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Steps to Protecting Our Children from the Gay Agenda

Steps to Protecting Our Children from the Gay Agenda

omm_mainThe gay movement intends to capture the next generation. We need to take action to protect our children! 

The gay agenda surrounds us daily. President Obama’s recently declared his support for gay marriage Hollywood is pushes for gay marriage in films like Brokeback Mountain”  “Milk”  to  TV series like “The Perfect Family” X-Men directors are they using diabolical subterfuge to shove gay propaganda down the throats of our children.

While homosexuals are only 1-2% of the population, they account for as many as 40% of all child molestations in the U.S. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported:

  • 50 percent of male AIDS victims reported having sex with an adult male by the age of 16.
  • 20 percent of male AIDS victims had sex with an adult male by age 10.

We are taking necessary steps to protect them from the homosexual agenda.

  • We made sure they don’t see movies or TV shows that promote this lifestyle.
  • We homeschool because of the public school promotes a homosexual agenda.
  • We moved to a small rural town where this lifestyle is not accepted.
  • We need to do more!

The homosexual movement in the United States has achieved unprecedented power during the past two decades as a result of its dedication to one single cause: The overhauling of Straight America to accept and embrace homosexuality as a normal variation of sexual expression. (Homosexuality 101)

Gay rights activists “bombarded” the stations with protesting calls and e-mails when they are offended. We need to do the same. Remember homosexuals are only 1-2% of the population. The Christian community can fight them.

gay agenda

Step 1: Protest Garbage on TV – It is Easier than You Think

TV stations that do not consider showing two lesbians or two homosexuals kissing or getting into bed with each other controversial need to know we object.   The FCC now provides viewers with a quick and easy online complaint form.  It takes only a few minutes to file a formal complaint against your local broadcast station.

Go to this page and bookmark it. Use it each time you see something offensive on TV. Tell your friends to do the same.

gay agenda homoStep 2: Boycott Companies Promoting Homosexual Agenda on TV

We are consumers. We have dollar power in the media. We need to boycott every company that promote Gays on television.

The American Family Association (AFA) One Million Moms Campaign. This campaign is asking “Christian consumers…to think twice before they patronize companies that support the homosexual agenda.”

The AFA  has been a long-time promoter of “traditional moral values” in the media, particularly television. AFA built its reputation on organizing boycotts against sponsors of TV shows with “anti-Christian” messages and ideas, or against companies it claims support the  “homosexual agenda.”

A few of the hundreds of boycott targets on AFA’s list have included “Saturday Night Live,” “Roseanne,” “Nightline,” “NYPD Blue,” “Ellen,” and “Desperate Housewives.”


Here’s how the One Million Moms Campaign works. It is free to join and does not require a large investment of time.

  • They contact you, via e-mail, with information about a particular target (TV network, sponsor, or station), giving you a link to a “take action” page on the website.
  • Following instructions on the page, you e-mail the responsible party voicing your concern.
  • Through a “tell-a-friend” feature on the page you forward the take action information to your friends and family members encouraging them to join the One Million Moms campaign and voice their concerns as well.
  • Your only commitment is to send the e-mail on behalf of our children.

Take time to join today? Do it for your children!

Step 3: Stay Informed!

Did you know Sponge Bob, Barney promote ‘gay’ tolerance? 61,000 schools are scheduled to receive the “We Are Family” video with lesson plans that support the homosexual agenda in March.

Homosexual Resources

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The Traditional Values Coalition has published a number of other fact-based reports on the dangers of homosexuals and homosexual behavior to children and to our society. The following Special Reports are available for download:



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  1. jerri lynn

    I applaud you for taking a stand! Sadly, this is the Sodom & Gomorrah we now live in, and we won’t be able to totally protect our children’s exposure to homosexuality. The enemy is not flesh & blood, and he is planting confusion in the minds of even young children concerning their sexual identity. We need to pray.

  2. Robin,

    Thank you for putting all of this info in one place. You’ve made it so easy to DO something!

  3. Thanks for all the links. We happen to watch a little of the Oscar’s last night. Of course the one part we watched was when the actor from the movie about the gay man was being awarded his Oscar. He condemned the churches for telling these poor kids that being gay is wrong & that one day, [he promised] gays would have every right available to straigh people. My kids decided they were done & turned off the TV on their own. “That is trash” one of my teens said.

    Great job Robin! Praying that you are healthy & strong!

  4. Does the American Family Association have a Canadian counterpart? I doubt if Canadian television provides less offensive fare than American television, and we Canadians need to be doing similar things.

    I’ve heard that what really makes an impact is to contact the advertisers who advertise during a program that carries inappropriate content. If we aren’t watching a program due to its offensive content, then we won’t be watching their commercials, either– and of course, they don’t like that– so they are in a position to pressure the broadcasters to provide programming that is free of offensive content.

    What is troublesome is that too many of us are apathetic and so we remain silent (or maybe even continue to watch programs laden with inappropriate content)– which of course only serves to hasten the downward spiral of community standards. It seems that soon the community standards will have slipped so low that no one will be able to protest offensive content on the grounds that programming is violating them, because they will be at the same level! In many ways, we get what we deserve.
    We are to be salt and light, making a difference in every way we can. One way we can do this is to support those who are working to provide uplifting and clean content. Feature Films for Families is one such company. Does anyone know of any others?

  5. I came onto this site researching a lesson plan for Sunday School. Our Sunday School has doubled in size from the early fall. I am part of a church with a committed congregation that also accepts homosexuality as a fact of life. Homosexuality is not a choice. Those who are homosexual do not choose to be homosexual as much as they choose the colour of their eyes. Do not be afraid! God made people in all sizes, colours and sorts. I am here to let you know that those who are homosexual do not have a choice. Do not be afraid of homosexual people. They are not all pedophiles and criminals as your postings would suggest. I challenge you to get to know someone who is homosexual and discover that they love God. Get to know someone who is homosexual face to face and experience with some of the most caring and God-lead people that God has created. I pray for you that you may meet someone who changes your perceptions and replaces fear with joy.

  6. Anonymous

    However television is television. You cannot expect too much. Nor should anyone look for their role model on television. Look in the gospel for a good role model and get rid of the television. I have not had a television for 15 years and my family and I are better for it.

  7. This is a huge amount of interesting information. Quite alot to go through, but i can’t stop reading. Great work.
    Christian B Hough

  8. The subject of homosexuality makes me sick! But what sickens me more is ‘the sunday school teacher who says they don’t have a choice, but they love God. If a sinner (& we’re all sinners in the sight of God, saved by Grace and transformed from the corruptible life we had to a new one in Christ Jesus!)is born-again then what does that mean to a gay person who ‘supposedly loves God?” Gods hates sin & in Revelation 22:15 it clearly states ..”But OUTSIDE (the gates of Heaven) are dogs, whoremongers(HOMOSEXUALS, SODOMITES) murderers,idolaters & whoever loves & practices a lie…” so if these ‘poor homosexual people love God’, then surely they’ll realise that He abhors sin & as such as homosexuality which is not normal, for ..”He created them man & woman and the two shall become one…?”
    Oh believe me, they DO HAVE A CHOICE. A BIG CHOICE! God gave every human being on earth a brain & a choice to discern right from wrong, good from bad. May God protect our innocent children from such a depraved and corruptible world we live in. May the Lord Jesus come soon & reveal to these brainwashed people that homosexuality is an abomination to Him & they have a way out…REPENT & TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SIN, BELIEVE IN HIM & HE WILL SURELY SET YOU FREE!


  9. Michael

    To Katie:

    Being gay is not a genetic thing, it is something that they can control. I agree that we should not be afraid of homosexuals, and we should love them. However, it is still sinful, and should not be an accepted thing in the church. Also we should not grant them special rights by allowing gay marriage. There is only one kind of marriage-between a man and a woman. Should we start letting adults get married to children?

    We should love homosexuals and try to show them that God loves them, hopefully letting them realize their sins.

  10. Is it’s God’s plan to see homosexuals live lives of solitude and loneliness? To deny everything about themselves and have loveless lives while there straight counterparts are able to go throughout life loving and dating. Are they to lie to members of the opposite sex, marry and procreate just to have those relationships destroyed by the very lies that built them? You are clear in what is right for you but that is not right for everyone. God does not produce the kind of hate, prideful intolerance and force the misery or mankind upon these men and women. It is only other men and woman who claim a love of God that go out of their way to hurt these otherwise loving people.

  11. I am just curious how Spongebob Squarepants promotes homosexuality? I guess I’ve not seen it. Can you provide some specifics?

  12. Samuel

    I didn’t choose to be gay, I just chose to follow the way I was programmed. I feel sorry for you that you have a problem with treating others as you would wish to be treated. I think bigots are repellant on a personal level and that bigots WANT to be disgusting but I don’t go around congratulating others for sharing my viewpoint.
    I’d like to know just what decisions you think I made wrong when I accepted the way I was made?

  13. You are a moron. In fact gays are about 10% of the population. Oh and we have more money than most of your trailer park compatriots, so good luck with outspending us.

