainment can be used as a weapon against us. All that our enemy desires is to kill, steal and destroy. He will stop at nothing to turn our eyes away from God and obedience to His will for our lives. When our eyes are on God, we can be used as instruments of His manifest power in the world! Miracles will abound. With World of Warcraft, you allow yourself to be distracted from God’s purpose and will for your life!

    Praise God that I was delivered from the demons that surround this game. They are there just waiting for a way into YOUR life! Don’t let Satan deceive you, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Be blessed.
    Your friend in Christ,
    Matthew Emch

  130. Otters

    It’s quite an odd thing that you changed the title because you don’t “represent all Christians.” Since Christians are defined by their beliefs, and you clearly admit not to being like all Christians, does that make you Christian at all?

  131. young one

    ok please listen all of you i am a 15 year old and have gone my entier life with a hard time figureing out on what to belive in, and seeing this sight and these comments makes things a lot harder. i mean i am torn on what is a sin and what is not and i really do not want to hear that playing a harmless game is wrong and will send me to hell. now I may not know much about the world (for i am still young) but i do know one thing PRETENDING means NOT REAL. it means we are not acctually casting a spell inside a game your just doing it because
    1.its the only way to defend yourself in a game
    2.its fun
    now to all of you people who are going to go crazy on my second reasone i will say this, yes it is fun it is GREAT fun playing this game and interacting with other people in the game AND casting spells. i may not be a absolute chatolic and yes i am having tourble getting my faith straght. but one thing i am sure of is that you people who are saying that this game is evil need to stop for a moment and look at the game and i mean REALLY look at the game and see that this is JUST a game not a “gateway” for satan or “addiction” you are only addicted if you let the game take over you people who are addicted to the game just need to learn self controle and need to go outside for a while.

    i mean i played the game for a while and thought it was great fun and btw I WAS A WARLOCK and i loved it but i dint go around spewing nonsens about deamons and hell and such (and to people who feel guilty for playing with us let me tell you now we are just like you we do not really controle deamons and cast curses its just pretending we are acctually normal people like you belive it or not).

    i just played the game like your sopposed to,and i didn’t start thinking demonic thoughts or started having wierd dreams about the game infact i didnt even have any dreams relating to the game, so yea in the end people just need to learn self controle and practice restraint

    becuse i love the game and i will NOT go to hell becuse i am pretending to shoot a fireball at someone. i just want to say that people calm down its just a game there is no harm in it

    good night and god bless

  132. young one

    btw to everyone defending the game and giving nice comments about their lives and showing some selfcontrole thank you, you guys make me feel alot easyer on the whole faith subject

  133. Balance

    I’m a Christian and have played Warcraft for about 4-years now. I also run a guild. Most of the officers in the guild are Christians too.

    We’ve had countless opportunities to counsel, and share the Gospel in a way that ‘real’ people can relate to… WITHOUT fire, brimstone, doom and damnation.

    As much as I love playing the game, I’m equally excited about the ministry that takes place. It’s articles like this that really hurt the Christian image.

  134. Miranda

    I do get where you are coming from however something you said very early on in the article…..you said “More correctly – they pretend to cast spells.” Too me there is a different b/w one’s religion and a game. I have seen plenty of Christians who do actually play WoW and still lead a very moral life. It’s a fantasy game not reality. People do need to have an escape from reality and as long as WoW or any other MMO is used in moderation there shouldn’t be an issue with playing MMO’s.

  135. Miranda

    One more thing….my point earlier is that the Christians I’ve seen play this game clearly get the difference between reality and fantasy. If there is no difference between the two there is no point in having TV, MMO’s or other electronically based games like Xbox, books, magazines, etc. The big problem are those who actually take the game too far and lose their marriages, job, home, etc for the sake of the game. Normally when that happens there are some sort of underlying issues like mental health issues or some outside of game issues like you’re in a cutosdy dispute or finicial disrepair kind of deal.

  136. Hello there, I came across this randomly googling Christian and World of Warcraft. I do not try to invalidate your opinion, but as a WoW player and a Christian, I think each individual Christian needs to examine the strength of their faith, determine if playing WoW will deteriorate their relationship with Christ and the Christian community of which they are a part, and then decide to play or not. “But food will not commend us to God; we are neither the worse if we do not eat, nor the better if we do eat.” (1 Cor. 8:8)

    The subject matter of WoW and Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia (Tolkien and Lewis–both Christians) are very much the same. Magic, wizards, demons, etc. Why does Lewis’ or Tolkien’s world get an OK, but WoW does not? Pushing buttons on a keyboard does not mean I am reading a Pagan text, nor does it influence me to learn more about witchcraft. Games of pretend, of fiction, are just that, pretend, and those people of faith who play games like this will not be moved towards the occult because Christ, and Christ alone, has taken hold of them.

    — level 80 Forsaken rogue on Boulderfist

  137. Jay S.

    Check out this video…says it all for me.

    This guy demonically manifests BIG TIME!! And it just happens to be directly connected to the canceling of his World of Warcraft account…hmmmmmm? Proof is in the pudding…

  138. umm…wow. So, evidently because I play an on-line FANTASY-based game, I am opening a gateway to a guy below my feet with horns, a tail and a bad attitude? who’s living in a fantasy?

  139. RE: to Ryan D.

    Seriously… You are either black or white on this subject… If you claim you cant play this because of witchcraft… then throw out all these movies… NO EXCEPTIONS- Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, ANYTHING with a superhero, and Peter Pan…Really guys, who is going to go that far?

    We did. We are standing up on the premise you made. We do acknowledge that it is all witchcraft, and we rid our selves of media that contains it. Much like the first century Biblical church did.

    Since you asked.

  140. This has been quite an experience reading all of the comments in response to your posting.

    I am really of the belief ‘live and let live’. I don’t want to even try to make a comment other than that. We simply are all entitled to our own opinion.

    Thanks for this posting,


  141. WoW Player

    I often look for WoW is evil crap to make fun of and point out the flaws of, and I am suprised to find one that somewhat makes sense. Pretending to cast spells isn’t evil. When I cast a spell in WoW (My main is a druid), I just say “you know what, I’m clicking abutton, nothng more, nothing less. The result of clicking this button is nothing bad”. as for addiction, yes this is a problem, but if you set a reasonably limit on a child’s playtime, it’s fine. I would recommend, say, an hour and a little before bed time of weekdays and maybe 1 1/2 on weekends. There is a way to set the times you children can play online, so if you want to, you can.
    WoW can get a LITTLE violent, but not realistically, but there is a little cartoonish violence. That’s why you shouldn’t let a child play if they aren’t mature enough to realise, this isn’t real, this won’t happen in real life, it’s just fake, i shouldn’t be violent in real life. the sexuality is different. there is very little and it is mainly only present if the player participates by typing /flirt or something else. Again, only mature children should play. You can turn off swearing. don’t let children play during Brewfest if you don’t like drinking, look on worldofwarcraft.com to see when it is.
    If your children are mature enough, they should be able to handle the VAST, VAST majority of what is in WoW. Video games aren’t inherently evil, as they are a collection of codes and programming.

  142. crayven

    OK first of all i have had the insane amount of patience to read calmly all the replies before me and i decided i should add my reply here for that those who read know it.
    I play wow – so for some of you i am already dead or cursed or w/e.
    FLASH NEWS: I am a atheist – which means i believe in myself and that’s it, if there IS a God then he gave us free will to let us use it not stop us from doing anything coz it’s “evil”

    I run a guild and unlike most here my 2nd in command is BUDIST and the 3rd is a MUSLIM. And guess what? i don’t even care what their religion is or what they do in their offline time.
    Now all you reading here can either:
    – listen to mrs. StoneAge (Jacque Dixon ) and throw all technology and anything “sinful” and live by farming and breeding like sheep.
    Home school your children about how good is to listento some random guy when he says he is a follower of God – oh yes, ms Dixon i have followed your name to that….”comunity” site your family has where you seem to teach people how to live their lives in ignorance.
    -or you can stay Christian or Budist or w/e and believe in whatever you want to believe and not get spooked by a CD in a case.
    We are humans. Humans have free will. We have free will to DECIDE what to do, and if there IS a God, i seriouslydoubt he gave us all this freedom and he loves us, i doubt he will throw us at the end of a bottomless pit of never ending fire coz i played a video game.
    I come here and ran into some guy saying he quit wow coz “God told him so” – if you hear God you don’t quit wow, you go to a psychiatrist buddy.
    The Church has proven MANY times it’s WRONG…W-R-O-N-G. Inquisition, the wolrd being flat , should i go on? If we’d follow ppl like them we’d still be in the stoneage and America would not be there since we would fall off the “end of the world”.

    You are mature people dammit, what are you brainwashed? Wake up, and live as humans! Inquisitive, curious, inventive, not locked up with only one purpose.

    P.S. : I am gonna keep watching this and sustain my reply wherever it is attacked.

  143. Montana84

    First off to a point i do agree with crayven they do have a very valid point. Secondly I am a wow player & have been since the beta stages, I am also a Christian & a mother of two kids. During the day I do my “mommy” things & then i play while they are asleep. As far as “wow addiction” those people lack a lil thing i call self control if you don’t have it then don’t play it!. Now on to you Robin granted you’ve got a point but here is a question for you, have you ever tried wow?, No? of not stop bashing a game that you think you know so much about & stop giving other Christians a bad name, you make it so much harder for those of us who are not “extremist” . Like I said I am a christian but not one who is a “bible thumper” & i dont tell people that they are going to hell cause they play wow. So chill the heck out

  144. Montana, Sorry you are having a problem with the Bible verses– I didn’t write “Abstain from all appearance of evil. ” God did.

  145. alicia

    i threw out all those movies and we do not allow anything with magic, witchcraft, things or customs with pagan origins, etc….. i personally do not care if you play wow i have never even heard of wow…..i wonder how people even have time for such things? and it is amazing how much drama such a subject has provoked. i do know that the Torah teaches us to stay away from witch craft but i also know…..most dont care what the Torah teaches. so why argue with those that do not have a point of reference???
    lawlessness will always abide with no Torah

  146. alicia

    ok i see what wow is….yup forbidden for us.
    no thanks id rather have Yahweh.I love his laws.
    i guess its your choice which you choose. as for me and my house……..we choose Yahweh

  147. You are all a bunch of close minded morons. Going off about how something like this is evil because of witchcraft and magic?? It’s a FANTASY WORLD. last time I checked there is nothing wrong with people enjoying an escape for the everyday grind we call life.

  148. I’m a Christian does that mean i cant play wow, watch lotr and star wars.
    Well im sorry i go to church every Sunday and im my churches head chorister isn’t that enough do I have to give up my fun just to be perfect.

  149. leslie

    I agree with the comment above, who has time for this sort of thing anyway?? I get caught up in the simple games that come with the computer and the DVR service – wasting so much time! And takes so much time away from my family, not to mention the endless tasks of running a home. I repent!
    (i haven’t read the article, only the comments, fyi).

  150. It’s sad how many Christians rationalize playing this game. Because it’s fun and it’s addicting. We get so caught up avoiding the obvious temptations of porn, adultery, drunkeness or what have you. But many of us have swallowed this down, and like sin always is, it tastes so sweet at first. But like sin always does, it will end in our destruction.

    Christian! If you think playing games of sorcery and magic are harmless you have truly lost your way. We are called to be a ray of light in the darkness. This game is darkness. We can’t play in it and not get hurt.

  151. Former WoW Player

    I read this article and the responses with great interest. I played WoW regularly for about 18 months. I’m a 39-year-old married mother of two girls and have always said I have a strong faith. I would like to outline my experience with WoW in the hopes that it will explain things a bit more for both sides of this discussion. I realize it’s long and probably boring but maybe it will resonate with someone else who is in the place I was a year ago.

    The game (and tellingly, that’s what so many active and former players call it – “The Game”- as if it is the only game in the world) at first glance for me was the most amazing, vivid, immersive game I had ever played. Absolutely beautiful and stunning graphics, ambient noises and music that make you feel like you are in the forest or on the plains, a sky that changes from day to night along with the actual time of day you are playing, occasional rainy days – it was astonishingly beautiful and real.

    So I was immediately hooked and would play every chance I got. The game is designed to provide such a variety of activities that, if you get bored with questing, there is always something else to do. You have in-game professions and there is a currency system, so it is quite possible to spend hours each day earning gold which can be used to buy better armor and weapons so that you can more successfully fight so you can advance in-game. It can be a never-ending process. It taps into the part of our brain that wants to feel like we are getting something done – there is a constantly feeling of productiveness. When you add to that the amazing companionship aspect that comes from making friends online and joining guilds it becomes even more alluring because you know that when you sign in and your name pops up, you will be gladly greeted by people who like you and want you to come join them on an adventure. You can choose to make friends with some lovely, like-minded people who never curse, are uplifting people, etc.

    That’s probably more of a review than you would like to read, but I wanted to explain some of why the game has so much appeal. However, after 6 months of play I looked back and realized that I had immersed two-to-five hours a day into this game. My daughters were cared for but I will admit that I was irritated when I had to stop playing in order to fix them supper, and I rushed them into bed at night so I could make scheduled group events online. I quit and deleted my software and spent a couple of months realizing how deeply buried I had become. Then I tried going back vowing to regulate my time. This is a common theme among former players – the thought that we can play “just a little” and that we will manage our time using the Parental Controls feature or some other method. For many people it doesn’t work that way.

    I have never been addicted to anything but this feels close to an addiction for me. Over the last 12 months or so, I feel into a pattern of playing for anywhere from 3-7 days and then deleting the software. I would go about a month and then do the same thing all over again. Some people call that “gamecations” where you play and “get your fix” and then take a month off. It felt to me like I was bingeing and then recovering.

    A constant thought running through my head was what I could have done with all the hundreds of hours wasted on WoW. If I spent 300 hours a year (probably more like 600) playing WoW, what could I have done with those hours spent elsewhere? One of the substitute activities I thought of was studying the Bible. Six hundred hours in a year studying the Bible would have greatly deepened my knowledge of God and strengthened my faith. So the last time I decided to quit, I started reading the Bible. I also started lifting weights, giving more of my attention to my children, cooking more homemade meals, and working from home. It was like the hours in the day multiplied beyond belief.

    Now that I have had some time out of the game to reflect, I do see how the little and big things add up to make it a game that goes contrary to the way we are supposed to live. I will outline the elements that bothered me:

    1. The backstory of one of the races (and maybe more?) in WoW is that they worship a goddess. I realize this is fiction and fantasy but I always felt it was jarring when a game character would say “Goddess watch over you” to me when I completed a quest. That felt wrong. You attach so strongly with your character that it feels like an extension of you out there playing, and so the worship of a goddess bothered me.

    2. A lot of kids play. It was nothing for me to encounter 10 or 11-year-olds, and certainly tons of kids under the age of 18. There are things in the game that they are exposed to that would completely destroy their innocence. Much of it comes from other players. Language can be VILE and not just profane but truly disturbed. You CAN block other players and you can unsubscribe from the general chat channels but most kids probably wouldn’t. The constant stream of filth I could read when entering any of the major cities was actually depressing. Jokes about rape, sodomy, every bad thing. And the bigotry and hatred was the worst. By the time I was at the end of my play I had unsubscribed from all common chat channels because it was like wading through sewage. Not all the time, mind you, and not everywhere, but even encountering it occasionally is polluting, and that was my concern with younger kids who played. Sure – we can work to bring them up right and maybe they will be fine despite the exposure they are getting in-game, but do we really want to have our kids’ faith and souls tested at every turn from a game?

    I was an officer in a guild and we had a dad and his 10-year-old son who played. We carefully kept guild-chat clean so that the son wouldn’t read anything inappropriate. I soon realized that didn’t matter. The dad’s character had a companion/fighter called a minion. She was garbed like a dominatrix – heels, black leather teddy, and a whip. It’s possible to zoom in and inspect characters very closely. It is NOTHING to see dramatic cleavage, and incredibly scanty and suggestive clothing. I realized that the dad didn’t care about his son playing a game with that thing present at all times. Some of the characters can be made to dance very suggestively. Very.

    3. One of the final straws for me was one particular profanity that is frequently in chat – it is a variant of “OMG” and I won’t even write it but it is jaw-droppingly blasphemous. Yet, because it is an acronym and because it is there so frequently, how quickly we get numbed to it. It is something that, if I heard it said aloud in public, I would respond with shock and anger, but I found myself playing in groups with people who typed it and I would ignore it. Just keeping right on playing. That feels perilously close to denying God, to me, now.

    I agree with everyone who has posted who said that the MOST dangerous element seems to be the addictiveness of the game. Yes, we all have free will and yes, we all have the responsibility to moderate our time. However, I do not have an addictive personality and I love my kids more than life itself, but I allowed this game to steal several waking hours of each day away from them so I could play. Thankfully I realized it and got out. If you don’t believe in the addictive nature of the game, google “WoW detox” and read the thousands of comments on that site from people struggling with their addiction to the game. It will open your eyes. The game developers created the perfect storm of a game. I don’t blame them – they probably didn’t realize just how much it would suck people in.

    But addictiveness in this world is nothing compared to what will happen if we sacrifice our salvation in the next. I often think that if the total monthly hours that are collectively spent on WoW among all players were spent on taking care of each other or learning or helping, we would be catapulted into an amazing time of peace and prosperity.

    Going beyond that, though, I DO agree that WoW is insidious in that it makes the following things common-place in players’ lives for hours each day:

    1. Themes of goddess-worship or exposure to demons, the undead, and yes, constant glorification of witchcraft and spells.

    2. From other players, foul language, blasphemous language, lewdness, sexual innuendo or overt discussions, and more. True, not from every player, but again, do we really want to be in a situation where we have to be constantly on our guard and never know when we are going to read something polluted? By the time you read it, it’s too late even if you click “Ignore.”

    3. Let’s not overlook the possibility of cyber-cheating or cyber-flirting. It is very (frighteningly) easy to form close friendships with players of the opposite sex. You are playing together for multiple hours a day, working in partnership or defending each other’s “lives”, and you can get to know someone’s personality pretty well. Add to that the constant ability to chat while playing, and it is a recipe for trouble in all but the most disciplined players. I saw it happen repeatedly with members of our guild.

    For those who call out the “slippery slope” argument and say that if you prohibit WoW you have to prohibit everything from the Lord of the Rings to the Wizard of Oz to Tinkerbell, I would say this: most people probably aren’t spending 2-8 hours a day immersing themselves in the Wizard of Oz and perfecting their spell-casting sequences like we do in WoW. You can watch the Lord of the Rings, appreciate it for a good (clean!) movie, and not watch it again for a year. It’s not the same with WoW. It’s every week for at least a few hours, and in many cases much much more time.

    The game has enough elements that feel “wrong” that now when I look at it in total, it’s too much to try to overlook and play anyway. I will readily admit that I am bothered more by the profanity and low-mindedness brought to the game by other players than I am by the spell-casting and witchcraft elements. I am frightened by the addictiveness of it more than all of the rest of it combined. But if we go by “shun the very appearance of evil” then the appearance is there. It is. There is no arguing that. If I ask myself “Is this something Jesus would have played?” I have to say no – of course not. So while I miss it frequently and sometimes even long to go back and play, I won’t. I think I have finally broken my cycle and it came through substituting my play time with reading the Bible, among other things. I am going to bookmark your blog post and re-read it if I feel tempted. I appreciate you writing what you did and outlining the relevant scriptures. Thanks for listening.

  152. I believe the point the writer is arguing in this article is that, for a Christian, life is sacred. Whatever consumes that believer’s time should not be something that steals away from time in the presence of the Lord if they truly accept Christ. Until you stop complaining and stop rejecting the Bible, which is the direct Word of God, you will never understand the joy in store for you.

    I confess, I was addicted to this game for 2 years from January 2007 to May 2009 and undeniably still struggle with the aftermath (hence, why I am posting this reply.) During that time I was primed for this kind of stuff, i.e. out of college, struggling with finding any work due to economy, already exposed to WOW, etc. I played “hardcore” and was actually proud of myself, because I was ambitious and thrived on the pseudo-success it gave me. Before I started playing, I was very active, outgoing, etc. Then as it goes, friends graduate and move on. Ironically, I was tempted by WOW from a T.V. commercial. So from that point on I was addicted and it tore me to shreds. And let me say, in college I was exposed to all kinds of literature and philosophies which jolted my belief so that at this time I was personally weak in faith in God. So be on your guard at all times!

    My story goes on and it does resonate with the former WOW player’s reply. And to you whoever you are God bless you, Jesus Christ is so much stronger than the evil of this world. Ephesians 6 comes to mind over and over again. Despite the choas and noise of this world the one thing that held me from suicide or bitter loneliness was that God kept popping up in my mind during those 2 years. Jesus Christ is the manifestation of a powerful God’s love.

    That part of my life is a scar, and yes because of a video game. Now, I stand firm in the name of Jesus Christ and rebellion against Him is a dangerous thing. So my word is this, if you are wise, read the Word of God and avoid World of Warcraft no matter how enticing it may seem.

    Verses to consider: 1 John 7-10 1 John 2:15-17, John 3:16, John 8:31-32, James 1:25, and Ephesians 6:10-18.

  153. IsmeldeiSedai

    The World of Warcraft and other fantasy is just that…made up, fictional…not real. God only exsits in this world that He created. He doens’t exist in Wow, Lord of the Rings, and yes even Narnia. So we can’t hold the same standards to this worlds b/c they aren’t real. I don’t pretend I’m anything when I play my character. I know who I am and what is real. As to spending my time…I listen to a variety of sermons and such while I’m playing my characters. And do I think Jesus would play this game? Yes I do b/c it’s fun and not real.

  154. IsmeldeiSedai

    BTW to J Dixon how are u still blogging if your threw all that evil stuff out and guess what? Blogging about how good you are for doing that is pride and addicting…careful about that.

  155. What a drama fest. Is this what ‘real’ Christians do with their time? Complain? I’d rather sit in with the ‘heathens’ and do something productive.

  156. Daniel

    I’ve only had time to read about half of this rubbish so I have little to say. In fact all I really have to say is no god didn’t write it. A man did. God did not write your bible a man did. Which is why it’s so chock full of flaws and contradictions.

    perhaps if you actually played the game you’d realise it’s about a fictionalized fight against the evil you’re speaking of. But because it has no mention of Christianity it “must be the devil”.

  157. In 2 Timothy 3:16 Paul writes: “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and treaches us to do what is right.”

  158. OMFPS!! ROFLMAO!!
    The things “christians” get huffy about. I suppose they can’t get huffy about the actual wars going on because those are generally against non-christians, so it’s okay?
    I wish more christians would get addicted to RPGs. Then maybe they wouldn’t spread their superstition and lies to the weak minded people who fall for them. Or reproduce.

  159. Ashley

    This is ridiculous. I hate to start out sounding bitter, but I really am. Robin, I don’t know what game you think you’re referring to, but you have obviously done your research wrong. As Michael has already mentioned, there *is* no blood at all in WoW. You can tell this right off the bat in the trial version, and this continues through the three expansions. Violence, yes. Of course. There is violence in every Disney movie out there. There is violence in the Bible as well. You need to be careful while saying “there is blood” and then assuming that people will just believe you.

    Second – do you even *know* what witchcraft is? Obviously not. Its not a religion, it is a practice, often used in Paganistic religions. And, point of fact, true witchcraft, practiced by true witches and/or pagans (the two are not mutually exclusive) is not “Abra cadabra” and BAM! something happens. That’s not even close. That is fantasy. Fiction. Child’s play. The magic in WoW and other fantasy works are so incredibly obviously fake you have no idea! If someone takes that for reality, they have much bigger problems than a video game.

    As for all these people claiming to be “visited” by demons because of WoW, or that the video game “opened a demonic portal” in their home…. HELLLOOOOO? Who sounds like a witch now? There are such things as bad dreams. Yes, WoW has a few scary elements. The villains in the game are just that – villainous. THey could cause nightmares and the “eeby jeebies” in people who are already prone to such things. But guess what? My youngest cousin was too afraid to sleep after watching THe Prince of Egypt!!! He was also terrified of many of the scenes in THe Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

    According to your logic, now Prince of Egypt and Lewis books/movies are EVIL. Oh, the horror, run for the hills, and shoot anyone who comes near us!

    –Ashley Out, because she’s too frightened of YOU PEOPLE to leave her room.

  160. Robert Anderson

    I work as a reverend in the holy church of God. This is my son’s account which I am using to write this post.

    I finally bought the game World of Warcraft for my son, Josef, who had been nagging me for several months since all of his friends played the game.

    He started playing this game alot, spending hours in front of his computer with his online friends, and at the dinner table, all he was talking about is the game.

    At first, I was delighted to hear that he had chosen the class “priest”. I didn’t know that there were christian characters in this game. This made me download a trial version of the game to try it out myself. Having created my priest character, I made an unnerving discovery.

    Priests use shadow magic.

    Spells and talents such as “Twisted Faith”, “Shadow Word: Pain” and “Dark Evangelism” are all in the priest spell book, along with holy spells such as “Divine Hymn” and “Leap of Faith”. It is almost as if Blizzard are telling us to utilise the Lord only for our own benefits (healing ourselves and others) and use evil magic to gain power. I can accept killing wild animals in these kinds of games, but using “Shadow Word: Death” to kill a human, or use “Mind Control” to turn an enemy to satan’s will… That is just SICK.

    Let me quote the Bible:
    “But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” – Jesus of Nazareth

    I have sent a letter to Blizzard concerning name changes for priest spells. Here are some of my ideas:

    Shadow Word: Spell —-> These spells MUST be renamed to Bible Verse: Spell
    Mind Blast —-> The power of Christ
    Silence —-> Blasphemy
    Shadow Fiend —-> Angel of God

    I would also appreciate if some of the holy spells would be changed, so that they do not draw focus from Christ:

    Power Word: Shield —-> Power Word: Jesus
    Holy Fire —-> Wrath of God
    Heal —-> Heal through God’s will

    These are just some of my ideas 🙂

    If there are any other Christian gamers out there who want to support me, please let me know

    God bless

  161. As a former player who got really sucked into this game, and knew many others (in their twenties or even older) who played 8+ hours EVERY DAY I can testify to the addictiveness of this game. If you are in your twenties or older, I know its fun to indulge your inner child, but come on if you are spending a lot of time in this game you have to be neglecting some responsibilities. I am not kidding when I say that playing this game frequently becomes some people’s top priority, to the point of rearranging their lives around it. From both a secular and a Christian viewpoint, the addictiveness of WoW should be a concern.

    As for the content of the game, from a secular point of view it is not bad (I don’t think anyone is going to argue that the cartoon violence is going to inspire real-world violence). If you are a Christian, I think the scriptures that were pointed out are helpful — its important to realize that some things have an insidious influence. I would say the selfishness and obliviousness to God that addiction to game often inspires is the most dangerous aspect, rather than depictions of magic.

    Finally, for those of you putting down the writer because her concerns appear frivolous to you, please realize that 1) the writer’s heart is in the right place and 2) addiction to video games is a reality for thousands maybe millions of Americans and is legitimate cause for concern. If you enjoy playing this game, more power to you, and if you can really play responsibly (some can) then I am happy for you. If you have made the game your top priority or know others who have done the same, then I suggest you consider the reason you play so much and the consequences of playing so much. If you feel trapped in the game (I know the feeling personally), then my suggestion is prayer to God and repentence — it possible to go on with your life.

  162. It’s a computer game. It’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps you should realise in your indoctrinated ramblings that if God exists, he put us on the planet to enjoy ourselves. If that means playing a cartoony computer game (Which I played for two years), then so be it. I think you should have far worse sins to worry about than a computer game, and I almost laughed when I read some of your points on engaging in “witchcraft”. Bear in mind that the user is not practising witchcraft. He is controlling a character in a static cartoon drawn world who is chucking firebolts. Get real, stop revelling in your pretentious ramblings and stop turning your nose up on people who play computer game because you try and take God’s teachings and use them where they are simply not fit.

  163. I haven’t read every word of every post, but enough to get a decent picture of the various opinions and obviously some aggressive reactions to the subject and comments about it. First, here’s some GENERAL comments:

    For anyone who’s not a Christian, any true Christian’s opinion will not only not matter to you, but you won’t understand where such a person is coming from and most likely won’t want to. Many times, you’ll just get really angry. Why? Most TRUE Christians will make you angry because of their convictions and lifestyle, while most FAKE Christians will make you angry because of their hypocracy. You can choose to emotionally react, or you can choose to dig for the facts yourself and make truly informed choices to form truly knowledgeable opinions. Again, though, any true Christian and any true non-Christian will never, ever mentally agree on most fundamental beliefs and values, simply because of one thing: THE BIBLE. Christians believe it’s the absolute truth, non-Christians don’t, and “never the two shall meet.” (That’s not from the Bible). So, if you feel judged and condemned for being non-Christians, join the club, because Christians feel equally judged and condemned by non-Christians (with the possible exception of fake Christians, who really are hypocrites and want to either be accepted by everyone or be at odds with them. Fake Christians kinda make me angry, too).

    What does all this have to do with this subject — the video game? The bottom line is that Robin posted it because of her belief in the absolute truth of the Bible, which she believes to be God’s Word. If the Bible really is the truth, then she’s absolutely right. If you don’t believe the Bible is the truth, then you believe she’s wrong. Neither side will be convinced of the other’s “rightness.” And some of you have gotten angry and condemning. What’s new?

    What about you who classify yourself as Christian but don’t agree with Robin’s position? Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion, like everyone else, but in my opinion you’re held to a different set of standards than non-Christians. If you claim to be Christian, but don’t live your life according to what God says in His Word (which you should believe to be the truth, and your “standard” for life), then you present a serious problem. Example: If I’m married to someone but don’t know much about what he likes and doesn’t like, then I don’t have much of a relationship with him, do I? I mean, it’s just empty existence or false pretense, not real relationship. Then, if I’m married to someone and DO know what he likes and doesn’t like, but I don’t care about that and don’t live my life accordingly, then I really don’t love him much, do I? I’m not much of a spouse if I don’t care about my spouse’s likes and dislikes — I’m just really selfish, wanting to “have my cake and eat it, too” — having the perceived benefits of marriage but not wanting to put much into it myself. My point? “Choose this day…” who/what you’ll love. (That’s in the Bible, in case you want to look it up).

    Again, what does this have to do with the subject, the video game? Well, I just challenge anyone who classifies themselves as Christians to spend as much time in the Bible as they do playing this game, and maybe they’ll find out that the truth — REALITY — is better than the game — FANTASY. You will “know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Yes, that’s from the Bible, but it’s for the self-proclaimed Christians reading this). Again, if you claim to be a Christian, then I challenge you to know WHAT you believe and WHY you believe it. More than that, I encourage you to know the PERSON that the Bible is about — the real WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE. He has a name, and it’s not found in this video game. He has a name above all names, and He is altogether lovely. Try Him, you’ll like Him — and if you have a real relationship with Him you’ll find Him refreshing, peace-giving, and even fun — lots more substantive and fulfilling than any game, addiction, or anything else.

    It’s hard to imagine why anyone who claims to be Christian would want to spend time with fake characters in a fake reality instead of with the REAL person of Jesus, Yeshua (He has lots of other cool names, too — They’re all in the Bible) in REAL life. I mean, when you’ve tasted the real thing, nothing else compares. (“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” Ps. 34) I’m talking about RELATIONSHIP, NOT RELIGION. May all of us have our eyes opened to this REALITY.

    One more aspect, more specific (and this is for you Christians reading this):

    The Lord says that those who are His should love what’s right and hate what’s evil. (Ps. 45, etc. ) Not just get a little irritated about evil or not agree with it, but HATE it. What is evil? Anything that doesn’t agree with God’s Word. “Evil” connotes different things to different people, but it’s pretty basic — Anything that’s not “right,” (righteous) according to the Lord’s Word. Of course, one has to KNOW God’s Word to know the difference between what’s right and what’s evil.

    A great example of this is in 2 Kings 23 — King Josiah ZEALOUSLY got rid of ALL evil in his domain, ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF THE LORD, which had been hidden away and recently discovered. When he discovered what God’s Word actually said, he didn’t act half-heartedly but wholeheartedly (It’s pretty incredible. Read it for yourself). Most of what he did included eliminating pagan, occult, witchcraft, perversion, etc., and getting rid of those who not only performed it but also tolerated, co-existed with it. When WE, today, REALLY know what God’s Word says, we are to act on it WHOLEHEARTEDLY, not lukewarmly, half-heartedly, politically correct, or just co-existing with evil. We are to be zealous — otherwise, we’re just doing lip service to God. No, I don’t mean using physical violence or condemnation of people. I’m talking about doing violence to the kingdom of darkness. “The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matt. 11:12) This can mean a few things, but one thing is sure: We are to do violence to the kingdom of darkness, not coexist with it — and not physical violence, but violence through living zealously righteous lives, in wholehearted submission to God’s Word through the power of His Spirit, in intimate, loving relationship with Him and by loving others. In the Lord’s kingdom, love IS war — war on Satan and his kingdom. Because of passionate, zealous love, we are to eliminate evil by overcoming it, not participating in it, and by doing SPIRITUAL warfare against it. (This will sound hokey to some, but right on to others).

