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Free Ebook "Broken Bread"

My worn out copy of Broken Bread by John Wright Follette has been on bookshelf for well over 20 years. Before that it was on my Grandmother’s book shelf. We both read it several times. Description: John Wright Follette, a gifted Bible teacher and a dedicated Christian, took three vows – that of chastity, poverty, and obedience. This collection of ... Read More »

Free Christian & Classical Ebooks for Homeschoolers

Free Ebooks and Apps to Read on Kindle, Computer, or Cell Phone Free books most homeschools would enjoy: Classics, Christian, clean fiction, health, children’s books and home organization. If you know of a free ebook you can add it to this list.  The books were free when listed but may not be later. These can be read on your computer, ... Read More »

Free or Almost Free Christian Kindle Ebooks

With the new low price of a Kindle and all the free ebooks available the Kindle (now $139 & $189) can easily pay for itself in a few months (depending on how many books you read). Free or Under $3 Christian Ebooks You can read on these ebooks on Kindle, your computer, or Kindle app on your phone. See more ... Read More »

24 Free Kindle eBooks: Timeless Best-Sellers!

We Americans pride ourselves in making great advances. But let’s compare a best selling book today with one from the 1800s. Sometimes older is better! Twilight, the young-adult vampire-romance novel has sold 17 million copies worldwide, and spent over 91 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list [big Sigh]. (Read more about Twilight here.) So what kind of ... Read More »

FREE Kindle Christian Fiction & Classical Ebooks

FREE Kindle Ebooks Read on Kindle, Online, or Your Phone* These are listed as FREE  today but may not be tomorrow. *iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Ipad Deeper Water (Tides of Truth Series, Book 1) by Robert Whitlow  I love Robert Whitlow books. I’ve read every one of them. All three books in the Tides of Truth series are good.. A ... Read More »

Life Changing Book: The Great Dance

Before the universe came to be, before the heavens were called forth with stars and moons, there was the great dance of life shared by the Father, Son and Spirit. Before the earth was carved in infinite beauty and human life was fashioned with style and grace and glory, before there was anything, there was the great dance of life ... Read More »