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About Robin

My Family is a Dysfunctional Mess

Please Don’t Think I Have it All Together! Christian blogs are great places to get encouragement, but sometimes (because we usually write about what works) bloggers may seem like our families are picture-perfect, sweet, balanced, and stress free. God forbid anyone reads my blog and gets this impression! My family began about as dysfunctional as one can get, BUT we ... Read More »

Robin’s Children

Here is a peek into my nine children’s lives today (ages 13 to 39). Two are still at home; the other seven are grown and out on their own. Two own homeschool businesses. Belinda My oldest daughter, Belinda, married in 2013 and has two lovely, sweet step-children, Victoria and Alex. Belinda (Lori to our family) continues to run Family Christian Academy (homeschool/ hybrid umbrella ... Read More »

Homeschool: What People Think I Do / What I Really Do

Note all the friends, social skills and no overalls in photos of our homeschool. Computer Skills Straw Shooting 101 (You thought we miss this important lesson because we don’t go to school! Wrong!) Home Economics Fractions Horse Back Riding (animal husbandry) http://archive.heartofwisdom.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=14573&action=edit#titlediv Tom Sawyer Unit Study (Literature) Civil Air Patrol (community service) Horse Driving (animal husbandry) Horse Driving (animal husbandry- the ... Read More »

Deathbed Letter from My Great, Great Grandmother

This is a letter to my Great, Great Grandfather from my Great, Great Grandmother in 1887 (original spelling). She wrote this letter as she lay at death’s door. She died before it was completed. My favorite line is in bold letters. What a joy it was to find the thing she desired most for her children was the needful thing ... Read More »

Self Control Lesson from a Ready-to-Explode Vacuum Cleaner

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days? You know the type situation I am talking about. You were up all night with a vomiting child, the phone rings at 7:00 a.m. it’s the Realtor with a potential buyer that has to see the house at 10:00 a.m. You scramble out of bed, throw the pile of soiled sheeting, wash cloths, towels from last night’s projectile vomiting episode into the wash, and rouse hungry children while hubby is in the shower. Read More »

Our Church: Seed of Abraham & Torah Resources

We recently began attending Seed of Abraham Fellowship. I was delighted to not only find a balanced church that studies Hebrew roots, but also offers classes in Hebrew, and an amazing chronological  Homeschool Bible study curriculum (reviewed below). In July we moved from Tennessee to Florida to be near our grandsons (my daughter Victoria passed this year). Imagine me driving down the main road ... Read More »

Our Homeschool Journey

We have homeschooled 29 years. Our roller coaster ride included many surprise twists and turns, suspenseful fears, excitement, mistakes, smiles, winding thrills, tears, proud moments, flying without wings, quitting threats, delights, twisting , twirling, laughter, crying, woozy, ups, and downs.

Twenty-Nine Years Homeschooling We have homeschooled for twenty-nine years. Our homeschool roller coaster ride included many surprise twists and turns, suspenseful fears, excitement, mistakes, smiles, winding thrills, tears, proud moments, flying without wings, quitting threats, delights, twisting , twirling, laughter, crying, woozy, ups, and downs.  We are blessed with eleven children and fourteen grandchildren (I gave birth to nine children, it’s a yours, mine and ours family). At the time of ... Read More »

Great Pyrenees Puppies

God made puppies cute, cuddly, fluffy, and funny so I wouldn’t mind getting up every two hours to feed them. I am tired! We picked up our Great Pyrenees puppies yesterday. Precious and Peppy are five weeks old (a bit young to be taken from their mother). Peppy is the runt of the litter (about 1/4 the size of the ... Read More »