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A Reminder of the Blood Covenant

A Reminder of the Blood Covenant


A few days ago I was hospitalized to receive a blood transfusion. What a difference! I received two units of iron rich blood and feel 20 years younger (a fountain of youth!)

Last week, I was so anemic I couldn’t walk up the stairs. Well, I could kind of–I could take three steps, then rest a few minutes then try another few steps. By the time I got to the top I would have to lie down for 15 minutes to catch my breath ( a major hindrance to the mother of active boys.)

This morning, I bounded up the stairs, changed the sheets on all the beds and picked up toys and dirty clothes without stopping once! I never though I’d be praising God for dirty clothes on the floor. I pray I never take my health for granted again.

Thank you blood donors! If it weren’t for someone’s selfless giving I would still be very weak. (Every 3 seconds someone in America needs blood. Approximately 40,000 units are used each day in the U.S.).

Anemia Can be Very Serious

For those of you interested, anemia is the result of inadequate numbers of red blood cells circulating in the body — cells that are responsible for keeping the body’s tissues rich with oxygen. It’s the most common disorder of the blood (20 percent of the women of childbearing age are low in iron). I’m sure many reading this have dealt with it. I have been in every pregnancy (evidence for me by ice cravings or pica).

Blood transfusions are used to treat anemia as a last resort. Anemia can be very serious for heart patients. It causes the heart to work harder, causing severe problems for people with heart disease.

For women, the normal hemoglobin range is 12.3 to 15.3 and average hematocrit is 35% to 47%. My levels were 8 and 26%. (When I dropped from 9 to 8 walking across a room became very difficult). Hemoglobin below 6 for heart patients is deadly.

The Bible Calls Blood Life

blood bibleThe Bible calls blood life. (Gen. 9:4; Lev. 17:11, 14; 19:16; Deut. 12:23; Matt. 27:4, 24. ) Blood is not only that which is essential to life but is also the seat of life’s power. It is usually connected with God, our life-giver.

Blood is central to theology of the Bible. The institution of sacrificial atonement, it is applied to the altar as sin offering. The Passover celebration remembers the blood on the doorposts of Hebrew houses in Egypt (Exod. 12:7) . The New Testament focuses on the shed blood of Jesus and its atoning character.

Imperfect Blood Is Only a Temporary Solution

The doctors tell me as I battle this anemia, I may need future blood transfusions. I am still anemic and need to continue to receive iron infusions once a week. The blood units I received are only a temporary solution.

In the same way, the animal sacrifices in the Bible covered the sins of Hebrews temporarily as shadow of things to come (Heb 9:2–5). The blood covered sin but never washed it away.

The animal sacrifices brought about ceremonial cleansing for the body (Heb 9: 13) but could never reach into the heart. But the blood of Christ, shed once and for all, purges the conscience and gives the believer an unchanging and perfect standing before God.

Christ’s sacrifice does not need to be repeated. He offered himself up once and for all in order to clear the way to the Holy of Holies.

torn veil

The Veil Was Torn

The most significant act dealing with blood in the Bible was on the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur. Then the high priest entered the inner room of the tabernacle, the most holy place, carrying the blood of an atoning sacrifice. This veil was used to separate Hakodesh (the holy place) from the Kodesh Hakodashim (Holy of Holies) – the most sacred part of the entire Temple.

The veil between the two parts of the tabernacle was a symbol of the separation between man and God. In the temple a partition wall separated these two places. In it were two folding-doors, which are supposed to have been always open, the entrance being concealed by the veil which the high priest lifted when he entered into the sanctuary on the day of Atonement.

In Bible times a blood covenant was an agreement between two contracting parties, originally sealed with blood. The Hebrew word berith is a covenant. Berith is derived from a root which means “to cut,” a covenant is a “cutting.” Circumcision is a sign of the covenant God made with Abraham. Circumcision — cutting the foreskin — was a continuing reminder that God had cut a covenant with Abraham and his descendants. The blood covenant included the cutting of a sacrificial animal into two parts, between which the contracting parties passed, thereby showing that they were bound to each other.