  14. This post was not directed to offend anyone. I’m sorry you feel I am attacking you. I am not.

    I don’t hate anyone. Parents that believe gay lifestyle is wrong have a right to protect their children.

    We are all sinners. Gay’s sins are not worse than mine. I want to raise my children to recognize and stay away from all sin.

  15. Sponge Bob, Barney promote ‘gay’ tolerance 61,000 schools to receive “We Are Family” video with lesson plan. http://budurl.com/GayTarget

  16. Anonymous

    My main concern with this post is it seems like you wish to “hate” more than to love and be concerned.
    I have yet to see any evidence that being “gay” around a non-gay causes “gayness” like some wish to believe (treat it like it is a disease? silly)
    My 10 year old son is willing to accept those that are gay, but he has no interest in kissing a boy and thinks girls are “pretty”…
    Some of my best friends are gay, and it has not made me feel “gay” in any way.
    This is the conundrum. Being gay ruins nothing for a christian (which I am).
    All I can do is hope that if it is their own “choice” they understand that it is wrong in the eyes of God.
    But, I also believe there are those who are born with it, thanks to a societal issue of chemicals and what not.
    Try not to condemn, but learn to love and work with those who may be “gay”..
    What I think I am trying to say is there is no gay agenda.
    Where I DO see an agenda is on this blog.

  17. Brian C

    Another 11-Year-Old Commits Suicide: Anti-Gay Taunts Cited

    No child should endure this. But this is what happens when parents teach not loving all of God’s children:

    The April 6 suicide of an 11 year old boy who suffered ant-gay taunts and bullying at school marked the fourth such incident this year in which a student killed himself after suffering harassment.

    Now the number has grown to five with the hanging death of Jeheem Herrera, according to an April 21 article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Herrera,a fifth grader, reportedly endured harassment and bullying at school despite Georgia law meant to prohibit it.

    Moreover, schools in DeKalb, where Herrera’s family resides, specifically forbids bullying (including “cyber-bullying” via the Internet), with strict penalties in place for infractions.

  18. Hey Robin – thanks for this post and for starting a dialogue. I understand what you are saying – I do not let my sons watch things that promote disrespect or stealing or other sins. I try to live a life that shows them a good, positive life. Saying that it’s okay to break one rule or law “because you are made that way” would be like giving myself the right not to exercise or be healthy since I was not made to enjoy exercise and healthy foods.

    As parents we have to take a stand and say that sin is sin is sin. Big, small and in between – sin will hinder a relationship with God.

    Stick to your guns. Nothing that you said is offensive and shouldn’t have been taken that way.

  19. Travis

    While you are quoting the Bible regarding gays, Robin, why don’t you quote another quote from Leviticus? Leviticus 20:13:
    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

    I am a gay man, so Robin, how should I be put to death for loving my spouse? Lethal injection? Stoning? Hanging or beheading as the Islamofascists do? How do you Christofascists propose we be put to death, or do you not believe the Bible?

    BTW, Robin, how do you feel about other “abominations” of the Bible: wearing cloths of mixed fibers (polyester and cotton blends, maybe), men trimming the corners of their beards, men lieing (Biblical spelling, not mine) with women on their periods, a woman leaving her husband except for adultery, etc? How should we put these people to death as is Biblically mandated?

    How should witches be put to death? Should we put slaves who escape their masters to death as the Bible commands?

    How many wives should a man own? David had hundreds. Abraham had one and a second woman he slept with in addition. THAT IS BIBLICAL MARRIAGE! The Bible is so culturally irrelevant and your religion has so metamorphosed since the bronze age in which it was written that today it resembles nothing of what the books actually say.

    Why do you Christofascist fundamentalists SO hate gay people? We do no wrong to you, yet you demonize us and strip us of our civil rights in our own very country. Don’t EVEN use the old conscience salve “Love the sinner and hate the sin,” bs.

    I’ll tell you why: you people are so insecure and self unsure that it makes you feel better to put down another class of people. After all, you cannot have saints without sinners. You make yourselves feel better by deep down inside telling yourselves and each other that you are better than the wicked gays.

    A friend of mine fell into your cult of evangelical Christianity a few years ago and invited me to her church. If not for Christians like you people, I would probably have went with her and risk the brainwashing you people exhibit. Thank you all for showing me the illogical hatred of your religion.


    P.S: I find it laughable that none of your “statistics” are correct, are based on no scientific studies and absolutely no data. The link you provide for the “American Medical Association” links to Wing Nut Daily, LMAO!

    You people have won some battles in the past, but you have lost the war. The gay community is tired of being the whipping boys and girls of you nuts and we have finally said enough is enough. You are on the wrong side of history. We are changing the hearts and minds of the logical, sane people of this world and you are showing yourselves as the hateful, discriminatory bigots that you are. It’s over.

  20. Travis

    I also love the fact that you people homeschool. It keeps you and your kids socially isolated and out of the mainstream of society so that you will no longer retard the advancement of society. I really think you people should withdraw into encampments like the Branch Davidians in the Waco compound, become self-sufficient and create your own societies.

  21. Michael

    Wow, you are a vile woman. I can’t believe some of you people who can hide behind the anonymity of the internet. I bet you wouldn’t dare say this in public. The amount of hate you are spewing is disgusting and if you actually knew ANYTHING about homosexuals you wouldn’t be spewing your crap.
    I admit some homosexuals don’t lead the best lives, but the same is true for heterosexuals. everyone is a sinner, and you can’t just say that you’re perfect and don’t sin… the bible claims everything is abomination, you can’t move two steps without committing a sin.
    Furthermore, your xenophobia is preventing your from being rational upstanding people, you are raising your children to be hate-mongering and miserable people. Instead of promoting equality and justice and understanding you are promoting fear and hatred.

    Hatred comes from fear of something that is not understood. I urge you to learn something from a homosexual. We are more than drug using party-goers, we are teachers, doctors, wall street traders, politicians. We are everywhere and there is no avoiding us. It is time people like you who “fear” gays enough to take your children out of schools learn that no matter how much you struggle nothing is going to change. The world is becoming more accepting of DIFFERENT people, and you’re just delaying the inevitable by choosing to HATE us. This is what you do, you HATE us and say that it is out of concern for your children. In reality you are not concerned, you just like being an oppressor.

    Did you know that the majority of teens who commit suicide are homosexual teens. They come out in their suicide notes and it’s truly tragic that they feel they have to take their lives because they are gay. If people like you were nicer, like we are, because we are…There wouldn’t be so many suicidal teenagers.

    Watch “Prayers for Bobby.” It’s a movie about a woman like you who has a gay son regardless of how he was raised…and he committed suicide because his family was unwilling to accept who he was, and he was raised to hate himself…

    You say that you’re not attacking us, but by being a proponent against us, you are hurting us. We are good people, and we do what we can to help others. I am an upstanding member of my community, and even though I am gay I am looked up to. I educate myself on things that I don’t understand, and unfortunately you sound a lot like my mother did before she learned what it is to be a homosexual(and I didn’t watch t.v. or go to movies growing up, yet I am still gay).

    Again, I urge you to go out and learn something about the people you are trying to erase from the face of this planet.

  22. I once pulled up to a cusomer’s house to see a bush cheney sticker in his yard, what caught me off guard with that is he was gay. Then he proceeded to tell me about how bush was a christian and he did not want to preach to me.

    Yancey in his book What’s so Amazing about God’s Grace talks about Christian Ghost writer Mel Grey revealing to him that he was gay. There is a church devoted to them called the Metroploitian Church of America.

    Yes, you can be a christian and be gay, but you can also be a chrisian and be a drunk , lier, cheat on your taxes, and yes even speed while driving your car. It is man that looks upon sin and classifies it , not God.

    We should love all and look at through the eyes of Grace. When looking through the eyes of Grace we soon find that we have more in common with those that we consider radical sinners of which I am one.

    The object is not to teach our kids, how to escape or fight or look down upon but to teach them to be craftsmen of God’s word, they can rightly seperate truth from wrong. Then teach them to look upon other;s through God’s grace, remembering Paul said he was the chief sinner, though I think I have him beat.

  23. Homosexuality is clearly defined as a sin in the Bible.

    Did God create homosexuals? No. He created people. People sin and are in need of a Savior and wholehearted repentance. God did not create sin; homosexuality is a sin. God did not create people to be homosexuals (or murderers or pedophiles or thieves or etc.)

    Yes – I just equated homosexuality with murder, molestation, and stealing. I did that on purpose. Why? Because it’s no more and no less a sin and an affront to God than any of those other things. If you think “It’s different, no one is harmed by it” you’re terribly, terribly wrong. God is harmed, and the people who practice it are harmed.

    Homosexuality is a choice. I speak as a former member of that community. It is not “genetic” in terms of “something that cannot be helped”. It is a behavior one chooses to act upon. One can choose NOT to act upon it (even if that’s a difficult choice!)

    God is in the business of healing and delivering people – and He can heal and deliver you, if you are a homosexual or bisexual (I’m a prime example!)…

  24. I am not against you–I am against your sin. I won’t argue with you about your lifestyle but you need to know this is sin breaking God’s holy Law.

