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Assumptions That Affect Our Lives

An old story illustrates how easy it is to be conditioned into a wrong thinking pattern. A husband asked his wife why she always cut off the end of the rump roast before roasting it. She replied, “I’m not sure why. I’ve never thought about it. My mother always cut off the end of the rump roast, so there must be a reason.” A few weeks later Mother visited the family. Read More »

5 Ways to Prevent Anger & Bitterness

Note: If you are interested in learning to make Bible Journaling pages like those in this post visit BibleJournalLove.com The foundation of Christianity is a based on forgiveness. As we grow in our faith it is easy to overlook this basic and forget how forgiveness impacts us daily. A doctor from Stanford University reports, “The practice of forgiveness has been ... Read More »

WOW! World’s First Flying Penguins

WOW. Have you seen this? Filmmaker and writer Terry Jones discovered a colony of penguins which are unlike any other penguins in the world. Ostensibly filmed for a documentary, the video shows a colony of Adélie penguins suddenly taking to the skies as the astonished presenter, Terry Jones, looks on. The TV spot was filmed on King George’s Island, 1,000 kilometers ... Read More »

Feeling Alone in Church

Original Post 2011 see UPDATE 2014 at bottom of this post. When we moved from Virginia to Tennessee in 2007 we started attending a local church. The people are sweet. kind, and loving. But after five years attending a church of over 500 three or more times a week, I still feel like I didn’t really know anyone. I taught Sunday school, ... Read More »

A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft

Introduction to World of Warcraft Note: Title was changed from A Christian View of World of Warcraft to A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft because I don’t represent all Christians. If you haven’t heard of the World of Warcraft game, you or your children will. The popularity of this game is mind blowing–over 1oo million people are playing worldwide, (ONE ... Read More »

A Harvest of Thanksgiving

A Post from the archives: Our cat, Shiloh, relaxing in the middle of my dining room sidebar. She will need to find a new napping place tomorrow. A Harvest of Thanksgiving Be present at our table, Lord; Be here and everywhere adored. These mercies bless, and grant that we May feast in fellowship with thee. – A Table Grace Steamy ... Read More »

Reading Ebooks on iPhone or iTouch

I love reading books on my iPhone! At first I thought  it would be too small but I got used to it very quickly. I read every night in bed—no book light needed! You can read Heart of Wisdom publications on your iPhone or iTouch! I received an email question about reading  ebooks I have written on an iPhone. I ... Read More »

Don't Know Much About History – Yet!

Some of you are wondering why I’m not using a “Christian history” curriculum. I used several Christian history text with our first homeschool generation (our children ages range from 9 to 37). I later found out they had several flaws. Now we use a variety of sources and verify facts as we learn (as we do with all studies especially Bible). I plan on using the book as follows Read More »

Rob Bell’s Book Love Wins

I started reading Rob Bell's book "Love Wins" to see what the fuss is about. He asks great questions about who God is, the Trinity, salvation, heaven, hell & God's desire to save. I don't agree with his conclusions on hell. Read More »

Free or Almost Free Christian Kindle Ebooks

With the new low price of a Kindle and all the free ebooks available the Kindle (now $139 & $189) can easily pay for itself in a few months (depending on how many books you read). Free or Under $3 Christian Ebooks You can read on these ebooks on Kindle, your computer, or Kindle app on your phone. See more ... Read More »

Death Makes a Holiday: Halloween

The occult has always focused on gory images of violence, death and destruction. We see it in today’s media, music, and movies. As people become desensitized to occult violence and horror, the images in popular entertainment grow increasingly and indescribably evil. Yet, this is old news. Thousands of years ago, God warned us, ‘All those who hate Me love death.’ ... Read More »

A Christian's View of the Twilight Series

I assumed even baby Christian had enough discernment to stay away from books and movies full of lust and witchcraft, titled "Horror Romance" in the bookstore--then my boys ages 9 and 11 came home from Sunday school with stories of the Youth group kids raving about the Twilight books. (and I thought Harry Potter was bad). Read More »