    Other examples are in Nehemiah, where he ZEALOUSLY reinstated God’s Word in his domain, not half-heartedly or lukewarmly, but ALL THE WAY. Look it up (esp. Nehemiah 13 — really interesting). Hey, and don’t forget that guy Phinehas (Numbers 25:7-11, referenced by David in Ps. 106:30). He was zealous for the Lord’s ways, too, and was “counted as righteous” for it.

    My point with these specific examples? I challenge anyone who says they’re Christian, including myself, to re-examine what they believe, why they believe it, and how much the Lord REALLY means in their lives.

    In my opinion, on the subject of this fantasy game, the Bible is plain. It speaks undeniably about this subject, plain enough for a small child to understand. One only has to READ it to see it. However, one has to LOVE it in order to DO it.

    That’s the difference, the true dividing-line, between people who call themselves Christians. Those who respect and love it (and the Lord) will READ it and STUDY it and LEARN it, and then go and DO it, and do it WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Those who don’t will contrive and contort the Bible to fit into their lives, in all the ways they choose. We’re all in a different place in our walks, but we’re all equally loved by God — Christians, non-Christian, “half” Christians, whoever we are — He loves us equally. That doesn’t mean He tolerates everything we do, though. As for me, I want to know Him and love Him and please Him, spending time in discovery of this. We can all choose how we spend our time, emotions, energy, and money. In my opinion, though, He’s just too good to miss, and worth more than anything.

    Whether ridiculous to some, or vague to others, I hope this LONG post helps someone. And, I hope that ALL of us have our eyes opened to the truth.

  164. Jan,
    Thank you for this thought provoking comment. Your explained the problem beautifully. I appreciate the time you took to write it. Said perfectly. Do you have a blog?

  165. I found this in my web wanderings and thought I’d give my say.
    I am a devout Christian, and I am also a World of Warcraft subscriber. I honestly see nothing wrong with playing WoW with my Christian beliefs. I completely respect you if you feel that this game contradicts your beliefs, but I personally feel it does not. Yes, characters in the games fight using spells, but at no point is it implied that there is anything satanic behind these spells. When the bible condemnes witchcraft, I think that it is refering to people actually performing it and such, and think that this in no way applies to something like WoW. By the same principle, I have no problem with books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I mean, Harry Potter portrayes magic with the most noble and good intentions, and only the evil characters use it for selfish gain.
    Finally, I know people have already brought this up, but for goodness sake people, please do your research before condemning books like the Chronicles of Narnia. First off, the author, CS Lewis, was a devout Christian. Secondly, he wrote the books as an allegory to Christian stories and teachings. The lion Aslan’s death and ressurection as a mirroring of Christ’s is just one such example of this. CS Lewis also wrote such books as ‘Mere Christianity’ and ‘The Screwtape Letters’ based around his faith.

  166. There certainly are a lot of thoughts on this subject!

    I would ask this though, those of you who have taken issue with World of Warcraft, LOTR, Narnia, Harry potter and the like, how many of you watched/allow your children to watch Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty?

  167. Former WoW Player

    I came back to get caught up on this discussion and am so glad I did. For those who posted comments supportive of the original thesis, I’m so glad, personally, because as a newly regenerated Christian I still feel that I have so much to learn.

    I’ve continued to process this issue as I’ve been away from the game now for several months. I still miss it and periodically feel the yearning to go back, and just join a Christian guild where I would be surrounded at least by people who don’t curse, profane, or insult. I’ve even told myself I could just avoid playing any of the magic-users. However, I would still be paying money to the game developers who are promoting the witchcraft thing as innocent and harmless fun. So I won’t go back.

    I think it is proof of how insidiously the witchcraft and occultism pursuits have come into society, that people are arguing for it as harmless. This whole topic has made me step back and reconsider what I let my kids watch and do to an even greater degree.

    For Danny, who asked about Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty – I wanted to take a stab at addressing that issue, but it is really something I am still working through. Right now, I divide it into a few issues:

    1. How close is the world of the story to the world we live in? For example, Harry Potter’s world is almost exactly like ours of today, except that there is magic in it. It’s a current, modern world on a close parallel to our earth.

    2. Is magic depicted as positive or negative? Are the wizards the bad guys or the good guys? If they are good guys, are they drawing on an obvious source of spiritual power other than God (which would make it demonic)? Is the magic based on existing herbs/practices/spells used or tried in the world today?

    3. Is there a clear line between good and evil, and a battle being fought therein?

    4. How likely is the movie/game/book to be something that would tempt an easily-tempted person or child to want to learn more about the occult?

    What that leaves me with, in my personal discernment, is that the Disney/fairy tales are ok for my kids: they are in a vastly different time and place than current times, there is a clear distinction between good and evil, and if there is “good” witchcraft it is not replicable or based on anything “real-world” at all.

    I also read, watch, and enjoy the Lord of the Rings – Tolkien was a Christian who said that he was not writing allegories, as CS Lewis did with Narnia, but he explained his use of magic and witchcraft. He created a world completely apart from modern Earth, and the magic that the elves use was akin to us using technology that someone from another time and place wouldn’t understand. He clearly drew lines of good and evil and his bad guys used bad magic.

    Narnia is fine – they are allegories and CS Lewis was a devout Christian. They also meet all of the above criteria I listed out (at least for me they do).

    I have put Harry Potter on our personal “No” list because of the criteria – the world is close to ours, the lines between good and evil are very blurred (the kids are always breaking rules to get what they want) and the magic is based on real-life research according to the author’s own admission. She read volumes and volumes of witchcraft how-to’s and practice manuals.

    I don’t want to come off as a know-it-all, because I am so new to all of this – I just wanted to answer from my perspective, at this point in my walk, this is how it is starting to divide up for me.

    I also want to second something a previous poster said (Jan, maybe?): If you are not a Christian, this type of thing WILL make you angry and disgusted. It’s because there is no way for you to see the viewpoint of a Christian. If you could, you would be one! And if you think that you are a Christian, but this type of thing annoys you, it’s because you aren’t embracing every word of the Bible as truth. I know because I lived that way for 39 years. It’s only been in the last few months that I really understand that I can no longer pick and choose the parts that I agree with in the Bible, and ignore the parts that encroach on my fun or enjoyment of life.

    Thanks for keeping this discussion open, Admin – it has been very VERY helpful to me.

    God bless.

  168. WoW Occultist

    Darn you! You seem to have rooted out our evil plot to corrupt the minds of young children away from the truth of Jesus and God via a relatively unremarkable MMORPG! You clever dogs!

    The plan was easy enough:

    1. Lure hundreds of “sheeple” to the occult arts via clicking buttons in a video game!
    2. ???
    3. Profit!! Or alternatively the summoning of the dread lord Cthulhu from the depths of R’lyeh!

    But now the whole plan has been undone! Now what will we do with all of the WoW servers, as surely all Christians shall flock from the game post haste at this revelation! I congratulate you on your sound detective work… And we would’ve gotten away with it too, if not for you meddling Christians and your obscure blog!

  169. GarroshHellscream

    You cannot stop the World of Warcraft, your ancient and outdated deities are no match for the powerful WoWgods! Your children’s souls shall forever reside in the unholy terror that is Outland! The unholy seed of Warcraft has been planted in their souls, and we are slowly but surely absorbing God’s youth at an affordable $14.99 a month.

    Do you think you can stop us?


  170. Unholy Priest of Eldritch Abominations

    Curses! Foiled again by the faithful, you have discovered out our master plan to destroy humanity by corrupting the youth of this world! Truly your investigative prowess and unyielding zeal has ruined our plots!

    Mk’hafwa xel’an Jomrek ala’krr cui Dir’athar!!!
    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!!
    Mk’hafwa xel’an Jomrek ala’krr cui Dir’aghar!!!
    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!!

  171. World of Warcraft is an Awsome game and there’s nothing evil about it. It is absurd to think that its evil because it’s a game and nothing more.

  172. Concerned Parent

    My son entered the rehlm of W.O.W a year ago. I shared a few games with hin but found it very unattractive; I didn’t think much of it other that it wasn’t for me. A year later, his marraige is distroyed, he rebels against God, he lies, and is addicted to porn and shows many signs of spritual warefare. He is still very into W.O.W., but the evil has transended into real life.

  173. Voice of reason

    Attention above poster

    If your son lies, rebels against god, is addicted to porn and destroys his marriage, it’s probably his own stupid fault to begin with. Nowhere in the game does it say, “MASTURBATE TO PORN TO GET MORE GOLD!” or, “LIE TO YOUR FAMILY TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL”

    To everything and everyone else, it’s obvious that this whole blog post is based on as little fact as could actually be found on the back flap of the game box. Why I have even bothered posting to this pathetic piece of garbage is beyond me. Any negative things that arise from people using this game is their own stupid fault. Get addicted to it? Then stop playing. Nobody is sitting there with a gun to their head making them play, but maybe they only do it to drown out the idiocy of your pseudo-intellectual approach to an explanation of why your kids are acting different. It’s the same thing that happened when TV, Rock and Roll, and comic books were invented, and yet how many of us enjoy those things on a daily basis. You can’t cast out things that are different, that’s just retarded. Change can and will happen, get over it.

    As for the witchcraft aspect of the argument, it’s merely pixels on a screen. Do you honestly think your kids are so damn stupid, or even bat-shit-crazy enough to look at what’s going on and think, “Ooooh, I’m going to do fancy hand movements and fire will shoot from my hands!” It’s made for pure entertainment purposes, have a bit more faith in your kids.

    Go wait for the rapture to come in your own little corners and leave the video games up to the professionals

  174. Ted Elizondo

    I absolutely LOVE World Of Warcraft!!!!! I’m happy finally somebody was able to adequately describe it in all of it’s glory!!1 Thanks!!!!

  175. Zach Bradley- Vankracken

    Everyone says this game is evil becuase of witch craft and magic? my character is a warrior and i use no such thing i use a sword and an axe, cold steel. the game isnt all about warcraft so all you people are idiots who say its evil its a game and any who says other wise is ignorant. tell me do you watch and worship a television then your an evil sinful person because all your attention is supposed to be focused on god. thanky uo very much

  176. Unknown

    I know that a lot of people do not like WoW because of various content, but just like in the real world, we can avoid unwanted content and activities. Also, it really is just a game. if you don’t like it, don’t play it. If you do, do, just in moderation.

    God bless

  177. someone

    Thanks to this review i can not play this game anymore… Thats prety much a lie. just saying. and the game is not bad if you monitor game time. i mean this is why they made parenting controls.

    WoW is the best game out there and it is not that addicting.what a lie.

  178. I am a World of Warcraft player and a christian.

    You constantly pull up the verse of staying away from the appearance of evil. Yet even the bible states that you should not trust appearances. Even satan has been known to take the form of a beautiful figure in order to attempt to sway people to evil. The game is not altogether evil.

    There are themes of magic and evil inside the game yes, however there are also themes of good and church in it as well. The symbol of the major religious group is a sun, with the rays of which in the shape of a cross.

    I personally play a priest or paladin in the game. The game calls the abilities that these classes use “magic”, however this power is drawn from their holy source, not from some demonic ritual, or shamanistic rite. They pray for their abilities, hence many of the priest’s abilities being “Prayer of Fortitude” or “Prayer of Spirit.”

    Yes, this game can be addicting, just like most anything that people allow themselves to be addicted to. These addictions can range from drugs, to alcohol, to reading, to eating, to running, to shopping.

    Yes, the females are able to dress scantily. However, one does not have to be scantily clad. The creators made the scantily clad outfits in an attempt to attract players to the game, but they also did not make every outfit that way. Many outfits are not revealing in the least bit way, the most skin being shown is usually the character’s face.

    The game is only evil if you perceive it to be evil. If you see it as simply a tool to alleviate boredom or a hobby, then it is not evil. Like many books, it is a work of fiction and should be taken as such. The events, characters, and places are not real.

    People are only addicted if they allow themselves to be. I at one point did allow myself to be addicted to the game. I still play it fairly often, however I am able to walk away at a moments notice, and do not get on if I have plans or there is the possibility of events outside of the game.

  179. “Priests, shamans, paladins, druids, and warlocks all have the power to bring other characters back from the dead.”

    Warlocks have no such ability.

    The “resurrection” ability of these classes and the ability to release your spirit is simply a game mechanic to allow the player to not be forced to start a character from the beginning because their character died. They gave the ability to revive characters to these classes because priests and paladins have the holy ability to do so and druids and shamans, by mythological means, also have the ability to do so.

  180. Kyle,

    Sorry, thanks for the correction WOW post: Warlocks cannot raise fm dead. Only Priests, shamans, paladins, & druids.

  181. I thought the question here was, “Should Christians play WOW?” A lot of the blog is comments from non-Christians who do not accept the Bible as the authority or the guide for our lives. There is no Bible-based argument that will influence those that reject the Bible and it’s Author.

    The real conversation here should be between Christians. If one thinks playing this fantasy game is okay, and another believes it is destuctive to our Christian development,they should look to the light of God’s Word, that they may be able to discern between good and evil.

    “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path.”

    If you are a Christian that believes that, then humble your heart before the revealed Word of God. His viewpoint is above our own. His knowlegde is infinite. His love for all mankind is poured out freely at the cross. But He does not call evil good, and good evil.

    Whose kingdom are you in? Who is your Prince? Is it the Prince of Darkness, or Prince Immanuel, the Prince of Light, who gave Himself to redeem you?

    “If you love Me,” He said, “keep my commandments.”

    “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world—the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” 1 John 2: 15-17

    If you are not a Christian, then this conversation is stupid to you. You may feel God calling you to come and receive Christ, but this discussion regarding a game is not the place to find the gospel. It is for those who already have.

    For absolute Christian authority, go to http://www.biblegateway.com/ and look it up for yourself in any language.

    May God stir up your minds and give you spiritual discernment.
    .-= SJH´s last blog ..Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 =-.

  182. Anonymous

    I come from a strict catholic background but i have now no religion. Even though i have no religion i still believe in being a good person. I personally play this game and i believe what it all comes down to is discipline and moderation. And i in no way believe this game is “evil” or “satanic”. All it is,is a passtime. I currently have a good job a stable relationship, and don’t nelieve ant of this radical nonsense.

  183. Bonnie

    Thank you, Robin. For posting this site. I am mother of a son (24) who is addicted to this game. He claims to be a Christian, too. Yet I see no fruit in his life. He rarely does anything else and my conversations with him are very few and very short. People are influenced by the things around them. He was a very sweet and caring son. Yet his love has grown cold and his world has become fantasy. Yet my LORD JESUS has overcome the world and nothing is impossible with God. So I will continue to pray for his deliverance from this stronghold.

  184. Lastabolist

    I’ll use my game name, it’s just a lot easier this way. Hi, I’m Lastabolist, A mage, also known as a DPS Caster, from the Server Trollbane. I’m also a Canadian, and atheist, if you will. I really have never dignified a religion because I could never see personal reason to do so, and I’ve been like this since I was a child.

    I’m a World of Warcraft player, but also a gamer in general, playing games that range from GTA to Battlefeild 2142 to Need for Speed Shift to WoW.

    I Crossed this thread setting up a raid between my guild and another guild, and I read it, and it made me speechless for a moment. I have played with other Christians before, and I think you have an intricate yet old ideal of how the world should be, but it’s only your choice to do what you want, only fair, you guys have left me alone for the most part.

    Now, I’m going to talk a bit more about WoW, so you understand whats up with this video game. Yes, it’s just as addictive as any other game, but what would you rather see other children doing? Gambling away real money? Drinking untill in the streets completely wasted? Real racing in the streets? I personally would rather see them safely at home doing something else, like playing WoW, doing homework, getting a day job, even if that day job means paying their WoW habbit, doesn’t that also teach them how to pay bills?

    Anyways, I’ve digressed. WoW has many aspects, like the Forsaken (undead) are a splinter group of the “Scourge” under Sylvannas “The Scantly clad Elf”, who before was a “Banshee” (I believe Banshee is a Scott mythology piece) because a person called “The Lich King” who was a prince named Arthas who was taken controll of by a demon, who actually bound himself to Arthas to become the “Lich King”. Yes there is Demonic possession in this game, but we are working towards taking down the “Lich King” in the game it’s self, to save the world from his Hordes of cursed undead.

    This game is about teamwork, making friends, and learning what it truely means to be a team, and also looking at your self and trying to self improve. It teaches Leadership skills some kids may never have had a chance to ever get.

    More or less, Robin, it’s great you did your homework on this, it’s getting extremely rare to see that anymore, Props, and I don’t want to always sit on the other side of the fence, you seem to be a nice person, however, I must point out a little deeper is always great, like actually read the Lore of the game it’s self, because it’s very detailed as to why things are the way they are.

    To “The Former WoW player”, You are right to a point, there is a alot of time spent to play this game, 100% right, and I’ve found my self rushing to get things done, but I do it because I want to be there for my friends. I do like to Flirt with the women online, but they are also aware it’s meaningless, because I’m very far away, and I have my own things to worry about. As for tradechat and gen chat, there is always gonna be that kind of talk, it’s happened on every single game I’ve even participated in. I don’t really like rape jokes, nor dead baby jokes, adult humour is fine, to a point, but thats what ignore and report spamm buttons are for, you could have had some of those people banned from WoW, they don’t take that stuff lightly, or did you actually read the License agreement? (No, I’m not trying to offend, I’m offering up another point of view). Trade Chat “Trolls” as they are actually called, or most commonly unliked on most servers, including mine.

    As for the posts of scantly clad women, I know several who like to walk around like that, in game, because thats just it, they might like the attention, or just like the way it looks, it’s their oppinion, and I’m not about to argue with a women about her clothing arrangement, and anyone who’s had a GF or a wife, you know you don’t even try or it’s Couch time. As for NPC’s, there are only a few I’ve ever even seen that are “Scantly Clad” like mentioned above somewhere, the Succubus, who looks like a Dom, I know, I don’t mind her, but she gets annoying after a while with the sound emotes, and a lot of the Locks don’t really use her unless it’s for a specific reason, because we actually think ahead.

    Oh, practicing Witchcraft, that was funny, I guess I’m really bad for that one, because my MAGE is a Caster, but just like the others said, it’s a game, I wish I could through fireballs, or Freeze things at will… I’d rather be paid to be a super hero than work my current job… the benefits as a super hero would be better anyways. ( I heard they have good dental. =P) Paganism and Witchcraft are probabley still practised in this world, their choice though.

    Honestly though, Man wrote the bible, it’s mass printed, and wrote through versus for multiple sizes, and I can’t read it, I’ve tried, honestly, it’s just something I’m not into.

    Anyways, ADHD is kicking in overdrive because I’m exhausted from work and liasoning with another guild about end game content, and trying to get into a Tournament for another game with some friends from online.

    Last thing, because I don’t won’t to write PS a lot, OMG is a common term used by North American Youth and adults, you might not, but the rest do, it’s a term of dramatic event that could possibley hurt or appeal to the person using that phraise, WE DO NOT USE IT TO BE OFFENSIVE, it’s honestly as natural to anyone, as Breathing is. Please stop taking offense to it, or better yet, coin a new term to use, and most of us will probabley switch if it’s catchy.

    Anyways, I’ll be back latter to see how this comment thing is going.


  185. The Third Horseman

    First off I would like to say that if this post is not deleted it may provide some people with an introspective look at how the world works. I know for a fact that aside from my direct friends and family I can think of about 14 million people currently (including my own mother who has seen first hand and goes to church every single sunday as a religious person) can say that deeming warcraft a sin, as you have so neatly wrapped up in fanciful wording, goes beyond ridiculous. this is about as relevant to reality as the first question upon reaching the pearly gates being “what did you eat on fridays?” first thing first, you need to know about me, I’m 38, I have a degree in graphic design and marketing, I have a job, I have a wonderful wife, I don’t go to church as I did when I was a child, I do however say prayers for those I love, I do believe in a higher power. keep in mind when reading what I write that my simple view of life is “we are what we’re made to be” meaning if I was born to lead a simple happy life playing warcraft and loving my wife, I have just as much a right to live it as my neighbor who goes to parties and being with his friends. Most importantly right and wrong is very VERY simple, stealing, killing, and forcing ideals onto others is wrong. Frankly I’m surprised extremists have time to worry about a video game rather than the “holy war” thats going on over in the middle east. now back to the topic, as I’ve seen though your description of warcraft was extensive it was flawed in many places to benefit your cause, ill put it simply in on example. When you mentioned that people are allowed to use profanity without consequence was very wrong, people who are hired for blizzard called moderators are charged with punishing those who use profanity or harass others which includes religion, race, gender, or otherwise, and to prove it i encourage you to read blizzards terms of service regarding misbehavior –
    Now, the biggest issue here is interpretation, if you honestly read those words out of the bible and consider warcraft an abomination or sin then you honestly, as a human being to a human being, need to take a step back and view how you look at life. When you have friction with people for your views on things like this its sad to be put bluntly. when you say “its not my rule, its written in the bible” your also putting your own thoughts and pulling it into what you want it to be. you certainly wouldn’t be the first Christian to have your own, supposedly correct, interpretation of the Bible, I think that I recall a similar event to this, oh that’s right it was the Crusades. For as many of the things in your post that were incorrect, and all those words twisted into your own ideal rather than each individual person who reads them, you need to watch what you say and take a second look at how the world works. I live a happy life, without the confrontation due to beliefs which I know you and many other extreme christian experience. as a plain example out of many that I’ve seen in my life is one from your own words “Some Christians play WoW and feel it is harmless. I have talked to some of them that look at me like I’m off my rocker for even considering there is something wrong with this game.” If you view life as a war to constantly keep clean so to speak, start viewing yourself as a wall street CEO, because your as chained and enslaved to your ideals as he is to his desk and vault. I can sit here and go on about people like you for days, but I’m going to compact this and make it simple – read the words of the Bible any way you wish, but do NOT assume that your way is the only way then twist and bend words to make your view seem more valid than others when spoken to the masses. if I remember correctly one of satan’s tools was the beguiling tongue, and it was also what started MANY wars, and caused countless deaths. In conclusion, by no means am I accusing you or any other person of being the antichrist or some lower form of life, I do however think that you should take another look at how life works. Wisdom only extends as far as a person is willing to.

  186. Lawlacaust

    Seig Heil, now you may find this strange coming from the perspective of a man who believes the holocaust to be the most glorious event in history but hear me out..This is Chubaka(http://www.isolight.com/isoblog/wp-content/chubaka.jpg)he lives on the planet Endor with a bunch of three foot tall ewoks..THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, IF CHUBAKA DOES NOT MAKE SENSE YOU MUST acquit.

  187. Talius

    Let me sum this blog up for those of us sitting here in a lawn-chair with popcorn:

    Robins view
    -A single starving jew in an auschwitz holding pen

    Facts posted here by many others
    -The entire Third Reich

  188. Concerned Mother of 13

    I find this whole thing very important to furthering Christianity as a whole, Good luck and may god save us all.

  189. WoWplayer

    I personally cant wait until she realizes that 999 out of 1000 wow players are going to laugh in her face when she tries to “show them the light.” Not to mention she dosent know that about 400 of those 1000 players have their parents playing along with them. Im laughing just thinking about it. But hey let irrational christians be irrational its what they do best!

  190. Kaelynh

    Hello, I’m Kaelynh, and I’m a troll shaman.

    And now, just because it’s fun to rile people up, I can reincarnate and walk on water. I AM JESUS, HAIL ME!

    Oh, and also, keep playing WoW people. Jesus says it’s ok.

  191. Brinadr

    I’m posting using my in-game name, and if anyone wants to confirm it’s me, look me up on Icecrown.

    A few points:

    1 – Not sure when this was originally posted, as there is no date on it, but it is a little behind the times. Characters can now get to level 80 (and soon, level 85).

    2 – I didn’t read all the comments (I merely skimmed, sorry. The wall of text critted me for 9000), but I do recall one of the first ones making a reference to the Chronicles of Narnia. FYI, the author of those stories, CS Lewis, was a very devout Christian, and wrote them as an allegory to better help a young relative understand what Christ sacrificed for us.

    3 – The ENTIRE premise of the game is good (the player characters, regardless of faction) versus evil (the scourge, all of which are NPC’s). It’s one giant allegory of biblical proportions. If the author had actually PLAYED it, even for an hour, she would see that plain as day.

    4 – While many of the quests involve some form of killing, it’s usually for the greater good. What I mean is that whatever you’re being sent to do will ultimately help someone. Maybe it’s a guy who’s been gimped fighting the bad guys, and he’s hungry. So you go out and kill some boars to get him food. Or you may be sent to kill some demon who, if allowed to live, will ultimately do very bad things to people. Is it really murder when you’re doing it for the greater good? Is the sacrifice of one life to save millions a bad thing? As a combat vet, I have to say no.

    The point is this. It’s a game. Period. Can it be addicting? Yes. ANYTHING that brings pleasure can be (even going to church). Is the game inherently “evil”, or will playing the game make you stray from your path with God? No. And if you truly believe that, well, I pity you, and anyone you hold sway over.

    It’s pixels on a screen. And if you allow anything to control your life to such a degree that you neglect obligations, whether they be church, school, work, family, whatever, then the issue is yours, and yours alone. It’s not the games fault. It’s not the developers fault. It’s YOURS. And our society has become one of finger pointers and buck passers.

    Look in the mirror, people. Get ahold of yourselves.

    For the record, I’m Catholic. And I attend Mass regularly, as well as giving confession weekly. And I’ve been a gamer for two-thirds of my life (I’m in my 30’s, you do the math).

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Alliance nubs to gank in Isle of Conquest. They shall not win again, not as long as my virtual character continues to draw virtual breath in a virtual world that ISN’T THE SLIGHTEST BIT REALISTIC.

  192. Boris K.

    Holy hell, what trivial banter! You picked the usual preface all people against “evil” video games pick. Religion. “Don’t play or (insert invisible omnipotent being here)will not let you into the afterlife.”

    Lady, your short sighted. You picked the opening FMV from the game, and an extreme case of addiction in which it’s the parents’ fault for not imposing limits and that’s your proof? And quoting scripture is so 17th century. Form your own words and opinions. Or is that an appearance of evil as well?

    You have to realize you are on the very unpopular side of the discussion and you will not be invited by Maury or Oprah.

    20 years ago there was something called Nintendo, before that Atari, Coleco, Arcade. Where’s your rant and rave about them? They spawned the mass video game revolution.

    But blame yourself for not conducting a real research about this before you blogged to the whole internet about what you thought and made yourself a joke to 11 million people.

  193. NotChristian

    You’re letting religion stop you from playing a game set in a fictional universe, with completely fictional elements.
    I’m all for religion, but not to the point where it tells me how to live my life.

  194. Richard B

    Ok, so first your assumption that god exists is huge. Secondly, it is merely a game, to vent our frustrations and to allow us to do things we wouldn’t do in real life, such as cast magic.
    I myself play, and am not addicted. The examples you have given are the extreme cases, as with everything, and like most christians you seem to have left out

  195. Richard B

    (sorry, misclicked submit)….you seem to have left out the good signs, of the majority of player playing the game as though it was any other form of entertainment – in moderation.

  196. Dont you just love casting curses of agony, causing excrusiating pain to your target?
    OR boiling their blood with a single push on a button? well i do!
    I LOVE IT!

  197. TMSama

    Show me where exactly in the Bible it says that “MMORPGs are evil”. Go on, show me.

    It just goes to show that the majority of Christianity is hypocritical, completely abandoning the teachings of Jesus (i.e. “turn the other cheek”, “judge not, lest ye be judged.”) Where do you get off slandering the multitudes of players that relax by enjoying this game? I can see that you obviously read too much into overinflated stereotypes about the players themselves. The obsessed gamers are a minute minority compared to the mass of 100% “normal” (by anyone’s standards) players out there.

    Thank you once again for making us Christians look bad.

  198. Silverchip

    Wow, more proof that christians such as yourself are making more and more of a cult of your own believe, seriously, god will throw you into hell for enjoying a pixelated game?
    ofcourse not, i am thinking you take a 1700 year old book a tad too serious.
    even so, no where in this holy write is anything about MMORPG’s being evil.
    otherwise god would have sent us an updated fax from heaven about the subject.

  199. Lastabolist

    I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take stabs at Robins direct ideals.

    Yes, more research is would be good, DL the 10 day trial and understand why you are doing the things in the game.

    Also, the others were right, Blizzard does pay for admins to look after the chats, because they don’t want at suit against them, because they did nothing about online harrasment.

    It’d be good to see more of Robin posting in here, so she can give us some feedback on her thoughts, but please try to understand where we are coming from as well.


    Seriously, out of all the ACTUAL immoral, unethical, generally BAD things in the REAL world, you go after a game that takes place in a FICTIONAL UNIVERSE, wherein FICTIONAL THINGS HAPPEN.

    Hmm… do i go down the local homeless shelter and help out those less fortunate than i?

    do i actively pursue a role in society, in order to stop thieves, murderers, rapists etc?

    Do i volunteer my own time, money and resources to further the word of god?


    I’m Mara, I’m a warlock, and i LOVE sucking souls from other characters in order to summon demons to do my bidding, Draining the life force of enemies so that i may never fall in battle, and casting the spell HELLFIRE, purely to annoy stuckup rod-in-the-ass christians like you.

  201. WOWplayer

    Im pretty sure Jesus would play wow. He would obviously play the shaman class, because they can walk on water.

  202. Thevilperson

    I actually thought this was a joke at first.
    I might be addicted and I might play a rotting corpse walking around killing everything I can get my hands on.
    But I like it.
    I want to be evil, and it’s better being evil in a game than in the real world.

  203. CatholicEducated

    I have a catholic education and I am a devote Christian.

    Old Testament, great source. The Old Testament was not inspired and written by the Holy Spirit. This can be proved by how God and Jesus’ love formed the Holy Spirit to form the Holy Trinity.

    We are not a people of The Book, but a people of The Son Of Man. The Bible is not strictly literal, it is also figurative.

    It is a game, like everything else it is ok in moderation. What is moderation? That is personal and cannot be judged by anyone else.

    The fact is, the game was designed to make money. Just like everything else in the economy, it is all about profit. The evil of capitalism is a different subject, but all people have the right to pursue the profession they wish.

    This is a game, if you are worried about the evil it is spreading to the 8 million subscribers then your priorities are out of order. I think the genocide Africa is a much more important issue that good minded Christians should be concerned with.

  204. shortchick

    After having read quite a few of the comments here, I’m suprised no one mentioned that, according to the over-all story of the game, the biggest enemy that is combated on Azeroth is the demon forces of the BUrning Legion. In the original game, the ultimate enemy was the Black Dragonflight. How did they come to be an enemy? They were corrupted by demons.

    In Burning Crusade, 2 of the 4 major Raid bosses were corrupted by demons, and one of the was a demon! For goodess sake, the entire expansion was about purging the demons from the world!

    Now, with this current expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, we are fighting against a powerful necromancer who was, you guessed it, created by demons.

    The next expansion, Cataclysm, deals once again with the demon-corrupted Black Dragonflight.

    So tell me, what message does 4 expansions of fighting AGAINST demons and their influences send?

  205. Im not religious however I find it odd that even in ral world situations people attempt to heal anothers disabilty by touching the and giving them the power of the lord (pastors on late night TV) or more down to earth jesus gives a man sight and comes back from the dead yet this is not evil or bad..
    This is a game your attacking here, not even remotely considered to be real..

    Just some advice if you really want to save people from the fires in hell by bring them to christ try not to sound so crazy.. you will save alot more people that way..

  206. 1 Timothy 2:11-12 (American Standard Version)

    11 Let a woman learn in quietness with all subjection.

    12 But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have dominion over a man, but to be in quietness.
    This can be found quoted in all versons with pretty much the same result…

    Common ? I dont believe this but if you do then this article should not exist nor should half the other comments as this article and its comments are meant to warn/teach of the dangers of wow

  207. Billl, Read the passage in context. The letters must be interpreted in light of the specific circumstances that occasioned them. The Bible is full of women in leadership and ministry and teachers. If we take it out of content women should even have a voice box becasue they should never talk.

    The Greek word “does not mean silence but carries with it connotations of peacefulness and restfulness…. Paul is not…calling for ‘buttoned lips’ but for a quiet receptivity and a submission to authority.

  208. But,in your whole post you interpret the bible and religious texts to prove your point. So,why is this different than showing another part of the HOLY texts and then make our own intepretation which, to be honest, is not as far feched as your is?
    I live in Greece,meaning i live in a 93% orthodox society. People have tolerance in these issues because, you see, WoW isn’t the problem. You must always remember that many people of different religions play/made WoW so it can’t be catholic-Christian perfect.
    And also you see to have missed the point of the GAME. It’s not to teach us that magic is okey, it’s t entairtain us, and it does that darn well

  209. I would like to post. I usually don’t post in blogs, but came across this one that was linked on a popular World of Warcraft forum called wowhead.