    In the Bible homosexuality is always considered sinful. “For this cause God gave them unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error” (Romans 1:26-27).

    This does NOT mean God doesn’t love you. He loved you before you were born!

    “Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived, neither fornicators . . . nor effeminate, nor homosexuals . . . shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” (l Cor. 6:9-11).

    The Bible condemns homosexual activity clearly BUT, also offers hope. Some of the Corinthian church had been involved in homosexuality, and saved out of it. Actually, homosexuality was probably more common in the Greek and Roman society than it is today.

    None of us can earn salvation. We are saved by grace and His love and mercy. Accept His love, ask Him to open your eyes to truth. He will.

  25. Travis

    No, honey, you people are INORDINATELY hateful of gay folk…plain and simple. You know it and we know it.

    You don’t rail against people who wear clothes of mixed fibers, nor do you still advocate slavery. Both of which are just as Biblical as advocating death to gay people. We’ve just learned to stand up against ignorance, hatred and bigotry. Discrimination and hatred is wrong, regardless of the thin veil that disguises it.

  26. Woo hoo girl!
    I applaud you for writing this blog!

    Children are our future. In fact they are the future.
    As parents we’re called to train them and teach them the truth of God’s Word not the lies of the world.
    As a parent I am called to be a reflection of Jesus Christ to them. As we teach them to be more like Jesus, we’ll help them to become more familiar with God’s love. We must raise them right. We need to train them to follow God—to honor and obey Him without complaining or hesitating!

    Thank you for putting the links up!
    …and keep the negative comments..they are pretty comical considering these people don’t know ANYTHING about our Father!
    It’s about time that the Christians stood up for what we believe!

  27. Being gay is great! I love it!

    Kathi, heterosexuality does NOT exist for women. Every study done on female sexuality has shown heterosexual-identified women are aroused by both men and women is sexual and non-sexual acts. I suggest you stop being a water carrier for haterosexual males. You are parroting what they say.

  28. Hold on: you’re saying that homosexuals are 40% of the child molesters in the world.

    So doesn’t that make the other 60% heterosexual?

    The AIDS epidemic is at its worst in Africa right now. The biggest target is heterosexual women.

    Your bible verse says nothing about women who love women. Please explain how the Bible justifies your stance on Homosexuality that includes lesbians and bisexuals.

  29. Robin,

    Another study that was published in the journal Pediatrics found that at age 12, 25% of children are unsure of their sexual identity. By age 18, only 4% are unsure. If you leave them alone, they’ll figure it out (and the vast majority are heterosexual).

    But if you start telling kids that if they’re “questioning” then they must be gay, you label them far too early. It’s just sad.

    The homosexual lifestyle is very lonely. I feel great compassion for those who are stuck in the lifestyle, and I pray that they will find real freedom.

  30. “this blog is dedicated to encouraging Moms to have a relationship with God and teach our children His ways.”

    Dear Robin – if this is the case, hadn’t you better start living up to this intention then?

    Because all I see in your blog post above is contrary to the heart of a loving God who created gay people as well as yourself and other straight people – even the ones who are not paranoid delusional and who indulge half-wits such as James Dobson and their idiotic diatribe.

    You attack the humanity of innocent people, perpetuate hatred and lies and malicious propaganda.

    Christ is about INclusiveness – and not EXcusiveness as you are preaching here. This is not of the God you claim to serve.

    I suggest you take a long look inside at your own heart before you start criticizing others and be grateful for your own “deliverance” – if indeed you are so lucky – instead of pointing nasty little fingers at them.

    The truth is that gay people did not make themselves, but they are born gay due to biological reasons. Anyone who still, in this age of science and logic, believes otherwise is doing so out of spite and malice – and willful ignorance.

    Did you choose (ie make a conscious choice) to be heterosexual? No? Funny how gay people are supposed to have chosen to be “sinners” – and you guys are spotless and clean.

    You concern yourself with some fictional “agenda” which you have decided to call a legitimate struggle of a social group to attain legal and civil equality – which you oppose for reasons of mere religious opinion – but fail to recognize the signs that your own fascist campaign to do so constitutes a far more sinister one.

    What makes you so special that you think you deserve to have special rights above them? AND to then commit the ultimate hypocrisy by claiming that it is THEM who are after “special rights”?

    I encourage you to do some research on homosexuality – from reputable sources – and to get an education on the topic before waging open war on innocent people – who, like you, only want the rights to freedom, equality and pursuit of happiness.

    Who are you to judge? Who are you to oppose them? Who do you think you are?

  31. Chris (I can’t call you Christina becasue your site shows you are a man dressing like a woman)

    This post is about protecting our children from the Gay Agenda. Homosexual behavior is NOT an inborn trait. It is learned. I don’t want my children learning this trait.

    Twin studies show that something other than genetics must account for homosexuality because nearly half of the identical twin studied didn’t have the same sexual preference.

    If homosexuality were inherited, identical twins should either be both straight or both gay. Besides, none of the twin studies have been replicated, and other twin studies have produced completely different results.

    Brain dissections by researcher Simon LeVay who studied the hypothalamic differences between the brains of homosexual and heterosexual men noted that: ‘It’s important to stress what I didn’t find. I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay.

    ‘I didn’t show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work. Nor did I locate a gay center in the brain.’

    ‘Many studies of homosexual patients as well as of non-patient homosexuals have established a classic pattern of background family relations. The most frequent family pattern reported from the male homosexuals includes a binding, intimate mother in combination with a hostile, detached father’.

    In studies conducted by Diana Shrier and Robert Johnson in 1985 and 1988, males who had been sexually abused as children were almost seven times as likely as non-molested boys to become homosexuals.

    Dr David Finkelhor studies(1984), found that boys victimised by older men were four times more likely to be currently involved in homosexual behaviour than were non-victims.

  32. Christina Engela

    Reading through your whole article and your “supporting evidence”, it soon becomes obvious what it is all about. Not about any scientific or medical reasons why you think they are bad or “wrong” or a “threat” to society – but why being gay is unacceptable to YOU on the basis of YOUR own religious misconceptions. It is about religion, and that is all.

    People this stupid, ignorant and hateful shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. It lowers the average IQ of the species.

    If there is any justice in the world, all your children will have been born gay – but why should God curse gay children with hateful idiots like you for parents?

  33. Feminism has also taken main stage in the world and is being used to move populations. Hate is hate.

  34. leslie

    “hate is hate”, look who’s calling people haters. This is the most hateful speech I see on here. The hateful calling people haters- who are the haters here? Take a look inside.

  35. Get a life

    Money is money and big businesses do not care where or who it comes from. Even if you boycott the “Gays” as you say, have lots of money. Many of the “Gays” are top fashion designers, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, etc. Chances are 85% of the clothes you have in your closet and drawers was made by a “Gay.” You can’t protect your kids from Guns in your own homes, or Bullying by kids in schools but you want to protect them from “Gays.” Most of the child molesters and abusers, seriel killers, are white males that identify as heterosexual. So the man that you call husband that is molesting your little girl is what, a saint? My nephew was raised by two Homosexual males and had a great life, good parenting, and was motivated enough by his two “Gay” parents to go to college and become a lawyer then a judge. My four best high school mates were molested by either a Straight father or uncle, and one by her mothers boyfriend. So no matter how many ways you twist it, “Gay” is not evil. All people are evil and WE ARE ALL Going to HELL because you and anyone and everyone you know has done something wrong, bad, and questionable in Gods eyes. And only God will judge you when you go where ever the HELL you will go as well as God will be the only one to judge the “Gays” so stop trying to do his job and research ALL sides of a story before you promote a biased agenda. And stop citing false information unless you can actually prove, show written texts that is in the “Journal of medicine”, which you cannot, you can only take from anothers persons word. Well take this from another persons word, “Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image” Yeah, that means all man including the “GAYS.”

  36. Jack Spencer

    You need to pray to God to free you from the bondage that Satan has put you in Michael. God loves you and does not wantto send anyone to hell. But ignore his word, and he has no choice. Turn to Jesus today, and set yourself free!

  37. The to file a formal complaint against the local broadcast station doesn’t seem to be working..is it still up?

  38. bellthecat

    is this really what folks in the USA believe? Such a website would be considered incitement to hatred here in Europe and the people responsible for the content would be prosecuted as criminals. That seems right to me – why should we have to tolerate this quasi-religious hatred of one group of people? Homophobia, alongside racism, sexism, antisemitism and discrimination against the disabled should not be tolerated in a civilised society. I know that there are many Americans who agree with this and I pray that one day soon they will win the argument.


  39. Anonymous

    why all your interpretations of our view considered as hate? I don’t hate gays as a people. I do however despise their lifestyle. It is wrong. YOu are confused . Stop perpetrating confusion to the new generation. Get healed. Get some therapy.

