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Get your Kleenex. Emotional video.

A Father's Love

Get your Kleenex.


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  1. Mrs. K Hewett

    Thanks Robin. I needed that today.

  2. Olivia

    This video was great..I dont have a father around and never did …so this man is double blessed!!

  3. taygirl

    Ah, so many thoughts come to mind while contemplating the significance of that clip. One that struck me is that it’s okay to not be able to hide your pain!
    A day and a half ago, I spoke a few words about the labour pains of giving birth. I had just seen the birth of a healthy baby girl a couple of weeks previously and in the group were the brand new parents along with several other parents. Labour pains continue regardless of whether we want them to or not, regardless of how intense they are or not. God has made a woman’s body to continue the labour until the the miracle of birth is completed. During the labour all we can think about is the pain and once the baby is born our focus changes completely to the joy of the child in our arms. James 1:2 Count it all joy my brothers when you experience trials of various kinds knowing that a baby will be birthed in the end, a baby of faith and maturity, so to speak. Even when we may wish the hardship to stop, the trial to end, it will continue until God has brought to fruition that which He desires to accomplish in our lives.
    Later that night I received an email that re-awakened alot of anger an pain I had and was dismayed that my anger continued. Then God reminded me of the message he had asked me to share. The pain will continue until new birth, new beginnings come about. So okay, it is okay to be in pain and not be able to hide it. God has a purpose.
    Thanks for posting this clip Robin. Blessings in Christ’s name.

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