    I want to first make sure that I grasp your general arguement here. Basically, you think that Christians shoulded play WOW b/c it has an element that you consider to be witchcraft. You beleive that instead we should be completely against it. If I’m not correct on these assumptions, feel free to correct me. I do feel this is the overall stance of this article/blog though.

    Based on this, I would assume that you are against Christians using/playing/etc anything that has elements that go against the bible’s written laws. This is just one example (WOW) b/c of its percieved witchcraft element.

    I would like to make a point and hear what you have to say about it b/c I am curious about your stance.

    First, I would like to say that WOW is a fantasy based role playing game, that is played by millions around the world. I think you can agree on this. It is also a place that many go to social with others that enjoy the same thing as them. So, one could say that it a media that people use to play a game and socialize. From my undestanding of your perspective is that since this media has an element or part of it that is “witchcraft” and that it appears evil, we should stay away from it. Also, by playing the game we are going against God b/c of these elements. It seems you are saying b/c of this “rebellious” use of evil media, we could lose our salvation (this part I’m not quite sure if you are implying). Again, I said this before, but I want to make this very clear that I believe this is your point. A

    I would like to deduce something with this logic. I wish I could find the statistic, but unfortunately I can’t. So we’ll have to do some hypothesising. I’ve read before that around 60% of internet sites are dedicated to porongraphy. I would say that this is a pretty reasonable guess. If you take into account the other 40%, I would guess over half of that deals with other things that are expressly condoned in the the Bible. So one could argue that roughly 80% of the internet is dedicated to very UnGodly behaviours/activities/ideas, etc.

    Then by your logic in this artical, aren’t you going against God and his law by using a media type (much like WOW) that others use to socialize and “play” on, when a greater majority of it is dedicated to very UnGodly things (not just a small element, but most of it)? Wouldn’t this website and your ideas be doing the exact same things that you are telling others not to do by particapating in something that goes against God? Couldn’t you say that the Internet, itself is very UnGodly? I’m curious how you can actively participate in something that is majorityly (don’t know if this is a real word) evil, when you are critizing other doing the same thing but with a different media type/source?

    Please respond to this, b/c I’m definitely curious to hear your take on my questions.

    I would like to say, that I’ve read some stuff on here that has made me be proud to be a Christian, and some stuff that made me ashamed and mad.

    I think that Jesus teaches us to go out into the world and use all resources to reach out to those who do not know him. That’ what he did. I’ve seen it asked “would Jesus play WOW?” My answer is: None of us would know for sure, because we are men/women and he is God. Jesus didn’t do things like “holy” people of his day. He associated with what was considered scum/sinners/etc. Did he participate in sin? No. He is sinless, and thus his sacrifice on the cross is what saves us all that do sin b/c we were born into sin. Jesus was quite a rebel from the perspective of the Jewish rabbis/etc. So for us as Christians to say Jesus would or wouldn’t do something is difficult. Would he sin? No. Does he consider playing a game sinful? That is something that as men we can’t know for sure, but need to follow how are heart is moved by him.

    I think that we as Christians need to remember that even though we are saved, we all sin, and all sin is equal. It is what seperates EVERYONE from God. The only bridge is Jesus’s salvation. We need to humble ourselves to Jesus and others. Yes, as Christians, we need to fellowship and keep each other accountable, but a humble heart very rarely points the finger at others. Rememeber when you point 1 finger at others, 3 point back at you.

    What bothers me, is the reaction this article has on nonbelivers. How is this bringing anyone to Christ? How is saying what you do is evil, going to turn anyone to him (especially when said arguement can be pointed back to ou own actions, thus my lengthy discussion above about WOW and the internet)? Christ taught with Love first.

    God Bless all Christians that minister to bring more to Christ, especially those that use “nonconvential” ways. Remember that Jesus himself was very nonconvential.

    I pray for all Christians, the church, and everyone. I pray for my own faults, that I struggle with daily. I pray to stay humble and trust in the Lord despite my own difficulties and sins. I pray that my life and how I try to live it causes others to seek God’s comfort.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I would like to hear a response on how using an evil media such as the internet is okay, but playing a game is not. Is it okay to participate in a media that is dominated by pornography, violence, and more, but not okay to play a video game with “spells”?

  210. Evil Character and Quests
    You begin the game by creating a character choosing from ten races and nine classes. The classes in World of Warcraft are Warriors, Mages, Druids, Hunters, Warlocks, Priests, Paladins, Rogues, and Shaman. Races are divided by Horde or the Alliance. The Alliance includes Humans, Night Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes and Draenei. The Horde includes Orcs, Tauren, Undead, Trolls and Blood Elves. Male and female sexes are available in all races.
    This is wrong, I will explain why. On an additional note, since the post was written, an additional class was made, namely the death knights.

    I will begin by explaining why the classes aren’t evil. First of all, some classes are not ‘good’, but never evil.

    Warriors: well,not much I can say about warriors, it is pretty self-explanatory. They don’t use any kind of magic and they just defend their homelands according to the lore.

    Mages: mages draw their powers from the nether. Now, nether ‘might’ sound like it’s the equivalent of hell as it’s there that the demons live,but this is not true. Actually, always according to the lore of the game, nether is a place of great concentration of elemental power, which is why the demons choose it as their homelands (they feed out of pure energy). They have nothing to do with ‘evil’.

    Druids: actually, this class is considered ne of the goody-two-shoes. They are protectors of the nature. Nature power comes from the trees, the air, everything ‘pure’ around them. Many speculate that nature has some connection to the light even (I will explain what the light is later)

    Hunters: they use minimal amounts of magic, they have pets that willingly fight for them and lore-wise, they are closely connected with the nature which, as explained above, is a pure force. Nothing evil here

    Priests: priests use two kinds of magic, holy and shadow. It is not good-bad though, I’ll explain further. Holy magic is what you expect. It’s a magic that is good, heals people, makes people do good deeds and forsakes the people that know they are unjust. Not much of an ethical problem here.
    But shadow is a different story. Shadow magic ISN’T evil, it’s actually a common misconception. It originated from the ‘good’ undead. When they were freed of their evil master (which mind-controlled them) they discovered in horror that, because of their actions the time they were mind-controlled, the light had abandoned them. They then, searched the place were they once used to find the light and they found ‘shadow’. They decided to follow that shadow. The shadow itself teaches them to think of themselves first and that discipline is everything. It’s not an antithesis of the light, more like an corrupted form of it.
    So priests lore-wise they are either very good, or of neutral morals.

    Shamans are, for people to understand, like the native-American shamans and the way the class is built doesn’t show signs that this is wrong. Shamans draw their powers from the elements, the elements are by definition, good (the corrupted ones don’t count, everything can turn bad with enough force), thus they are pure.

    Paladins: these are the noble knights of World of warcraft. They use only the holy magic, they despise anyone that does anything other, they help the helpless, they vanquish evils, they help old ladies cross the road etc.

    For the last three I left the rogue, warlock and death knight. They are the 3 classes considered more amoral than the others.

    Death knights: I started with the death knight because, personally, I not only I don’t see them as immoral, but more likely a example is some things.
    Brief history: they are mind-controlled elite soldiers of the big-bad-dude named lich king. They are raised heroes that are stripped of their will and forced to serve. After a big battle, they break free and since then they chase down the lich king.
    They are considered immoral as they command undead and plagues. But why I think they are an example? Simple. The ‘good’ undead when they broke their bond could then be sustained. That isn’t true for the death knights. The bond they have with the lich king is too strong. When he is dead, they will collapse and die. But still, they help vanquish the evil lich king. If helping the greater good in cost of your own life isn’t moral, then I don’t know what is.

    Rogues: well, rogue is the close to what we call thief or thug. But most of them in-game do moral things. They don’t do that to do good, aye, but doing good as a mean to an end isn’t immoral, am I right? They still do good at the end of the day

    Warlocks: first of all, the magic they use is by definition evil. They use demonic-hellish-destruction magic and they do blood pacts and command demons.
    And that’s why almost all of the non-player warlocks are enemies. Most of them serve demons.
    BUT there is a small minority (the one that players play) that are, at least, of neutral morals. They do indeed use demons, but only to do good. They aren’t the servants, but more like the master, or how they call it ‘ they fight fire using fire’. They aren’t good, but certainly the minority we play can’t be called ‘evil’.

    The races:

    I will start will the alliance:

    Humans: believe it or not, I consider them one of the most immoral races of the game. Most of the humans lore-wise are scumbags, we-are-the-best types or simply of neutral morals.

    Night elves: they are a druidic society meaning they respect nature, are tree-huggers and generally are the hippies of wow, nothing immoral here, move on.

    Gnomes: gnomes are mechanics and mages mostly. They generally aren’t spiritual people, but they have exceptions. Most of the time, they are too worked out from their new invention (that probably will just blow up next day) to do anything else.

    Dwarfs: they are hard working people really. They are stubborn, but not bad. They help other races, aren’t selfish, drink a lot, everything you would expect from a typical dwarf.

    Dranei: widely considered the purest race in wow. They either don’t use magic or they use holy magic. They hate with passion everything else. Mainly because half their race became demons when the demons first came to their original planet (big story). The ones we play are the ones that resisted the corruption thus the best of the best in an already pure race.

    The horde:

    Orcs: they must be bad guys you think? They are always bad guys after lord of the rings really. WRONG. The orcs we have have a very interesting story. They were once a pure society. They used elemental magic, they hugged trees and were peaceful (they were always aggressive but they understood that and made sure to limit their aggression). Then the demons came hunting down the dranei and tricked them into drinking demon blood which corrupted them and made them not think straight (they were lost in a constant bloodlust). But through pure will, they managed to escape the demons, and kill the demon lord that enslaved them, returning to their good old self.

    Tauren: much like the night elfs, they hug trees, keep the nature of balance, hear thei elders. They have strong native-american influence.

    Undead: these undead are the ‘good’ ones. They escaped the mind-control of the lich king and now they fight for their redemption. They mostly remorse what they did. They do some immoral thing, but they do a pretty good job considering they have a hard time understanding what is good and what is wrong (undeads in general can’t do that)

    Blood elves: they have also an interesting story. They started as pure, they were brought to their knees by the evil undead and, in desperation, turned to demons and became evil. Recently they became good again, actually so good that lore-wise despise anything they deem immoral now, pretty much like the dranei.

    Trolls: imagine African, now imagine them in blue, with tusks and Jamaican accent. That is trolls.

    As you see, the characters aren’t evil. Some are misguided, some are of neutral morals, but not ‘evil’

  211. MY INTENTION: to evaluate the game my teenage boys were curious about and share what I found with my likeminded friends 9saving them the research I did) that read this blog. My evaluation is based on the Bible.

    The Bible says witchcraft is evil. The Bible says avoid the appearance of evil. WoW gives the appearance of evil. That’s how I made my decision. Playing a game that involves witchcraft practices is IMO the appearance of evil.

    When in doubt, don’t do it.

    According to Harper’s Bible dictionary.
    Evil- evil, a term with several nuances of meaning in the biblical writings. At base, the primary understanding evolves from a religious perspective, since all forms of evil are regarded as ultimately occasioned by the disobedience and rebellion of the human race with regard to God and God’s will.

  212. but won’t you say the internet is also the appearance of evil?

  213. Good point Dave. TV and Internet are tools- like a hammer can be used for good or bad,.

    I asked myself if my post appeared evil. That’s why I apologized. It could be interpreted as evil–condemning.

    Actually the verse is better translated “avoid evil when it appears” In this passage eating meat for idols appeared evil– Paul was saying don’t criticize to the point you cause someone to stumble such as eating meat for idols. Kind of “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

    It sounds like “Avoid every thing that appears (seems) like evil” .e. smoking may “appear” evil to some but not to others. For that reason “Avoid evil every time it appears” would be a better form of the word to use.

    My post could have appeared evil to others. God and I are the only ones that know my true motivation.

    However, some thing are evil as outline in the Bible. blatant sin can not be excused ie. adultery is not OK because you didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Its wrong and not justifiable.

    IMO, My evaluation of a game finding it wrong fro my family and sharing my results is not on the same ground as being involved in something the Bible defined as evil. But it could appear wrong (my intentions can be misread) so I apologized, which BTW, is not always easy as it appears 😉


  214. Let me go a little further. I commend you for having this site, and using it to reach out to others.

    My problem is that you could take the word WOW and replace it with internet or WWW and the article would hold true to that as well. Obviously, we are all using the internet to post here, so we are in essence “participating in evil or the appearance of evil”.

    So its a little like the pot calling the kettle black IMO.

    My point is, any source of entertainment can be seen in both lights (good/bad). If you feel WOW is bad, then by all means don’t have your children play it. They will probably be better off without it.

    I’m not trying to defend WOW, its an addictive game that can lead to problems like any addiction. Much like an addiction to other aspects of the internet, that we are all particpating in right at the moment. Does that make WOW itself bad or the internet itself bad? I don’t think so. I think they can be used for good or bad, it depends on how the person uses it! By paticipating or using these media sources, one isn’t good or bad.

    I’m still curious to hear what you thing about this discussion topic that I’m bringing up. I think I make a valid point that is worth discussing.

    God Bless!

  215. sorry didn’t see your previous post.

    Great response. I think discussing topics is good amongst Christians, and I appreciate your opinion, but unfortunately disagree here.

    For your family, I beleive you made the right decision.

    again God bless!

  216. I believe (cold be wrong) that we don’t agree because we disagree the definition of evil. I believe spending time pretending to be a witch and fighting with similar beings is pretty bad. Obviously most people think it is OK.

    I have to go out for a while and comment moderation will be on so comments will not appear right away.


  217. Silverchip

    @ dave,
    i agree, i have seen more evil on the internet then i ever did on WoW.
    @ admin
    synonyms of evil:
    1. iniquitous, depraved, vicious, corrupt, base, vile, nefarious. See bad 1 . 2. pernicious, destructive. 6. wickedness, depravity, iniquity, unrighteousness, corruption, baseness. 9. disaster, calamity, woe, misery, suffering, sorrow.
    sorry to say, but WoW cannot possibly be interpeted in any of these.
    wow was made, in many ways, as a reflection of real life,
    auction house – economy
    quests – daily tasks
    and many lessons can be learned,
    character development
    time management
    decenty towards other people and their cultures/believes.

    so in many ways this is an educational game that many people can enjoy.
    Vdask already stated that you play no evil characters, personally it is a good reply.
    but yes, i would say the internet is more evil then wow, since the internet has no adult (language) filter.

  218. Silverchip

    ofcourse WoW isnt all good, and it Is in fact addictive, i am just saying, it depends on the person playing, also parents can turn on any filter to prevent their kids from playing too much.
    if you’re scared your child may be in danger of such a game, by all means, protect him for it, but by reading these articles in surthen ways can make a lot of parents too smiteful toward a game that doesn’t really deserve it, thus thats why people defend it, to a point ofcourse.

  219. If you missed it please see

    7 Issues for World of Warcraft Players


  220. Ironic: I asked profanity not be used and I got 56 comments about 75% taking the Lord’s name in vain with the F word and saying things perverted sexual about my God way beyond evil –from folk defending Wow because it is good for character?????????

    Ya gotta admit there is a little problem there.

  221. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
    — Edmund Burke

    The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.
    — Hannah Arendt

    No one ever became extremely wicked suddenly.
    — Juvenal

    The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes nor between parties either — but right through the human heart.
    — Alexandr Solzhenitzyn

    No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.”
    — Mary Wollstonecraft

  222. Silverchip

    just quoting the link.
    “Don’t Judge God by Christians”
    same can go for WoW, don’t judge it by players.
    I have seen more then enough players responding in a decent way to the blog, that a couple of people say the F word to make their point doesn’t say much else about them other then they lack the social standards to make a normal point, and some are just flat out having fun.
    I don’t approve of it, because off course you won’t get a point across.

  223. Why don’t you go bash Left 4 Dead, or Modern Warfare, or any other game for that matter?

  224. 56 comments needed deleting due to language?? That speaks volumes about the WoW players character. Glad to see some here can abide by guidelines.

  225. Kiwi,

    I researched WoW because this is the game my boys were interested in. Thats a mom job, to be aware of what here children spend time on and make sure it is productive and not destructive.

  226. Lastabolist

    To be honest, you feel that you are protecting their interests, but if they are teenagers, shouldn’t they have the freedome to chose their own paths, even if they diverge from their own. However, ultimatley it’s your choice. How ever, why should you attack our game? See that a lot of people see this link, read it, and assume that you are completely against our game, and next we feel you will try to destroy our game.

    We have enough issues on our plate, as is.

    How ever, you are making a blog online, and now most people are critizing your blog, thats expected, and like I said earlier, I mean nothing offensive, I’m just trying to point it out for you.

    You’re bible says to not commit witchcraft right, but isn’t using a computer, watching TV, Smoking,and Taking medication that isn’t natural, called witchcraft. My point is simple, what happens now, instead of the years when the bible was written, if they saw what we had now, it’d be called witchcraft. Also, Remember the Salem Witch Trials.

    Like I said Robin, this is not an attack, it’s point and counter point.

  227. 56 comments needed deleting due to language?? That speaks volumes about the WoW players character. Glad to see some here can abide by guidelines.

    if i started a blog about how religions sux and fails (i don’t believe that,that’s just a hypothesis) wouldn’t you have a problem with that? Wouldn’t you come there and react angrily? And if not you, wouldn’t many?

    Bashing ideas of other people,even if you KNOW they are wrong, will ALWAYS get angry responses. Robin should have known that, when the blog was discovered, the so called shit-storm would start.

    I am not saying that this is good or bad, i am just saying that this reaction is only natural. It happens in the real world were there are consequences, not happening on the internet would be more than odd.

    And before you claim that christians would never ever do that, you have already done it, and still do it. A simple example is Darwin. How many times this man has been attacked, not to his ideas with counter-arguements, but just plainly made fun of for what he simply believed? You complain about that when your fellow Christians did it.

    As Jesus said: The non-sinner should throw the first stone


  228. on a side-note,please don’t comment anything on 4chan.org. If they discover you,you can kiss your blog good bye.
    (no seriously,these guys make a hobby out of doing those stuffs)
    If you think we overeacted, for the love of god,don’t ever do that:),just a heads-up

  229. to Rusty:

    I think the 56 comments more speaks volumes about nonbelievers that want to bash God and Christians than it does about WOW players.

    You are generalizing WOW players according to 56ish out of 11 million, that is a small precentage (very, very small). Typically, the vocal minority, is just that, vocal!

    Becareful with your generalizations, tha leads to prejiduce (sp) and that to discrimination. You can not judge many based on few, only each man on his own actions.

    There are just as many WOW players on here, leaving thoughtful and nice comments. care to count how many?

    To admin: Good quotes. I think some of the comments on here that support you actually make what you’ve done (and later reinterated) here seem worse than it is. You’re a mom sharing information on a game she considers immoral. That’s nice of you. I do feel you are wrong about the game, but we’ll have to agree to disagree here.

    What I disagree with the most are the comments that pretty much say “if you’re a Christian” you can’t call yourself that and play this game. To those people, then I say “you can’t be a Christian and use the internet b/c of all the “unholy” things it promotes, and hello kettle, my name is pot and I’m calling you black. Hopefully the hypocrisies in these type of statements are self-evident.

    I don’t believe either are actually true. I think you can play wow, without it having any affect of your relationship with God, unless it becomes an addiction (then there is a problem). I don’t think using the interent can affect your relationship with God, again depending on how you use it.

    I did see a comment early to saying that Jesus went to the sinners but didn’t go to the bars and drink with them. Jesus probably did drink wine and beer b/c it was unhealthy to drink the water in those times. (remember turing water to wine story). It was becuase it was safer to drink alcoholic drinks. So who’s to say he didn’t pull up a bar stool next to a sinner and buy a round a beers. We don’t know.

  230. Also to the admin: I don’t think we defer in our view of the definition of evil.

    I just think that if you say playing a game that involves “as you say” witchcraft, and that one shouldn’t participate in it, then I say this same definition should be applied to the WWW or internet as a whole, and one shouldn’t participate in it/use it.

  231. I agree Dave–I think the 56 comments more speaks volumes about nonbelievers that want to bash God and Christians than it does about WOW players.

  232. CatholicEducated

    I found this post from Wowhead forums and that was a bunch of Christian bashing. Those 56 comments are probally Christian-bashing athiests. The majority of the world believes in a Supreme Power in the universe, God. Those who do not believe make an effort to make their point clear, like those that wish to remove “Under God” from the pledge.

    The best way is to open up a debate over the specific points of what you think, specifically Christians do debate what is “Evil” in the game of World of Warcraft.

    Time for debate.

    I forget who said this but he brought up a good point, and I would like to expand on that point. The person said that if the writers saw our world today they would call it Witchcraft. Back in those times they managed to make hundreds of laws of how not to offend God from the Ten Commandements. They were very fearful and considered many things evil. If a scribe had to write “Yahweh” they would bath, write the word, destroy the utensil and bath again. Where is the Ten Commandments does God say to do that? He does not. This brings me to another point, the Old Testament was written by men, not like how the New Testament was written by men influenced by the Holy Spirit.

    The words in the New Testament was inspired by the Holy Spirit and a men wrote those words down. God did this because he wanted these words to be relevent no matter how many times the Earth went around the Sun. God is omnipresent, he is not affected by time. Time is a perception, not a reality. An old saying, do not let perception dictate reality.

    Robin, you titled this “A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft”, can you find some passages from the Gospel of how this game can be viewed as opposing God.

    Now that is my part of the debate, may yours commence.


    From the admin: Remember Not Allowed: Cursing, attack, nasty scarcasm, sexual remarks.

    This makes over 100 comments removed. Don’t waste your time. Nasty comments deleted.

    Try disagreeing with a civil tone. I’m sure if you put your mind to it you can do it.


  234. Thanks for your time and work around videogames, warcraft started some years ago, I used to play warcraft 1 and 2 after many years without new games and videoconsoles it seems the game changed a lot, even warcraft 3 looks different, certainly it’s all about magic, those days I didn’t know if it was important to avoid magic in games or if it matters, these days I wonder if playing videogames like that can be safe, they say things we don’t even understand in languages that I’m not sure were they got it. When I was a kid I played the first Alone in The Dark, and inside the game you read a lot of scary Devil books about the dead and devils, it was scary and apretty smart game, some people don’t realize how subtle is sin but it seems those “spirits” which are not from God have all sorts of ideas to make people fall and get deceived, many people believe in the dead (ghosts and more) just because other people do, and TV does that just see Discover Channel shows about the dead and haunted houses. I want to say that music, tv, cinema and videogames have a lot of things that are not good for Christians and non Christians too, they make you believe good is bad and bad is good and normal, but videogames didn’t start like this, they got wierd with time if you don’t believe me play Alley Cat made in the 80’s by IBM, it’s a great game well I used to play it when I was a kid, also I don’s believe that TV, cinema, music or videogames are evil but the use of them can be.

  235. Dear Catholic
    I used to be catholic some years ago, The Lord is the same he doesn’t change with time, so if you believe Moses and the Gospel have a different spirit then you have two Gods, something scientist love to tell and hear, the fact if you read a lot the new covenant is that sin will lead you to dead, the judgement day or day of the white throne of God is the same, and people who sin and knew God will be judged according to the Law of God, also Moses received the laws from God, if you don’t believe that but that God told the 10 commandements only it would be nice to read the bible in exodus and more, because that’s not what it says, law was given by God to a Man and that man gave it to people. Jewish customs developed because they did it just like Caholics and Protestant did, people started to believe in something else, how false beliefs and traditions got in? It’s important to check the Bible and see if those traditions have anything important like that one Jewish had of cleaning everything before eating. Sure The Lord is God of everyone but not everyone accept it and follow him, I’d just tell you to pray him humble and you will search and find.

  236. Dear catholic: I’m confused too, are you saying that the new testament was divinely inspired, but not the old testament?

    Wow, don’t even know what to say to that. I’m not sure how someone can see it that way. Maybe you can clarify.

    Rene: I’m being lazy at the moment and I haven’t read the old testament through in a while, but I’m pretty sure the Jewish traditions and laws mentioned there came from God (ie..the cleansing, sacrifices, etc). It was very specific on how/why/when to do these things. If I’m wrong, let me know, but too lazy and at work to look it up 🙁

  237. Comment removed due to guideline violations.

    Wish I could delete all satan’s work so easily.

  238. CatholicEducated

    Dear Dave,

    The exact words of the Gospel were inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Old Testament was not. Let me explain the Holy Spirit.

    God poured His love unto Jesus and Jesus poured His love unto God. That sharing of love created the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Holy Trinity.

    Old Testament =/= Jesus, therefore no Holy Spirit.

    As for the stuff like writing Yahweh, I’m sure God did not instruct that.

  239. CatholicEducated

    To Rene C about my comment.

    Are you sure God cannot change with time? He knows all, we do note.

    Also, why are you going on about Sin? Did I say, sin does not exist, I do know for sure sin exists, “Creation Story.”

    Also, did I say God did not give the 10 Commandments? No, I did not. I am stating the fact that the heirarchy of the Jewish law made all of these laws. They made these laws so people would know how not to sin.

    Sin in the truest essence is going against God.

    And please, read what I am debatting about, where in the Gospel does it say people cannot play this game because it goes against God?

  240. DruidDude

    I think the main reason that people are outraged by your opinion is that you have errors in your article. If you read WoW lore from sites like wowwiki.com and understood that people are not trying to destroy Azeroth but instead protect it. There are many themes in this game related to Christianity. It has crusaders just like the crusades back in the 1100’s, except these people are not fighting for holy land but instead to protect the common people from the undead and the demons. The latest patch that came out involves us killing the leader of the Undead, otherwise known as the scourge, this shows that we are not aiding “evil” but instead destroying it.

  241. Montezuma

    I have been playing World of Warcraft since the game was in its initial beta(2004) and I see no problem with the game. I am also a Christian, so I feel I have a decent insight on this subject. I am a member of a “high-end” guild, in that we are the top of our server and are always engaging in the latest content the game has to offer. We have been raiding since the days of Stratholme raids to Icecrown Citadel.

    Aside from people who become addicted to the game, I see no problem with people play the game. I have a girlfriend and attend college, all while being disabled. I carry on a life and enjoy playing the game, and I am sure a vast majority of the people playing do the same. I am confused as to why other Christians trash the game. It is like they see evil in their soup.

    The game developers created the game as a means of entertainment, not to be idolized or believed. From reading this story, you would think that Activision/Blizard had created golden idols. This article sounds like it was written by a high school, “Jesus-Freak”(nothing wrong with loving Jesus, but some of the things I see is rather crazy), screaming girl that I saw when I was still attending church. It is people like that that tell me I am going to hell because I do not attend church.

    Mind you, I am a Christian and my believes have never changed. Some people just cannot handle the fact that not attending a brick and morter church does not mean that you lose your Christianity, nor that you lose your born-again status. I love God and I love Jesus, but I also love sleeping in on the weekends.

  242. As a christian who has played WOW and recently quit because of the darkness I felt in it I agree completely with what you have said. Thank you for putting this out there. I pray that all christians who play this game will have their eyes opened to the evil that is inside of it!

  243. Former WoW Player

    Robin, I’m so glad you have continued to keep this thread going. It can’t be fun to moderate some of the posts you must be seeing.

    I haven’t been able to find any other forum out there where Christians who are former players can discuss WoW. So thank you for this. I wish there was a place where I could safely discuss these issues in more detail with others. I’m not going to go back to play, but it would be good to have ongoing reinforcement on the path away from worldly pursuits towards a more Christian walk.

    Just know that you are doing a good thing. I have been a believer all my life, but not truly born again until last year at 39 years old. I am astonished at the difference in the way I view the world and sinful behaviors since then.

    Thank you again and God bless your strength and continued courage (and humor).

  244. scoy99

    Regarding World of Warcraft: MMO environments certainly open themselves to dark influences. This game certainly has elements of “good” and “evil”. Probably more so to allow the two separate factions to do battle and stay connected to maintain that $15/month subscription.

    I play WoW. My character is a paladin. These characters receive their “power” through “mana” – a supernatural power (Holy Spirit) that comes from “The Light” (God).

    These characters’ (paladins’) main purpose is to defend against and defeat the evil (demonic forces) in the game. Actually, the entire game is built around the idea that two warring factions must defeat these demonic forces to acheive peace in the world of Azeroth.

    And what better way to minister to the lost, lonely and hurting then to enter their world and show them a better way?

  245. I’m curious though. As a Christian, I play WoW with extreme moderation. I use it as an opportunity to share my faith with those who, I believe, would not be reached any other way. I’m curious how this fits into your discussion.

  246. Krista

    You say you use WOW as an opportunity to share your faith with those who would not be reached otherwise ? Do you also go to the bar and get drunk so you can witness to the bar tender or participate in orgies so that you can witness to your partners? The Bible clearly says to stay away from the appearance of evil !! Wow unquestionably looks evil! You might think there is no harm in “pretending” to cast spells, but why would one of God’s own children “pretend” to offend our Father in heaven in an effort to win souls? Trust me there is a better way!!

  247. I’m currently a World of Warcraft player. People are reading too deep into the game, far past whatever is logical. Quite simply it is a source of entertainment.

    Killing a creature/player in this game is trying to win a board game. You don’t want to beat others due to an evil force driving you, but just for the sake of fun and competition. Some people do get carried away with playing the game, but that’s a separate issue entirely and this is where personal responsibility is to blame more so than the form of entertainment itself.

  248. scoy99

    I didn’t realize that this was a one-sided discussion. You can’t truly have a dialogue if you aren’t seriously considering the validity of the “other side”.

    My church has prison ministry to help those who need guidance and want to be saved. Some of these people have committed truly horrible crimes. Are we evil for doing this?

    My church also has a homeless shelter ministry to attend to the needy and help some of these lost and lonely people, some of whom are drug addicts. Are we evil for doing this?

    Traditionally, missionaries of waded through horrible, often violently dangerous conditions to spread the word. Are you saying that they should not go?

    My faith is strong. I know that in the face of the enemy and dark influences I can guard my heart (Proverbs 4:23) and stay on the path.

    Consider Matthew 25:34-36 and remember “Judge not, that you be not judged.”
    Matthew 7:1

  249. Rygy12

    I am ashamed at some of the so called ‘Christians’ on here- You should well know by now that if the bible can be used for good OR evil, so can ANYTHING else…. I have seem Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings BRING PEOPLE TO THE LORD, but NEVER have I seen them make someone stop believing in God who already had believed in God. Shame on you all for giving satan glory and credit, give God praise for the actors and actresses talents and the visual artists and set designers talents, CHRISTIANS ARE IN THESE FILMS AND MAKING THESE GAMES! We are all on the same side here folks- The only things that matter are 1.More Christians 2. Better Christians.

    STOP giving satan praise….

    All i know is that I don’t play this game anymore, and it CAN be addicting, very. This is between God and the person playing. Is the person putting God or the game first?

    All i know is tons of people are saved by Christ and playing this and watching Harry Potter- AND they are going to heaven, no matter what- They will answer for whatever they did wrongly, but ALL you are doing is judging and shunning people who watch Harry Potter and Narnia (FUNNIEST THING I EVER HEARD) and WoW. YOU will be the ones judged for your condescending actions towards fellow brothers and sisters…. WAKE UP people! Quit playing ‘God’, and be a disciple of Jesus.

  250. SalvagedByGrace

    Rygy12…with all due respect, not once – never – have you seen anything or anyone bring a person to the Lord other than God the Holy Spirit and application of the eternal Word of Almighty God. The sooner you understand this, the better. The very things that Christians often laud as having “brought people to the Lord” are in fact hurdles that God has no difficulty moving over, under or around should it be His will to do so.
    You tell people to stop giving satan praise. Fine.
    Stop handing over the power of salvation wrought in a man or woman’s life as being credited to anything other than the sovereign God Himself.
    Granted, you did say this “All i know is tons of people are saved by Christ” but your first statement contradicts it. God does not need modern man’s tools, games etc. to bring about salvation – He bypasses them for they are but filthy rags to Him. After all, God clearly stated in Ephesians that he regenerates a man by the same mighty power He exerted when He raised Jesus Christ froom the dead.

    Anne-Marie…you are right about these games being life stealers – I have seen it up close and personal.
    Janet – great post about your regeneration in Christ Jesus.
    Jan – yes,right you are. As A.W. Tozer stated – “The once born & the twice born shall never be reconciled in time or in eternity”.

  251. This is just my opinion, but evil is also what you make of it..I play a game like WoW,The Sims 3 I don’t feel anything is wrong with playing as long as I play for the right reasons..I still worship God, go to church and I believe I have a strong relationship with him, and I don’t feel it’s wrong at all for me to play these games at all..You are right though about them being life stealers IF the player makes it that way..I play 3 times a week when my children are in bed for an hour or two..I have been sadden by some articles, though that people have become so addicted that their children are neglected and abused and that’s when it becomes a problem, so I do think you have a lot of good points..My children have gone through a lot in their almost 2 and 3 year lives..A lot of health problems and I play these as an escape..Like a fantasy world, but does not replace the lord by any means.And above that said that play are teenagers plenty of 30 some year old mom’s play too (i’m 28), but close enough to 30 lol..

