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Comparing Fabric Cutting Machines

Which is the best fabric  cutting machine?  AccuQuilt, Big Shot? Brother ScanNCut? Silhouette? It depends on your needs. I liked rotary cutting until I lopped off the corner of my finger and had stitches. Machine cutters are much safer. I researched machines for weeks before purchasing. Here is what I learned.Note: I’m blogging as a quilter not a scrapbooker here.(Cricut ... Read More »

Hidden Romance in the Bible

Hidden Romance in the Bible Jesus, Bride of Christ

Deep within God’s Word lies a wondrous story like no other. A drama that originated before time began. An epic saga that resonates with the heartbeat of God. A story that reveals nothing less than the meaning of life and God’s great mission in the earth. From Eternity to Here presents three remarkable stories spanning Genesis to Revelation. Each story traces a divine theme that is woven throughout Scripture. Read More »

My Favorite Christian Fiction Books – Why No Amish Romance

Five of the top 10 best sellers on a recent list of Christian fiction were Amish titles. More than 24 million books have been sold since 2003. This year at least 86 “Amish Romance” novels are being released. Why?? I just don’t get it. I understand Christians are looking for wholesome books but there are thousands of Non-romance Christian fiction books. ... Read More »

Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus

Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus Lancaster has written a powerful new introduction to Torah in which he graciously presents the Torah and its message in simple and easy to understand terms. Restoration will assist thousands of believers to make the transition to Torah and discipleship in Yeshua. Those who are already on the path will ... Read More »

Amazon Homeschool Store

Everyday I get emails asking what math, reading, or language art I recommend. I put them all together by catagory here. Charlotte Mason living books and fun color illustrated books homeschoolers love! History is listed chronologically by theme. Science topics are listed in Creation order. Read More »

Homeschool Review: Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs Reading Eggs is a web based literacy learning program for  4 to 11 year olds. Reading Eggs Will Teach Your Child To Read In Just Weeks! Register For Your FREE 2 Week Trial Now No credit card required so pop over and check it out to see if your child likes it. The online program is built on the 5 essential ... Read More »

Zoobooks: Homeschool Review

We started using Zoobooks in our homeschool almost 20 years ago. I originally got the magazines for the great animal pictures and informative articles but soon discovered they held the attention of my reluctant readers. We save every issue and built quite a collection we’ve enjoyed for years. Zoobooks Help Reluctant Readers! Studies state if a 3rd grade student reads 20 minutes a day for a ... Read More »

One of My Favorite Bible Resources

Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines Dr. Ed Hindson said, “If I could give only two books to a new Christian, one would be the Bible and the other would be this book.” I agree! Since it is reproducible it is perfect for Bible lapbooks.  If you are using Ancient History: Adam to Messiah this is a must have. I use this ... Read More »

Amazing Reading Program! Children Reading at 2 Years-Old

  The boy pictured can read an entire Level 1 book at 2 years and 4 months. Jim and Elena, proud parents of three wonderful children developed the  Children Learning Reading method. It is a simple, step-by-step program that will help parents teach their children to read  in about 15 minutes a day in just 12 weeks. Children as young as two or ... Read More »

Learn Hebrew, Much Faster!

Below is a very interesting message from Seth Young, one of the world’s most prolific Hebrew teachers Shalom. My name is Seth Young. Tens of thousands of students currently learn Hebrew via my webinars, CDs, web sites, email lists, Facebook groups and Facebook applications. But I have a little “secret” to share with you. I did NOT learn Hebrew as a ... Read More »

300 Online Learning Games for Grades K-5

Lets face it, children love to play games on the computer or Tablet. K5 Stars is a place you can be happy about your child’s time with an electronic device. With over 300 games to chose from you can zero in on your children’s weak areas or let them practice and get ahead while they are are having fun (and staying busy) ... Read More »

Times Tables Made Easy with Stories

Homeschool Review Last week, my husband was helping me teach math to our boys. He made a remark about how they were both struggling with multiplication. You can imagine how that went over. My self worth as a mother, wife, and person is completely wrapped up in my homeschool abilities (not really, at least not anymore,  but I have been ... Read More »

Top 10 Free Homeschool Resources from Discovery Education

This year we subscribed to Discovery Educations Streaming Plus  (over 4,000 full length videos), through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I’m please with the videos even though we have lousy Internet connection and a lot of lag time. The videos are worth it. Many have a left flavor but I watch them with my children and point out the left turns.Through this ... Read More »

Jesus Calling App

Read the book by Sarah Young on your iPhone Over half a million people have had their lives impacted by the encouraging words of Sarah Young in the best selling, 365 day devotional, Jesus Calling. Now these powerful thoughts and insights written to lift your spirit daily come to life in this powerful interactive app aimed to draw you even ... Read More »