My Christian Fiction Recommendations

My Favorite Christian Fiction Authors C.S. Lewis Andy Andrews Harry Kraus Robert Whitlow William Paul Young (and Baxter Kruger, non fiction theology behind The Shack) Kristen Heitzmann Charles Martin Bodie and Brock Thoene Angela Hunt Susan Meisner  Susan May Warren Lynn Austin  Terry Blackstock  Deborah Raney Mary E. DeMuth Nicol Baart  Dee Henderson George MacDonald Michael Phillips Brandilyn Collins  Tracie Peterson ... Read More »

Homeschool Mom Now Lives in Heaven

Fran, a 35 year old homeschool mom died Wednesday morning. She found out she had breast cancer November 2, 2005. Her blog "Welcome to the World of Cancer" documents her journey through the world of cancer. Her last post was written May 16 . She was too weak to write again. Read More »

Why Did Media Ignore Nashville Flood?

I was in Nashville the week of the catastrophic Nashville Flood but my friends and family weren’t aware there was a problem. Why? Because most Media Ignored it. The  down-pouring rain flooded the Nashville lifting the Cumberland River 13 feet above flood stage, causing an estimated $1 billion in damage, and killing more than 30 people. It could wind up ... Read More »

We Survived the Nashville Flood

We are stuck in Nashville. We live in Shelbyville (1.5 hour from Nashville). I was visiting my daughter on Friday with plans to go home Saturday morning via Highway 24. At the last minute we decided to go to a community play at 2:00 and then go home. The flood water started. We went back to my daughter’s house and ... Read More »

We Are Hybrid Homeschooling!

We are hybrid homeschooling. I homeschool at home three days a week and send my children to a private homeschool one day and to fine arts classes one day. A hybrid is the combination of two or more different things, aimed at achieving a particular objective or goal. For example, I hybrid scrapbook, meaning I use traditional paper scrapbook methods ... Read More »

Is "The Shack" Heresy?

I received a few comments of concern because I  promote The Shack and Wayne Jacobson’s books on this blog. The Shack by William Paul Young is a popular Christian fiction that has been a best seller for over 70 weeks. Wayne Jacobsen worked on the book and helped get it published. The people concerned should be complimented for being careful ... Read More »

Blissdom Pocket Planner

I will be attending the Blissdom conference Feb 4-6 in Nashville. I made this Blissdom pocket planner for the Blissdom ladies. You can easily folded into quarters and slipped into a jeans pocket. Extra space is provided for your personal notes. Read More »

2010 Blissdom Conference!

Blissfully  Domestic is hosting the Blissdom Conference  in Nashville on February 4-6 2010. I hope to attend. Sponsorship Opportunity I have transportation and accommodations but no ticket. I’m praying God will provide a sponsor to pay the $299 registration fee. HeartofWisdom.com receives over 20,000 unique visitors each month. See Heart of Wisdom Stats. Normally I don’t advertise on this site ... Read More »

Prevent Sexual Abuse in Children

The sexual victimization of children is in my opinion the most insidious thing on this planet. In as many as 93 percent of child sexual cases, the child knows the person that commits the abuse. Abusers will spend months and years planing and orchestrating insidious steps to control victims. Abusers set up this path of lies to establish an emotional ... Read More »

7 Issues for World of Warcraft Players

A few months back I wrote a post titled "One Christian's View of World of Warcraft" In the last two days it received 56 comments that I had to delete. This post is to address seven issues with those who have commented or watched the dialogs. Read More »

Born Alive Abortions

What do some hospitals do with babies that are aborted but still alive? Throw them in the 'dirty room.' What happens if a nurse reports such treatment? They're fired. Read More »

One-Click Access to Your Favorite Websites in Firefox

If you are using Firefox Browser you can “drag and drop” your favorite site icons on to your toolbar. 1. Left click on the top row of the browser and make sure that the Bookmark Toolbar is checked. This will give you an empty toolbar 2. Go through your browser and go to the sites that you want to add ... Read More »

Poor Spelling? It Could Be a Brain Problem

I am a creative speller. I can think of so many ways to spell a word, I can include three or four ways to spell one word differently within one article. Most of our children are very good spellers. Three of my adult children have done professional proofreading work. I know how to teach spelling I just can’t remember how ... Read More »