  40. Reply to Christina Engela

    Transgender definition : If you were born with both sexual organs, with one set internally you can claim transgender, this is a physilogical condition. We as South Africans have a famous example which has served to bring this into the mainstream media : the athlete Caster Semenya. She is fully female with internal male organs aswell…

    Looking at your definition of transman/woman claim however doesn’t seem to fit the real definition of transgender it fits God’s definition of homosexuality … (Romans1:26,27,28)

    PS : Regarding the claims of Hate-speech, no actually “God so loved the whole world that he sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life Jn3:16” , God loves you, He the creator died for you (thats love) and His people have been called to bring His message to the lost, not to hate them as you so easily presume , but actually to go out and make this stand to bring you the message of Jesus, I would call that love, not hate.
    (and yes there are people who do hate, some even call themselves Christians , please make the distinction : we are all known by our fruit)

    If we allow society to define our morality we are in serious trouble, only God can define our morality.

  41. Lets just say there is a population of 1020 people in total… 1.2% of 1020 = 20.
    1000 straight
    20 gay
    now lets say there were 100 incidences
    And 1000 commited 60 offenses (which is 60%)
    and 20 commited 40 offences
    So the average of offenses for the 20
    (2 per person)
    And the average of the offenses for the 1000(0.06 per person)
    Is that a little more clearer…

    Your verse you want speaking about lesbians Rom1:26,27 read it carefully I paraphrase “women exchanged NATURAL into UNNATURAL against nature, and LIKEWISE men ALSO leaving the NATURAL use of the woman and burned in thier lust one toward another”
    I’m afraid its quite clear…

  42. Sorry my example above relates 2% not 1.2% but you get the picture… in fact 1.2% is higher (3.26 per person)

  43. bellthecat

    You know the Bible has a lot to say about sin, including a whole load of ‘sins’ that modern christians just gloss over (e.g. sex during menses, wearing cloth that is a mix of wool and cotton, eating shellfish etc etc)but comparatively LITTLE to say about the son that ‘Christians’ like you seem to be shrieking about more than anything else these days: Homosexuality.

    The Levitical passages which are often trotted out fall squarely within the purity law that most theologians regard as superceded by the new testamnet. We don’t for example stone adulterers these days although that is what Leviticus tells us we should do.

    In the New Testament , the passages often drilled out (of which there are only three or four verses out of the whole New Testament) are very far from being conclusively condemnatory of a loving gay marriage. If you knew anything about Aramaic or Greek it becomes even more complicated since the original texts use words that mean variously ‘homosexual rapist’, ‘transvestite’ or ‘catamite’. The one verse in the whole Bible that appears on the face of it to be quite clear is anything but:

    “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. ” Romans 1:26,27

    why do I say this is unclear. It talks about people turning away from their natural or preset sexual orientation. Whereas for modern gay people the act of coming out os turning TOWARDS our natural present sexual orientation. In which case in terms of this passage, a gay man or woman who decides to live their life in a straight relationship is sinning.

    The reality however is that the Bible has nothing particularly useful to say about loving same sex relationships because, as a cultural manifestation there was no such thing ias gay people or their relationships in the Levant of 2000 years ago.

    so. in answer to your final statements. If we allow the misinterpretation of ancient texts written in the context of an entirely different cultural milieu we are in serious trouble. And further, if we claim to exclusively know the mind of God as a way to beat away any other argument we are comitting blasphemy.

  44. I never really payed much attention to the bible speaking against fornication with a bloody woman. But, yes, sin is sin. All fornication is against the truth. If we continue in sin, the bible is clear that we will die.

  45. bellthecat

    I am a man married to a man in a monogamous married relationship so I am not fornicating. And yet you heretics who trumpet your “Christianity” as if nobody else is Christian enough would believe that myself and my husband are more evil than an adulterer.

    I wonder what God thinks of that . . .

  46. Bellthecat no one said you are more evil than an adulturer. However, you have far greater problems than your perversion. You are going somewhere when you die- the question is where?

    As far as what God would think-
    read 1 Cor 6: 9,10 and Lev 18:22 (…it is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.)
    Lev 20:13 (“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have comitted an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; thier blood shall be upon them.”)

    Ted Gadbois

  47. Here’s another link for Bellthecat
    It is from Bible.com and it deals with homosexuality from a biblical perspective.
    Good luck and I’ll be praying for you. I really hope to see you in Heaven one day.


  48. bellthecat

    and the result of all the gay hate stirred up by the religious right in the USA?

    suicidal teenagers, hatecrimes against gay people including actual violence and murder . . .

    need I say more? You have blood on your hands!

  49. Anonymous

    Bellthecat- You are mistaken. I dont advocate violence against anyone (unless it is in self defence or the saftey of my family.)

    And you;ve once again misquoted the bible. When the bible states ( they shall surely be put to death; thier blood shall be upon them.”)- it is referring to your eternal death not your physical death. It also means your eternal death is due to your own actions and not the actiona of others.


  50. i also challenge us to purpose to use the correct vernacular when referring to the homosexual lifestyle. call it just that, homosexual, NOT ‘gay’. even calling it ‘gay’ has been a point of progress for the homosexual movement. look up both words in the dictionary. one has been adapted by the homosexual movement in an effort to down play it, whereas the other is definitive.

  51. Rev Morrigan

    How very Christian of you to HATE others. The Bible teaches that good Christians do not judge others. Passing judgment is left to God. You are the very type of ‘Christian’ who teaches your children to HATE anyone who not exactly like you.

    As an ordained minister I am proud to teach tolerance and acceptance of all people. I would never teach HATE or DISCRIMINATION. It is the job of all parents to raise their children to function in society so that they may succeed as productive members of main stream society.

    I homeschool my children to prevent public school teachers from preaching your style of Christian values in the classroom. I am proud that my children value all people, gay, straight,black. white, Pagan, or Christian. People such as yourself will be the down fall of the organized religion of Christianity. I look forward to that day. Only then shall all people in this country be free of persecution by uneducated people who worship a false God.

  52. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this is where I and your blog part ways. You need to do some serious research. Homosexuality is a CHEMICALLY-BASED TRAIT. I can 100% attest that it’s NOT a choice. I’m Christian, and I believe it’s a sin as indicated in the Bible.

    However, I also know that my SAVIOUR hung out with politicians, sinners and prostitutes. If the Son of God could love those people that God “HATED” in the Old Testament, then I can love these people that were born with a different set of chromosomes that make them attracted to the opposite sex. It’s actually what I am called to do. Jesus loves them, so do I.

    The Bible is about our PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus. It’s not meant to be a bully whip to tell others what to do.

    Instead of worrying about the “homosexual” agenda and protecting your children, why not worry about the state of their souls.

    Today, most Christians are so far from what Jesus Christ actually taught it’s downright scary.

  53. I just want to point out that in spite of all your efforts to spare your children of exposure to homosexual advocacy, there is a VERY REAL possibility that one day, your child might reveal of their own accord that they are attracted to the same sex. And while you will have burried your family in an environment that seeks to stifle anyone brave enough to admit this undeniable, uncontrollable truth, I pray that you would be able to give them the love and acceptance that they inherently deserve as a human being and as your child.

    Or maybe your child would be too afraid of you to admit to their homosexuality. Just think how terrible you would feel if you learned that all your years of criticising the gay lifestyle resulted in feelings of inadequacy and unassuageable internal turmoil within the innocent person that you brought into the world, and robbed them of their own mother as a means of comfort and unconditional support. God forbid they ever turn to suicide as an escape from your inhospitable atmosphere.

  54. This may be true, Kate, until your life has personally been affected in a negative way by this agenda. My fiance’s ex-wife decided she was a lesbian. Not unlike many people who declare themselves gay, she was abused in a horrific manner by her father and grandfather. Her issue is not loving women, but hating men. There are 2 male children involved and they are being told they can marry boys when they grow up if they want to. Why bring children into this agenda? Why doesn’t she want to get over her hurt and be a healthy, strong, loving mother to her children. It is so true that “Hurt people, hurt people”. The sad thing is, she has told the boys that Christians hate lesbians and so now her children vehemently protest going to church with us. This is NOT something they have heard from us or any of our church friends. Also, I believe there are some who are born with the inclination toward homosexual desire. I DO NOT however, believe that God accepts acting on every desire we have. Our role as Christians is to maintain an attitude of peace and love and accepting everyone as a child of God, but we do not have to accept the behavior or the exposure of our children to impure lifestyles regardless of what they are. Thanks for letting me share.

  55. 90% of homosexuals were sexually abused, or are related and highly influenced by a homosexual.
    research it, it is genetic – in that it is family and societal influence is what causes 90% of it.
    The only other time in history where homosexuality was so rampant was in Sodom & Gommorrah – which of course fulfilles Biblical prophecy…and it will be worse for people in our day than it was for them in that day. God calls homosexuality UNNATURAL affection – meaning HE did not create that in mankind- mankind CHOSE it and under the influence of the master pervert have grown more and more perverse.

  56. I notice a lot of confusion on this comment board. First, start with the facts. The global elites are pedophiles and gays and push the gay agenda.


    It’s a gay Marxist agenda. It’s a takeover. They’re not tolerant of Christianity. Don’t be tolerant back.

    Black Marxists are going gay:


    The New World Order is a Pervert World Order:


    It doesn’t matter how nice gay people are, or if you find one who is disease-free. Notice how they vote. Consistently Marxist/Democrat. Your personal experience isn’t what matters. It’s a conspiratorial takeover of the world by satanic perverts under global socialism.