  252. WOW is my life. . 😀

  253. I must agree with this gentleman. I am a born again Christian who seeks to deepen relationship with God. I own a multi-server gaming community, and I have ministered to people in game and online. Yes, the verse says to abstain from appearances of evil, but the real question is: IS it evil? I think it is what YOU make of it. Sure, it has all those references in there, but are you serving that in some way? Maybe it sounds radical, but I see a chance to minister through this. Perhaps you may choose to abstain from certain classes and such, I understand, but overall, it is ultimately up to you as to what you get out of it.

  254. Adolescent Opinion

    Woahwee! I just finished reading all 13 billion comments on this post . I would like to make several points. 

  255. Adolescent Opinion

    Srry i lost connection. As I was saying, my first point is that I am a born-again christian. No debate. Point i play World of Warcraft. And  my playing WoW does not in any way contradict my faith. Yes, there is alcohol. Yes, people can profanatize. And yes, it is an option for your character to undress in the game. But, you can just as easily NOT drink the alcohol, and I hear more naughty language walking down the street in New York than I ever do in-game. You can also turn on a filter to avoid such language in-game. And in my 2-year gaming experience, I have only seen 1 loser who undressed his/her avatar. And as far as magic goes, it’s a game. Blizzard doesn’t encourage players to practice sorcery, demon worship, or anything of the sort in real life. Yes, the game can be addicting, but that’s a test of your own self control. If you don’t want to play the game, no skin off my nose, but please don’t criticise those of us who do and ponder the integrity of our faith. It really annoys me when some self-righteous Christian calls me a heretic or something along-the-lines of. Doesn’t proverbs 12:18 say that “reckless words pierce like a sword?” Robin, I am impressed by the research you put into this, but I’m afraid to say that your sources probably haven’t played the game. And shouldn’t we all be more concentrated on the hundreds and thousands of teens who become pregnant each year? Or for that matter, what Obama’s doing to the country? We all probably have better things to do.

  256. I wanted to comment on your views about World of Warcraft. While I understand your concerns the truth is (and I must be blunt here) that you know very little about Scripture.

    The first clue to this was the fact that you quoted the law at all as we are not under it but under grace. Peter says as much when he was discussing this at the council of Jerusalem at Acts 15

    6 And the apostles and ​h​elders came together for to consider of this matter. 7 And when there had been much ​e​disputing, Peter rose up, and said unto them, Men and brethren, ye know how that ​a good while ago God made choice among us, that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel, and believe. 8 And God, ​​which knoweth the hearts, ​bare them witness, ​s​giving them the Holy Ghost, ​​even as he did unto us; 9 and ​u​put no difference between us and them, ​purifying their hearts ​y​by faith. 10 Now therefore why ​tempt ye God, ​to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?

    The point was that Peter made it clear that we are under grace of the Lord Jesus Christ by his death and not by our actions. In fact you just sinned by the very preaching that you have done. How so?

    James mentions that in Acts several things that he stated for the Gentiles not to do. Fornication, Eating things offered to idols, from blood and from things strangled. Noticed WHY he says that they were wrong…

    21 For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, ​s​being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.

    In other words it was not the act of fornication or eating of blood that was bad. It was the fact that they would stumble the people around them if they did it. In short it would be unloving. The lack of love was why it was wrong NOT THE THINGS IN THEMSELVES.

    Because you mentioned NOTHING about love but rather trying to prove yourself before God you sinned because you have in essence said that God’s free gift requires works that Christ dying on the Cross is not enough; you have fallen from grace. Those things in Ga were mentioned because they harm other people not because you were supposed to show how righteous you are.

    Besides even if you were to look at it from your view mentioning pharmakia (druggery) would still not be a bases for leaving world of warcraft.

    I am amazed at how many Bible translators translate this verse wrong in order to support their own views. That word translated witchcraft literally means “use of drugs.” The word was associated at the time with the Oracle at Delphi who used drugs in order to contact the spirit realm in worship. That is why Paul mentions it as it was a form of worship as all magic at the time was. Since the people play WOW are not worshipping anything nor are they using drugs to do it I would say that it is rather silly to state that they are in fact violating what Paul states at his letter to Galatia.

    Believe me that I made this error many times before I found out that it was grace, especially coming from a work based religion. However, the scriptures make it very clear that any attempted to worry about works themselves and not the love behind them will not please God as we are under grace.

  257. Matthew

    I feel this comment from Dave to Rusty was on it. I am a new-born in Christ. I have been saved for about 2 months. I grew up in church, and once I became of age I departed as far as I could. When I say grew up I mean, I went to the Christian school, church 3 times a week, tons of church meetings, and etc. I was in church. Well, I am 30 now and just got saved. I am becoming a part of my church as I grow. Long story short, I love to listen to the Reds on the radio. The probably I was facing was I new all the music that they played behind the voices and etc. They use alot of Marilyn Manson music. I asked some seriously qualified men the same question and got the same result backed with some scriptures. IF IT DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR SPIRITUALITY AND RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THEN DON’T OVER THINK IT. To really be super-holy is not everyone’s God intended walk. As long as you are not putting WOW before your Bible reading, praying, and church(yes, they belong in that order) then there is nothing wrong with it. If you can only manage a chapter of Bible reading a day, but you can spend 4 hours on WOW…YOU HAVE YOUR PRIORITIES HORRIBLY MESSED UP!! Otherwise, anyone with any kind of intelligence can use the Bible to make anything evil. Interpretations can be dangerous. Let GOD lead you. Some can chew gum and follow God, OTHERS can not. That’s why are am to be me for God, and you are to be you for God. I hope I made sense. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  258. Lauren

    I have a best friend that plays this, and I’ve been looking for proof of wrong in this, just to help her out. Thank you guys for posting all of this! I even prayed that God would show me some verses like these because shes a Christian. Thanks!!

  259. Matthew

    RSM? You were onto something, but you sorta puttered out. You need to finish this rant a bit stronger. I grew up on the KJV, and I feel you may be qouting NIV; none the less, I want to hear your point of view. WHAT IS YOUR STAND POINT! LOL…

  260. so, once upon a time, a pretty cool dude named Jesus wrote an pretty cool book named ‘bible’.
    In that pretty cool book, he wrote: women should dress modestly, be subdued to a man and never hold authority over one.
    So, i herd u has a private lessonz?
    I hope you don’t have any male students, evil woman, now go make me a sandwich

  261. I am a Christian and I have 2 teenagers and a husband who were addicted to this game. I expressed my feelings against the game, but could not win out. I have been praying for 2 years now and the addictions have been broken! Praise the Lord. For those of you who do not believe this is a game from the devil, I will tell you what has happened in my teenagers. They had been afraid to sleep at night, they had nightmares, constant “thoughts” haunt them of evil beings of sexual lust and so on. The game is not played in our house anymore and we are still fighting the spiritual battle to remove this witchcraft from the minds of our children. The bible says in the last days that many will “fall away”. Paul warns us over and over again to be watchful lest we should fall into the trap of the evil one. Oh how easy it is to be deceived if we do not keep the Word of God in our hearts and seek His instruction. Please warn everyone about this game and the many others that have come as “wolves” in sheeps clothing. Be AWARE people! Be PREPARED! Don’t give the devil a foothold in your family!!! Ephesians 6:12 says: our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS and RULERS OF THIS DARK WORLD, and against the SPIRITUAL FORCES in the heavenly realms.

  262. Forest

    Thank you for this! Those threads were bothering me as well.

  263. Mrs. Mecomber,
    I would not include Lord of the Rings or Narnia in that list. While Harry Potter is clearly a sinful movie, Narnia is a story that was written by the 20th century Theologian C.S. Lewis. This was a Godly man who modeled Narnia after the events of the Bible. At the same time, J.R.R. Tolkien, a friend of Lewis, and also a Christian, wrote The Lord of the Rings as a story the is centered around the moral of the battle of good against evil. Biblical allusions can also be seen in this story. The movies are merely adaptations of the books. Hope this helped. Feel free to ask any questions.

  264. Jennifer,
    Please read my reply to Mecomber before you read the rest. In LOTR as well as Narnia, the “bad guys” are the only ones using magic. Aslan the Lion (Narnia) who represents Jesus, does things that may seem like magic, but cannot God change what he wants with spoken word? Never does he use divination of any kind. Were there not wicked people in the Bible practicing witchcraft? Did they not perish? In LOTR as well as in Narnia, the bad side used magic, and in the end they perished. It is just representing the evils of this world and how they will be conquered by holiness. As for Gandalf in LOTR, I believe that he is also a representation of Jesus who uses power to do good. Many people could have said that Jesus was practicing witchcraft when he healed all of those people, or walked on water, or turned the water into wine. Hope this helped you look at it differently.

  265. Jenn,
    The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin, and if you cannot see that, then you are seriously blind. In Genesis chapter 19, God destroys Sodom because of the wicked acts of the men of that city. He destroyed it becuase the men wanted to have sexual relations with the men (who where actually angels) staying inside Lot’s house. Also, in Romans chapter 1, verses 26-28, Paul talks about the women exchaning the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural funtion of the woman and burned their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their terror. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.
    We clearly read there that homosexuality is wrong in God’s eyes, and that homosexuals are doomed to hell unless they repent. And please don’t get mad at me. I didn’t make this stuff up. It’s God’s Word. So instead of praying for the homosexuals of America to repent, you are reassuring more and more of them, and more and more poeple that homosexuality is a okay, and you are sending them on a path to hell. Please reconsider your words.
    Grace and Peace

  266. “The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin, and if you cannot see that, then you are seriously blind.” That’s the kind of statement that makes so many Christians cringe with shame, & drives nonbelievers away from the so-called Christian speaker. That is NOT a Christ-like attitude, nor does it foster a healthy, respectful discussion. It is ironic that you sign your comment “grace and peace” yet display neither.

    For the record, I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. That doesn’t make you right & me wrong, or vice versa. It only makes us 2 people who disagree.

    The Bible was written by men (women were, of course, nothing more than chattel in those days) and must be read within the context of its historical setting. There was no understanding of DNA. There was no exploration of how people come to understand their own sexuality.

    Let me ask you this: I presume you are straight, given your condemnation of members of the GLBT community. Were you born that way? How did you figure out your sexuality? Newsflash: The process for YOU was no different than the process for your GLBT brothers & sisters. Just as you will say that you were born straight, they will tell you that they were NOT.

    Don’t bother responding. I’m not interested in being preached to or judged by someone so obviously lacking in compassion, a true desire to understand and appreciate another’s viewpoint, or tolerance. Good luck to you (with your attitude, you’re going to need it).

  267. First of all, my comment was not meant to be attacking in any way (and I apologize for my poor choice of words). Second of all, you can’t say that it wasn’t Christ like. I’m tired of so many Christians having this image of a perfect loving, and a compassionate Jesus. Yes, Jesus was a loving and compassionate person but let me remind you he was the same Jesus that, full of anger and rage, drove people from the temple and said my house will be called a house of prayer. If youre familiar with the Bible and the person of Christ, doesnt seem like it, but if you know anything about Jesus, you know that his standard doesnt change no matter the level of depravity in this world. Yes, I love homosexuals just as much as I love my friends but what is black is black, whats white it white. Jesus says that hmosexuality is a SIN and it directly violates His command. It is an offense to the creator of the world and it is not accepted in the sight of a holy . So Jenn, wouldnt it make sense to

  268. (continuation)…

    It is an offense to the creator of the world and it is not accepted in the sight of a holy and perfect God. so Jenn, wouldnt it make sense to be preaching this especially to homosexuals and the rest of the world?? Even more so, we are all depraved no matter how big or small our sin is and are all in need of grace (that by which we are saved). So if it is to say that I dont love homosexuals, does it make sense that I bother to go out of my way and confront the issue? I wouldnt write anything if I didnt care about homosexuals, I would let them be as well as anyone else. Me not caring = me not saying anything. Its these ideas of being “tolerant” that have immasculated our world and ed to such an intellectual suicide. The traditional view of tolerance is one that referred to respecting people. I respect you and homosexuals and anyone for that matter but it does not mean I have to be politically correct and always agree with what you say. What a lie that we have been fed today into thinking that everyone can be right. Jesus, not me, says that He is the way the truth the light and none come to the Father except through Him! Sure many things are convenient for us because we desire sinful things. That doesnt mean we pick and choose what we like to accept and just try to live as morally as we can. The idea that people were born in a homosexual is a lie! I say that as humble as possible…thats what the Bible calls it. It is a lie we as a culture have used to justify the immorality we embrace. DNA and understanding homosexuality…if you study this there is absolutely no evidence that shows that we are born oriented in one way or another. As simple as possible, you and I were created in the image of God and resemble His glory. We were each given roles, equal roles, but different in their function. The bible was not written just by men with a shovenistic agenda…if you study the Bible which is the infallible, inerrant, divine word of God and understand the claims that are made you come to a realization that we are created EQUAL but our roles are different. Having said that there is great honor in both! Our world has distorted it, power hungry men have distorted it, power hungry women have distorted it, our sin has caused a distortion of what God intended male and female to be and how to function as one entity. In His site we are completely and 100% equal with no distinction of importance. If youre willing to have a respectful discussion I am also willing, but I will stop at this point, even though there is a great majority of things I have left out, just because I am not sure if you have continued reading or would even care for any further engagement. For now, this will suffice…

  269. mymysdat

    Let me be frank in saying that it is most certainly possible that the game is being used as a foothold by the enemy to invade your and your husbands lives. As a former WOWhead I can speak, first hand, of the addicting power and negative influences this seemingly simple game comes with…free of charge! I have been away from the game for about 3 or 4 months and I still get almost overwhelming urges to just reinstall the program and go to town. I never experienced the spiritual attacks but I shamefully admit to spending more time than is appropriate on the computer. I would nearly completely ignore my wife and son. Stay up late. And even skip meals to extend play time. There is a huge part of me that tries to downplay and even deny the demonic, evil and purely non christian events that take place in the game. I am not suggesting that everything about the game is evil. I only believe that the secular influences far outnumber the Godly ones. My experience with the game will probably vary from others. This is probably because not all have the same values and morals. But to sum it up in a statement…All that is not of God is of the Devil, that which cannot be used to further His kingdom is meant to prosper the ways of evil!

  270. mymysdat

    I find it awful to see someone spout their opinions and then tell the other party contributing to the conversation to “not bother responding” simply because their views differ. Pitiful. And to address the issue of homosexuality I only have this to say. It is sin. It is wrong. And I am glad I was not born with or influenced into that lifestyle. I am not convinced to either conclusion that people are born with the desire or just exposed to the option of an “alternative”. All I am saying is that if one is born with the predisposition to the GLBT… then why not excuse arsonists, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. They may have been BORN with that urge and as you said must have been designed by God himself that way. Our desires, gay or straight, kill or flee, steal or leave it…no matter what it is, your ACTIONS are of a free willed human being. And all shall be judged before God according to His word.

  271. mymysdat

    I would like to say good for you! It is true and wonderful that there are some who use the game to spread the word of God. And I encourage them and you to continue the fight to fulfill the great commission. But I would also caution you about tempting others to partake in the game. As a former player I know the addictive power and many are not suited for or called by God to evangelize and witness to others, especially in such a setting. Yes, if they establish themselves with a guild with Godly intentions it will make things easier. But I dont want to see anyone get caught up and I really dont want you to have that on your conscience. But again I whole-heartedly applaud your efforts in “taking it to the needy”.

  272. WoWMama

    I definitely have to comment on this. I am a Christian Mother that plays WoW. I am not addicted to it what so ever. I still take care of my children (not of age to play this game) but they have watched me and my husband play. I still take care of our home. I cook, I clean, I change diapers and homeschool. And play WoW for my down time. Yes the game is addictive, IF YOU ALLOW IT TO BE! Its all about self-control. WoW even states on its tips in loading screens “take everything in moderation, even WoW”. But aside from that, I have no problem with it. My husband I have watched become addicted to the game. The only reason it upsets me is because responsibilities come before play. But as for God and WoW. I am fully aware that there is witchcraft and demons in the game as well as violence. But you have to remember, IT IS JUST A GAME! Honestly, there is Harry Potter, LOTR, among others. (Narnia is christian based wrote by a christian writer C.S Lewis) But seriously if you watch or read those series.. are you going to hell? NO! As long as you can differentiate between what is REAL and what is FICTION you are okay. These series and games are merely entertainment only. Now the people that actually believe in “witchs and warlocks” they have something to fear. Do I? No because I know none of this is real. Each city on WoW is based on another story.. Like Stormwind and Goldshire in Elwynn Forest (The Human World) is laid out and is very similar to the towns in Robin Hood. Now you cant tell me you havent watched Robin Hood! Yes the Horde seem very creepy. I will not deny that. But with this game presents many opportunities for Christians who play.. I encourage you to read the following link:


  273. WoW player AND christian

    ok, first off, im not bashing this post, nor anyone agreeing with her. This post is all about taking sides and following the bandwagon of you’re choosing. As a WoW player, YES it can be addicting, but onl if you PERSONALLY let it become that. An above user stated he was in a high end raiding guild,meaning 3 ish hours a night, every two nights i ASSUME. Now, say he had kids, a wife, a job as well, and then throw on the bills and such. 6 hours out of a week IS NOT bad at all. Thats purely free time to be enjoyed by his personal preference. WoW was made to make money and please the masses, and it accomplishes it beautifully. But linking the opening movie scene was a dumb move, no offense, NO WHERE IN GAME DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT. Pixels shooting pixelated fireballs can be interpreted as evil if your looking to warp things to fit your argument. But as i said before, i mean no offense to your post, purely your choice. I applaud for some of the research you did, but not the 40% being addicted HYPOTHESIS by the Doctor. There’s holes in EVERYONES arguments but im gonna have to agree with the latter on this, WoW is meant to be enjoyed and a spare time killer. IF you have problems with addiction to it, then thats a PERSONAL thing you must overcome, set parental controls and such.

    -Sorry for the long rant.
    – God Bless all

  274. God loves all people, no matter what evil things they do. He hates sin, and that is why he sent Jesus to pay for all sin, so he can have a relationship with mankind. As we get closer to God, we begin to see things as God does, most everything around us we see as sin. Nothing wrong with pointing out that sin, but unfortunately it offends those who enjoy it. Do as God does, love the sinner, and hate the sin.

  275. if you really want to know if God wants you to continue playing WOW, ask him, and he will let you know.

  276. Malfurian Stormrage

    Wow…its just a video game! Nothing bad is gonna happen and no demons will come out of the computer monitor and abduct or possess your children.

  277. Brittney Newhart

    May I please repost this in my blog?

  278. Until God himself comes down from heaven and tells me personally that playing a harmless video game is a mortal sin that will prevent me from going to heaven, I’m going to keep playing it and loving it.

    Looks like I’m going to be playing for quite a while.

  279. Madness

    “World of Warcraft is one of the many tools used to captivate and desensitize many concerning the Occult and divination”

    The Bible is a tool to captivate many concerning the Occult. It presents evil and demons and witchcraft and idolatry. It contains violence, blood, and sexual promiscuity. It also portrays and glorifies alcohol as a gift from Christ (turning water into wine). It also highly glorifies spellcasting. Using nothing but words to visibly affect reality? It’s even funnier because the “spellcasting” this blog refers to in WoW also includes prayers as spells. The priest uses spells like “prayer of healing”.

    The game wasn’t meant to be a Christian game, it’s rated T for teen, and I think it’s pitiful you have to censor your kids from non-Christian things. It’s a very poor job of dealing with the real world, and preparing your children for it.

  280. Sure, just link here with credit. Be aware you’ll get a lot of nasty comments.

  281. Brittney Newhart

    I know. But you hit the nail right on the head. I have returned to your blog numerous times to help myself remember all the key points i like to cover in my defense of why i do not approve of the game. thank you!

  282. I’m going to say both sides make valid points. I’m for the WoW side myself, but i have to agree with some points the extremists make. But I mean they can only take it so far. How is pressing “1” summoning Satan or some other demon into my house? I myself am a practicing Christian and I know if i have God in my heart no demon or Satan himself can harm me. And you must learn that too. I’m pretty sure someone has already said this (to many comments so i didn’t read them all.) But i get the point of it all. If you don’t want your eight year old children playing WoW that’s perfectly understandable. No one is going tell you other wise because its not a children’s game. It even says so on the box. And enough with the bible versus. Not one verse so far has showed anything or in anyway that WoW is evil. Nothing is evil about it. But it can be if you don’t watch your children. That’s the only problem. It could lead to stealing money from you to pay for another month, or selling accounts (which is extremely illegal and punishable by law, in most cases wont be). So just watch out for that kind of stuff. If your 14/15/16 year old child wants to play let them. They are not going to bring any fallen angles into your house/lives.

  283. more than conqueror

    I agree Bible-believing people should not be playing make-believe games like these (since Leviticus 20:27 requires the death penalty for those who engage in spiritism and/or witchcraft). Instead, you must encourage believers to conquer real enemies (abortion is wrong but it’s okay to kill your enemy’s infants: 1 Samuel 15:3) and enslave their virgins (Numbers 31:17-18) or marry their beautiful women:

    “When you go to war against your enemies and the Lord your God delivers them into your hands and you take captives, if you notice among the captives a beautiful woman and are attracted to her, you may take her as your wife. Bring her into your home and have her shave her head, trim her nails and put aside the clothes she was wearing when captured. After she has lived in your house and mourned her father and mother for a full month, then you may go to her and be her husband and she shall be your wife. If you are not pleased with her, let her go wherever she wishes. You must not sell her or treat her as a slave, since you have dishonored her.” (Deuteronomy 21:10-14, NIV)

    Why can’t you sell her into slavery like you can your own daughter (Exodus 21:7)? You can sell your OWN daughter but not some hot chick whose tribe you conquered but who didn’t end up pleasing you.

    Which is really worse: games in which people don’t get hurt or literal interpretation of texts written a very long time ago by warring nomads?

  284. Which is worse, someone who interprets make believe, or makes beliefs in an interpretation?

  285. Maam im afraid you are taking this too hard, i can see why you wouldnt want your children playing it because of the addicting gameplay and other players. But stating the game practices evil and sorcery is just supid. If i cant play a game without sinning im most certainly going to hell. And to state anything that makes me want to put down a bible for a hour or two is evil is just absurd. My point being, lighten up. Its people like you who make me kind of ashamed to be a christain. Ive seen many people like you take innocent things like harry potter and halloween and make a huge deal out of it. If satan were to trying to get to me through a game, i think i would notice by now.

  286. I am a pastor, and I play WOW now and then.

    I direct this to the Christians reading this. Legalism kills. I used to be an associate pastor at a church that did not allow pastors to play video games because it advised the young people not to play video games. When they discovered I played video games and I refused to stop … well … after wise counsel I resigned respectfully.

    Paul talks about this in Romans 14. He calls the conservative/legalists the weak. He calls the liberals the strong. They were at war back then over foods and, as this blog proves, we still are. We are free to make our own choices. There were plently of things that were evil associated with the Corinthian games/Olympics yet Paul often used athletic analogies and did not warn people to stay away from the games/culture did he? No, he taught us to engage the culture and bring the message of the gospel.

    Robin – I know you are concerned about the spirtual well being of your kids but you cannot insulate them from the culture. As has been seen so many times … when you smother them they will run wild when they leave the home. You cannot hide them from the culture, you must equip them. Instead, ask them to set boundaries for themselves and then help them to stay within those boundaries.

    You can burn the books but you cannot take the evil out of the culture. That will only happen when Jesus returns.

    I know this is a tough issue, but this is an issue of a believers conscience rather than calling anything evil. That is my opinion.

    In Christ,

  287. Travis

    I completely agree with Corey here. The game is not evil, but thanks to the writer for at least researching it and learning something about it, and for not bashing it of course, just sharing an opinion.

  288. Spencer

    Wow when were you born the Crusades? Probably because thats when everyone payed little attention to larger details and forces their beliefs upon others. You are such a bitch.

    Wanna know what’s worse? You SHOULD be focusing on popular things like Grand theft Auto and Call of Duty. Did you know someone was inspired to steal cars by Grand Theft Auto? Also Call of Duty was originally made to train REAL soldiers. Seriously lady you are screwed up.

  289. Hi
    I think that the main problem with this game, and other games, is that people become addicted. They simply can’t stop playing the game, and because of this, they’d rather play than pray and spend time with our Lord. I also believe that when Christ died on the cross, the world was revolutionized. We did not have to continue to live by strict rules, but to live by faith in love to our Lord. Jesus Christ is a compassionate and loving God. He loves everyone, Christians, Muslims, WOW-players, atheists and the wicked. All he truly wants, is to open your heart to him, to follow him. It is hard to follow the Lord if you’re playing video games all day long, but I do not think that you have to completely stop watching television and play games. We can do a little of both, as long as the Lord Jesus Christ is the very center of our heart and mind.

    God bless you,


    I am a 24 year old Christan and I would like to voice my opinion about this topic. My wife and I have been playing WoW for a little over two years now, and I admit she and I are totally addicted. The question is, is that bad? I don’t think so. Ask yourself, what all are YOU addicted to? Gardening, jogging, a particular sport, a TV show? My wife and I normally spend anywhere between 2-6 hours a day playing Warcraft together and we consider it a time together. The description above points out some of the most minor concepts in the game, like getting drunk. There are indeed alcoholic beverages in the game, but no one wants to drink them because in wow being drunk is a bad thing. Your screen goes all blurry and you can’t move your toon correctly…lol. And as far as blood goes, you DO NOT see any blood when you kill something in wow, its just falls down. But even if you DID see blood, what idiot doesn’t know that there is blood inside living things. And as far as women dressing “Scantly” in the game, the picture you posted is far from what an actual in-game character looks like. 90% of female toons are almost completely covered in gear from head to toe. If you don’t believe me, go to http://www.wowarmory.com and type a female name into the search box. You will surely find many female toons, just have a look at their gear and see how scantly they look. Sure they can do it if they WANT to but people can do that in real life.

    Look, my point here is simple. God is not a FOOL, like you make him out to be. He knows our intentions better than we know them. Just because I play a warlock, and I have a demon companion in the game does not mean that when I get off the computer I have a 1 foot tall squeaking screeching imp bouncing along beside me. This is totally ridiculous. If you want to know about World of Warcraft, then do this… Go to http://www.worldofwarcraft.com and sign up for a 10 day free trial. Play it and see for yourself what its all about. If I wanted I could sit and make anything sound bad by picking it apart and pointing out every little negative thing about it. But the fact is, there are a lot of GREAT, MORAL, HONEST, MATURE people that play WoW who have successful careers, and families. WoW is a great way to learn the importance of teamwork, and responsibility, especially if you are playing a role like a tank or a healer. Which by the way, healers can resurrect people but what game do you know where you die and thats it, game over? I could sit and talk about this crazy website all day long but I really don’t want to. The points this crazy lady made are very weak and have nothing to do with the game as a whole. Like I said, stop listening to people, listen to yourself, listen to God. If you want to know what its like give the 10-day free trial a shot and draw your own conclusions. If you have any questions you can email me at dan.greene@live.com (make the subject: QUESTION ABOUT WOW) so I can recognize it in all the junk I get in that email account. Thank you everyone and god bless.

  291. Yeah, I know I just posted a comment but when I did I hadn’t actually read through the other comments I had just read the article. The problem here is how easily influenced people are. As a Christian I am very offended at some of the quotes above because they add to the stereotype that Christians are ignorant, uneducated sheep following the herd. Its this simple people, if your children are so simple minded that seeing a troll or a pig get killed in a video game, will cause them to take a knife to school and stab someone then by all means do not let them play this game. In fact take them out of society all together. I am a guild leader (I guess that makes me a gang leader too, if I read correctly) and there are almost 200 people in my guild that my wife and I, along with a friend, are responsible for. Their ages range from 12-40. Our number 1 rule, is be polite and respectful to others in the guild, and don’t make a bad name for the guild by being rude to non-guild members. A vast majority of our members are very close. We do not know each other in real life, but we all treat each other like family. Saying its like a “gang” is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. If its a gang, then I guess football teams and baseball teams are gangs too. We all have a common goal, and we raid together and take care of each other. Within our guild, we have Father’s and Son’s who play, Wives and Husbands, Mom’s… You name it… Great people. Most guilds are like this. There are some that are probably bad, but bad people tend to gravitate toward each other. Lets put it this way… we’ve had some baddies join our guild before and they didn’t last very long there…

  292. It has taken me a long time to read all the posts on this site, but I finally have finish reading all of them. This will be my third and last post on this website unless someone comments on something I have said and I decide to respond to it.

    I just wanted to respond directly to a few of the above posts. First I would like to respond to the first post by Ellen. Ellen, when you say teenagers, I really hope these kids are very young teenagers you are talking about. I have played wow for several hours in one day before, and sometimes I will dream about it. But what is puzzling me about your post is this: What was in WOW that scared your kids so bad? I mean yeah there are monsters in the game but if your kids are teenagers they really shouldn’t be scared of monsters anymore. Unless, that is, they were so sheltered growing up that they are unable to distinguish fiction from reality. Its sad, the things people do to their children trying to protect them from the “evils” of the world. There really are some evil, terrible things in the world but placing your family inside a bubble only causes social detachment and an obscured view of the world. Lets face it, the world is changing very fast and if you are like me you probably believe the end is coming soon; probably in our, or our children’s, lifetimes. We forget that one of God’s greatest gifts to man is free will. We as humans must be able to decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. I am a Christian, and I read the Bible and turn to God and Jesus Christ everyday when the struggles of life seem to be weighting me down. There is one scripture that I haven’t seen on this website yet and I am surprised. Its John 3:16. I don’t feel the need to quote it, as I’m sure everyone here is familiar with it. But if I read it correctly and understand it correctly, it says that those who put their faith and trust in the divinity of Jesus Christ get a ticket to Heaven. Playing WoW will not send you to Hell. If you are a weak minded fool, and are so susceptible to influence that something like this could turn you away from God then you need faith building…Bad. I am just as much a Christian today as I was when I started playing, probably more so to be quite honest (I’m not more so because of WoW, but my point is that I’m no less because of it either.)

    Consider this… and please take it into consideration. I really am worried about fellow Christians sometimes about how they raise their children. As I mentioned I am 24 and I have seen this happen SO MANY TIMES. Parents try to raise a God loving family of faith but sometimes go way overboard. They believe that Satan is around every corner ready to snatch your kids up and turn them into drug using, disobedient, sex maniacs and you know, maybe he is… But arm your kids with the tools they need to fight it. Don’t try to hide the world from them, all it does it create weak minded fools. I know so many kids, some I went to school with, some I wend to church with… that were so sheltered and so out of touch with the world they lived in, that they were literally outcasts. Many of them when they turned 18 and were no longer under the thumb of their parents rebelled against their parents and often times rebelled against God too. Let you kids have some fun, regardless whether its WoW or not. I mean heck, go buy a copy and play it with them if you are so worried about it. I’m sure you will enjoy it too. I promise, if you do you will understand why I am making such a big deal about this. I just hate to see people bashing on something that is so great. Look at the things your kid could be doing with his/her time. If the only thing you have to worry about is how much time you kid spends playing WoW, then by today’s standards he/she is probably a pretty good kid so cut them some slack. People keep talking about the “lust” and “violence” in this game. Lust doesn’t come from a game or anywhere else from that matter, it comes from your mind. If your kids get turned on by the cartoon characters in WoW then God-forbid you ever take them swimming where girls are in
    bikinis… You can flirt in game, but if you listen to what they say when they flirt it is totally not sexual at all. Its kinda humorous… but you would have to actually hear it to know what I’m talking about. And the violence? If shooting electricity out of your hand and hitting a boar and the boar squeals and falls down is too much for your kids to handle then… I don’t know what to tell you there… haha. I think when the Bible spoke about witchcraft (I think someone said above that it had to do with drugs) it was taking about something different. In those days the concept of wizards and magic were different than what we imagine today. I think it had more to do with worshiping false gods, and trying to call upon them to change an influence the material world. This is only my opinion though, but when the Prophets of old warned of such things I don’t think they were worried about kids who play a game where someone kills a cartoon monsters with a fireball.

    I am not just sitting here ranting because you guys were talking badly about my favorite hobby. I am ranting because I truly feel badly for people who feel like they have to work so hard for God’s love. To me it’s something that comes so natural. My parents were never really religious and I did not grow up in a family centered on faith. I have however, always been taught that God is God and Jesus was his Son. I really don’t think that when I die and I stand before God he will to be mad at my wife and I for playing World of Warcraft. If it is a sin and I just don’t realize it then thats okay to. All of my sins were washed away when I said I give my life to Jesus Christ. I just hope you and your loved ones can do the same thing. Because its not about what sins you commit or do not commit, its about the relationship with Jesus. If your relationship is strong and steadfast then things like WoW are no match. If you are a confused sheep and just believe in Jesus because your mommy and daddy tell you too and you are unable to make decisions on your own then be careful, because when you finally are released from the bubble you have been living in all your life the world is going to rip you to shreds.