Assumptions That Affect Our Lives

Greek and Hebrew Worldviews The visible actions of people are first shaped by invisible thoughts, deep in the unseen world of the human mind and heart. What factors influence those invisible ideas? For people who live in the Western world, the answers can be found by examining the two major roots of Western thought–the ancient Greeks and the ancient Hebrews. ... Read More »

Curl up and Read Aloud with Free Kindle Books

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good book or Ebook-Reader and read aloud to your children. It is never to late to read aloud. I read to all my children when they were teenagers. You can download a 31 page list of classics by grade level (K-12) at the bottom of this post. Did You Know ... Read More »

Reading Ebooks on iPhone or iTouch

I love reading books on my iPhone! At first I thought  it would be too small but I got used to it very quickly. I read every night in bed—no book light needed! You can read Heart of Wisdom publications on your iPhone or iTouch! I received an email question about reading  ebooks I have written on an iPhone. I ... Read More »

66 Love Letters by Larry Crabb (Book and App)

I am reading Larry Crabb’s magnum opus,  66 Love Letters: A Conversation with God That Invites You into His Story. So far I really like it. Crabb  that takes you through each book of the Bible giving his opinion as to what message he believes God is trying to get across in each book.   It is written as a conversation between God and the ... Read More »

Don't Know Much About History – Yet!

Some of you are wondering why I’m not using a “Christian history” curriculum. I used several Christian history text with our first homeschool generation (our children ages range from 9 to 37). I later found out they had several flaws. Now we use a variety of sources and verify facts as we learn (as we do with all studies especially Bible). I plan on using the book as follows Read More »

Behold the Man!

Jesus’ apostles and Jewish disciples came to know him first as a Rabbi and only later as the risen Savior. For second-generation and subsequent believers, however, the process was reversed. First they encountered in faith the risen and reigning Son of God, and only later – if at all – did they come to learn in any depth about the man, Yeshua MiNatzeret (Jesus of Nazareth). Read More »

My Christian Fiction Recommendations

My Favorite Christian Fiction Authors C.S. Lewis Andy Andrews Harry Kraus Robert Whitlow William Paul Young (and Baxter Kruger, non fiction theology behind The Shack) Kristen Heitzmann Charles Martin Bodie and Brock Thoene Angela Hunt Susan Meisner  Susan May Warren Lynn Austin  Terry Blackstock  Deborah Raney Mary E. DeMuth Nicol Baart  Dee Henderson George MacDonald Michael Phillips Brandilyn Collins  Tracie Peterson ... Read More »

Hundreds of Free Lapbooks and Unit Studies

There is no one more qualified to write homeschool curricula than a homeschool mom. Homeschool Share (HSS) is a on-line cooperative effort of several homeschooling moms to provide free but quality literature-based unit studies and resources. Homeschool Share offers hundreds and hundreds homeschool lapbooks, unit studies and notebooking pages for FREE. These resources go beautifully with Heart of Wisdom unit ... Read More »

Holy Cow: Does God Care What We Eat?

This simple-to-understand book uses basic hermeneutic principles to properly interpret what the Bible says about eating meat. Eagan is clear that our diets are not a salvation issue, while at the same time encouraging obedience to God’s Word. HOLY COW! Does God Care About What We Eat? begins with the author’s attention-grabbing personal story. The author was raised as a ... Read More »

Nurturing the Write Relationship

I was excited as soon as I saw the words “A Family Writing Lifestyle.” Mary Ann shares valuable insights not only about writing itself, but about passing on the gift of written expression as a family tradition. What a gift to pass on to your children —the ability to capture insights, record memories, and relate perceptions and feelings. The importance ... Read More »

Breaking the Jewish Code

Stone unlocks the amazing secrets to the success of the Jewish people. Their time-honored principles help create wealth, maintain health, raise successful children, and pass on generational blessings. Read More »

The Prophetic Fall Holidays

The spring festivals clearly prophesied the first coming of Messiah; it stands to reason that the fall festivals are prophetic of His second coming. The long period between the end of the spring feasts and beginning of the fall holy days is symbolic of the long period between the formation of the church at the Feast of Weeks and the ... Read More »

"Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus" Free Sample

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith Matzah. Yom Kippur. Hanakkuh. Classic trappings of the Jewish faith, and the Jewish faith only, correct? Well, yes and no. If you’re a Christian, these customs are a part of your faith, too. That’s because Jesus was Jewish, versed in ancient Hebrew texts, observant ... Read More »

Amazing Promises Jesus Made

The majority of Christian men and women who pray to a Living God know very little about real prevailing prayer? Yet prayer is the key which unlocks the door of God's treasure-house. It is not too much to say that all real growth in the spiritual life-all victory over temptation, all confidence and peace in the presence of difficulties and dangers, all repose of spirit in times of great disappointment or loss, all habitual communion with God-depend upon the practice of secret prayer. Read More »