    The gay agenda is just part of it. It is also human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children by heterosexuals and enslavement in prostitution.

    All gays are lined up with this gangster exploitation because the gangsters promise them acceptance, money, and power if they support the radical takeover agenda.

    Don’t just protect your children. Recognize the enemy and fight back.

  57. Robin, Great informative post. You need to set up a “share” Icon under these so we can share them on our own blog’s visitor base. You need to add a Google Blogger Icon under your posts. Just a thought!

    To God be the Glory!
    The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

    Eph 5:16-17

    David I.F.

  58. warrior

    Thoses degenerates need to be stopped, and there will be stopped. When ppl rise…then such perversion will vanish. and It will just like it was rare before the sixties. the problem is not those deviants, but rather the misinformation and tolerence, that’s the problem. when you present real information, then many souls will be saved. SODOMY is wrong and it will always be. There is nothing genetically about it, no matter how otherwise it is portrayed. extensive research, shows it is a learned trait, when it is ok’d you’ll have gender identity disorder leading to sexual perversion.

  59. warrior

    for their act, they challenge their nature and creation and in attemtp to gain compassion and acceptence they thrown in nature and genetics. there are no genetics, it’s plain a deviation and moral degenracy, the problem is their culture…misinformation, and the way how they are controlled, many of them know it’s wrong and want an exit but they don’t know how.

  60. Not2commonsense

    What I don’t understand is why homosexuals are always trying to change the way the church works. They always claim heterosexualist, and bigoted and all kinds of gay stuff. Because they are angry that some people don’t accept their lifestyle. If they are all about freedom why don’t they accept that some people don’t agree with homosexuality and want their children to have no part in it. I don’t advocate any violence toward homosexuals, but it seems they get to attack heterosxual people because they won’t welcome them with open arms. Get over yourselves. I am glad the Boy Scouts have not given in to homosexuality. And time you have homosexuals running an organization it becomes defacto homosexual. If they want an organization go build one. Leave the rest of humanity who doesn’t believe in homosexuality alone. Or is that too much for the gays?

  61. bellthecat

    my homosexual lifestyle isn’t lonely at all. My husband (we married in August in a Scottish Castle) and I have the love of many friends and extended families and a wider population (here in Europe) that happily supports the dictum gay is good! Heck even our churches do now.

    Hurry up America – you are being left behind

  62. filthydisgustingdykegirl

    great. you’ve brainwashed innocent children into being homophobes. i applaud you.

  63. filthydisgustingdykegirl

    hell, if i had a choice in being straight or gay, i’d choose straight. but i don’t. instead, if have to deal with bigots like you.

  64. Patty G

    Love is patient, love is kind.
    Sin is sin.
    All fall short, but, no matter how many say something is right when its wrong, its still wrong.
    People who are uncomfortable with their behavior,comfort themselves by surrounding themselves with people who will agree with them.
    Truth be known, deviant behavior causes agony beyond belief to the parents and families of those involved who are in it.
    We all struggle with temptation, dress it up the way you like, deceive yourselves,we will still love you,just don’t teach it to our children.

  65. Hi, Bert and Ernie get married is a real facebook page, I have been hammering on the gays all day for trying to indoctrinate our children into their perverted lifestyles but I sure could use a little help.
    Go to Facebook and do a search for their page and grab a hammer.

  66. Christian

    This is so disgusting. Your sources are filled with so many atrociously biased fallacies it makes me sick. When I first started reading this, I thought it was a joke, like an SNL skit or something.

    Why don’t you worry about your kids not getting pregnant at 16 instead of worrying about them being exposed to gay people.

  67. Leviticus 20:
    7 Sannctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God.

    8 And ye shall keep my statutes, and do them: I am the LORD which sanctify you.

    9 For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.

    10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

    11 And the man that lieth with his father’s wife hath uncovered his father’s nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    12 And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.

    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    14 And if a man take a wife and her mother, it is wickedness: they shall be burnt with fire, both he and they; that there be no wickedness among you.

    15 And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.

    16 And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    17 And if a man shall take his sister, his father’s daughter, or his mother’s daughter, and see her nakedness, and she see his nakedness; it is a wicked thing; and they shall be cut off in the sight of their people: he hath uncovered his sister’s nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity.

    18 And if a man shall lie with a woman having her sickness, and shall uncover her nakedness; he hath discovered her fountain, and she hath uncovered the fountain of her blood: and both of them shall be cut off from among their people.

    19 And thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy mother’s sister, nor of thy father’s sister: for he uncovereth his near kin: they shall bear their iniquity.

    20 And if a man shall lie with his uncle’s wife, he hath uncovered his uncle’s nakedness: they shall bear their sin; they shall die childless.

    21 And if a man shall take his brother’s wife, it is an unclean thing: he hath uncovered his brother’s nakedness; they shall be childless.

    22 Ye shall therefore keep all my statutes, and all my judgments, and do them: that the land, whither I bring you to dwell therein, spue you not out.

    23 And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.

  68. Hebrews 4:

    12 For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

    13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

  69. I absolutely agree with what the prior poster said. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Either way, happy holidays to everyone.

  70. You must be one of the homosexuals in question here… Good to be able to identify you this way so that we can keep our innocent kids away. It is not you the person, it is your horrible deeds that are in question, and I hope you find help for the way that you think. Good luck my friend.

  71. Kate,

    One thing that you might keep in mind is that there is a difference in real homosexuality (which is a form of mental illness) and quasi-homosexuality (which is what most :”coming out of the closet” people profess). As a clinical psychologist, these people state they are homosexuals, when in fact if you look and watch their lives and actions therein with their partners, it becomes clear that one is fulfilling a masculine role and one the femanine role.. to the point of dressing the part and acting the roles even. These are confused individuals and not true homosexuals: This is a form of sexual identity disorder and is affected directly by media and other influences directly by feeding the confusion of how men and women should interact normally. When a child is subjected to this kind of influence before the child even has realization of what sexual differnces even are, the results are devistating as they grow to naturally attract to the opposite sex eventually entering buberty stages in life.
    These poor kids need help and guidance to avoid these brain-washing tools of the media feeding youth ideas of equality and indifference as to sexual identity. The ideas of the breakdown of male and female roles in life and living as well as femanists fighting to be men leave piles of disoriented kids in their wake who can not identify themselves as they approach their pubescence.
    I pose that the real issue is not really homosexual agenda per-se, but that it is probably a resultant of sexual confusion of such deviant ideas of femanism and reality roles of males and females in society which bring on these feelings of confusion: These kids ask themselves “what am I” and fall into this trap set by us as we look to fights with gender roles and how those roles factor in inter-personal relationships relating to those gender purposes and functions…

    We have a society with it necessary for two parents to work to make ends meet, and divorce rampant as well so that single mothers are left to fulfill both roles of mother and father. Is it any wonder that these youngsters are so confused?

    when I read and hear about so many homosexuals gone crazy, this is what I am seeing in reality and that these supposedly homosexuals are not that at all in clinical reality.

    Real homosexuality is two females or two males and they are definitely not compatible – ever; just like two normal women or men will not get along very well for long due to their same gender role placement in society (butting heads constantly). This is a deviation in social processing by these victims and require deep therapy if even this will help, but most of what I see is homosexuality based on confusion with the two parties playing the male and female roles in a relationship, and this is something that is totally different than real homosexuality, and is an influence, not a state of being.

    I am writing an APA paper on this topic currently based on research over the past 7 years (although it is not complete as of yet), these results are quite “eye-opening” and lead to some interesting results.

    Saying it is OK for real homosexuality to exist unchecked keeps these real victims from treatment that they need to be able to function, and I feel for these individuals for this reason. The others seem to be self-stated homosexuals as a fashion statement or form of rebelion or they are so confused and feel that is the group which will accept them most readily (most of this group are not really pure homosexuals, but also bisexual per their descriptions of themselves after thought given to definitions).

    Homosexuality is not a fashion or a club to join: It is a real debilitating mental illness, and we should all embrace and help those challenged persons; whether physically disabled or mentally disabled, we need to show compassion and offer the best help we can. The quasi-homosexuals need guidance and “deprogramming” to return to their normality state of being.. There is a difference that is stark and does not cross between homosexuals and these quasi-homosexuals.

    Sorry for the long comment.. I just wanted to give a more professional view and opinion to hopefully alter perspectives here as to scientific truths on the matter.


    Stan Skaggs

  72. I do not feel you are demeaned or think of you as wrong, but please read my post above for #5 and please introspect your life and living conditions as in that post.. I hope it gives you some introspection into your ways of life. People normally feel their life paths are always correct, but observation of where those paths originate might bring perspective to them. I hope that can help you in your life’s journey because our lives are so short and should not be riddled with resentment or direction in the wrong paths. I hope you peace.


  73. What you do or portray is not really God’s priorities. God cares on how you live (thought processes and inside person). Maybe you are confised as to if you are a homosexual or not. I ask you to read my post in #5 above as it might give you a clearer picture of reality and direction.