  293. Wow…this is a big problem and why so many “people” slip through the spiritual cracks. Its the little foxes that spoil the vine! A wise nd true saying. We are spend so much time on our “logical” high horses that we neglect to look at the small things that do so much damage in our homes and lives. Have you even played the game? If you have and are saved (not just a person who goes to church) but saved, spiritually tuned in to the things of God, you would notice the demonic hold that this game has on its players. And if you haven’t noitced maybe its because you are enthralled by the game yourself. Ever though of that?! probaby not. The truth ids the devil uses things like that and mindsets like the one you have to blind people into thinking that something as simple as a video game could never be as harmful as some of the other things that go on in this world….lol…and others just like yourself are so esily led astray.
    My advice: If you prfess to be saved then ask God to take the blinders off of your eyes so you can see the TRUTH..in this an no doubt in other things that you do not choose to see! If you are not saved then Accept Jesus into your heart and then accept the truth of the other knowledge that he will reveal to you. Time is too short to call standing up for the things of God complaining!
    Stand for Something Christians! Thats why so many are falling (just like this game) for anything!

  294. Responding to Dan Greene: *with respect – also knowing we are all responsible for our own walks and are at differenet stages in our respective walks so if the Lord is not
    convicting you hey who am I to rain on your parade – but make sure … you might not have been listening*
    Dan , I’m not going to blast you with scripture after scripture, but first a little about myself, I’ve played EVE-online for 3 years , spent roughly 2000-3000 hours online, one momorable long
    weekend I spent 52 hours online mining asteroids… If I added my other (offline) gaming time since childhood – I could easily notch up 20000-30000 hours , thats 4 solid years… I shudder
    to think what i could have done with that lost time … and dont be fooled it is lost time.

    I stopped EVE cold turkey, (6 years now) gave away my accounts worth upwards of $1000.
    I was addicted just like you… I’m not going pretend it was not easy , in fact it was the hardest thing I had to give up on my walk so far…
    Of course there were deeper issues at work here, it was a form of escape… those fellow players were my freinds just like yours (but they were’nt real)…


    2 Cor10:5 “…pulling down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought into the obedience of Christ”
    A part of this scripture became very clear to me … my online gaming was seperating me from the Knowledge of God… Relationship with God you were refering to for me was in word only
    not action, Relationship takes time, any honest audit of my actions would point out that gaming was my god… You say you and your wife spend roughly 2-6 hours a day online? how
    many hours/minutes for God in there? (of course I’m assuming you are an average 24year old with a steady 9-5 job, family man etc etc)

    Now perhaps we could agree if you go and play a few hours a week , and carry on with normal life , work , building that relationship with God etc Fine and well but 2 -6 hours a day online?
    I’m curious did your wife initially play? or did she join so that at least she could spend something resembling time with you? – be honest with yourself, ask her for an honest answer…

    Conditions to playing games:

    Condition 1: (Time allowing)
    To me this is the measure : If you are spending more time playing games than spending time in Relationship with God, not counting time for secular work and family time ,
    you are deceiving yourself that that is ok, eternity starts now…not one day when you’re dead. If you are honest with yourself you dont have enough time in the day to play games
    everyday for hours on end… you cannot then say “oh i dont have time for a decent quiet time”…

    I believe some people are just satisfied knowing they are saved, a “ticket” to heaven, sliding in unnoticed, occupying a seat at the back of heaven… what a shame, I guarrantee you
    that is NOT God’s plan for your’s or any life, I think the greatest sadness one day is when we see God face to face , and see what we spent our lives on and He shows us what we could
    have spent it on… trust me level80 chars and epic items and kudos of defeating what ever monster will be the last thing on your mind…

    Condition 2: (Content)
    I notice you talk of boars and trolls , censored stuff from fairytales, what about the other stuff, the demons and demonolgy and sorcery necromancy etc etc???
    Regarding D&D based games , (I also have had a fair bit of experience in this area) WOW IS based allong D&D lines.
    D&D games carry very serious consequences spiritually, whether you want to believe it or not …
    It is well known these games are used to recruite people into witchcraft, and worse…
    These games desensitise our God given compasses (consciences) and at the same time also sensitise us into the ungodly spiritual realm.
    Its’ only a game? Sorry that is just not good enough … these games are NOT just games! The whole of Christiandom(if thats a word) is at war with the devil , and you play a game that
    has a devilish minion helping you at your side? does that not seem a little strange, a little upside down? That book of demonology you have there are you sure it is ALL fiction?
    Does’nt God command the Israelites not even mention the names of other gods? Ex23:13 is’nt it strange that those same names (demonic names) and thier practices sometimes are
    the very same ones you will find in WOW and elsewhere even some ship names in EVE (Ishtar, Abadon) – Do you think this is coincidence? Has God changed his mind on this
    instruction in Ex23 since Jesus shed his own blood bringing grace into the picture?

  295. All I know is when God puts his finger on my heart about something in the road between me and Him I need to do something about it quickly.

    Thankyou Jesus for your grace and for sending Holy Spirit into our hearts.

    John 8:36 (New International Version)

    36So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

  296. Dan Greene

    In response to David I agree with most of what you wrote except about how certain games, like wow, that contain demons, and witchcraft recruit people into sin. There are just some people who are susceptible to this kind of stuff. Some people for what ever reason can not separate real from fantasy, life from game. I do not look at wow as a second life, I look at it as a hobby that I peruse within my life. I admit I spend a little more time than I should playing wow, but I think as long as I keep up with my responsibilities to my family and to God then my free time is left to spend doing what I enjoy, and until I get burnt out… or unless if Cataclysm messes things up too badly, that will be playing WoW with my family.

  297. While I agree that the Bible says do abstain from sorcery and witchcraft it says, “those who practice witchcraft will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Those who play this game are not practicing it. They are simply clicking buttons on a screen. I am definitely not disagreeing with all your points, I’m only saying that some of your Biblical references can be used to support either side.

  298. Jenn, you spew venom at a fellow believer. That is not a fruit of the spirit which would indicate that you might need to check your own spirituality. GOD IS LOVE!!!

  299. Jenn,

    Once again, a true believer will be exemplified by his/her fruits. Although your views and opinions are yours to embrace, a true believer who loves the Lord will meditate on the scriptures and refute other believers w/the word. God makes it very clear that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord and will a direct slap in the fact. If God wanted men to be w/men he would have take a rib from adam and made made Evan instead of Eve. Or another woman for Eve to be with. How one became a homosexual or lesbian is not my concern. It’s between the Lord and that person but the Bible makes it perfectly clear how / what God says and feels about it being a direct act of sin. The Audaciy of Hope is about the last book I would recommend anyone reading coming from a man who covers up the cross w/a shrowed when speaking in public. That is SHAMEFUL!!! Professing to the world and speaking on behalf of Americans saying we are no longer a christian nation when over 55% indicate they are Judeo Christians is another example of the shame this man who calls himself a president exemplifies. He has hung himself with his own rope unfortunately for you supporters who believed so highly in hope and change. The only change you got was HIGHER TAXES in direct proportion to LOSS OF FREEDOM.

  300. Imchadlol

    Alright, I couldn’t help but wonder what the christian viewpoint is. I’m a recovering Christian And have an opposing viewpoint.

    I’ve got to ask, how is this different than the internet. Never once did I smite God, or burn a bible in world. I in fact, killed something that looked like the devil with my HOLY paladin and a priest off healing it. Many Christians play the game, but for fear of what others will think, and how they will be judged don’t tell anyone. Just like the internet. You can use the internet to kill time, spread the word of your chosen God, or look up way on how to kill a cat in the name of the devil while taking a break to look at porn. It’s all what you do with the tool at hand. A tv is much the same. I can watch programs on the Jesus channel, I can watch “evil” shows on HBO. I think your perspective is odd ot say the least.

    HOWEVER! I no longer play wow, it’s a time sink and a waste of time, that point, you’re correct. I wouldn’t suggest anyone waste any time with this game. You have to devote 20 hours or so a week to be good enough to see any of the interesting content. Even at that point, the game is designed to consume more of your time. I had people I played with that spent every waking hour and still didn’t “have enough time” to get everything done in world they wanted to do. Skip the game for whatever reason, I just couldn’t help but notice how incredibly odd your ideas are.

  301. Denise Gunn

    Very articulate Brian. Wow, your reasoning skills and logical thinking are so amazing. You could cut and paste your comment to your own website and no one would be the wiser. No really, no one be the wiser reading what’s on your blog. Why are you on here? So you can feel superior? “Governments have taken over society.” Religion, really, Brian? Do you know what the Romans worshipped? Do you know what Iraq worships? How about the Egyptians? C’mon Brian, think the Egyptians, what have you seen on tv or in a movie? They worshipped…? I’m sorry, tell me again what is the “joke!” you were commenting on.

  302. Denise Gunn


    One can see the hurt and bitterness in your postings. I’m so sorry for what ever happened in your life. But you got to know that a lot of people have hard’knocked lives and they don’t stay the victim. They forgive and as a Christian we forgive because we’ve been forgiven. About sexual orientation, that spirit of homosexuality is real. But it was not given to you by God. I’m in Bible College and there are topics in the Bible that are disagreed on or not known by scholars. But homosexuality is not one of those topics. It isn’t the only form of immorality that God hates, but its the only one that has a group demanding special rights. If homosexuality is ok, where do we stop? Polygamy, bigamy, “the love of more than one person” or child marriage, or prostitution? If marriage isn’t between one man and one woman (not getting into divorce or widow status), then where do we draw the line? As Christians, we believe God draws the line. He sets the moral standard. And since the comments here are about witchcraft, I’ll add that the Bible states very clearly, we are not to practice it. God hates it. If God thinks its harmful, I’ll believe Him. I wish Adam and Eve had. Come Lord Jesus Come!

  303. @Denise: Please spare me your faux psychobabble. There is NO hurt or bitterness in my postings because I am neither except as to the hard-headed, dogged determination of some Christians to speak for the rest of us. Rest assured, you do NOT speak for me. And if only you knew me in real life, you’d know how stupid you sound suggesting that I (of all people) am a victim. OMG, that’s simply hysterical.

    You might be attending a “Bible College,” but you failed to reveal the denomination with which it is associated. And it might be that the scholars in your denomination are all in agreement, but scholars across OTHER denominations most certainly are not.

    For instance, this debate is over within the Episcopalian church where GLBT persons are not only welcomed and accepted, but ordained. Ditto the Methodist church. As for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, it took great strides forward last year when it decided to ordain GLBT persons who live in committed relationships, and is now performing blessing ceremonies over their unions. Although the Lutherans stopped short of performing/acknowledging same-sex marriages, they will get there. It was a long, hard-fought battle to reach the 2009 resolution . . . but eventually, they will be performing marriages. There is no doubt about it.

    Of course, the fundamentalists aren’t even discussing such progress. I believe they are the kind of people who run “Bible College” as opposed to seminaries.

    So, as I stated, there is indeed MUCH INTENSE DEBATE AMONG BIBLICAL SCHOLARS about the subject. There is NOT merely ONE view about it.

    And yes, my dear, uninformed Denise, this IS a topic about which I have received a spirit of understanding, tolerance, acceptance, inclusivity, and love from the one who created me, as well as you. I shall pray for you to experience enlightenment on the subject.

  304. I was re-reading the comments that Adam had wrote in response to my previous posts and noticed he had asked me some questions that I didn’t not answer in my response. I will answer those questions now.
    In regards to my wife, she and I both started playing together before we were married. We both enjoyed gaming, especially RPGs (Role Playing Games) so we tried WoW and we loved it from the start. You asked how much time I devote to God, and quite simply I devote 24 hours a day to God, I like to think I keep a prayer in my heart all the time. I like to believe that God is always listening, even when we are not speaking directly to him, and he answerers all prayers, even the ones we cannot put into words. And about the content (esp in regards to demonology), you asked “Are you sure it is all fantasy?” My answer to this is YES I am sure it is all fantasy. There are over 11 million people that play WoW and I have never ( I just checked online to be sure) heard of A REAL demon being summoned using World of Warcraft. Once I left my speakers on when I went to bed and woke up in the middle of night and heard my imp talking and bouncing around. At first I was a little freaked out, but thankfully I was able to vanquish the pest by turning off my speakers and logging off WoW.

  305. Thanks you for your post Anne-Marie!
    My 24 and 23 yo sons play between jobs.My married son goes to church, but the one here at home stopped going to church so he could play til 4 A.M then sleep on Sunday. I’m praying that God will convince them. Anything can become an idol EVEN FARMVILLE, IMVU AND FRONTIERVILLE (which I like to play) but I stay away from witchraft and sorcery.Bless you Anne-Marie and I’d love to keep in touch with you, maybe we can prayfor each other’s family 🙂

  306. Shame on you. I will try to adress all nay sayers of this great game and relate it to the christian faith. World of Warcraft tells the story of good vs. evil so does the bible. Even the bible has stories that include evil and scary images that should give you nightmares. I laugh at your thoughts that this games of of the devil. It was made by humans hundreds if not thousands of people work for blizzard (the company that makes world of warcraft). To assume that not one of these workers is of christain faith is a SIN. Its not your place to judge. You people tend to see things as you would want and not for what they really are. Thats why they are so many differnt versions of the christian faith. Also your version of the devil is wrong, you say that because the characters look evil they must be. Newsflash from 10 billion years ago… The devil is not ugly he was an angel thrown from heaven. You see the devil as a spell casting horrny beast but that is the man made image. The devil was one of the top angels and most beautiful. Scary things are just manmade beware of the good looking kinda like this website and the lady posting. Who is to say she is not a false prophet, she already has sinned by judgeing thousands of workers. Why not play the game? You can share the good news with others? Instead of hiding on your blogs making yourself feel big fat and sassy.

  307. UM pastor

    Not so with the United Methodist Church. There are some rogues within the UMC who have gone against scripture and against the Discipline of the church, but they do not represent us as a denomination. We do not ordain GLBT persons.

  308. Denise

    Dear Jen,
    It is the word of God, its easy to spot bitterness and unforgiveness when as a Christian you have to guard your heart against it. No psychology needed your words reveal your heart(that’s true for everyone BTW), the tone of your post is volatile sarcasm and seething scorn. I didn’t fail to mention my denomination, Southern Baptist BTW, it isn’t relevant to the discussion. What you said about those denominations is true, but it isn’t in depth or the whole story. Just like there are groups that say that Jesus is one of many ways to heaven, there are groups that say you can embrace sexually immorality and enter heaven. Fundamental means the basics, the essential, the principle. There are things that are “fundamental” to Christianity. When you start throwing out the basics, it’s no longer the Christian faith. What’s going on in those denominations isn’t “progress,” the Bible doesn’t need progress! And FYI one of my professors/also a pastor left the Episcopalian church because of their acceptance of immoral lifestyles. And he’s not the only one. What’s really funny is that even Elton John said that marriage isn’t for gays. He might change his mind, but I won’t forget the moment of clarity that he had. To sum it all up, God will not be mocked. Do you really think HE gives spirits that defile the holiness of marriage? Anyways, this tire has worn out its tread. I hope all goes well with you.

  309. I know not for certain personally whether playing this game offends God, but I do know that one day, we will all find out. This is a question each one of us should ask ourselves, and we must take full responsibilities for our own actions and choices, for good or ill.

  310. when you have a conflict with your actions and the Word of God… if you are truly a Christian, then you will be able to discern the truth and your conscience will tell you if sin is being comitted. The Holy Spirit’s role is that of comforter, sustainer and revealer of truth. I agree that WOW is witchcraft/occult in its very nature… designed to be addictive and so seductive in its ability to hook its victims. When ever any thing is put above God it has become an idol, even if it is something which on a surface level would appear ok. The huge appeal of this game is its psychological rewards: power,status, extraordinary abilities, etc… setting up mere humans as little gods.

  311. This game, in addition to many other games in this genre, is exceedingly damaging to one’s soul. As someone who has formerly played these types of games, and who has also been involved with occult practices, I can speak first-hand regarding the consequences of occult involvement. You DO NOT want to mess with anything of an occult nature. Merely having these games in your house is an open door for demonic influence – and demons only come to kill you, steal from you, and destroy you.

    The argument that I’m only role-playing is understandable, but regrettably very wrong. Christ “vicariously” took your place on the cross. You are “symbolically” buried/raised with Christ during water-baptism. (Communion, etc…)

    God hates witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, fortune-telling, divination and related practices. Those who love the Lord – hate evil (Psalm 97:10). The fear of the Lord is to hate evil (Prov.8:13). People who practice the above will NOT enter into His kingdom (Galatians 5, Revelation 22, etc).

    This is very serious business. The devil loves to hide from the light. He doesn’t want to be exposed to truth lest he be defeated. Just because there is “seemingly” no current evidence of his presence does not mean that he’s not around. If you have performed occult related practices you need to repent and ask for the Lord’s forgiveness and throw away or burn all such materials – especially World of Warcraft.

    You who say that Jesus is your Lord (e.g. Master) – you who say that you love Him -> hate evil.

  312. Melanie

    If any viewpoint comes out then someone will think it is wrong. Yes, there is opposition to Christian’s opinions. (Which is all this is by the way… Romans says that we should avoid things that cause us to fight and walk in love. But, evidently someone was genuinely concerned.) But there is also opposition to non-Christian’s opinions. This is the free will God gave us coming out. You see people follow His advice by rightly dividing the Word of Truth for themselves. So of course there’s conflict. So do everyone a favor and stop complaining if someone disagrees. You’ll get further with your conversations. 🙂

  313. omgosh guys…Really? There is nothing wrong with RPG’s as long as the person playing them can handle it. I’m sorry guys, I know alot of people disagree with this statement, but I believe some sins are based on the perspective of the sinner. I think if I can play wow and still have a relationship with God then WoW is not a sin. It does have some demonic characters in it but that alone doesn’t make it evil. Example: lets pretend The Divine Comedy was made into an RPG. (For those that aren’t familiar with the book it is a story about Dante’s travel through the different realms of Hell. It is the book that details what modern christian’s view as hell. Notice the Bible doesn’t really describe Hell very much. It pretty much just says Hell sucks and you don’t wanna go there. Dante described it as hot and fiery.) So lets pretend its turned into a game. You are Dante and you are following Virgil through Hell and learning all about the miseries that hell has to offer. Would it be sinful then if demons were there? Lets face it. Demons (as we view them today) are not part of original Biblical doctrine. They were created by the Catholic Church as a way to give Sins a physical embodiment and a name. Mammon, for example, is no where in the bible, yet we believe he is the demon of greed… I think if you open yourself up to demonic influence that could be a problem, but just sitting for a couple hours and playing a GAME isn’t going to unleash demons into your home…By the way did anyone ever actually download the free trial. I urge you to do so and decide for yourself. Roll a priest, you’ll love it.

  314. Reply to Dan …

    Demons created by catholic church??? seriously?
    Firstly, God is a Spirit, we are created in his image which means we also are spirits living in earthly bodies for a time(Gen1:27) the devil is also a spirit, he was an angel before he fell , and he took some angels with him in that fall (Rev12:7-9) where did he fall to? The earth! Who’s he now still deceiving? The inhabitants of the earth!
    Lets look at just a few examples of demonic spirits in the bible?
    Mark5:1-14 Legion (many demons) possessing a man, being driven out and allowed into pigs? where do you think they went from there???
    Mat9:32-33 A dumb man possesed by a devil, which was cast out, the man spoke normally!
    How can you say that these things dont exist and are a mere fabrication (apart from the fact that you are using circular reasoning, saying they are a fabrication, then saying its only a problem if you open yourself upto them … you need to pick a side here)

    Regarding mammon, nowhere in the bible???
    Mat 6:24 “… Ye cannot serve God and mammon” , I’d say Jesus considered mammon servable, and in this context worship-able and in opposition to God…
    Luke 16:9,11,13 also mentions mammon…
    Whether there is a demon running around with the name mammon? Hmmm I’d say yes possibly… whether the devil or some demon use wealth to seperate one from God, I’d say 100% YES… Mat 19:24
    { mam-mo-nas’ = Chaldee origin (confidence, that is, figuratively wealth, personified); mammonas, that is, avarice (deified): – mammon.}

    Like greg was saying , if God hates witchcraft why would you spend hours a day for years on end pretending to virtually do most of the things he expressly abhores?
    I think you need to go ask God if He really is happy with you playing that game, you might be surprised at His answer… I know what answer I got…

  315. Dan,

    I totally understand where you are coming from. A few years ago, I would have agreed with you. However, during the past few years, I have had experiences that have utterly convinced me that there is indeed a devil (many of them), that he is not merely far away in 3rd world countries, and that he has the will and capacity to destroy our lives – especially if we are not submitted to God in accordance with His word.

    Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” John 14:15. He also said, “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do the things which I say.” Luke 6:46.

    Jesus is the same “…yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)” He has always hated witchcraft (and things of that nature) and He always will. As Christians (assuming you are one), we are supposed to love the things God loves and hate the things that he hates; and we prove our love to Him through obedience to His commandments.

    If your wife or girlfriend says, “Dan, I love you sooo much,” but she consistently does things that you hate, such as flirting with other men, does she genuinely love you? And, respectfully, this is precisely what Christians are doing when they play games of this nature – they are flirting with other gods.

    This may seem absurd to you (flirting with other gods), but I assure you it’s the truth. All occult activity, regardless of degree (from occult video games to the darkest incantation) is of a demonic nature.

    A few years ago, I was lying on my bed and I experienced a severe demonic attack (bed shaking, tormenting sensations, etc). As I was crying out for God to save me, the words Mortal Combat came to my mind repeatedly. I hadn’t played that game for 6+ years when this occurred – nor had I discussed this game or even thought about it. During the 90s, I spent a lot of time playing this game however.

    I cried out to the Lord for His forgiveness for having played this game and, in Jesus’ name, commanded the spirit to leave me. In time, I felt a release and the attack stopped.

    I pray the Lord will give you a revelation of the seriousness of these types of games and activities Dan. It’s past time for the church (ekklesia – called out assembly) to separate themselves from that which is vile and unholy. Due to the depravity of western culture, our discernment is remarkably poor. We need to carefully consider our ways in light of scripture and adjust accordingly.

    Examples of demonic activity is documented through-out scripture in addition to church history. There are currently thousands of churches and ministries performing deliverance all over the globe. Additionally, there are numerous books and internet resources on this subject. Naturally, these ministries and books exist because this is a very real phenomenon. The idea that demons were a fanciful creation of the Roman Catholic church is untenable.

    Finally, I pray that you and everyone else that might come upon this page will consider their engaging in such activities (WOW) in light of scripture in addition to personal testimonies. The bible says that judgment “…begins in the house of the Lord.” Though He passionately loves us, God WILL judge His people and take our words and deeds into account.
    Be advised.


  316. Well said Greg!

  317. To David:
    We just take time to consider what the bible is talking about when it speaks of Demons. Do you really think it is talking about the conscious spiritual embodiment of evil? I do not. And as far as Mammon (aka Mammona), please keep in mind that Mammon is simply the old Lain word for Greed. Its not a person. pull out the word Mammon and replace it with Greed and it would mean the same thing. Greed is an emotion or a drive, not a demon.

  318. The problem here is we are trying to discuss the existence of demonic influence in a computer game, but actually we need to be discussing the existence of the demonic entirely, and thier agenda for mankind.

    Here is a book by Rebecka Brown MD, “He came to set the captives free”, perhaps her testimony will carry more weight….


  319. Matthaus

    I’m going to have to agree with this article.

  320. Matthaus

    I forgot to include my email in my above comments but I put it in this one.

  321. Matthaus

    At the end there I meant to say they WOULDN’T have to play, just make a character and talk to people. Maybe they could empty Azeroth. After all if people decide to follow Christ they will probably log on to World of Warcraft less and less. Azeroth would thus be destroyed.

  322. Matthaus

    I have played a number of MMORPG’s like and including World of Warcraft. There are many reasons I’m attracted to these types of fantasy games. However over the years I have come to understand why they shouldn’t be played much better than why they should be.

    When I was young I liked anything that had adventure in it. I liked movies about knights and the middle ages, martial arts and kung fu flicks, and Star Wars.

    The problem is that usually the most epic of these tales include elements that Christians should be aware of and in some cases completely avoid.

    This article does a good job of describing whats wrong with World of Warcraft without me elaborating on it much further. The only things I would say in the context of my own opinion are as follows:

    First, Children should never play these types of games. They aren’t made for Children in any sense. Even in a consevative but secular sense these games have much subject matter not suitable for people under High School age. At some age kids must be allowed to try certain things and judge for themselves. However, even High school age kids should be determined to have enough maturity to judge the contents of the game before being allowed to play it.

    Second, If you try to draw parallels between the bible and World of Warcraft, or whatever other MMO you might play, you are attempting to justify something. In which case there is a chance you are doing something sinful.

    Im not sure that logging on to World of Warcraft is in and of itself sinful. Do we not walk out into a world of sin and wickedness everytime we step outside our own doors? Of coarse we do. Are we not constantly surrounded by the occult, sin, wickedness, lust, greed, hated of God and the spirit of Anti-Christ when we venture into civilization? We surely are.

    Does that make it ok to play World of Warcraft. No.

    If you really want to play World of Warcraft without being involved with witchcraft you could play a Warrior since they don’t use magic. you could choose to not use any magical items or go on quests that require any kind of magic.

    You’d just have to realize the same thing about World of Warcraft as the World we were born into. We are never going to be accepted or as powerfull as those who sin freely. Which begs the question, why play it?

    I don’t really play MMO’s anymore (been about six months) because I started seeing all the evils associated with them and how strongly they are connected with the world of destruction we live in. Though I almost always played a warrior type character to avoid “magic” as much as possible. Sometimes I kinda just did it subconsciously other times decisively. But truely, Christians aren’t welcome by most people in these worlds. And make no mistake these games are worlds.

    Here are some definitions of World that fit World of Warcraft:

    a. A sphere of human activity or interest
    b. A class or group of people with common characteristics or pursuits
    10. A particular way of life:
    11. All that relates to or affects the life of a person
    12. Secular life and its concerns

    One definition of Real Estate is:
    something owned; any tangible or INTANGIBLE possession that is owned by someone;

    a definition of Geography:
    4. An ordered arrangement of constituent elements: charting a geography of the mind

    Azeroth is owned, by Blizzard and is a sphere of people of common characteristics and pursuits and an ordered arrangement of constituent elements. Therfore it is perfectly (if not more) reasonable that we define it more as a place rather than merely a game.

    When you think of it in this way the question changes from, Should I play this game? To, Should I go to Azeroth? While the first question can be easily answered, “its just a game” the second question requires a purpose.

    Why are you going there? Answering this question is important. You may find that you are going there to sin. Though hopefully you find that you are going there in search of things that can be attained elsewhere and with less temptation and chance of falling away. If its adventure you seek there are other ways to get it. If its companionship I’m sure you can find better companions someplace else.

    What people don’t seem to understand is that most people are going to Azeroth and other similar MMO worlds in search of things that the modern world has destoryed.

    Most people live in the city or suburbs like me and what to feel the freedom of the wilderness and just don’t have the money to fly off to Alaska. But we can afford $15 a month. Not to mention all the wilderness left is owned by the government and we can’t just go there whenever we want. The Indians had it right when they said this land belonged to us all. The modern governments and society have in a sense made us prisoners in our own neighborhoods. Yes, this can easily be seen in other video games. Sadly, Farming games are very popular in Japan and somewhat in the USA. There is even a mmo with lots of farming in it along with other similar things. People play games like these and World of Warcraft because they have been so sheltered and disconnected by the modern world.

    Some people really like swords and armour, like myself. Once again there is nothing sinful about this. However swords and armour are an expensive hobby, (trust me on this) $15 dollars a month can get you some crappy looking fantasy, not historical at all, swords and armour but its better than nothing to most people.

    The point I’m trying to make is that we can’t just say its a sin. We need to help those in that sin out.

    If you know someone who plays and would like to help them, ask them why they do.

    If its nature, find places to go with them and explore. Afterall Gods creation is vastly better than Blizzards. Even Gods least beautiful landscape is more beautiful and fulfilling than Blizzards most beautiful. Just make sure its a place out of civilizations way, this is what really allows one to see its beauty.

    Maybe they like castles. Buy them a book and start planning a trip to Europe. Like Carcassonne, France, Avila, Spain, Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, or even Jerusalem or Jericho in the Holy Land. There are still quite a few ancient walled cities in the world to visit. see for yourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defensive_wall

    If they like swords maybe they could take up the sport of fencing. (I wouldn’t encourage joining the s.c.a. but if they do so they should not make any close friends in that organization.) There are some decent christian people in the s.c.a. but not many…

    Well, I’m tired of writing and you are probably tired of reading so I’ll close. God probably hates World of Warcraft in which case we probably shouldn’t play around with it. But he doesn’t hate those who play it. I think it would be cool if a group of young pastors all bought the game and went around Azeroth evangelizing the people who inhabit that place. They wouldn’t have to play it, just make a character and talk to people. Maybe they could empty Azeroth. After all if people decide to follow Christ they will probably log on to World of Warcraft less and less until they don’t. Azeroth would thus be destroyed.

  323. I’ve struggled with this issue for a long time too. I’ve been playing RPGs since I was a little kid. My first was Final Fantasy 2 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember being enthralled and excited to play the game. Playing through the story, fighting monsters, and conquering bosses.

    I think it’s an aspect that’s wired into our lives. We all want to live an adventure, explore, and conquer. Who’s watched any of the Spiderman movies, and not been excited about the fight against The Green Goblin, or Doc Ock? Who’s watched LOTR, or even Braveheart and not identified with the characters?

    Yes practicing magic is evil, but the magic that existed 2000+ years ago, is very different than the fantasy depicted today.

    If you’re to say this game is ENTIRELY evil, then you’d better go ahead and throw out all of the following:

    -Fairy tales that mom or dad read to you when your age numbered the fingers on one hand, or less. These fairy tales had dragons, and wizards.

    -Cinderella. She had a “fairy God mother” who transformed Cinderella, and a bunch of mice, and a pumpkin into guards, and a stage coach. “Bippity Boppity Boo…shame on you.”

    -The Little Mermaid. King Triton transforms Ariel into a human at the end of the movie. Clearly evil.

    -Beauty and the Beast. An enchantress puts a spell on the Beast so that he must fall in love and love in return so that the spell can be broken.

    -Little boys playing cowboys and indians. That game depicts murder in the fullest.

    -Reading almost any fairy tale that you’d find in the children’s section of the library.

    I’ve worked with young children before, and even before they’ve been old enough to really make decisions of their own (I am talking ages 3-5) the boys run around with pretend swords and guns, and the rest throw pretend fireballs and “magic” at their enemies. (I did this as a kid too) And you’re going to tell me that this aspect of our lives was a sin? Give me a break.

    Let it also be said that, that yes, the option to play a “demon summoning class” is available, the warlock. Let it also be said that one can play the class of a warrior or rogue, who utilizes only the weapons they have, the armor, and evasion to protect them as opposed to spells. Just because this world has sin, doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw yourself off a bridge. You can live in this world as a born again Christian, and you can play in the World of Warcraft as one too.

    I might also add that this game is a social environment. I’ve had the opportunity to witness to some people in the past. (there’s a rule against actively proselytizing in public chat, like in the middle of a town.) However, I’ve had conversations before with people where I’ve been able to introduce the concept the Christ to them. I’ve had debates with people who are not Christians about religious topics, and I’ve had camaraderie with fellow Christians too. Should this game not be played, even if there’s a prospect of being able to witness to one other soul playing this game? Didn’t God say he would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah if there was one good person there?

    Now, that’s not to say that this game does not have the potential to cause you to sin. (yes the women are scantily clad, IF you choose to remove their clothing…otherwise they’re clad in armor) So if you were to throw this game out entirely, that means that you should NEVER EVER go to Wal-mart or any kind of mall or department store because there are bras and panties sections all over walmart, and a Victoria’s Secret in almost every mall.

    Continuing with this logic, the following are evil.

    -Racing games, because it’s illegal according to the law to drive over 55 MPH in most places.

    -Mario games, because stomping on goombas is not nice, and Mario should be turning the other cheek.

    -Even Zelda, because those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

    I think it comes down to us as individuals. I know people personally who don’t even touch alcohol because it’s that big of a temptation. However, I myself can buy a 6 pack of Irish Red, and drink it over the course of 2 months or more. (a beer every 2 weeks maybe)

    If it’s something you’re feeling guilty about, then I’d go to God with prayer. Jacob wrestled with God like in Genesis 32. God wants us to come to him with our struggles. He’s willing to work with us and help us through things.

    Per example: I was playing the Grand Theft Auto series pretty deeply. I played through GTA 3, then Vice City, and then San Andreas. About 1/2 way through SA, I started feeling pretty convicted. I prayed about it and I asked: “God, if this is something you don’t want me doing, I pray that you would just take the desire away.”

    He did, almost immediately. In fact, I’ve not played the game since. If you’re playing a game, reading a book, watching a TV series, etc…that you feel is something that is sinful and pulling you away from God, then just pray about it and ask Him to reveal the sin to you.

