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Tweet Your Testimony on Twitter#

Can you give your testimony in under 140 characters?

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows messages known as tweets, which are posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Help me spark a testimony fire. I’m asking all Christians to add a Tweet Your Testimony on Twitter to witness on Twitter.  If enough show up it will generate curiosity and Twitters will wonder what this is about– causing more testimonies.

Wouldn’t you love to see a testimony every day on Twitter?

Simple Directions. Write a short testimony beginning with #TTT your life before Christ a slash mark /and your life after Christ and #TTT end with #TTT http://bit.ly/xuhtG . The shorter your Tweet the more chance it will be Retweeted.

I got the idea to Tweet Testimonies on Twitter after watching this powerful video where people in a church stood in front of their congregation with their Cardboard Testimony

Will You Tweet Your Twitter Testimony?

Won’t you join in? When you are finished watching the video:

  1. Wipe the tears from your eyes
  2. Write your Twitter Testimony below in the comments
  3. If you have not join Twitter you can now. Its free. ( If you prefer I can add your Tweet for you)
  4. Tweet your Twitter Testimony! See instructions above.
  5. Click here to Follow me on Twitter (optional)
  6. Retweet this line: #TTT  Christians: Tweet Your Twitter Testimony Tweet.http://bit.ly/xuhtG #TTT
  7. Blog about TTT to get others involved.
  8. Email this link to a friend to spread the word.

May these TTT positively impact your day and the lives of others.


TTT: Abandoned, rejected, unloved full of anger / Joyfully, dwelling in an intimate relationship with Jesus.

RT #TTT  Christians: Tweet Your Twitter Testimony Tweet. http://bit.ly/xuhtG

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  1. Lindy Abbott

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. Mine is quite similar. Our church did this Easter weekend.

  2. Robin,
    I’m already a member of twitter, but I’m not sure exactly how to do this. I put the TTT at the beginning then my testimony, but after that what do I do? Just send it out like I normally would?
    Thanks! Dawn

  3. Yes. Start the line with TTT and end with http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

    Looking forward to it Dawn.

  4. Then: Hard-headed, independent, did things MY way.
    Now: forgiven, loved, depending daily on Christ.

    I’ll twitter this in a bit.

  5. What an awesome idea! I will retweet what I see!

  6. TTT Father left. Tried to find love on my own. Fiance leaves. Son dies. Finally realizes: God is More than Enough http://tinyurl.com/tweettt


  7. I LOVE this idea!!! A couple of my friends & I were actually talking about how we could maximize the potential of Twitter to witness for Him and this is a TERRIFIC way to do just that!

    You Go Girl! I love it!

    I tweeted mine, stumbled your post, and will start to get the word out. If you get a chance you should go to the Twitter Group #cwtu (Christian Women Tweet Up) and make sure to spread the word there too!

    Much Love and Prayers,
    Melissa in Mel’s World

  8. Leslie

    shabbyhomy TTT Dark cloud over head; Holy Spirit blew it away. http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

  9. Tweeted mine Robin.
    I have been reading the VOTM magazine. It is free, and I would encourage everyone to get it and teach with it at home. It is incredible and makes us realize where we are, who we are and how blessed we really are.
    God is so much more than we even know and is so truly good.

    “TTT Lost in sin and worldliness. Found by God, restored to Him still by undeserved grace. http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

    Love you friend! Have a blessed holiday!

  10. TTT: Rejected, unloved, Anger, Bitterness AFTER: Joyful, dwelling w an intimate relationship with Jesus, Growing!

  11. TTT: B4:depressed, unsure, skipping school, suicide attempt. AFTR: a peace I’ve never known! http://tinyurl.com/tweettt Please retweet

  12. TTT:Demon Controlled as Teenager. Instantly freed from demons by Holy Spirit through 1 true prayer of repentance.http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

  13. Great! Sounds like a story worth sharing in depth.
    follow up teaching and support is important.

  14. Follow up teaching and support is important. as demons don’t like to let go.

  15. My TTT
    B4: poser, betrayer, Judas, New Age Christian
    After: FORGIVEN, received, restored to HIM

    I posted this on twittermoms but I don’t think I did it correctly so I’m adding it here!

    Thanks for doing this!

    In Christ Alone, mel

  16. Karen Steele

    TTT:B4 lost confused ruined AFTR: welcomed home restored healed forgiven Hallelujah!!!http:tinyurl.com/tweettt

  17. TTTestimony: B4 Jesus: darkness, sinful, hell. AFTER Jesus: light, forgiven, grace, mercy, heaven! Jesus loves u! http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

  18. I spread the word. Here’s my TTT:

    TTT: Angry, Hurt, Rejected, Unloved. AFTER: Joy, Peaceful, in love with the Lord, blessed with husband and children! God is GREAT!!

  19. Love this idea Robin, I never thought about using Twitter to touch others for God!!
    Sharing the video on other social networks also!
    Great job ! Here is my “Tweet”
    TTT:selfish,lonely,worried,lost AFTER:helping others, loving,giving,joyful,child of God http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

  20. edie winters

    TTT:food addict, alcoholic, abusive in relationships.
    After: born again, healthily helping blood-bought souls! God-lover:) http://tinyurl.com/tweettt

  21. I tweeted my testimony @lilmommax4 and I’m also following you on twitter! I also posted a blog about this. This was amazing. Please come on over and check out my blog post and my tweet testimony….


    God Bless,
    Karen @ Lil Momma’s Haven

  22. TTT:Grew up Catholic, lived w/nuns.Very religious,did not know Jesus.Left the RCC & Born again in 1972.Love the Word of God,our only hope.Whole family came to know Christ.Praise God!He is faithful.Thank you Robin.


  23. I like the idea… tweeted! :).

  24. TTT Before: Brokenhearted, lost, searching4 meaning, suicidal ~asked Jesus 2 save me~ After: Accepted by Him, loved, new life, joy, peace,..

  25. Orlin Bowman

    Jesus loves me now, in the past and for forever ~~ never changing always faithful and merciful. Praise the Lord…

  26. TTT Sought love in all the wrong places/Loved UNCONDITIONALLY by YHVH!

    Doing this on Twitter now 🙂

  27. Just posted my TTT: Direction-less life, thought lots of $$ would satisfy / Walking w/Christ, striving to please Him in all I do.

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