    I do not say that I am right and you are wrong: I just offer you a different perspective and new way of thought. I do not believe you are trapped into this one way of thinking that you seem to portray, and I hope you find introspection and peace in your life by looking in a different direction…

    Good luck to you and peace.

  74. Chris,

    You are right. Too many times we judge based on what is different than ourselves, and this is not right. Compassion is the tool in this case so that those in trouble can find their way to what is correct and right. I hope you can find your way and that you find happiness in your quest. I have worked with many in your situation, so I am able to see your angle on the matter. Please read my post for #5 above as it might give you some insight into research and what is really happening here.

    By no means am I promoting that any one person is correct and another is wrong, but understanding is the key to knowledge and being normal..

    I hope you the best in your life’s journey, and remember that God loves you as well as I and others.

    Pease and hope to you always,


  75. David,

    You are partly correct in that money is more prevelant with the homosexual community dueto the fact that they are alone with no kids per-se. Everyone can attest to a time of solitude when the only one spending our money was “us”.

    Homosexuality is in fact around 1 to 2% of the population, not 10. I hvae researched this very thoroughly, I promise.

    It sounds like you are very upset in this posting, so I hope you the best in your efforts: I do not seek to deminish your feelings or opinions… I hope you will read my post in response to #5 above… I think you will hopefully find a different perspective as well as helpful data for internal reflection into your troubles as well as possibly a reasoning as to why they are there.

    It sounds like you are an intelligent learned person, so I hope you peace and the best solutions to what you seek.


  76. When a child is subjected to this kind of influence before the child even has realization of what sexual differnces even are, the results are devistating as they grow to naturally attract to the opposite sex eventually entering buberty stages in life.
    These poor kids need help and guidance to avoid these brain-washing tools of the media feeding youth ideas of equality and indifference as to sexual identity. The ideas of the breakdown of male and female roles in life and living as well as femanists fighting to be men leave piles of disoriented kids in their wake who can not identify themselves as they approach their pubescence.
    I pose that the real issue is not really homosexual agenda per-se, but that it is probably a resultant of sexual confusion of such deviant ideas of femanism and reality roles of males and females in society which bring on these feelings of confusion: These kids ask themselves “what am I” and fall into this trap set by us as we look to fights with gender roles and how those roles factor in inter-personal relationships relating to those gender purposes and functions…


  77. That is a sad situation indeed. Nobody should be bullied this way. This is exactly why these influences of the media should be kept in check as well as keeping everyone from taunting each other because of differences.

    When a child is subjected to this kind of influence before the child even has realization of what sexual differnces even are, the results are devistating as they grow to naturally attract to the opposite sex eventually entering buberty stages in life.
    These poor kids need help and guidance to avoid these brain-washing tools of the media feeding youth ideas of equality and indifference as to sexual identity. The ideas of the breakdown of male and female roles in life and living as well as femanists fighting to be men leave piles of disoriented kids in their wake who can not identify themselves as they approach their pubescence.

    I pose that the real issue is not really homosexual agenda per-se, but that it is probably a resultant of sexual confusion of such deviant ideas of femanism and reality roles of males and females in society which bring on these feelings of confusion: These kids ask themselves “what am I” and fall into this trap set by us as we look to fights with gender roles and how those roles factor in inter-personal relationships relating to those gender purposes and functions…

    I feel sad that those kids harassed this girl in this way. She needed help and therapy for her confused state instead of harassment. Too many times we judge others and forget to follow God’s rules of helping others. The Gay agenda though seems to block these efforts at every turn though too. That should be looked at too in this case for clarity sake.

  78. I agree 100%…I do all I can to keep my kids protected from satan’s evil spirit of homosexuality. My sister recently allowed her daughter to attend a gay pride fest..she has no concern for the Lord at all,I have a gay neice and I don’t want to be around her. Her father was a deadbeat and its been shown that most girls that grow up to be lesbians had absent/abusive/drug addicted fathers. People wonder why violence continues to increase and crimes that crazy people commit are becoming more bold and gruesome, and why violence has increased in our schools…. BECAUSE THEY CONTINUE TO REMOVE THE LORD AND HIS WORD AND MORALS FROM THE COUNTRY! No prayer in schools,gay marriages,gays in our military;just give extreme islamists an even better reason to kill our troops! ..they are letting the devil in through a wide open door! I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF CHRIST OVER MY KIDS AND OVER ALL THOSE WHO WISH TO SEE OUR COUNTRY GO BACK TO GODLY MORALS!

  79. Borges de Garuva

    You are ridiculous!

  80. Anonymous

    I used to “tolerant” homosexuals, but after I saw what they were doing to my Church (I’m Catholic) & what they were doing to those who oppose them, & stopped tolerating their twisted idea of “diversity”

    I don’t hate homosexuals, but I don’t approve of what they do either (Let’s not forget a homosexual man brought AIDS into our world).

    All the homosexuals I have met have been either sex-craving addicts or obnoxious narcassits. They assume what they do is “normal” when the reality is it is NOT. I love how they scream “tolerance” but the moment any voices any criticism they want to verbally & legally tear that person apart. It doesn’t take much to piss off homosexuals—just say you support traditional marriage & watch them call you nasty names like “homophobe”, “bigot”, “hater”, etc….so much for tolerance.

    I’ve personally had it with the gay agenda, & I’m pretty so do alot of other people. This people want to redefine “marriage” & “family” like it’s a meaningless term. Marriage is a CHURCH issue, not a state issue. It’s also a RELIGIOUS sacrement, & the homosexual agenda want to DESTROY religion. A recent poll stated 70% of homosexuals were ATHEISTS. And I don’t see the sense in getting married when you don’t even believe in God in the first place. I hate how the homosexuals have ruined the rainbows—-that’s GOD’s covenant your mocking, assholes. I hate how so many people are blind from what the homosexual agenda really is about. I’m tired of being silenced by the homonazis

  81. You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  82. As an African,I see too much pressure on my continent to accept this kind of behavior from the west.Don’t push your Homosexuality on our throats. We know who we are. Copy cats are being paid in Africa to advance the cause. Thus making it a global powerful entity.Threats are like this: Accept homos or no aid, you threaten homos, you will end up in international criminal court??..Give me a break!!.

  83. I wonder!!! I repeat, I wonder, if these people are only about 1-2%, then why is it that the 98% of the population is not coming out and slow down this pandemic of homosexuality behavior? Celebrities and their piers are coming out advertising this behavior? where are the so called our fellow majority Christians?

  84. It is sad to observe how the gay community promotes itself as victims of hate. When gays hear or see opposition to their way of life, they attack the person or group. I guess to them that is their right! They are defending their choice. However, when any person disagrees they are labeled as promoting hate. Here’s a newsflash for you. There are people of all walks of life that don’t agree with homosexuality. Gays like to promote themselves as being persecuted by Christians. I’m a Christian and I could care less if a man wants to play in other guys feces. To me that is just repulsive, it’s downright unsanitary!! Christianity has nothing to do with it.

  85. I laugh at Admin, quoting Cor. in comment 28 (I think) the word homosexual was not invented until @ 1867, so MAN added it to the bible next to effeminate. The Greeks refereed to effeminate as men that were lazy and did no hard work, as their hands were ‘soft’. Just another instance were man’s prejudice was added to the bible, may I suggest to add history to your reading repertoire instead of just the man written bible.

  86. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can recommend?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help
    is very much appreciated.

  87. TommyWou

    To any closeted LGBT folks out there:

    There is nothing wrong with your sexuality, any shame you feel is just a cultural thing, you can let it go and be loved for who you are.

  88. bitch.

  89. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this
    fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to new updates and will share this blog with my
    Facebook group. Chat soon!

  90. Christian apologetics in this area are woefully lacking. “Scientific findings” about “homosexuality” sound really convincing to our young people. A number of arguments put forth by “gay” propagandists can stump those who are unprepared. I would like to offer some counters to some of their arguments:

    1. “Science shows a connection between homosexuality and biology.”

    Those “findings” come in a variety of different formats: hypothalamus, genes, twin studies, MRI and PET scans etc. Many of these have been formally disproven; however, there are so many, and the propaganda machine keeps putting out new “scientific” hoaxes, it is hard to keep up with all of them. When those findings are used as evidence, there is one logical argument that this “scientific evidence” can’t overcome: if there is a biological connection to “sexual orientation,” then why can’t those scientists who have discovered the connection use their science with infants or small children to predict “sexual orientation”? If this “evidence” had any validity, then why don’t birth certificates have a line for “sexual orientation”?

    2. “Everyone has a sexual orientation to either heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality.”

    Most people have fallen for this including many conservative Christians. This myth was started in 1869 by German journalist, Karoly Benkert. The problem with this myth is that it has NO EVIDENCE! Where is the “sexual orientation” located? The elbow? The earlobe? The big toe? No, it DOESN’T exist!!! There are sexual CHOICES, but no “sexual orientation.” Sex without choice is RAPE, not “orientation.” But, what about “homosexual” thoughts? If one can control the mind well enough to take a test or write a term paper at school, why can’t one control his/her sexual thoughts?