    Lastly, I’d like to say that more than anything…this game is a time sink. There are other more important things you can be doing with your life. You can probably consider this a hobby. Some people watch TV…note the following:

    According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year). In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

    I play this game with my wife instead of watching TV. We both have fun, and we’ve used it as an opportunity to spend a lot of time together. (more quality time than just watching crap on the TV) But when things need done, when it’s time to go to work, or when our future kids come along…it will be time for this game to go on the shelf.

  324. Hi Tony,

    You said, “Yes practicing magic is evil, but the magic that existed 2000+ years ago, is very different than the fantasy depicted today.”

    Really? On what basis are you making this statement? What kind of magic was practiced 2000 years ago that differs from the magic practiced in WoW. By the way, the practice of magic didn’t cease 2000 years ago. It has existed from almost the beginning and is still practiced today; I know – I’ve done it (very regrettably).

    You also stated, “If you’re to say this game is ENTIRELY evil, then you’d better go ahead and throw out all of the following:”

    I would agree that people should use discernment and throw out some of the items you mentioned. Movies and books containing witchcraft or the occult have no business in the possession of Christians because of the many clear warnings in the scriptures regarding such materials. However, I would also say that while you might have a number of items in your home that are inappropriate, some items are worse than others (e.g. Maxim magazine versus Hustler). This is how I feel about fairy tales with dragons vs. WoW; one is probably inappropriate (IMHO), while the other is accursed and should be thrown away or burned.

    You continued to mention other things that we should avoid because of your “slippery-slope” argument (such as panties and racing games). Respectfully, I feel that this argument is off because no one has mentioned the kind of radical departure from this world that you are insinuating. Me and others are simply trying to be scripturally and doctrinally faithful to God’s precepts and warnings.

    All sin is wrong, and though we should diligently strive to avoid it, to some degree, we never will. However, there is “exceeding the speed limit,” and there is “witchcraft/occult practices.” One will get you a ticket and the other will get you varying degrees of demonic influence.

    Finally, you said, “I think it comes down to us as individuals.” In general, I disagree with this statement. What it really comes down to is God’s word. The idea that one person is more able to participate in games of this nature without being affected is deception. Surely, I understand that someone (like yourself) might be able to play this game for a season and then quit with seemingly no problems while others might need to see a physician or receive personal ministry, but I’m confident, because of personal experience, thorough research, and numerous biblical passages, that witchcraft and the occult are a much more serious degree of transgression, and if you have “willingly” participated in such activity, then you have been defiled to some degree and need to spend time in prayer/repentance before the Lord seeking His forgiveness.

    I understand that my positions may seem extreme to you and others, but I would be doing you a great disservice if I tried to sugar-coat this matter for you. These types of games are demonic and need to be avoided like the plague. I understand the argument that you can play as warriors or rogues and avoid warlocks and such, and to a point, I agree that this is less damaging. However, as someone stated earlier, WoW is like traveling to a land that is inhabited by sorcerers, warlocks, druids shamans and more. We are supposed to abhor that which is evil, and cling to that which is good (Romans 12:9). Do you think that if one of your friends went to see a medium to get their fortune told that God would be okay if you went in and sat next to him? No, according to scripture, I really don’t think God would be okay with it. In the same manner, I don’t believe that the Lord is okay with our going to Azeroth to play the role of warrior when these other elements are all around.

    God Bless you.

  325. Michael D. Lindsay

    This is by far some of the most paranoid text I’ve ever read. Pretending to cast spells, dressing a female character like a slut, killing monsters and winning gold and armor. Let’s not forget the crusades, or that in order to be saved you must believe a Jew was nailed to a cross through his wrists, or that NOT believing what the majority of the world believes will put your eternal soul underground in a lake of fire with Lucifer, the Devil, and you will burn forever. Is it so wrong to play this game, when the author of the review is comparing it to a religion that believes in half naked men with wings that live on clouds, and the world’s suffering is all Eve’s fault, a woman, and that the enemy of the free human soul is a talking snake? (Satan, Garden of Eden)
    I am thoroughly unimpressed.

  326. We must abstain from all appearance of evil. We must not be magicians, astrologers, soothsayers, etc. Those are found in Egypt and Babylon in the bible, enemies of God. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid.

  327. You guys do understand that a lot of the story of World of Warcraft is a direct allusion to the bible, right? For example there is a race in the game known as the N’aruu. They are a race that can grant life to dead things, they are filled with light and are almost identical to what the bible portrays as “Angels”. There is a boss, or bosses, in the game known as “The Four Horseman”, you could say that these are an allusion to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, which are bad. In the game on of your tasks is to slay these four horseman for the greater good. There is also a boss named Kil’Jaedan who is also known as “The Deceiver” which was another name for Satan. This boss is red and has horns which a lot of people think Satan looks like, you also slay this boss. The game is a fight between good and evil, and you play as the good. The game is only addictive if you want it to be, it’s as easy to get addicted to this game as it is to coffee. Are you going to suggest that coffee is also The Devil? Of course not because you’d rather waste your time writing a long blog about how you banned it in your household out of some misplaced sense of self righteousness, when really all you’re banning is a game that in many aspects could be easily compared to the bible.

  328. Benjamin

    Even as a younger person, I am not disappointed with not having played WoW, although I can say that there are still other games which were pretty addictive and time-consuming to me. I think the best point which you do bring out is the part about spending our time properly. I probably could not list every possible way that we could waste our time. But as I have come to realize, there’s also the countless opportunities which one could try serving others, if they really put their mind fo it. I decided that I would cut video games out for at least two weeks and see what I could alternatively do during that time, so far I found that there were some alternatives as to what I could do during that time, including writing home to my family or seeking to start a family of my own, it all came down to a tradeoff of what I did with my time.

  329. Are you serious? Witchcraft? You believe in this… you really do? I imagiand that most religious people only “belive” for the tradition… I’m speechless!

    I actually understand “The Amazing Atheist” now… and I hate that guy.

    Now atheists usually have their own religion… it’s called ecology

  330. I’m currently playing WoW a few hours a day…I am Christian and know that this game is evil. Please pray for me that this evil will be out of my life…

  331. Jeff,

    I’ll definitely pray for you. Feel free to email me – gregorama91@yahoo.com

    God Bless,

  332. Joshua

    I respect your opinion, but to be honest this is like saying the board game Monopoly is evil because it teaches Greed.

  333. Anonymous

    MAN created GOD by writing a BOOK and telling others to WORSHIP MAN or be put to the SWORD. The ONLY true religion is that of the Native Americans: Living in Harmony with Nature. If you are using a computer (like everyone reading this is), you would be going to hell if there was such a place.

    Why is Christianity so pathetic? It is the weakest religion because it doesn’t even require you to be a good person; all you have to do is pray with your heart and accept Jesus. That’s it. As long as you don’t go out of your way to spurn Jesus and attempt reform on occasion, you’re in.

  334. Stephen

    I see the game is wrong and I want to quit myself but all my friends at school talk about it 24-7 and basically beg me to play. please is their anyway to help get them to stop without loosing them (they are not chistian so they dont care for this devil stuff)

    email: spp-stevo@hotmail.com

  335. I dunno what’s wrong with it. The problem is that it’s almost the talk of every student in school.

    Have you watch the YouTube video where a student freaks out so bad because his mom deleted his account?

    Too bad.

  336. Moderation

    Dude, epic reasoning. I love this comment! It is philosophical, yet simple. Profound, yet humorous. You should be a PR teacher. = )

    Philippians 4:5 “Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.”

    It seems the time consumption of WOW is the major issue, which is obviously directly related to Blizzard’s initiative to be successful and make money. Can’t really blame them there, but it would be more ethical and successful long-term if they considered more carefully the effect that their money making ways tend to consume alot of people’s precious time and life, creating a love/hate relationship, instead of building rapport for their company. I personally think the game would be a lot of fun if a couple issues were addressed.

    On the issue of magic, there are differing views. Is magic demonic, or just a way to make a game prettier? Wiccans have argued that witchcraft in the Bible refers to black magic only and not healing or white magic. Some people think that fantasy magic is perfectly fine. I am still pondering these thoughts, and therefore unable to give a solid answer, at least on latter. I do however think that in the real world, any supernatural power that is not of God is of Satan. The topic of fantasy magic in stories and games is a little more elusive.

    Another thing to consider is the issue of the weaker brother. Some people have convictions that others just don’t have. Some people’s convictions should be higher. Some pursue self-perfection overlooking the fact that Jesus put others first. Look at the woman at the well. Jesus talked to her in a casual way, even though she was a sinner, and looked down upon by Jews. He reached out to others. Sure he addressed their sin, but his focus was to offer the solution for their primary need, salvation. You have to love people, truly care about them, before you can reach them with the truth. Especially with “gray areas” (which category a lot of entertainment falls into).

    And I’m not even going to go into the issue of modesty. That’s for another blog.

    I hope someone finds this helpful.

    Here is a lengthy study done on children who are or were heavy consumers of WOW:


  337. I don’t even know if this thread is still continuing to this day and if it is then good. As a player of this game, I believe that it does have some “evil” aspects to it with being able to fight and control demons and cast soulstones ( a stone that is used to capture ones sould and bring them back to life ). However, the ones that get addicted to the game are the ones that have a problem proioritizing things in life. When it comes to the children and adolescents playing, the parents have to step up and put guidelines down on being able to play the game. For example making sure homework and chores are done first. Also, as a parent you have parental controls that can be set up to not have the foul language displyaed in front of your child’s eyes. I believe there is nothing wrong coming home after a day of work or school and playing a video game. We all need to unwind and relax. One person’s quilting time is another person’s WoW time. I believe this is just another case of somebody attempting to change the world we live in and failing. I’m sorry. Since technology has come into exisistence the world has become harder to change because it makes everyone’s life easier. If you go against the current of all the hype and popularity than you are a Christian.

  338. I am a Christian and If that’s your reasoning then going to school, watching T.V and looking at anything except blank walls would do even more damage then WoW.

  339. Meerkat

    What good news??? It is not a sin to judge my friend. The Bible teaches to ‘judge’ by making choices between right and wrong. We are not to judge people. but most definitely we are to judge actions, situations, etc. Do you actually think this game is giving glory to God? Will He play this game?

  340. Meerkat

    How sad that you think that is what a Christian is!
    Firstly MAN did not write the Bible, it is all inspired by God Himself and we worship God, not man, we worship the Creator, not creation.

    You have one thing right, yes you don’t have to be a good person to be saved! ALL other religions requires that YOU must DO thing, to try and be good or better so that YOU can earn your salvation. the Christian faith is the ONLY religion where someone else (Jesus) has already DONE everything in order for you to be saved. Nothing we can do is god enough to restore our broken relationship with God. Jesus, the only ‘good’ one, without sin, is the only one good enough to earn our salvation. A true Christian will live a life of thankfulness to God and do good things in return of what He has done for us.

  341. akaroads

    This is a good debate and I will add a thing or two from Paul. Rom 14 and 1Cor 8 talk about doing anything that might cause someone else to have problems, such as “things sacrificed to idols”. Pauls answer is given in 1Cor 8:9 “But take care lest this liberty of yours somehow become a stumbling block to the weak”, with the conclusion in 1Cor 8:13 “Therefore if food causes my brother to stumble, I will never eat meat again, that I might not cause my brother to stumble”.


  342. Okay first of all to Robin…

    Please stop taking scripture out of context. 1 Thess 5:21 has nothing to do with the topic being discussed here.

    Second of all the Greek word found in Galatians for witchcraft is Phamakia which roughly translates “druggery.” It is referring to the use of drugs in worship at pagan temples of the time. Indeed if you want to get technical about it some groups feel that this scripture can be used to justify not taking any sort of drug including over the counter drugs such as aspirin.

    It goes to show how you should be careful quoting scripture esp out of context as you just did.

    Now onto the topic at hand; World of Warcraft.

    Playing or not playing World of Warcraft will NOT I repeat NOT commend or condemn you before God. The reason is because we are not saved by any works that we do but are as Peter stated We are saved under the grace of the Lord Jesus.

    In fact, I will go so far as to say you are in danger, Robin, of pulling everyone OUT of salvation due to your statements as you try to get people back into listening to the law (your quotes of De are a good example) so I will ask you the same question that Peter asked his brethren at Jerusalem…

    “He did not discriminate between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith. 10 Now then, why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of Gentiles a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear? 11 No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.””

    So I ask the same thing; why are you trying to put us Gentiles under a law that the forefathers of Peter, Paul, and the rest of the Apostles were not capable of bearing? Why can you not accept that it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we are saved?

    To be honest any attempt to try in place people under works will only have them out of grace.

    4 You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. 5 For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope. 6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

    As a result you who quote the law in essence are unknowingly causing people to fall away from grace as Paul stated in Ga 5.

    So playing World of Warcraft on its own will not commend you or condemn you before God as you are saved by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  343. Raymond,
    1. I used 1 Thess 5:22 and it does apply “reject every kind of evil.”
    2. Phamakia is Greek means the use or the administering of drugs, sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it, deceptions and seductions of idolatry
    3. You said “Playing or not playing World of Warcraft will NOT I repeat NOT commend or condemn you before God. ”
    I absolutely agree. It will NOT condemn you before God. God loves us unconditionally. I am not trying to be justified by the law. Nothing we do will ever make God love us more, or less. See

    I don’t think its a good thing and I don’t my children playing it.
    Thanks for letting me know the post sounded like I was saying WOW would make you lose your salvation—I updated to make sure no one thinks that again.
    Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another. Rom 14:19

  344. A Christian

    That is a good explanation Meerkat, but if I could add something more.

    A Christian means “a follower of Christ”. Christ was the only Son of God, God sent him down to earth to save all of us from otherwise certain death.

    But, let me take you back to the beginning. When God created the earth, He knew that we would be unable to live up to His holy standards. So when Jesus was born, He came down to live a perfect life, then to take all the blame for every sin that has been committed, is being committed, and will be committed. That way no one will have to go to hell. (Which by the way I know someone who has been there and wrote a book about his experience-“A Day In Hell; Death To Life and Hope”, by Matthew Botsford)

    The American Indians’ way of life is not wrong, living close to nature isn’t bad. I need a God who I can talk to, relate to, and live my days out with. That’s what Christianity gives us, an open line between us and God.

  345. Jolene

    Hello There!!
    As a Teenage girl I am saddened by the way these types of games portray women! I feel defiled and disgusted just looking at the low cut stops and short skirts these ‘women’ wear on this game!
    Not only that i have seen first hand how a game may destroy the life of a loved one! It pulls your away from God without realizing whats happening in the first place!
    I am so happy that God saves not based on our actions but onhis choice! We do nothing to deserve salvation but are granted it anyway!

    I thank-you for your post! It came at the right time. We are doing a discussion on games in our youth group. I really got a lot of useful info! THANKYOU!! 🙂

  346. Jolene

    Monopoly does not teach Greed!
    You teach yourself greed!!! The devil works in every situation. If you feel that Monopoly teaches greed maybe thats a personal issue that you will have to deal with. (No offense)
    But personally when I play monopoly i allow children to play becasue it teaches stability and how to work with money. Not everyone will see monopoly as attaining all the money. Some may find it simply an education tool for their children! 🙂

  347. Jolene

    I agree with Meerkat!
    Judging people personally may not be right, but judging a business where clearly sinful actions are taking place is right.
    We are to judge actions, situations, and all falshoods.
    How can you morally and justly kill in a fake world but not inreality? What is the real differnce?
    As a woman being defiled by the many images on this game is saddening! If you have a wife or girlfriend how would you like every man in this world to see your lady scandly portrayed? How is that not sinful???

    P.S. You are quite rude in your reply!

  348. Jolene

    The Bible was NOT written by man! It was inspired by God!

  349. Jolene

    How can you say your for religion?
    You say your dont want religion to tell you how to live your life.
    That simply is the definetion of religion.
    Religion will tell you how to life your life! I dont know any religion that doesn’t! ??

  350. While I respect that you did do your research I have to disagree. I am a Christian and I do not see how this gane is evil. It is just that a game. I make believe world where you fight good against evil.

  351. If Raymond doesn’t see anything wrong with watching spells being cast or media with occultic themes, then would he also state that watching fornication and adultery (e.g. porn) does not condemn us before G-d? Since we’re only watching it, and we might leave a “witnessing kind of comment” here and there, so that’s certainly good.

    No, I didn’t think so either.


  352. Robin,
    Thank you for being brave enough to write this.
    My husband plays WOW and sees nothing at all wrong with it. I fought with him for years about his gaming addiction, but finally just gave up. He would just get angry and grumpy and take it out by yelling at the kids. So I just keep quiet and let him go downstairs to the “dungeon” nearly every single day from the time he gets home from work until finally bedtime and sometimes I have to call him several times to get him to come upstairs for dinner or sleep…many times dinner has been cold by the time he came upstairs to eat.
    I do NOT want my children playing it, it sucks away a person’s compassion and love, and distorts their views of people, they are meaner and more inconsiderate thanks to the brash behavior of the game. My husband has changed over the years. I married him for better or worse. I pray for him and he goes through phases of giving it up altogether…then of course they lure him right back in with a new version or something else.
    I know how addictive games are, I got hooked on the old Sims when it came out and spent way too much time playing that instead of playing with my oldest dd at the time. He wonders that I don’t game, and mocks me for blogging and facebook- the difference is that I am using my blog and facebook to witness to people. I don’t spent hours at a time on there, I get on now and then for a few minutes at a time. When I want to stay on longer then I wait till the kids have gone to bed, and take time away from myself only to do that.
    I wish that my husband would stop playing all these rpgs…they make me so so sad, my kids don’t even know when he is at home! At dinnertime when I say time to call him upstairs, they say “is he home?” That is how out of touch things really are…and he can’t see it. I can’t say anything to him about how it hurts me and our family, he won’t listen.
    He just gets angry and defiant and things get worse. I have trouble showing affection for him now because I just don’t spend much time with him, we don’t talk much and I just pour myself into our children trying to fill his shoes since he is uninvolved in their life.
    We are Christians, and you ARE right about this game and not just this one, but all addictive gaming/internet/movies etc…if a person reaches a point where their hobby is coming before God and family then they need to step back and quit for a while and then make sure they have a strict schedule for their own time doing such things- it just isn’t fair to the rest of the family otherwise.
    Anyway, I thought about sending him this article, but I’m sure he is buying the upgrade as I type….
    He is a good man and works hard, but then so do I. This isn’t just a matter of good vs evil, thsi is a matter of neglecting the family and honor to the marriage vows. To love someone else as much as your own self…and that really really hurts more than gamers realize. When their wife can come into the room completely naked (and a hottie) and he tells her to wait a minute till he finishes this raid! NO WAY. Too little too late. Needless to say it has hurt our love life, I don’t feel like being with him because he puts me on hold and is mean to the children thanks to how negative this game makes him behave it is now a habit in him to say cruel and stupid insensitive things. Causing yet more arguments. sigh….anyway, I wish gamers would just realize what they are doing to their families…

  353. This blog is so true about World of Warcraft. I started playing 3 years ago before I became a Christian believer. I was totally addicted. I would play four to eight hours a day and probably ten on weekends. My husband stills plays as soon as he gets off of work till 11pm and all day on the weekends. He has no friends or hobbies outside the game. I came to know the Lord 2 years ago and God convicted me of the time I spent playing WoW. Realize, since I was spending so much of my time WoW I was not spending time with my kids, my family, friends, being in the Word, in prayer or serving the Lord. The game was consuming. Its all I thought about and wanted to do. It’s like a drug. I quit playing for a month shortly after I became a Christian believer but soon fell back into it. Two months ago God convicted me again and I have stopped. Now I have time for my kids, time for the Word, time to teach my children about Jesus, time to play games with my children and most of all I have a relationship with the Lord. It’s helped me to tell a trusted Christian friend in my church about this so she can stand with me in prayer when I am tempted to return to it. I don’t think this game is harmless like some Christians feel. It was very addictive to me and destructive to my family. I’m praying for my husband to be free of his addiction to WoW and that my kids will have a attentive dad again.

  354. We must be careful not to have any other Gods before us. I read one comment and it is hard to believe that people spend their entire life on something like this game.

  355. lorena

    hi i belive that game is evil!!! the sounds the avatars all is not good plus i have a problem with my boyfriend he is 33yrs he play that game 19hrs or 20hrs a day everyday he is awake all nigth until 11am then sleep like 3hrs or 4 then first thing he do is play world of craf is like in his own world he dont talk no more with us is like the game control him!!

  356. My son is addicted to WOW , he is a christian and have been serving the church regularly untill he was introduced to this game. Now he just spend hours playing the game and have no time for other things. He have skipped classes and his grades has gone down and may be expelled from school if he does not buck up. We tried speaking to him but he is of the opinion that it is a good strategy game and he is not addicted. Anymore discussion on the topic draws negative remarks or complete silence from him. We are at wits end is there any suggestions for us to try to help him break free? We can only now pray to God for his miraculous intervention before we loose a son to this evil game.

  357. Share what good news you ask? The news of Christ and the gift his son gave us. You can chose for yourself but jugdment is Gods, “let he who has not sinned throw the first stone”.

  358. Its just a silly game, all sin is the same says so in the good book. I will try and answer your questions as simple as possible. This would mean that if World of Warcraft was a sin to play so would be a simple game of chess. A simple game of chess could be consideres a sin because its a game of war and the object is to “kill” the oponents peices until you kill the king. Might as well ban checkers as well same principle. You say we can judge a business, ok lets live in that fake world…. what kinda car do you drive? Is the business a Godely one? Is everyone who made or had anything todo with the design, manufactering, or selling of your car a christian and did they do it to glorify God. Answer is no. You see we could open a can of worms with this. This could be done with everything you own! And if you take the time to think about it nothing we have or own is not pure because we live in a sinfull world. Women are not portrayed as scandly in the game, its your character and in order to play you have to wear armor, this covers your entire body no scandalous here. Its just a silly game and we need to start focusing on bigger issues like reality.

  359. anonymous

    I am a christian too, but not an aggresive christian. World of warcraft is just a game created by normal people like you and me. Does it say anywhere that this game is about satan? No. This an ordinary game that people play to pass the time. We live in a world of hate and sorrow. God wants us not to hate, but to love. I personnaly do not play this game, but still. Have you ever dreamed of bieng a hero in your childhood? Have you ever thought this can be accomplished? No, but with this game you can. I am not trying to be rude, but honestly do you really want to scorn and push people away just because they used their imagination to create a good and creative game? I do agree that it is a sin to play this too long, but ask yourselves, do I want to be a hatefull person? Do the right thing and accept this game I am not saying that you must play it, do this and god will smile upon you! Have a blessed day. yours faithfully anonymous.

  360. Hello everyone,

    My husband is addicted to this game and I feel it is very evil and deals with the occult. I am worried that he is invited demons in our house by playing this game. He is not saved, but please pray he will be saved. As for the game what can I do to protect my family from this evil?

  361. Marlon

    Often times this passage is misquoted, and this is no exception. If one were to speak such phrases about using an ouji board. This would clearly be different, but to say this game is evil or demonic is silly.

    People who play the game could careless about the Mag, or the Warlock they are playing. They play a certain class because of the style of play. (Some prefer to be a warrior or paladin because they like to tank, wear plate armor and be the leaders of the pack, while others perfer to be a mage, which cause great damage to monsters from a distance, at the cost of wearing weaker armor.) These clases weren’t created in WoW (At least most of them) they’ve been around since anyone emulated medieval times.

    Just because someone plays a warlock, doesn’t mean he’s going to transcend into a practioner of witchcraft. I play a hunter in the video game… No I don’t have any posters, or exotic pets (like a T-Rex, or a lion, or a bear)

    Would one be considered evil to go paintball shooting? Do people who shoot paintballs dwell on killing people?

    In reference to the “Abstain from the very presence of evil” You have to take it into context. In the State of Florida, Usury (A Sin) is defined as interest higher then 18% on a personal loan up to $500,000. I was recently offered a credit card that was 25%… I was tempted to take it, but opted out.. Does that make it a sin, because I didn’t avoid the very presence of evil?

    Please don’t take it out of context because I was glad I was able to search, and be provided some insight towards my question. I do believe this article was written within good Faith, and I completely respect it.

  362. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I had never heard of this game before tonight. I watched a show on TV which had many clips of crazy things caught on camera. One clip was of a boy (about 16 yrs old) whose mother stopped paying for his WoW subscription. His brother snuck a video camera into his room to catch his reaction. I could tell immediately there was something demonic underlying as with most addictions. This boy was throwing himself repeatedly onto his bed, thrashing himself around, hitting his head on the wall, hitting himself with a shoe. It may not sound like much but I’ve watched people wrestle with devils before while getting a devil cast out and it looked very similar.

    I am not a mother yet but I will be sure to stay on top of things like this. It starts with something that looks innocent like a game and the creators of this game are obviously in the occult themselves, they are just preying on people, particularly the young, impressionable ones.

    It’s disgusting, to me it ranks up there with The Twilight movies which I refuse to watch and Harry Potter.

    We live in a time where I feel this horrible stuff is lurking around every corner.

  363. even though some people view this game as evil does not mean it is. i play this game and it does not change my views on life or make me follow a path of evil. It is a game people choose the way they live there life, there are settings to block cussing but it is your choose to prevent your kids from playing but when they become adults and my want to start playing you should not judge them for wanting to.The game in its self is harmless people that allow games to control the way the act need to seek help because it is a GAME.

  364. Hi Gina,

    I suggest you pray to the Lord for Divine intervention in this situation. You can also anoint your home with olive oil (in Jesus name)and ask the Lord to cover your home and family members with the blood of Jesus.

    Additionally, you can say, “I renounce witchcraft and break any and all spells and curses off of my home and family in the name of Jesus.” All things are possible through Christ. Speak words of faith over your situation (e.g. “Devil, you can’t have my family. All the promises of God are Yes and Amen. Greater is He that is in me. I’m an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb. Loose your hold off my husband satan in the name of Jesus. Etc.”)

    Get people that you can trust to come into agreement with you that the bonds of witchcraft will be broken off of your husband. I’m in agreement with you that this will be accomplished and that God’s Kingdom will prevail in your marriage and life in Jesus’ name. Be sure to break and throw away this game when it is safe and appropriate for you to do so. God bless.

  365. Here is one for you:

    Would you play this game when Jesus is sitting right next to you? What would he think? Do you think he is happy with it? In fact he is already with you, but in your heart.

  366. Richard

    I would like to set the record straight, firstly I’m not a Christian, and secondly I’m a WoW player. Can i start with saying one thing… God did not write the bible.. Moses did, even if God talked to Moses he didn’t actually write it. Secondly this WoW is evil is completely in accurate, this game is evil as the person who plays it. Most of this game is based on the hardships of each faction/race in the game and how some overcome their conflict and others don’t If people actually took more time to read the Lore of Warcraft instead of jumping to the conclusions of its evil people might understand. Yes this game is violet, addictive and even perverse in some minor form but Devil Following it is not. I’ve played WoW for many years and from this I have learnt.

    Team Building
    Understand about other Cultures

    The main thing i can take away from this game is toleration of ethnic diversity, in WoW there is no creed or colour, bigotry or persecution. Most people work as one and isn’t that what Jesus wanted Man to accomplish.

    Last Point this game is not evil or devil worship. It fun for most and a hobby for others. The people who play it are irresponsible and if they didn’t mess their lives up on this game they would have further down the line.

  367. Let me just have a little bit of input before you all drive me crazy with your “WoW is evil” business.

    First I will say that I am a born-again Christian. A Christ-follower. And I play World of Warcraft. I go to community college as an English major and so far I have no dropped past a B in any of my classes. Oh, yeah, and I still play WoW.

    Yes, World of Warcraft was made by sinful men. Yes, the women in the game don’t wear much clothes (until you get to higher levels, then they dress appropriately). Yes, there is violence. Yes, there are such things called “raids”.

    But you all are missing something very important. Each player, Christian or not, is responsible for what they overindulge in and how much time they spend doing so. They are also responsible for what they look at while in the game. And, lets be honest. The least I’ve seen on a woman in that game was probably a leather shirt and pants because I know not to look at the lesser form of garb. As I said, each Christian is responsible for what they let their eyes see. WoW has some iffy stuff about it, but beyond that it is perfectly acceptable, even to Christians in this ever-sexualizing culture.

    I average about 3-5 hours a day on WoW. Even less on the weekends, surprisingly. It is very sad for me to see people averaging 8+ hours of WoW time a day. That actually sickens me. It is a great game, but I’m not addicted. For one reason: because my life is too good to be addicted. I have friends. I have family. And I see them every week.

    And, hey, look at that. I still play World of Warcraft. If I suddenly ran out of funds to play, I’d cancel my subscription. I wouldn’t scramble for loose change just to get another month out of it. I’m not addicted.

    And as for demon possession: the most rediculous label i have ever seen. Let’s get real here. WoW does not possess people. Period. “A boy was playing WoW too much and his mom canceled his subscription, so he went all demon possessed (paraphrased).” Oh, please. Have you ever heard of temper tantrums? Kids throw them all the time. Even 13, 14 year olds. I’ve seen em. Seriously. Even ADULTS throw temper tantrums. Its too common to call tantrums “demonic actions.”

    If you chose to ignore everything else I’ve said so far, do NOT ignore this. World of Warcraft does have magic in it, yes. But is WoW not a game? Is it not in a virtual world? Would you say a great piece of literature like Eragon, WITH magic in it, is evil as well if you are labeling WoW evil? What about Narnia? There is certainly a great deal of magic in there. And don’t come whining to me, saying that C.S. Lewis was a Christian and it “doesn’t count”. I already know that. But if you label something with content like WoW, then you have to label everything else with the same content.

  368. Drew A McClellan

    O boy. Its a game and not real life. I would never kill in real life unless it was to save another from an evil. I play wow quite offten and got my girl friend to play it. Its is fantisy game. IDK if there is a god but if there with his god powers to know that I would never kill a person unless like i said above. I got another question if god forgives all why do we go to hell. again so many contridictions. In the game you can be the horde or allince in the game the hord is bad and the allince is good but if your the hord in your eyes your the good once and allince are bad. and vicea versa. in this case its about perspective and no one person see the world the same so depending on values and morels. bottom line ITS A GAME RELAX!

  369. Drew A McClellan

    Yea i would play wow cause its a game and i know the differnece in real life not to kill. Shit id ask him to make a preist and have him heal our raid.

  370. I just though I’d clarify, you do realize that the very things that you are against Lord of the Rings and Narnia are written by some of the greatest christian minds of our time???

  371. Drew,

    Do you consider yourself a good person? Do you believe that God would consider you good? How do you know? Have broken any of God’s commandments? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you committed adultery? Have you ever taken His name in vain? Jesus said if you look at a woman with lust you’ve committed adultery with her in your heart.

    The truth is – we’ve all fallen short according to the ways of God. The bible says that none of us are righteous; not one of us. It also says that only God is good. Our sins have separated us from God. In the same manner that a judge is going to hold you accountable for breaking traffic laws, God is going to hold you accountable for breaking His laws. The Bible says that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins – that’s why men (Jews) would formerly would bring a perfect lamb or other animal to the temple for sacrifice (to appease a Holy God). However, those sacrifices never took away sins. They only covered them temporarily. These sacrifices were only types and shadows of Christ who permanently took away the sins of the world.

    The Good News is that God so loved you that He made a way for you to be forgiven. He sent His Son who lived a perfect, sinless life for the purpose of freely giving Himself up to be crucified. Whoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. Christ is the payment for your sins. He took the judgment that is due you and me. The Bible says in Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved.

    I encourage you to consider these things. It has been appointed once for a man to die and then comes the judgment. Salvation is a Free Gift that must be received. If you reject Him (Christ), you’ve rejected the only method for which you can escape God’s everlasting judgment upon sinful man. The Bible calls hell a place of torment and suffering.

    However, God desires better things for you. Place your faith in Him and follow Him according to His word. God is a rewarder of those that seek Him diligently (Hebrews 11:6). Seek Him while there’s time. God bless.

  372. Austen

    He was taking a break. 🙂

  373. If you spend several hours a day doing something that is not pleasing to God what do you think the outcome will be?

  374. how sad

    C.S Lewis, was a great author and christian man. How can you even put his books to sinful in nature. The lion the witch and the wardrobe, was abook about Jesus(the lion) satan(the witch) and the wardrobe(the bible). How can you even insult, such a strong christian man.

  375. Just a Guy

    Um… Can’t the miracles that Jesus preformed be considered a form of magic? It’s not called magic, per se, but, a rose by any other name…

  376. Timothy J

    Wow thisis crazy, I thought that christians werent supposed to judge people for things, warcraft is JUST A GAME. one of the lead designers is a church going bible thumping christian, are you saying that he is wrong for creating this. stop being so hypocitical and worry about yourown life not the life of others that are seeking a little pleasure by playing a GAME that takes there mind of the torment of everyday life.

  377. I Play WoW

    When you were little did you ever jump around with a little stick chasing your brother, sister, or dog pretending to be a super hero? Its the same thing except its the next generation. I do however agree it is addictive, I am not addicted myself, but I do agree it is.