When Christ died, the veil was torn from top to bottom. (Matt. 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45). The torn veil is a symbol of God’s everlasting covenant with us–we can now enter the Holy of Holies through Christ!

And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit. And behold, the veil of the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom…” (Matthew 27:50-51a)

Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience (Heb 10:19-24).

I will surely recall my physical transformation this week each time I partake of the Passover cup symbolizing the blood of Christ.

Thank you Father!




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  1. Have you ever heard of Vitex – or Chasteberry?

    I have a really good technical paper on it if you’d like me to scan and e-mail it to you. Basically it works on the pituitary gland to regulate hormones.. I wonder if it would help your menorrhagia – which might help your iron issue? The technical paper is from Shonda Parker of Naturally Healthy Living. Let me know if you want it. I took Vitex to stop my chronic miscarriages last year.. I lost 6 babies – 5 pregnancies.. vitex allowed me to have enough progesterone to sustain this pregnancy.

  2. Amazing that you could think of an object lesson out of your trial so close to the actual trial! You are blessed with an overcoming spirit!

    I’m so glad to hear you are feeling that much better. I hope I appereciate my dirty laundry more, too.

    Blessings to you,

    Bobbie-Jo’s last blog post..Hey, Little One…you’re not so little anymore!

  3. I’m so glad you are feeling so much better. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. I remember how scary transfusions were when Eric had leukemia so I’ve had you on my mind a lot lately.
    Blessings, Phyllis

    Phyllis Sather’s last blog post..Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2008

  4. SO happy to read this good report, ((Robin))! Thanking Him for your renewed energy…and HIS blood on this Sabbath morning.

    Much Love,


  5. What a wonderful post and an object lesson. Several years ago, I had a similar experience and received many units of blood. I thought then what a miracle it was to be able to receive life from someone else’s sacrifice. What a more miraculous thing God did in giving us eternal life in the sacrifice of His own Son. Blessings to you and a prayer for continued improving health. Steve
    Making Perfect Sense

    Steve Kirk’s last blog post..Six Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

  6. Tamara Scire

    Robin, I have been praying for you constantly! Am now praising God that He has cared for you and given you strength. My four boys have also been praying for you–you are the Heart of Wisdom lady where we got our curriculum that brought them out of our old homeschooling prison! They are grateful to you for your wisdom to their mommy and that school is now fun! God bless you Robin!

    Tamara Scire

  7. I am new to this blog page but have used your site countless times. I have been praying for you and would like to suggest a couple of things that helped me with being an anemic. The dietary law lead me to what I was eating and calling food. I have been place with several books so I pass this on to you. All that have healed many of my health issues. Just going back to Gods food not mans. They are as follow: The Makers Diet, The Hallelujah diet, and What the Bible says about healthy living. All taken to prayer and each having slight different views but fast, pray and put living foods into your body and you will see a drastic change in you Health.

  8. I wanted to let you know I mentioned your blog on my blog. I also have an award for you on my blog so please come visit.


    Storm’s last blog post..The Ultimate Blog Party – Blog Hopping Review

  9. Praising the Lord with you Robin! \o/
    God is so good! I’ll continue praying for
    daily strength for you and that your iron
    levels will return to normal soon.
    In Christ, Donna < *

  10. Praising the Lord with you for renewed strength and energy. What a wonderful lesson you share with us. I’ll share this with my children as a spiritual lesson and a Health lesson. Thanks for giving us such good lessons. Sorry you have to live through them, though!


    Penney Douglas’s last blog post..The Ultimate Homeschool Expo Starts Tomorrow

  11. Beautiful post, Robin. I pray you will be bounding up stairs and changing sheets again soon! I’ll certainly look at my laundry differently this week. Thank you for your godly example. You are a treasure.

    sprittibee’s last blog post..March & April Swap for HSBA – IRL Swapping!

  12. Spot on with this write-up, I actually feel this amazing
    site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be
    returning to read more, thanks for the information!

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