    Another way of saying this is that people are not “gay” or “straight,” we are all human. The “gay”/”straight” dichotomy is a false dichotomy used to polarize mankind!

    3. “Why would I choose to ‘be gay’ and face all the ‘homophobia’ “.

    Some men believe themselves to be Supermen and go to the roof of a high building and plummet to their deaths. People behave according what they believe. Because they believe themselves to be “gay,” they act on their beliefs.

    These are just a few. I hope they are helpful!

  91. Everyone here is so against homosexuality and protesting it, but divorce is all fine and dandy. Divorce is frowned upon also. But what I have come to notice is Christians don’t seem to protest whats against the bible, they protest things they don’t understand. When was the last time any of you actually asked a homosexual and homosexuality. You all love love god, which is fine, but you should also love one another. Judgement on gays, or anyone for that matter, is not your job; It’s God’s. So how do you think he feels when his children hate on his other children. And FYI, most studies have found AIDS started with apes and other primates, and it is not a gay disease as it can effect any race, ethnicity, or sexuality. ‘Tolerating’ also implies that underneath you do have negative feelings. So when you say your tolerating, underneath you do hate. As a child, I learned that Jesus was an especially good person. I do not believe this was his intention. Back in that time, people ‘tolerated’ Jesus and his followers, but had no respect no love for them. Is this how we really want his image to be spread. That Christianity is bigoted and hateful and cruel? There were times when Christians thought minorities and Blacks were lesser, and treated them with discrimination and even killed them simply for being who they were born as. Is this really how you want your children to grow up? To learn that it’s ok to hate and hurt others? To be cruel and violent towards a certain people simply because they are different. We shouldn’t be tolerant, we should be accepting, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Law; the rest is the explanation.” If any of you know what it is liked to be hated or persecuted, then you should know better. You should understand the pain and sorrow it causes. You say homosexuality should be off television, but what if the roles were reversed. What if homosexuals were the majority population and didn’t want hetero’s on t.v.? It would not make you feel good. And the idea that homosexuals make bad parents? I’ve never heard of a homosexual couple kicking out a child for being straight. If you want the world to be a good, warm, loving place for your child, then it has to start with you. Treat other’s as you want to be treated. and the like of a homosexual is none of your business in the first place; It is between them and god. You have no right to play god and try to intervene. This world was created for everyone, blacks, whites, Asians, mixed, gay, straight. We are all humans; We all hurt and feel sadness, and joy, and love. Don’t make up things just to justify your own insecurity or irrational fear. Gays are born gay, as are blacks are born black, and whites are born white. It’s scientifically proven. BTW, women were also thought of lesser to the man in the bible. Periods were uncleanly, women were naturally devil worshipers, and were made for men. God is not a man of hate or wrath; He’s of love and wisdom and acceptance. If we really wish to live as god intended, we would learn to love and care for one another regardless. Do not do kind things because you gain glory or goodness from it. Do kind things simply because you have the ability to do so.

  92. NarutoFightinDreamer

    You People are so insane. I am a Roman Catholic AMERICAN CARTOON and JAPANESE-ANIME FAN……Our own American Cartoon Industry is nearly dead because of Religious Fanatics like you folks, Not to mention The Near Banning of Equally Harmless Japanese Anime like Naruto in America.

    Conversely Hard – Core Lefties have damaged the American Animation Industry and The Broadcast of Japanese – Anime as equally bad as Rightie’s. Seems you both have a hatred of Cartoons & Anime!

    Retired Pope Benedict is a lover of Pokemon!…. And God Bless Pope Francis for being ok with Gay Folks and washing the feet of fallen women of the Muslim Faith!

    Anyway, I need to go back to watch in AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER Reruns. As it pushes strong morals for kids and adults alike!

    God Bless BOTH the American Cartoon & Japanese-Anime Industry. May it live long and prosper. DATTEYBAYO!…………..And God Bless You Baca Idiots as well.

  93. A lot of misinformation from both sides here and a lot of people using this site to bash religion (why are you here, it’s obviously a religiously affiliated page).

    As a psychologist it’s time to set the record straight:

    No genetic link to homosexuality has been found

    Chemical imbalances have been linked to being more feminine or masculine but not with homosexuality (These are correlated but that does not mean a casual relation).

    The research suggest homosexuality is more prevalent in women

    Research indicates that it is also not a choice but is instead the result of a combination of many factors (one of the greatest being the person’s defense and coping mechanism).

    All modern terms of homosexuality were redefined after violent threats were made by the socialist gay rights movement of the 70s or 80s (been a while since I checked). The group was called the Gay Liberation Front and they physically threatened the APA to remove all confirmed disorders related to homosexuality. The only one left is gender disphoria, which a diagnosis of is required for those seeking a sex change operation.

    The American gay population numbers are currently skewed due to a bloating of the numbers caused by a newly spiked “trendiness” of homosexuality among young girls. That’s right, society has created an epidemic of middle schoolers and highschoolers identifying as homosexual because it is now trendy because they are being contrarians and claiming a once taboo label. Even going so far as to make up new ones (this has also contributed largely to the nonsensical asexual and pansexual movements).

    Also, a great number of the bible questions on here (meant to stump) are uneducated and childish.
    All I saw here were a bunch of people that need a therapist to unload the mounds of issues they have on.

    Lastly, if you are picking and choosing the content your child sees, then go with anime. Unlike American cartoons, there exist a multitude of genres from which to choose and each genre emphasizes something different. Also unlike cartoons in the states, anime offers shows for every interest and age group. The Japanese are also absolutely fascinated with Christian beliefs, so many anime have them worked into the plot or even feature a Christian preacher as a main character.

  94. Here’s the thing… There needs to be PROOF that being gay is something you can’t help. That you’re “born that way”… before you have that, you can’t prove it’s not a depravity or perhaps a mental illness. Pedophiles think they are “born that way” too… Ever heard of NAMBLA? It’s an association fighting for “Pedo Rights” … Yep, and there’s another one for bestiality.

    What you have is something that needs CURING. Sorry boys, but it’s not normal or healthy for you to want to put your Pee Pee in another man’s Poo Poo… Get it? That’s disgusting! It causes you all sorts of Nasty diseases too… Trust me I know, a person I am acquainted with for many years admits that he can’t do that because he ends up with tears and infections so bad he can’t sit down! How in the world is that possibly “God’s Will” or even NORMAL? It’s NOT!!! Before you even say it, I think that Sodomy in Hetero situations is equally disgusting, but the difference is, Male to Male have no other way to do it, so they MUST do this, and suffer the physical consequences… That can NOT be NORMAL.. . NO matter what you say. Men who have an obsession with the male appendage and want to put it in their mouths are equally messed up… WHY would you want to do that? I get it that you “know your own equipment”… LOL But it’s still gross. Same for women who want to explore a vagina… NOOOOO! There’s something wrong with your BRAIN!!! I know for sure! I experimented in my 20s, and after the first time being asked to do that, I was so disgusted by it I threw up! My mind said, “NO NO NO you are supposed to be with someone with a PENIS, someone who will feel strong and protective of you, someone with MALE pheromones!!! Yes PHEROMONES are what decide attraction most of all, basic SCIENCE. If your brain is attracted to the same ones you secrete, there’s something WRONG!!! Perhaps you are also secreting the wrong ones, as part of your disorder, which could explain the entire gay thing… These swishing around, over dressed up, hand waving “queens’… come on… you’re not women, you’re a poor caricature of them!

    Being born “feeling like you should have been the opposite sex” is a possible brain dysfunction, instead of the whole “We should accept it” thing, how about finding out what part of the brain is sending “boy” signals to a girl, “Girl” signals to a boy, and FIX THAT!

    What’s next? Pedophiles are “born that way” so we go marry off a 5 year old because “she wants it too?”…

    A Guy marries his goat?

    You people are very very sick, and fighting for “rights” to stay that way.

    What is the world coming to?

    Bible Thumping aside (Personally not into that stuff, I believe in science) I just find your lifestyle gross and abnormal, and always will.

    Even if you prove some of you are “born that way”… it’s still a sickness that needs curing. Imagine one day waking up and suddenly wanting to date the opposite sex, being attracted to them, deep down you KNOW that you would be so happy. Deny this, and you deny the true nature of being a human being.

    I hope for a day when there is a cure, but if your agenda of “acceptance” continues, there will be no one left who cares enough to find it!

    That’s what this blog is about… Keeping the next Generation aware that this is a disease, in hopes that someone finds a cure.

    TRY to get that before bashing this woman. I applaud her, but do believe she should leave the bible out of it, what I have said is the point… not that it’s a sin… but a sickness.

  95. HA Welch

    I have been in thus fight in the past. I have friends and colegues that identify as LGBT that I respect and love. However, love and acceptance,shouldnt equal active promotion. I took my kids to see the Angry Birds movie and was horrified at the multiple blatant homosexual undertones. I don’t think my kids picked up on it but this is ridiculous. Can someone start a boycott angry birds movie.