  378. I Play WoW

    How do you know its not pleasing him? Well, its definitely not putting a huge smile on his face, but I honestly don’t think he has anything against it.

  379. Anonymous

    WoW is just a game, everyone who says its made by the devil to make our kids addicted just doesn’t know how to tell you kids “get off the game now”

  380. Terri Floyd

    Robin, God wants us to be happy but not by forms of evil like fantasy games that involve things which he plainly teaches us against in his word.

  381. Terri Floyd

    The man who created this game, it is between him and God. Would I want to be him? Absolutely not, so many people’s families have suffered because of these fantasy games. It may seem like a way out to give you pleasure. It may get your mind off of troubling things. It won’t bring you where you need to be with the Lord.

  382. Terri Floyd

    I did those things when I was a child. But, I was a child. I have read Bible scriptures that lets me know in my heart not to play out what is not pleasing to God.

    Yes, the fantasy games are very addictive. I have seen the games destroy relationships with God and family and I am very glad that you do understand.

  383. Terri Floyd

    Jesus performed many miracles. Jesus even cast out demons. It can not be pleasing to God to see us playing with things he plainly teaches against.

  384. Terri Floyd

    God inspired every word in the Bible. Fantasy games with any form of witchcraft is not pleasing to God, whether it is for real or just a game.

  385. Terri Floyd

    Gina, I understand completely. I don’t know how long your post has been here but I would like to know how things are now? God Bless

  386. Terri Floyd

    Stay in prayer, God answers.

  387. Terri Floyd

    You said it all and it is right there in God’s word.

    We don’t fight against flesh and blood.

  388. I Play WoW

    You know.. Its not the games fault that your life may be completely destroyed due to the game. Its yours. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. And on the topic of, “Is WoW evil?” I would have to say it isn’t as, god created us in his image. He gave us free will, and our ability to make decisions. Since he is “All Knowing” He obviously must have seen past our decisions and seen people creating this game. I believe that it is perfectly fine to play WoW, watch narnia, or read harry poter. As, he created us with the ability to understand right from wrong. I think god would actually be dissapointed if we avoided games like WoW or completely discarded Books like Harry Potter. I think, he wants us to read, and play as we choose. However, the real test is whether or not we can control out own emotions, and ourselves, and create a balance, so that the game, or whatever you say is “Evil” Does not consume us.. However don’t do real life withcraft… that just leads to trouble up there, and down here.

  389. Abulurd

    Letting a child play unsupervised is just as bad as sending them to walk the streets of a city’s ghetto alone.

    In both cases, there are going to be many people who are unsaved, immature, and because there is no link between their character in the game and them in the real world, they feel as though they can act in ways that would get them slapped or thrown in jail in the real world.

    This game, like any other form of entertainment, only affects you as much as you let it.

  390. Abulurd

    Using a computer at all is a gateway, after all, there are pornographic and satanic websites.

    Actually, now that I think about it using your “logic”, being born into this world is a gateway.

  391. Abulurd

    This kid is actually semi famous in the online community, simply because he freaks out over something small.

    If you have seen any of the other videos of him, posted two or three years after his account was canceled, he has to be subdued by the police because he is freaking out.

    This is not caused by WoW. This is caused by bad parenting.

  392. If Jesus was sitting next to me?

    Would I be playing WoW?

    What kind of question is that? It’s Jesus, sitting next to me! I’m sure we could be doing more productive things than Him watching me playing a video game..

  393. Anony Mouse

    You see this is the problem with many people they do not question. Faith in and of it self is worthless without doubt. A lot of ‘christians’ rely on obscure portions of the biblical texts. If Jesus existed then the one thing he did do is reform the faith. And that was the point of jesus. Why then so many christians are so conservative is beyond me. YES the old testament is important but only as context for the new testament. The two have many contradictions. Not the least of which being that the ‘character’ of god appears to change between the two. He is an angry jealous god in the old but when jesus comes along he ceases to be so greedy. Oh and news flash how can you still follow the old testament if you don’t observe jewish dietry laws. You can’t pick and mix which bits you follow that’s not how it works. If you’re going to follow the old testament you have to follow ALL the old testament. Also I think we have pretty much proven that there is no such thing as witchcraft. A lot of the bible verses that referred to such acts were only there because of a limited understanding at the time. Again this is true of a lot of the bible and exactly why you need to update. A lot of people compare science to religion but there is one major difference in that science is always moving forward. Blind faith doesn’t. Now this isn’t aimed at all christians. I know plenty of religious people who are not stubborn in their faiths. Indeed the church of england is very good at remaining relevant. The archbishop of canterbary has a doctorate in theology and is a clever man. He openly admits that much of the bible is symbolism. Now lets get to the idea of god. One way to think of god’s ‘development’ is this “In the beginning man was threatened by nature so he made it into a god so as to control it, then man became his own problem waging wars etc. so man created god in his own image as to control himself, now god is an idea”. Man essentially creates a god in his own image because he is insecure and this is telling. If god really existed he would definitely not be on old man with white hair and so on. He would for a start not be a he. Secondly you would be unable to conceive of such a being. Therefore it is impossible for us to actually define a god. Also why do many christians believe themselves to be morally superior to everyone else. God CANNOT be the source of morality. If the reason that we are good is because god is telling us to be or we are doing it out of fear (It is a wise man who fears god) then we are not acting morally. Morality cannot be imposed. If I hold a gun to your head and tell you to give money to charity how is that a good action. You have only acted out of fear. Therefore all christians inherently amoral as they act because of someone else and not because of their own morality (This also applies to love as you’re still doing it for someone else and not for any moral reason). Please don’t dismiss me for a wolf in sheep’s clothing because I have a different opinion than you. Oh and remember “question everything. Without debate there is only dogma” P.S. to the person who had a go at narnia. It’s pretty much a word for word copy of the bible what more can you want? Or is it just all freedom of expression you’re against not just videogames?

  394. Melissa

    I am a Christian and I play WoW. While my playing WoW might not please the Lord. It doesn’t not displease him either. When we were created God knew that Adam and Eve would eat from the tree of knowledge, so he gave us things to do with our brains. He created an entire cosmos for us to look up at. He gave us the intelligence to create technology. Now, I agree that too much WoW is a sin. But too much of anything is a sin. Period. It is not a sin to play a game. My husband and I both play. We have a 3 year old and 3 month old daughter. If one of them needs us, we turn off the game. That’s where people are failing God. God gave us minds, imagination, and the ability to think. Your choice is your own and no one has the right to try and push you into thinking otherwise. But when you start judging people for their choices, do you yourself fall into sin. Judge not least ye be judged. I do not condone letting a child suffer for a game, but I will not judge someone for playing. Is World of Warcraft of the devil? No more than anything else that is worldly. Your house, your car, you TV, your computer…the list can go on and on. I am no better than anyone else, be they sinner or saint. But in the same no one is better than I am either. For all have sinned in the eyes of the Lord. You might not let your children play or play yourself because you name it sin, but there is something in your life equally sinful.

  395. Jesus didn’t go to the temple to give the good news to sinners he went to the ghettos, taverns, back streets, and “detestable” places today’s weak “Christians” wouldn’t dare think of getting dirty by lowering themselves to save a sinner, if you are so weak in Christ you cant play a game and still turn people to Jesus you are right you probably shouldn’t play the game you should probably go to church and save someone where its safe.

  396. Okay… I am tired of people bashing on games for being “evil”. Or a tool of the devils. Look, it was someones imagination or creativity that made this game. anyway, as ^ that person said… It was the choice of the person playing to let the game control their life. Sorry if am using your same stuff, but I agree with you ^ completely :D.

  397. When it comes to “playing or not playing” it has more to do with how you interpret the bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ. Not all Christians think alike and I think that it’s up to us to see and understand why things are bad or good and not simply follow somebodies rules just because he says so.
    If you study teachings of Jesus you realize that they can be understood in a lot of different ways and not just what the Church says. In fact, Jesus himself gave us advice to be very careful about Churches and alike that call themselves “holy” and “chosen by God” because a lot of times they are the real and actual appearance of evil disguised to lead us astray.
    WoW is just a game and whether or not it will deny us of salvation is not up to God, but up to us since God already knows what we are supposed to do.

  398. Justin

    There are a few issues I see here:

    Whether or not the game’s subject matter possesses the “appearance of evil” (leading people to fortune-telling or sorcery) is a separate issue from the problem of game addiction, which more accurately falls under “idolatry” (i.e. the game world becomes more of a priority than the real world). This distinction should be made for the sake of theological clarity.

    With regard to the references from Deuteronomy: while these are important warnings to heed, it is also important to consider why these warnings were issued in the first place. The whole problem Jesus had with the Pharisees was that their preoccupation with obeying the law had blinded them to the heart of it. In the context of WoW, unless the player is actually pretending to be their character, using mouse-clicks to cast spells is fundamentally different from pretending to do it yourself in real life. To use another analogy, wearing the same clothes as someone else does not necessarily mean you are pretending to be them. While this does not nullify the issue, it cannot be accurately said that everyone who plays the game is pretending to cast spells.

    Lastly, the concept of using the game to “witness and lead others to Christ” should not be so easily dismissed. As a missionary undertaking, this would not be unlike going into the inner city and ministering to gangs, or going to a country where Christians are persecuted and ministering there. It is true that many people simply use this to justify their habit, but from an objective point of view, the WoW game world can be a legitimate mission field if someone genuinely treats it that way. Gamers are people, and God loves them too.

    Having said all that, I do not want to discourage anyone from putting MMOs and video games in general under theological scrutiny. I think it’s important to do this for everything we engage in, not just video games. But the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit (Eph 6:17) and must be handled carefully, so that we do not accidentally mislead one another.

  399. A Christian

    Hi. I’m a Christian who for 3 years played World of Warcraft on private server. Back then I had no real faith and I became completely dependent of that game. Thanks to the Lord I’ve managed to uninstall it at a moment and for some time everything was right without. As years passed now I got again a need to play WoW because of it’s story ( that’s what interest me at the game ) so I’ve buyed the game , installed it and now I’m playing on the official blizzard server. Yet I don’t feel quite right about it and I don’t know what to do , someone help me … I don’t spend alot of time on it this turn, just two hours or sometime 3.

  400. im also struggling with “not feeling right” about world of warcraft…however if you read the bible you will see that Jesus was persecuted by the pharisees for NOT following all of the elders traditions like not eating certian foods,and he told them “its NOT what goes into the body that defiles it…its what comes out”…meaning to me that God is more concerned with whats in your heart and not so much with your being “legalistic” about the Word of God. its legalistic people that murdered Jesus in the first place. You see Jesus said “Go learn the meaning of this…I desire mercy NOT sacrifice”…not to mention that Jesus didnt die to start a religion so that christians could be “religious people” he died so that you could have a personal relationship with God…your sin has been removed from you…you are no longer living under the law because it was the law that gave power to sin and made you a slave to it…because of Jesus perfect sacrifice we now live under grace and there is no condemnation in Christ…is this a license to sin?…absolutly NOT!!!…but ur not supposed to be like a pharisee either…world of warcraft isnt perfect and you should limit how much time you spend playing a game like that…i think an hour a day is reasonable as long as you spent 2 hours a day in prayer and bible study…christians arent perfect just forgiven and if you think you can earn a place in heaven by not playing a game i guess Jesus died for nothing…beware of spiritual pride and that you dont condemn yourself with your own words…as Jesus said “he among you that is without sin cast the first stone.”…God Bless

  401. Justin

    In LOTR one of the main characters used witchcraft. Remember the wizard(Forgot his name but I think it is like Gandolf or something.)

  402. Justin

    Why are you on here :)? That’s like someone walks up to you after prayer and says,”Why weren’t you praying?” and you say,” how did you know if you were?”

  403. Justin

    So, I’m sure a LOT of you have heard of “Soft” pornography. Well there is also such a thing as “Soft” witchcraft. My friends I work with got into this game and decided to try and get me into it. I was at a friends house the other day and he decided to show me his awesome level 66 “Wizard” who can summon a demon to fight for him while he throws spells at his enemies. Game or not, some things are best to stay away from. I like war games like first person shooters and such(I except the fact that I am a guy and I like action hehehe), but this… made me sick. I was not surprised to see such a backlash of people throwing hate remarks at the writer of this blog saying he is wrong(let’s face it, nobody wants to be wrong, especially not about salvation and having to give up something we enjoy), but I have to say that I agree with the writer. Biblically we are to stay away from this kind of thing. How I combat this is by finding something else that is fun and not full of witchcraft. I invited my friend to instead play a game called A.V.A.(Army game- and no there is nothing wrong with action according to the Bible-) it is online, it is actually free, and it doesn’t take up too much of your time unless like anything else, you let it. Language has a filter so no cussing is permitted,even in other dialects. So now he is playing A.V.A. with me lol. Oh and there is a diferance is “Thou shall not kill(Murder as Jesus calles it when he re quotes this passage in the NT) and actually going to war(Which several times in the Bible was for good purposses), but NOWHERE in the Bible was dabbling or even”Playing around” with witchcraft EVER a good thing. P.S: Feel free to comment even if it is bashing, I get amused by it and it makes for a good laugh. :p

  404. ok all this talk about witchcraft is getting out of control…in all reality there is no real or even fake witchcraft for that matter taking place in world of warcraft…thats all just part of the scenery to make it fun or more interesting to look at…and id like to also say that if the apostles from the bible cud hav seen a glimpse of modern day warfare it would hav very much looked like witchcraft to them but thats beside the point…the point is however that when u take away the 3D graphics and smoke and mirrors of WOW all thats left is what it REALLY is…a numbers game…in WOW if my numbers r higher than urs and i kno how to play im gonna beat u…thats all it is…all that lvling and aquiring better gear is just to get higher numbers which equals more power…its nothing more than that…any1 who knos anything about the game understands what i mean by this…lol

  405. Billy Matherson

    I think World of Warcraft lets one get in touch with Satan. I played the game 4-6 hours a night and I start to hear Satan in my head around midnight. Sometimes when i go to school he is still in my head.

  406. I can relate to your post as I am a WOW player and a Christian. I have struggled lately as to if I should continue to play the game. Then I looked in a Christian Book Store and saw all kinds of computer games that are role playing with dragons and monsters and such. What is the difference from these “Christian based Games” and WOW. One example game is called “Foundation of Hope” by Lethal Games Corporation at http://www.lethalgamescorporation.com . They state this is a Christian based game but I see the same terrain and similar characters. Just saying…now I am really confused.

  407. Billy, if you’re being serious, the first thing you need to do is destroy this game – at least throw it away. Secondly, ask the Lord (Jesus) to forgive you for dabbling in witchcraft and ask Him to cleanse you with the blood of Jesus. Tell the Lord that you renounce WOW and all witchcraft and ask Him to remove the spirit (devil) from your mind, soul, and body, and any other part of your life – also ask Him to close all doors that have were opened on account of witchcraft/WOW. Finally, ask the Lord to bring restoration to your mind and soul, and proclaim Galatians 3:13 over your life. (Feel free to do the same for any other game that you’ve played that’s similar.)

    If you need further assistance, just google deliverance or prayer ministry. God bless. (I check back from time to time as well.)

  408. Not everything a Christian does goes to the glory of God. Most Christian’s spend their downtime doing hobbies; reading books, watching tv/movies, painting models, sewing, and, yes, video games. It’s how the Christian separates fact from fiction in what they do, that matters. Playing a video game a few evenings a week (by the figures in the article, the majority of players are not addicted) will not corrupt them if they realize that it is reality that matters.
    I play World of Warcraft and I now that it is just a game. I’m also married and when not dealing with the matters of the real world, my wife and I unwind by playing with friends from real life in the game (we are currently working far in the north and it is a good way to keep in touch and do something together).
    Does that make me evil? Un-Christian?

  409. Daniel


    I’m not sure exactly when you typed up this excellent analysis of the game of World of Warcraft from a Christian perspective, but I believe that it is dead on. I am a Christian
    who backslid for many years since being saved when I was eight years old.

    Recently within the past few months the Lord
    has begun working strongly in my life, convicting me and drawing me back to Him.
    One of the first things He did when I renewed
    my relationship with Him was to free me from
    my addiction to games.

    I have been a game addict for the better part of twelve years. I played World of Warcraft for over three of those years.

    Even after coming back to a knowledge of the Lord, I struggled in the first month; wrestling in my mind with what was acceptable and what was wrong. I feel that most true Christians have the same struggle in the beginning, whether they are willing to admit it or not.

    And it is this very struggle itself that is indicative of the truth. If you have to engage in a mental wrestling match to convince yourself that something is acceptable, it’s not.
    You are ‘kicking against the goads’ as it were and fighting against the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your life.

    Ultimately what convinced me was simply this.
    All of the valid points made in this entry aside. If this game or ANY OTHER THING in your life begins to push out the things of the Lord,
    then you are at great risk.

    ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.
    You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on earth beneath or in the water under the earth.
    You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God…’
    – Exodus 20:4-5

    Idolatry does not need an idol to thrive.
    Anything that puts itself on par with God in your life becomes an idol.
    Anything that impinges on God’s divine
    territory (be it magical powers, the power of creation, science, etc) becomes idolatry.

    ‘But we write to them that they abstain from
    things contaminated by idols…’
    – Acts 15:20

    If you truly love the Lord, and there is no other reason to serve Him, then you will want to please Him and do what is pleasing in His sight. Therefore it is only logical to research these things.
    In response to those who have said that it is wrong to make analysis such as this one made by Robin, I reply with only this.

    The Bible says a lot about not judging others.
    But it also makes very clear that we are to use our powers of discernment and perception, aided with what we have taken from the word to ascertain what is pleasing to God and what is not.

  410. Daniel

    Faith is not worthless without doubt.
    Faith OVERCOMES doubt. Matters of religion are matters of belief. Belief by the very nature of the word implies faith in a concept or an idea.

    This entire post is a straw man argument to
    divert true believers and make them question and doubt the foundations of their faith.
    It has little to do with the original nature of the post.

    Regardless, I’ll humor you.
    I believe the following:

    1.) The Bible is the inspired Word of God,
    passed down from Him to mortals for the purpose of edification of His church and those who would serve Him and seek His face.

    ‘But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.’
    – II Peter 1:19-21

    2.) We are to be imitators of God’s nature
    as much as possible while we are here on the earth, for this is pleasing to Him.

    ‘Therefore you are to be perfect, as your
    heavenly Father is perfect.’
    – Matthew 5:48

    ‘Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.’
    – Ephesians 5:1

    ‘As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in ignorance, but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”
    – I Peter 1:14-16
    (Please notice I am quoting from the new testament Bible whose God you consider to be more lenient.)

    I’m not serving God because of a fear of hell, or damnation. I am serving God because I love Him and I want to follow Him.
    That’s really it in a nutshell.
    I am sorry if I offend in any way with my comments.

  411. You have got to be kidding me. I bet you that every single person that plays WoW nos that real life witchcraft is very wrong. But just doing it in a game is fine. i am a Christian and i love jesus. But, i also play world of war craft. So now do you think that i am an evil person. No i am not. i am playing a game that i enjoy. so you dont need to make people think that a game is evil just because it looks like it.

  412. Kristi

    Well done article. I was reading through some of the comments. It amazes me that when a processing Christian hears about something they enjoy to be sin against GOD, they get offended and offer up reasons why you are wrong in judging. And they make the sin out to be little. SIN is SIN! Even though it is God’s word, His will, they argue. Maybe they need to re-evaluate their relationship to Jesus. It will be a shame to Hear,”I never knew you” at the gates of Heaven because of their made up god, and not worshipping the One True God.

  413. George

    Yes! I am so glad I found this site and that someone is speaking out against this evil game as the Holy Scriptures clearly show as some have already given. Sad to say I have a child involved with this game and it has taken a toll on his life both personally in wasting his time on it instead of other things like his schooling although now got his secondary diploma , doesnt get out of the house and sometimes violent behaviour. And at the same time says he is a Christian already. But true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ know that although Christians arent perfect they are changed from within and somethings they never want such as sorceries or witchcraft , idolatry , charms , hexes etc. If any man be in Christ he is a new creature ; old things are passed away behold all things are become new. And sadly this can take over a persons life before you know it by children sneaking things in their rooms etc. What is also needed is repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. Since easy believism doesnt change the heart without true repentance for our sins against the Holy God we have offended by our sins whatever they are. Also in the book of Revelation in the King James Bible it says some in the tribulation period would not repent of their sorceries or their murdurs or their thefts. I also believe their needs to be laws against this game and games like it since it helps to corrupt the young people all around the world. And those responsible should have punishment equal to their crimes against the young and immpressionable. Thank You again for your encouraging site. Sincerely ;

  414. Selling WoW accounts is illegal and against Blizzard terms of service.

  415. George

    Apparently another game out there that is also of the same order is one called ‘starcraft’. Which some are saying promotes sodomy and rape. Which also is not a good thing either. Although all unrighteousness is sin and all sins can be forgiven except refusing Christ as ones God and Saviour still all sinners could be forgiven their sins no matter what they are if they will realize that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners and to seek and to save that which was lost and came to die for all men’s sins on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago and was buried , and rose from the dead the third day, was seen of men , and went back up to heaven. If one will only repent of their sins againt God and trust The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. The only one who never sinned in any respect was him. But also the only way to miss hell fire forever and make it to heaven is to come to him as a sinner and submit our will to him and trust him as personal Saviour and Lord. He then will freely forgive of any sin involved with by the precious blood that cleanseth from all sin when we realize he shed it as the only atonement for sins. And one day also he is coming back in the rapture or catching up of the saved ones to take them to heaven. But those left behind or unbelievers will have to go through a terrible time called the great tribulation period of the reign of the anti-Christ or the beast who the lost world will worship. But those who have heard the truth but rejected it will have to go to hell and will receive strong delusion that they should believe not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. So I would encourage all no matter what your sin to come to Christ today with a repentant heart for your sins no matter what they are and ask the Lord Jesus in prayer to forgive your sins and save your soul from hell and give you his gift of eternal life now and in heaven at his appearing. Sincerely ;

  416. Hannah

    I got addicted to this game and my mom told me to stop and this game is evil and i played it 12 hours a day… and god says do not let evil inside you the game MAY be fun but doesnt mean it is right! SinCerely

  417. Gerald Tucker

    Ive played and struggled with WoW for years, and ive come to the conclusion that its not the evil characters and so called witch-craft. Its the fact that I was putting this game before God, and also my own family. God wants us to practice self-control, but I could not win with this game. Its a very fun game to relieve stress but when your a very competent person like myself, its not a good idea to play. I guess all im saying is, Its not the game its whether God is first in your life.

  418. Cannon

    they are not judging but warning 2 if its coming from the bible its a caution and i appreciate it not them. 3 bible holy men of God instructed to do so . world of warcraft NOT, 100% of the world do live in sin and most dont see it in the christan world . you point fingers at them judging i say u dont your pointing your fingers at God u say God is judging u have the issue i have the issue we have the issues and i thank God for this blog for not judging me but revealing to me FROM the bible which is my rightchouse judge thank you .

  419. Whew! I just tripped over this site as I was googling something else.
    I have to say that for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!
    I never played D&D nor any of these others games…meddled with the oijou board as a tween and thank you Jesus for saving my mother who threw the trash out into the trash where it belonged…better yet, she should have burned it as it deserves to be burned!
    People, please wake up! Satan is out and about lurking and luring each and every one of us. As a parent of small children now, I have never seen so much garbage being sold to children everywhere. Magic this, magic that…war games, video games, books, toys, etc. etc.

    None of it glorifies God at all.
    And that is what I have taught them from the start. If it doesn’t glorify God, we won’t be buying it. The garbage that Satan is luring others with is NOT welcome in our home!
    It’s very sad shopping for little girls nowadays. We’ve got fairies, more fairies, magic, and whattayaknow, witches being glorified either with toys, on tv, or in books.
    Take a look at all the tv programs out there to choose from nowadays (another subject).

    This sweet little children’s song sums it up for ALL of us…
    Here’s some lyrics…

    Oh, be careful little hands what you do…
    Oh, be careful little ears what you hear…
    Oh, be careful little eyes what you see…
    for the Father up above is looking down in love, Oh be careful little eyes what you see.

    Please be careful. You are the parents. Your house is your house…you have a job to do. Read God’s Word and study yourselves…and
    be careful…the world is evil and Satan is luring YOUR little ones with WHATEVER he can to get their little minds!!!!

  420. edward

    I play wow and personally the only problem I see with it is it’s addicting. My opinion is if someone feels the need to not play the game then that is they’re choice and I don’t think another person should be critisised just because they do play it. The game is mostly about good versus evil. Warlocks control demons yes, but they use those demons to destroy other demons and other evil creatures.

  421. edward

    Another thing. You can NEVER fully understand something until you have experienced it! I can see everyones point of view in this. However it is my belief that what you do with your life is between the people you love, you, and most importantly God.

  422. Michael

    As I read this thread, I see both sides of the argument. I believe in God, as well as play World of Warcraft. I will say that sure the game can be very time consuming and have no argument against the fact that some people do get addicted. To me it only comes down to how I manage my time. I do want to bring to the table the idea that consuming games such as World of Warcraft can actually be helpful in maybe keeping someone from sinking into even worse vices (drugs, adultery, etc.) I play sometimes several hours a day, as is the nature of the game, and sometimes not at all for days or weeks or even months at a time. Those addicted to the game simply fail to see the line between reality and fiction.

    I do feel as if those against it accusing it of being sinful, are indirectly judging those who play it or created it or maintain it. Sure there are those that curse or drink while playing, but the great thing about it is: I can choose who I play with. I can decide if I want people who drink often or excessively to play with me daily or weekly. I have no doubt that there are 100% Christian guilds (clans basically) that have no tolerance for anything more or less. The game is essentially the same as social networking sites or going and playing sports. Only different scenery.

    I have played World of Warcraft a few years, and I have taken extended breaks due to getting burned out or just having responsibilities that have priority over the game. Just because I play this game doesn’t mean I worship Satan or appreciate killing people in person or whatever you can think of. For some it is stress relief. I even have friends that play as something for us to do as a group when we can’t gather together in person.

    I am only voicing my opinion and I have no issue with Christians or non-Christians.

  423. Intellect

    Oh Lord! Not this again!
    Witchcraft? Are you serious?
    You need to study more. Perhaps read the world of Warcraft Mythos as well.
    In a nutshell, not all classes cast spells. And there is no witchcraft in the game.
    Mages get their power from the well of eternity(maelstrom), a source of power for the planet that was given by the Guardians of the planet. No magic circle.
    The only thing near to witchcraft would be the warlock. Which is an evil class in the first place. According to lore, they are humans who drink the demon blood to get power. They are bad guys. However, you can play as one. Still, no magic circles.
    Next magic class are priests: they serve the Holy Light. Holy light is the representation of justice, purity, good, virtue etc. They stand for these things. Paladins are similar but yet focus more on Justice and purity.
    Also, the issue with dying. When you die, you are revived by te spirit healer or angel. You then walk to your death spot to respawn. Other players can revive either through the holy light(priest/paladin) using the power of nature(Druid/shaman), or demonic (warlock)

    Also, as for scandalous females. You are the one struggling with lust. It is your sinful natural that is seeing lust. The game is not scandalous. Just you.

    As for addiction. Only stupid people with issues get addicted. My recommendation: balance and moderation or go to a shrink. Because you got issues my friend.

  424. MItchell

    I don’t see how evil any game or movie that has spell casting and violence can be. I don’t personally think god minds if we ENJOY our lifes, violence is the key to good. Without violence their would be nothing to define good. And if the game is addictive that cannot be the makers or the games fault, that’s YOUR fault for not having the will to quit the EVIL you guys say it is. I don’t care if you believe me or not but in all truth RELIGION is the source of all evil, and I am christian, but people like you are not experiencing what is fun in life. People like you are brainwashed and if you think God isn’t ok with you having fun and thinks you are evil for using your imagination then God is more of devil then the actual devil

  425. MItchell

    Think of it this way… How many souls have died in the making, selling, and playing the World of Warcraft, probably little to none. Now tell me how many souls have been killed over Christianity, millions if not billions. There are over 2,700 people working for blizzard and many of them have families and children and are only trying to make a living and give others a form of fun and unviolent way to spend their time. Anyone who is calling them evil or sinful is an evil, sinful, hypocrite. World of Warcraft can keep people from doing what is really evil, so just think about all that

  426. I play wow, and it is very obvious that you have done so yourself. I understand every point you mention, but I believe that simply playing a game made up on pure code and numbers on a screen is not harming your religion and is not a sin in any way shape or form. I myself am a Christian, I am 17 years of age and I have only been playing this particular game for around 3 months but have been playing video games my whole life, and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. There are always the people that take things “too” far and wind up hurting others, but that is there own “internal” problem, and has absolutely nobody or nothing to blame but themselves for being delusional and for allowing themselves to do said things. A gun will not kill a man, a man may kill another man with a gun though. This game is simply a form of entertainment, a Christian movie is also a form of entertainment, “with a message of gospel”. The bible says not to judge, this post is evident of many forms of judgement. Yes this game “looks” evil, but all your really looking at is a moving screen, not a satanic church, or an actual murder. And as for the lust reference, “if you lust for a cartoon character, you need medical attention, and if you start humping your computer screen…you need…..help.”

  427. Graham Peyton

    I am an ex-gamer … used to play sometimes more than 8 hours a day. God saved me from the mess of PC and porn addiction. I have a couple of things to say:

    “I will not set before my eyes
    anything that is worthless.
    I hate the work of those who fall away;
    it shall not cling to me.
    A perverse heart shall be far from me;
    I will know nothing of evil.”
    Psalm 101:3

    PC games are worthless. There is nothing useful in them either in this life or the next.

    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Jer 17:9.

    Don’t fall for pragmatism.

    “You” – your time, thoughts, actions, activities, pleasures, desires – “were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” 1 Cor 6:20

    PLEASE visit these links:


    Thanks for this post…

  428. Thank you for your candid view on WOW. I myself have played wow for several years and been a Christian for many more.
    Just recently I unsubscribed from the game. Ironically, I do not seem able to unsubscribe completely from Battle.net…there just isn’t anywhere that allows me to completely erase my details from their system.

    To those Christians who are playing and who say that WOW has no hold on them.

    I would ask that you do just one thing for me, consider it a challenge. Log off of WOW for just 12 months.

    If you find that having logged off you have no yearning for the game, no void, no “itchy fingers” and lif goes on as normal, then clearly, the game has no hold on your life.

    If, however, the opposite is true, then I would suggest that it has a hold and you should seek God’s face for an answer…for help.

    If my mere suggestion that you log off for a time irritates, enrages or angers you, then perhaps like me you should log off for good.

    My hope is that the holy spirit will guide you always.

  429. you need to wake up and realize the reason for all these wargames being sold to ur children is because we live in a country that is at constant war…at least every 18 years we go to war with some1 and if we cant find a reason we will create one…ur kids r nothing more than soilders in training…and as for glorifying witches and such…we as a country who hav murdered millions of unborn children who were created in Gods image we hav killed more than Hitler ever dreamed of and YES the blood is on ALL of our hands…and we all sit here and complain about a game???…seriously???…our sins r stacked up to the heavens…God help us…=(…stop looking at video games thats only the tip of the iceberk…the truth is our reality in america is we rnt a christian nation anymore quite the contrary actually and yes the blood is on YOUR hands too!!!

  430. Once again, here are religous people spatting off at the mouth about what “They” believe. I am not religous in anyway, nor do I believe in God. I play WoW with my Wife everynight when the kids sleep as some quality time with the Wife. It is no different that sitting down and watching Television or playing a board game. This game promotes Team Work through out it. It works on your Eye Hand Coordination as well. I have even made a few very good friends on here. The game is very addicting, but we do not allow it to control our life. I am Military and get up everyday never to be late or miss a day of work, as my wife stays home and takes care of our children. Just because there are some out there that Can’t control themselves and allow the game to control their lives, don’t JUDGE everyone the same. You never Judge anyone! I spend $15 a month to play a fun game. Sorry I never heard of anyone dying from playing WoW. Have heard of people dying smoking Cigs or drinking alcohol. Why don’t you go preach to them. If one thing I learned in my 13 years in the military, is that speaking religion causes arguments, which leads to fights, which lead to wars. Practice in your Churches, and leave it there…

    Very Respectfully,

    Robert Watson

  431. Anonymous

    That in which we spend our time, we become.

  432. I think it’s fine to play for anyone, as long as you don’t act it out in real life.

  433. God doesn’t have internet access or a computer. So no. I don’t think he’ll play this game.

  434. Debbie Conley

    You’ve said it very well. It saddens me that so much of our precious time, that is given us by God, is wasted on these games. Just the pictures alone are an appearance of evil. It would be great to see people spend as much time reading God’s Word and then if they’re bored, volunteer their time to a good organization. Let us fight the Good fight.

  435. Anonymous

    (Norway Killer) “Blond-haired Behring Breivik described himself on his Facebook page as “conservative”, “Christian”, and interested in hunting and computer games like World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, reports said.”


    His actions have nothing to do with Christianity obviously… World of Warcraft? Yes, most certainly.

  436. (Norway Killer) “Blond-haired Behring Breivik described himself on his Facebook page as “conservative”, “Christian”, and interested in hunting and computer games like World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, reports said.”

    He wasn’t a Christian. His actions had nothing to do with Christianity. World of Warcraft? Yes, I believe his actions were motivated by the demonic influences that he invited into his life through playing this game.

  437. George

    Real Christians are to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature not just inside the church. And the fact that some people on this site have been threatened or called names proves indeed there is a lot more to it then just a game. So seek ye the LORD while he may be found , call ye upon him while he is near . Let the wicked forsake his way , and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him turn unto the LORD for he will abundantly pardon. Sincerely ;

  438. a 13 year old that plays wow

    I’m 13, and I play WoW. It’s just a game, its not going to affect you in the real world. My parents are christian believers. I never really payed attention to religion, most of my friends play WoW.

  439. a 13 year old that plays wow

    I agree 100%.

  440. I’m not here to get involved in all the arguing… just wanted to say thanks to Robin for a well written, and well thought out article. I agree with every word you wrote. Good work!

  441. I am a 23 year old who has been raised in a strong Catholic household. I also have been playing WoW for a number of years, and I have read Harry Potter and the like. I disagree with the views posted in this blog. My mother always taught me that witchcraft and such was forbidden in the eyes of God in the REAL world, and to know the difference between what is REAL and what is only fake and used for entertainment. I have never been addicted to this game and I know God comes first in my life. I dont believe everyone should just let their children play this game or read Harry Potter and such, I believe that the parents need to get involved with their children and explain to them the difference between what is real, and what is fake, dont just tell them they cant play because a game is “evil.” It is a GAME…. used for entertainment. It is not a how-to instruction manual for witchcraft and other sorcery. As I have said, I have been playing WoW for a number of years (about 5) and I couldnt make a fireball shoot out of my hands even if I wanted to. I am no different than when I first started playing. I think people need to stop being so uptight about trivial things in the world such as a computer game, and TEACH their children, instead of simply banning everything that may be viewed “harmful” or “dangerous.” Lets be more concerned about larger things in this world, and lets be more involved in our childrens lives! Its much easier to tell your children “not to play” or “not to read,” than it is to teach them the difference between real and fake. Its just like cartoons. You see a cartoon character fall off a cliff and not get hurt, and when your child imitates that and does get hurt, you blame cartoons, when in reality, you should tell your children “Its just a cartoon. Its not REAL. If that were to happen in REAL life, he would have been hurt wouldnt he?” I remember my mom teaching me not to imitate cartoons, but she NEVER once banned me from watching them. Lets just teach our children the words of God, and to uphold his laws in REAL life, and not be so uptight about the little things in life. I dont think God will judge us based on if we played a computer game or not, hes going to look at what is in our hearts. As I have said, I am a very strong Christian, but Im going to keep playing WoW, and on judgement day, if I find out I was wrong for it, well thats between me and God. Im just going to keep my faith strong, and live my life, and I advise everyone to do the same.

  442. I agree whole-heartedly.

  443. I agree with this writer. Whether real or pretend. We should not, Christian or not, engage in any form or manner in evil or violent acts, language, and the like. Speaking that way is also wrong. Also, you can just feel it in your heart and your soul that it’s wrong. It is not Christ-like or God-like behavior. All that stuff disturbs and ruins the soul, even if one does not immediately feel it. It ultimately harms all. It is not fun and should not be a way of enjoying yourself. One should not ‘enjoy’ such things. If it’s in the mind in any form, then the damage has already begun.

  444. zach arnold

    i am zach Arnold
    I am 12
    My dad told me wow was evil
    But I thought he just didn’t like it
    Now I understand
    After reading this I can say that I’m glad I’m not playing anymore
    Also I tried to use it to convert people to God
    But all I got was horrible insults
    And bad words
    Thank you for Making this article
    Without this I probably wold be addicted and
    A not good person.
    So thank you
    I was zelderon a human hunter with a turtle pet
    Lvl 47
    Zach Arnold

  445. Hiya, first of all I want to say that its true everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it. Now I want to say that your opinion is in this case, in correct and based in ignorance. I have played WoW and MANY other games for many years. I am also a born again Christian and I love God very much. But you are taking the scripture far to seriously here. WoW is a Role Playing game. You portray a fictional character in a fictional world. Your claim would be like saying an actor should not take a role because portraying that role would give way to the appearance of sin. The Lord speaks to us in this scripture in a way you are misunderstanding. The appearance of sin in the bible refers to what it appears you are doing. For example the Bible says to not become drunk off of wine. So, if I have one beer that’s ok, Im not drunk. However, if my Pastor sees me in public having that one beer, he has no way of knowing its the only beer I intend to have. Thus I have appeared to be sinning. Thats ME in MY body appearing to be sinning. But a game is just that, a game. World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of The Rings, they are fictional, intended for entertainment and NOT REAL. You reference gods abolishment of the practice of spellcraft. People who play WoW are not casting spells simply because their toons (WoW slang for Avatar) are. In addition, only about half of the classes use spells. The key point here is that, while I cant change your mind, I felt a need to express a different view point, from a Christian point of view. I would also like to add, I play the game, with my local Pastor, who like yourself was once appalled by the idea. So I’ll end by quoting him. I made a premature judgement about the people who play this game, when it was not my place, but Gods, to judge. God Bless.

  446. “when it was not my place, but Gods, to judge”

    Wow, never was a truer word said.

  447. I shouldn’t judge if a computer game is good or bad for my children? What about x rated movies? How about pedophiles? Can I judge whether or not my children should go camping with a known pedophile?

    What about about preachers. Does a theology degree mean I should sit under someone’s teaching without judging if he is teaching truth? Isn’t that how cults form?

    What the Bible says About Judging in Context

    Read the passage in context:

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam [is] in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. Matthew 7:1-5

    “Judge not” in the Greek μη κρινετε (mē krinete) is the habit of sharp, unjust criticism.

    God alone can judge;but it is our duty to speak out against sin (Matthew 7:15–20) and to exercise wisdom in dealing with those who reject the truth (Matthew 7:6).

    Jesus is condemning mean spirited judgment and unjust criticism of others’ motives. We are not only allowed, we have an obligation to test others by their fruits (Matthew. 15–20).

    The etymology of the word “critic” is from the Greek word judge in this verse. Another form of this same root in verse 5 is translated “hypocrite” implying a critical, judgmental, self-righteous spirit which judges others more severely than it does itself. (The attitude you find in legalistic churches),

    When someone emphasizes one set of sins over another set of sins then excuses one’s own faults (the beam in your eye) but will not excuse the faults of others they are guilty of criticizing others unrighteously.

    Christ is not telling us to avoid evaluating people or not to use our God-given wisdom (1 John 4:1–6). The world is full of false teachers (2 Corinthians 11:13–15). We must be alert and must “try the spirits” (1 John 4:1) and teach our children to do the same!

  448. This ‘game’ is evil. The devil comes as a theif in the night. He will steal our time but to be fair TV is a socially accepted version of the same theft. Value your time with God and people. You can love God and people!

  449. Agree with the author, warcraft and similar games, although some view it as pretend, IT GLORIFIES MAGIC, VIOLENCE AND LUST and other forms of abominable things. Only Jesus should be glorified, as Christians it is our duty to abhor from these type of games and help one another and counsel one another,

  450. another view to this is this is actually very different from watching TV, because in MMO’s in general you are taking an ACTIVE ROLE in casting spells, mixing potions and the like, feel it in your heart the holy spirit will convict you that this is wrong….

  451. One more thing what many fail to realize that playing these kind of MMO’s leads to a form of IDOLATRY, ” o my avatar is so awesome, he is legendary, cant wait to get that legendary weapon next week” as a former MMO player myself I remember having sleepless nights just thinking about my character on what the best armor would be, what the best weapon would be and etc.” Remember as someone said above our time is not ours but Gods, let us spend it in more fruitful ways like advancing the kingdom of God. No I am not judging anyone, I am judging the game and know that it is evil….

  452. Im not a christian, but i find true value in the bible and it’s words, yea i’ve played “WOW” before it was a thrill to play with my friends, killing mobs and gaining levels, but it was only weeks into when i discovered disturbing occult symboles therin, the most shocking was the “flying mount” it was in a form of a lion with what looks a bit like a human face and has wings on its arms and a scorpion tail…. this resembles the apocolyptic scryptures too closely, the game was designed to make you want to play more and make you have no life what so ever, i’ve even seen the occult all seeing eye of satan (illuminati) on a rare and “praised” shield…. Its the beast in all ways… 10 races = 10 crowns, some what was and some that has to come wich means the games first had few races then updated to have the full 10, i wonder if W.O.W is some ancient number meaning 666

  453. Rae AKA Cerulee

    How could you post something like this?
    Really, how could you?
    People like you are the reason why people look at Christians (including myself) all cockeyed. I play WoW and am very well aware of the fact that it is, and always will be, a fantasy. It’s just a game, and people are trying to turn it into some demonic cult! What can you say about people who follow say, a sports team? Someone who goes to every home game, watches every away game on TV, someone who occasionally forgets to eat or sleep when the team goes into overtime, someone who ends up ignoring friends or family when the playoffs start? What about them? Why are video games the proverbial forbidden fruit? Yes, there is a lot of evil symbolism in WoW, but the main idea is the timeless good vs. evil. There is a race in WoW called the Forsaken, who have broken free of the grasp of the Lich King and are now fighting against evil. Isn’t that what Christians did? Break free from the grasp of Satan? And yes, there are some sick individuals who play WoW, it is the internet after all, but you don’t just let a 13-year-old schoolgirl play without any supervision. I occasionally play with my younger cousins and always keep my eye on them. And as for your “Abstain from all appearances of evil,” quote, I have this to say:
    Jesus hung out with prostitutes, thieves, outcasts, and nonbelievers.

  454. I play games, but I have thrown away those with content such as casting spells for example. Now I stick mainly with military and sports games. Everything you shared in this blog post is true. Deception can come through gaming even. The last thing a Christian wants is to be deceived. It is not worth it.

  455. jeff elohim

    It is written “… the world will not be able to comprehend you…”

    and again it is written

    “… for I (YAHSHUA) tell you truly, prostitutes and thieves will enter heaven before priests…”

    So, while it is also true that it is written : “And as for your “Abstain from all appearances of evil,” quote, I have this to say:
    Jesus hung out with prostitutes, thieves, outcasts, and nonbelievers.”
    then please remember if you can
    TODAY, YAHSHUA could not engage in war games, nor carry a weapon, nor take a pharmaceutical drug,
    but YAHSHUA DOES seek out LOST SHEEP WHO DO, (if and only if ABBA ELOHIM says to, just as it is written forever).

    “What can you say about people who follow say, a sports team?”

    One man told YAHSHUA, “let me first go see to a farm that I bought”
    and another told YAHSHUA, “first I must go attend to my business in another town, then I will have time for YOU”
    and another told YAHSHUA, ” ”
    but he left YAHSHUA because he
    had many possessions and didn’t want to give them up)

    For the ONLY HONEST BOOK I HAVE SEEN about the subject, in line with SCRIPTURE,
    watchman nee’s book
    “LOVE NOT THE WORLD” (free, available online free)

    since most all of chrstndumb is corrupt greedy and fake,
    you will have a very very very hard time finding the truth about anything if you trust any man …

  456. jeff elohim

    “Comment by admin :
    I shouldn’t judge if a computer game is good or bad for my children? What about x rated movies? How about pedophiles? Can I judge whether or not my children should go camping with a known pedophile?
    What about about preachers. Does a theology degree mean I should sit under someone’s teaching without judging if he is teaching truth? Isn’t that how cults form?
    What the Bible says About Judging in Context
    Read the passage in context:”
    END QUOTE(but go read the passage if you didn’t yet)
    …. with a grain of sea salt –
    why would anyone agree to judge what can be seen and felt and recognized as iniquitous even by little children raised daily in the truth,
    they won’t judge for themselves
    to NOT DAILY take a billion tiny parasites into their body???
    parasites that cause uncounted suffering for decades for millions of americans and for the uneducated or dis-obedient in other countries too.

    IF they CAN’T/DON’T judge for themselves NOT TO POISON THEMSELVES physically, then why / how could they ever learn to not poison the minds souls and hearts of their little ones ???

    albeit, there is very little good example or teaching or training and sometimes maybe none for a time in most people’s lives,
    YHVH ELOHIM offers to teach everyone HIMSELF the truth about everything (it is written, look it up) if they will LOVE HIM AND OBEY HIM.
    As NORA LAM escaped communist chinese government and buddhist religion,
    As MARTIN LUTHER escaped the abomination he had been living surrounded by daily,
    As PAUL THE APOSTLE escaped the religious system(by SHEER GRACE OF YHVH AS THE WORD SAYS),
    so too
    anyone may/might/can escape their chruch/family/country/society
    only if they will CHOOSE LIFE and renounce all worldliness and renounce all wickedness and sin
    with man it is impossible to be saved at all, IT IS WRITTEN.
    YAHSHUA TOLD HIS DISCIPLES “but if you trust ABBA TO ACCOMPLISH IT, it is as good as accomplished” !!! YEAH YEAH YEAH HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!

  457. The world has changed sooo much. When I was growing up in the 60s no one would allow their children to be involved in anything like this. A store selling a game like this would be banned. No is so accepted and parents are playing. sigh.

  458. I have felt very funny about letting my kids play WoW. Thank you for giving me some scripture references to back up my concerns. 🙂

  459. Rae,

    Jesus hung out with outcasts, prostitutes, and tax collectors because He came to “call sinners to repentance.” Please read Matthew chapter 9.

    He didn’t hang out with them to aprove of, or indulge in, their practices. On the contrary, He told the people in Luke 9:23, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

    True followers of Christ, not mere professors of Christianity, bear fruit that is in accordance with repentance. We’re supposed to deny ourselves the things (habits, beliefs, practices, etc) that are of this world and contrary to the will of God that is revealed in His word. The cross is, at least in part, a symbol of death to self and submission to God.

    Part of God’s revealed will is for people to lead holy lives. The Apostle Peter wrote in 1 Peter 1:15, “but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct…” This precept is in proper accordance with Paul’s comment in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 to “abstain from all appearance of evil.” I could give other examples as well.

    God’s word is not murky regarding witchcraft. He hates it. He wants people to eridicate every vestige of it. Both the Old and New Testaments testify to this. Why occupy yourself with a practice that God has cursed – even if it’s only a game? Continue to occupy yourself with this junk and you’ll regrettably have something you don’t want occupying you.

    Satan is not a mythical creature formed in the imaginations of men. He’s our spiritual foe who wants to kill us, steal from us, and destroy us (John 10:10). He’s able to accomplish this in greater capacity as he acquires opportunity. Witchcraft, in any form, will open a door to him to one degree or another and give him that opportunity. I speak from personal experience. Please be advised.

    God Bless.

  460. mishishi

    hi Ellen

    please tell me what you prayed. my husband has been addicted to this game for over a year now & now suddenly wants a divorce! i am awaiting the court date, but praying hard. please advise me. thanks

  461. Maggie

    For those of you who would like a look at the evil we are warring.

    I recommend…The Invisible War, by Donald Barnhouse.

    We wrestle not against flesh and blood. These games are cleverly designed to addict us. Tangible spiritual warfare.


  462. I’ve just taken a look through this blog, and though I am not one to blog much I have to say this. As Christians we have to choose our words with great caution, to be…as wise as serpents, but as gentle as doves. That being said, to say something is sinful such as Harry Potter and World of Warcraft, may be true. The issue is that we need not point out the sin but the need for a saviour. Anybody on the internet can come across this blog and if they hold no faith in Christ they are more likely to turn and run upon reading words such as sinful or being told they are sinning. Remember Jesus never pointed a finger but he did confront sin and the sinner by showing them their need for salvation. I hope my point is clear in this. God Bless you all.

  463. Hi, i have not yet read the who artical but two things have come to mind. One the female charecters are not dressed sexy in game. Most have a ton of armor. not that it wold matter to me I as a female will tell you i am not as thin or fit as my toon (who is not dressed sexy although i wish armor was nicer) But i think there is NOTHING wrong with the human body and we should not be ashamed. Not that we need to be dressing in a way that tempts men But if it wasnt so cold here I would not see any reason to cover ourselves except of course to hid our shame/sin but now we are forgiven.

    second. Ive been playing on and off for years and there is VERY little cussing. I do see it sometimes in trade chat but i spend most of the time solo farming herbs. also on this note I would not join a guild that did a lot of cussing. But there is a language filter that will omit any “bad” language including cussing and swearing I have it off because it counts words like Butt I guess I should say glutious maximus or gluts or tushy.

    anyway there is that. I understand not playing i wish there where not so many refrences to god. But it is a game and all pretent you may not agree but because night elves dont speak english maybe Elune is the name for the creater or not. I ignore it. :p there are many questionable things in the world. most stuff on tv (we dont have one) tons of books. even a lot of games kids play in school. sadly evil is everywhere.

    I am 15 days away from ending my wow subscription due to becoming jaded by it it tends to be repetitive. I am one sparatic player playing just 2-3 hours a week. if even that.

    oh ive thought of a third item sorry :p

    Lots of games are addictive including many video games not just this one. But this games tends to be as social as you make it. you can go years ( of play) with out talking to a single person or you can talk to people every day.

  464. p.s. i like the bible verses thanks for adding them in.. We all know them but it is nice to have them at hand when reading 😀

    and there are lots of Christians on WOW spreading the word in trade chat

  465. Thank you Robin and Ellen,

    Until now I have felt alone and any attempt to encourage my son to do anything other than full time wow has failed. My son at age 25 is surely addicted to wow and my ? christian ex husband does not think it is evil. My son seems to be unaware that people his age are usually training for a career or working. Social benefits have ceased and he lives with my elderly christian grandmother, who knows no boundaries. I continue to pray but wonder what else I can do.
    Mitchell, you appear to be blissfully ignorant of the effects of wow, and the vulnerability of children damaged by marriage breakdown and living with no sense of direction. Don’t suppose you have been through that or have children.

  466. Christians like you Jake are a poor testament to God’s word and God’s love. I am in real pain over my son who has “played” wow fulltime for several years. I ask you, have you a job? friends outside of wow?, can you hold a conversation with someone?, do you have a partner?,can you afford to buy food?, do you cook your own meals? do you think it is fine to use obscene language ( and precious little other language) to your mother?, do you do your own washing? do you have any ambition to do anything other than wow? If you are answering yes, no wonder you don’t understand.

  467. This article could stand revising and reposting, Robin. With all the roll playing games on facebook and such, I’m afraid it’s even more of an issue than when you originally posted this. Our family has become “adicted” to Age of Empires, but we do not play online at all. I’m also using it as a spring-board for History. Our time is very limited and the whole family is involved in some way. Any game, even Solitaire (because of the tarot card background, Corrie ten Boom noticed an issue with it in consentration camp…), should be treated in this way. Not that everyone needs to play, or be all together when it is played, but that the lines of communication in the family are completely open so any issues can be addressed ASAP… imho. Great article!

  468. Vorian

    I will support this as long as you don’t support psychiatry, because if you do you are criticising the kids who play this game and generally avoid the most sins of the flesh in this current world; to protect kids who beat people up for the fun of it and trash the place around them. Psychiatry has killed 2,000 kids with its youngest victim being 4. It kills 3,000 people a month with psychological drugs, and more people have died in psychiatric institutions in America in the last few decades than in all the wars America has been in since its founding.

    Now out of WoW and psychiatry do not tell me WoW is the greater evil, for giving mind damaging drugs (mind damaging is witchcraft) to 4 year olds is far worse than playing a game instead of causing mayhem on the street.

    Will you criticise a game which keeps kids of the street and support giving drugs worse than cocaine to kids?

  469. You need to seriously reconsider what you believe in. Jesus Christ, not religion, freed people, us, from different additions and vices. WoW and similar rpgs are a means to escape reality and ignore what the Bible tells us.

  470. I fail to see your point. Evil characters? obviously but where in the bible does it mention trolls, undead or goblins?. Casting spells?? i hardly consider them the act of standing around a satanic altar chanting in some pathetic attempt to summon something. It is a computer graphic nothing more that summons lightning or fire or something similar.
    The poster of this article is one of those steriotypical anal retentive christians who sees great fear and evil in everything and takes it waaaaaay over the top.
    For the record if any of you actually bothered to read the bible properly in the first place you would realise that not any single one of you is actually a christian.
    Did you know that christians are not allowed to marry outside of the Jewish community?, did you know that Jesus himself CONDEMS and FORBIDS divorce yet how many people do you have in your churches that are divorced?, and the best one is how you all sit and judge, judge, judge day after day after day…..yet might i remind thee that you are too take the plank of wood out of your own eye…..yet none of you actually do.
    I have yet to meet one true christian in my life and it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to actually happen. You are also meant to stone a woman to death for things like cheating on their husband…..see you only take what YOU want to act upon and IGNORE the rest.
    So do us all a favour and chill the hell out already, you make me laugh you get so anal over a video game yet in your churches we find pedos, rapists, murderers and all sorts of corrupt nasty conedmning people. Get a life already and just find your own path and enjoy it instead of jumping on the bandwagon and acting like moronic sheep.

  471. Reformation1

    I am glad that someone is taking a stand and exposing the evil that is in some of these video games. The mentality of those that have *no fear of GOD (which the Bible says those people have no wisdom) will always try to justify there actions. If you are NOT A CHRISTIAN (striving to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ and come to the full knowledge of GOD) there is NO NEED for you to read this article. Because you will not understand the Christian perspective concerning this game because you are not following our standard. When someone says “I DONT THINK GOD WILL MIND IF…” of course he wouldnt, because he doesnt exist, because you are making a god up in YOUR MIND (IDOLATRY) with what YOU THINK he should feel or think (in other words you are god). This is dangerous because you are breaking the first commandment which is Idolatry “thou shalt have no other gods before me.” IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN WE MUST ALWAYS REFER TO THE BIBLE FOR GOD’s PERSPECTIVE AND INSTRUCTIONS IN LIFE (not what you think or feel). The author of this article is right on with GOD’s perspective. W.O.W. definitely has the appearance of evil with its lust, witchcraft, profanity and anything else that is ungodly within it. I am sorry but the tricks of the devil is not obvious easy to detect and noticeable (like the lie of him having horns, tail, pigmentation is red and a pitchfork). The Bible says he is an angel and that he is beautiful and a deceiver a liar that seeks whomever he can destroy. If you are not a Christian reading this please trust and believe in Jesus Christ as your savior and you will be saved from the wrath of GOD that is going to come upon this world. Being a Christian doesnt mean sitting in church all week. You can do any and everything in this life as a Christian except sin & disobey GOD that is it.Burn world of warcraft, break it and destroy it in Jesus name!

  472. Hello Eko. I noticed you said that you haven’t met a true Christian. That’s unfortunate. I’d be interested in learning what a true Christian would look like to you. Do you think a true Christian would make themselves vulnerable to criticism and verbal attack in order to try to warn people they don’t even know of the dangers of occult involvement?

    Please do a simple Google search for “occult danger” and browse through the mountain of results. Perhaps you’ll reconsider your position. God bless.

  473. i play wow. iv been playing for a year or more, i have a lvl 84 warlock, and 79 paliden. im not addicted at all, i play maybe 3 times a week. sometimes on holidays i play a bit more but only when im bored. i have two jobs, im in school i get good grades, im strong in my faith. i think warcraft should be classes with lord of the rings and narnia. if you know about the lore of the game, then you know about how the orcs were corrupted by the demonic legion, but broke free when a young orc showed them the wrongs of their people and told them of the once honorable race. (sounds a bit like jesus) you would know that the undead were once humans who were murdered by a corrupted man, who raised them from the dead, now they seek to end the evil that created them. you would also know that the priests and pallydens are fallowers of the holy light. you would know that the horde and allience banded together to destroy the evil legion and damned lich king. you would see how the tuaren, (bull people) respect earth and the great creatores. you would here the storie of the death knights, once agents to the lich king but bruoght back to the light by the holy pallidens of the argent dawn. you would know that the dragons are not evil but protectors of the world. the reds are the life binders and love all the mortal races. the greens protect the dreams and plant life, the blues monitore the magic use so no mortals will blow up the world. the bronze keep peace over time to stop intruders from disrupting history. and the once proud black dragons (who were driven mad by the evil ones) protected the earth and primeordel powers. you could hear the tale of how the creatore morned the loss of his friend seargeras (now the demon lord) much like the fall of lucifer. it can be an addicting game yes, but thats due to week minds. take the game in bits. dont toss your life at it. and it is a game. no need to get jazzed over spell casting thats fake. and not all the classes cast spells. most use weapons. and the violence is like none, you hear a sword clash, you might see some red stuff (you can turn off the blood) and you might here the thing make a sound before it dies. as for players, they are monitored and booted for essive language use, scamming, or asking for personal information. plus you can turn on the word block that filters all the curses and even things like kkk. blizzard is trying to clean up the world. the creatore of warcraft is a christian. if you have any questions ask for my email.

  474. Johnny

    Thank you for posting this.
    I do in-fact play Wow but, this has given me much to think about.

  475. It seems like you put quite a bit of thought into this. I am Christian as well and i find the game quite fun. Because well that’s exactly what it is. The game actually helped me to pass my SAT’s when i took them. It provided me with a great social experience. I have friends i met when i played that are closer to me now than some friends i met at school. There is bad things in everything, if you look hard enough you will find something that can be considered against God. One of those things is knowingly sacrificing your self, that could be considered by some as suicide.

  476. Ignavis

    Hmm, I think you are mistaking temptation for a sin. I don’t play World of Warcraft, but I think there is a difference between something that has “the appearance of evil” (by the way that was a slight mistranslation, the Greek word used in place of “appearance” has two meanings, the second, less common one is form or kind, so, if not for the mistranslation, it would have read “abstain from all forms/kinds of evil”). Just because World of Warcraft indirectly causes people to stumble (unintentionally), does not mean it itself is sinful; tabaco or nicotine or even marijuana isn’t itself a sin, it’s the abuse of the substance that makes it a sin (I know that World of Warcraft is man made and thus is capable of being evil, but this doesn’t seem to be the case, so even though some people might incorrectly use a product/substance/etc. doesn’t make it a sin). Also God forbid witchcraft because the powers used are given by the Devil. Elijah called down fire from Heaven, sounds like a sort of spell to me, but the power given to him was from God, making it HOLY. A supernatural occurrence (say… magic), even harmful (say… a spell), like the fire Elijah called upon to kill a 100 men, could be something holy. It matters little what, but more why or how, in this case. As for the violence, Narnia had wars, LotR had wars, many holy wars took place in the Bible. The book of Joshua, and other OT books, is almost disturbing in the amount of violence it contains. Anyways the last point I’d like to make is that the “time” issue is too much to expect. If we devoted, and concentrated, all of our time on being rigorously productive, we’d wear ourselves out. Now are people abusing the game when they play hours upon hours, or does the game make them play that much? I think at the end of the day a warning of the dangers, or temptations, is the priority. My main point is that independently video games, drugs, alcohol, or (fill in the bank) is often not the source of the sin, but the abuse of such things. (my friend plays World of Warcraft that’s why I’m so passionate about the topic, and he doesn’t play very much and enjoys it without it conflicting with his belief in God). There IS a very fine line for World of Warcraft to be a sin, but most of your points I believed irrelevant, thank you for your time

  477. Personally, I do not think that World of Warcraft should be banned. I’m not christian, so you may choose to disregard this if you please, however the Bible is not an accurate source of information when regarding video games. Remember, it was written about 2000+ years ago, where even electricity hadn’t been invented. No one would’ve known what a video game was, much less been able to know what video games might contain. Thanks for your time.

  478. Heather

    I’m sorry, People said the same to Jesus, when he sat down and “ate with the sinners” in Matthew. As long as these christians are not compromising their beliefs simply to play, which, if you look at what they are doing, the main focus IS on winning others to the Lord, then they are doing no wrong. We can not sit in a room with only other christians, we are to go into the world and preach ESPECIALLY in the most sinful places. Just because one does evil does not mean God wont accept that soul, maybe that person has never heard about God. So who are you to say that leading others to God is wrong, just because it is in this game? did Jesus EVER do something that was considered “proper” in society?? Have any of his followers?? He wants us to be set apart from society, not within the standards. We are to follow God’s laws, not our own. You are assuming that wow is an unethical place to be. For our own pleasures? Yes. For God? No place is wrong. I could go on, but I feel I’ve made my point.

  479. Nelson

    “Playing WoW is NOT going to make one lose his salvation. You won’t lose your salvation over murder. ”

  480. Really good article. I’m glad someone is standing strong against the “It’s just a game” and “The Bible doesn’t call playing WC a sin” arguments.

    I shall share this article.

  481. Nolvia

    Thank you for a well written article. This really helped! God bless you!

  482. Үour wгiting voice is unquestionably sweet.
    Like Kurt Vonnegut.

  483. You retard. There is no eminent being that decides what sin is or isn’t. There’s only a book someone wrote a couple thousand years ago. You go ahead and keep making choices for your kids and when they get older and hate you and your church, only then will you see the error of your ways. Typical religious bullshit.

  484. No…. just, no. I completely disagree with this. On every level. Just.No.

  485. No, just, no. I disagree on every level. Just. No. Wow is not a sin, your arguement has been annuled, invalidated, vamoose. World of Warcraft is a fun game, even though I don’t play, and nothing is wrong with it. I feel bad for your sons. Thank you for listening to me yes ,and Christian.

  486. Hey,
    I just wanted to say that I completley agree with you about this game. There is a spirit of bondage involved in alot of these games. I believe this game, among many others, is clearly demonic and I also believe that if we could all clearly see life in light of judgment, everyone would throw they’re game systems and t.v’s out the window, literally. This life is no game, and masses of children and adults are wasting they’re lifes on triffles and trivialities. Thanks again for the article.

  487. Murphy Clement

    Dear robin i would, like to thank you. We are asian indian family from Malaysia my son unknowingly got into warcraft and after reading it as parents God use this website to unveil the ignorrant of this and how one can walk in to a trap door, dispite being a christians, thanking you guys for this revelation that i am planning to post it to all my youth and church and family friends , God bless. The Murphys

  488. Dudley Glod

    Are you kidding? CHristians should feel OK about casting spells. Are we reading the same Bible? Serving the same God?

  489. I found this post from your post “Thou Shall Not Judge or Should You?” BRAVO!!!!
    Keep up the great posts.

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  491. Charlotte Mason

    Excellent post Robin. People are so quick to throw around the “Do not judge” line but in that they are judging too. We are called to discern the fruit.

  492. I stumbled on this article purely by accident. It seemed intriguing so I gave it a read. The author gives well written thoughts and has clearly done research. Hell, I wouldn’t recommend this game to a young kid.

    Let me state first of all that I am a Christian turned Atheist. I know, I know, shun the non-believer. But, after taking a look at some of these comments, I can see some ignorance. Let me rephrase that: a lot of it. People are bashing Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were devout Christians, and have said many times on record that their books are Christian. Reading about “spells” and “witchcraft” is NOT sinful! You say that it says in the Bible how bad sorcery is; if you followed the Bible to a T, you would not be able to eat pork! If reading about witchcraft or seeing it in a movie is sinful, then I’m sure a lot of you have sinned. In fact, a lot of ceremonies at Christian masses bear more resemblance to witchcraft than spells in the Lord of the Rings. Come on people, get over yourself and learn to live in the 21st Century.

  493. Melodye Guidroz

    If everyone were not so quick to become angry 90% of arguments would disappear. People reject listening and reason and leap to anger before bothering to hear a spoken word. It is an epidemic! God help us be slow to speak, quick to lisen and slow to become angry! Help us not make heroes of those who simply write a book pr perform! May we know you so well that we can truly see right from wrong! Give us wisdom so we can see to judge rightly and fairly when matters rise up! God save us from our easily offended selves!!

  494. Robert

    Thank you for taking the time to call attention to this game. My wife and I have played for several years (we’re in our 40s). I’m not sure about the spiritual impact that you speak of. I know what the Bible says, I know what I believe and a video game isn’t going to change that. I don’t feel that my relationship with the Lord has been impacted. I don’t feel myself being drawn away. I still make time to read my Bible, and pray. However, it is a huge waste of time. Even after completing all of the quest lines, the grind to get gear, waiting to get into raids and dungeons, patches that obviate the gear you have so you have to get new gear, etc. It’s all designed to keep people playing for as many hours as possible. When whole weekends slip by with nothing to show for them it tends to make one wonder “what might I have accomplished if I hadn’t spent all weekend playing WoW?”. It’s obviously not a wise way to spend your time regardless of the spiritual impact. And when I say there is no impact I’m speaking for myself. I can easily see how others could be drawn into being desensitized to the occult, witchcraft, murder, etc. especially children and teens who haven’t had the real life experiences that help one separate fantasy from reality.

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