  96. Lesbian

    This is hate, and if you think that you are helping society by saying that our children need to be protected from people who are simply different than you, straight, white, rich people then you need to educate yourself. One of the main topics in the New Testament in the Bible is of love and equality, and if you are hating on a large community just because you think that they are “gross” or “weird” than you are the one that should go to Hell. Remember: “Treat thy neighbor”

  97. For those who are acknowledging that homosexuality is wrong and are trying to do something about it. They deserve credit. That’s true. But it’s not enough to take a stand against homosexuality on behalf of a GOD given principle while still feeding your bellies like every other heathen of society. You cannot have it both ways.

    Let me put this in proper perspective. Jesus Christ did not come around to simply educate people and tell them to keep on living the way they did. NO. He called them out. LITERALLY. To make major sacrifices. To do a complete reset of their life in order to gain a new perspective. A spiritual change was needed. But it is this modern life that is preventing it. Modern life has been here for thousands of years. It’s called “man made” life. Man has always been led by greed. Trying to profit. You get a job working for a man who profits from you. You buy things from a man who profits from you. You gain stuff you don’t even need in your life. So you profit. SO it seems. But we waste most of our time in this world. Filling our baskets with goodies. All the while, our spiritual growth is stunted. Jesus showed us that we must grow from the ground up. Not the top down. Even if it is too late for us grown ups. We can leave society and raise our children from the bottom up. Break the cycle. Society is corrupt. It always has been. Until people wake up and realize that GOD isn’t found in churches, and is only found through a personal walk to Him, nothing will change. He’s waiting for you. And you have to go to Him empty handed. Leave the rest behind. Because you sure as Hell aren’t going to take your stuff with you when you die. But your spirit is what WILL matter and it already does.

    But I will say this. Yes. Public schools are a government institution. Controlled by the same people who own politics, corporations, military, media. The list goes on and on. You cannot trust them. GOD sent our children to the MAN AND WOMAN that are delegated to raise them. Not someone else. If you renig on this responsibility, then you are already sending a child down the wrong path. GOD made a purpose when He sent them to YOU. Even if you don’t see it. Raise children at home where they belong. A parent is a mentor. A go between for GOD’s sake. Understand this. Being deeply rooted in GOD means that we are a strong tree that branches out and gets bigger and bigger. And the fundamental things to teach the children are to be skeptical of the ways of society. Turn away from popular culture most of all. And never trust the news. Teach them about greed and show them how it forms the structure of the man made world. Raise them close to nature and THAT is the way they will go. Making wise children makes for wise adults. Society is Hell bent on making dumb children to make foolish adults. Because this stinking world thrives on such things.

  98. Christina

    There is no credible research that suggests that homoseuality is genetic- it is a behavior that you either choose to engage in or choose not to engage in. The ONLY reason it was declassified in the DSM as a disorder was because of political activism behind the scenes…no new reasearch was involved that forced people to change their position and that alone speaks volumes! We all make unfavorable choices in life that needs to be made. Life is like that sometimes. You don’t get to rewrite the book just because you don’t like what it says. Jesus tells us to love our neighbours and love cannot exist without truth. Truth is that there is a spiritual epidemic overtaking humanity where wrong is right and right is wrong and we can justify everything and anything that feels good to us. Truth is that no matter what your sin is, you can overcome it with the power of the Holy Spirit, truth is that God loves everyone of us and that we are ALL sinners trying to find our way. We need to stop glorifying this sin and the time to do this is now- before its too late.

  99. Margaret Kinney

    Actually gays are 3.4 percent of the population.

  100. Sorry for all of those who think they where born gay because in reality you are not! Get over it and stop making that your excuse! Maybe you should take a long hard look at what your doing and how your living! a Sinful and misguided lifestyle and your ultimately lying to yourselves to justify your sinful lifestyle CHOICE!

  101. confused human

    oh my god, i thought this was a joke at first, homosexuals “push there beliefs on people” what about every straight movie or show that says thats normal, marriage existed WAY before the bible its just the joining of two humans are you sriously saying homesexuality is a choce then tell me how many people of the same sex did you date before deciding you wanted to date the opposite that is the dumbest thing anyone could say, and there are plenty of sins people think are less important and just skip, please stop hating on gays and dont have you child feel unsafe for ebing queer in there own home

  102. Christina

    Being heterosexual is not a decision; it is the natural way our bodies have been made for the purpose of uniting man and woman and procreation and carrying on the human race- to deviate from that requires a decision.

  103. Sir/Miss this article is well conducted and amusing but it is offensive to the LBGTQ community, they are people to! Being LBGTQ is not a choice. It is how they are and that’s fine! Shows are promoting it because it is natural, and it seems that you are one of those “religious nuts”. Please gay and lesbian are just like the rest of us and don’t go on a witch hunt for them.

    – Princess Oak

  104. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

  105. I shouldn’t judge if a computer game is good or bad for my children? What about x rated movies? How about pedophiles? Can I judge whether or not my children should go camping with a known pedophile?

    What about about preachers. Does a theology degree mean I should sit under someone’s teaching without judging if he is teaching truth? Isn’t that how cults form?

    What the Bible says About Judging in Context
    Read the passage in context:
    Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam [is] in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. Matthew 7:1-5

    “Judge not” in the Greek μη κρινετε (mē krinete) is the habit of sharp, unjust criticism.
    God alone can judge;but it is our duty to speak out against sin (Matthew 7:15–20) and to exercise wisdom in dealing with those who reject the truth (Matthew 7:6).
    Jesus is condemning mean spirited judgment and unjust criticism of others’ motives. We are not only allowed, we have an obligation to test others by their fruits (Matthew. 15–20).
    The etymology of the word “critic” is from the Greek word judge in this verse. Another form of this same root in verse 5 is translated “hypocrite” implying a critical, judgmental, self-righteous spirit which judges others more severely than it does itself. (The attitude you find in legalistic churches),

    When someone emphasizes one set of sins over another set of sins then excuses one’s own faults (the beam in your eye) but will not excuse the faults of others they are guilty of criticizing others unrighteously.

    Christ is not telling us to avoid evaluating people or not to use our God-given wisdom (1 John 4:1–6). The world is full of false teachers (2 Corinthians 11:13–15). We must be alert and must “try the spirits” (1 John 4:1) and teach our children to do the same!

    Jesus commands in John 7:24, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”
    Abstain from thinking about other people’s faults, unless your duties as a teacher or parent make it necessary to think about them. Whenever the thoughts come unnecessarily into one’s mind, why not simply shove them away? And think of one’s own faults instead? For there, with God’s help, one can do something. Of all the awkward people in your house or your job there is only one whom you can improve very much… The job has to be tackled some day: and every day we put it off will make it harder to begin. — C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock, pp. 154.
    We have the right and responsibility to evaluate others’ behavior in and out of the body of Christ.
    My girlfriend Dolores said it well, “Judge the behavior and love the person.”

    The Bible says homosexual activity is a sin (Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans 1:26-27 teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. When a person continues in sin and disbelief, the Bible tells us that God “gives them over” to even more wicked and depraved sin in order to show them the futility and hopelessness of life apart from God. However, the Bible does not describe homosexuality as a “greater” sin than any other. All sin is offensive to God.

    God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, idol worshipper, murderer, thief, etc. God also promises the strength for victory over sin, including homosexuality, to all those who will believe in Jesus Christ for their salvation (1 Corinthians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17).

    I want to protect my children from all sin and all hurts and all illness.

  106. Christina

    Beautifully said!

  107. RantWithMe

    Are you actually so homophobic and stupid?

  108. I’m not on any witch hunt. Just pointing out the Bible says it is sin.

  109. Dylan Auman

    The best thing for all of your children would be to get away from your negative influences. Onfortunatly they were born in to your home of hate and judgement. You should all be ashamed to open your filthy bigoted mouth.

    What are you so afraid of? If you really think a gay couple want to take something away from you you’re incredibly disillusioned. They just want respect and I gaurentee their not plotting against your heterosexual relationship. Because most likely if you’re this uptight and judgemental you’re probably not that happy anyway.

    Go ahead “shelter” your children from knowing all people aren’t created the same. What’s sad is if your child is born gay you’re only going to instill that it isn’t normal. News flash: the only difference between when you grew up and now is people aren’t too scared to hide their sexual orientation. There are so many children that end up commiting suicied, depressed, and in unhappy false relationships when they don’t feel like they’ll be accepted by their family.

    Pick your battles. Gays aren’t a threat to your children. You seem to be the threat to your children.

  110. MyCompany

    soon enough we’ll hear about incidents where one gay little boy experiments with a straight little boy in the boys bathroom at school or at gay little boys house when the mom is doing the dishes until eventually all the little boys in school are now gay but then things will get worse there won’t be a such thing as “sexual orientation” it won’t matter who you have sex with, sex won’t even a love thing it will just be a process. Then we will make Coke legal to end the war on drugs and well use tax payer money to legally supply the coke addicts with coke. There will be disease and overdose everywhere. Oh and let’s not forget gender won’t be a thing either so we won’t have a boys bathroom and girls bathroom well just have bathrooms and while we’re at it I would appreciate if all of you stopped assuming my species. I don’t feel like a human I haven’t decided which animal I want to be but I think it will be somewhere between African grey and a tiger shark

  111. Joshua


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