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Homeschooling with Movies

Learning American History Through Movies & Free Timeline

Movie Homeschooling I could not find a chronological list of movies of American History so I made the one below. Join our Homeschool with Movies Facebook Group for more movie suggestions. First I created a timeline from 1630 to 2000 into 12 eras and listed the most important people and events.  (You can download a 8.5×11 printable version below. ) Then I ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Movies, Crafts, & Freebie Printable

I am grateful for you this season. Every Thanksgiving my children and I make treats for our neighbors. I made this Thanksgiving Blessing Tag you can download free at the bottom of this post. I also complied a list of educational Thanksgiving movies, crafts, clip art and more on Pinterest for teachers and homeschoolers. Please share on Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Google ... Read More »

The Ultimate List of Best 30 Free Educational Video Sites

Bookmark this site—you’ll want to come back. We appreciate a pin on Pinterest, Stumble or Facebook. Thank you! When I began homeschooling (29 years ago) I purchased a few VHS videos by National Geographic to add to my resources. That was about all that was available. Now there is a plethora of educational videos available online FREE! Below is an alphabetical list to ... Read More »

Drive Thru History DVDs Review

Drive Thru History is a series that makes exploring the history of Western Civilization meaningful and totally entertaining at the same time. My kids roll around the floor laughing at the outtakes and bloopers. David Stotts, a Christian, has spent the last 14 years in professional video and media production. His career in documentary production has taken him to 27 countries ... Read More »

Homeschool with Movies: Ancient History

I created a list of Ancient History movies and documentaries on Pinterest. I have not seen them all. Check review for suitability. Most are available free on Youtube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix. Please pin and share on Facebook Want more movies by theme? Let m know in the comments. Follow Robin Sampson’s board Homeschool with Movies: Ancient History on Pinterest. Read More »

Teaching with Movies: Middle Ages

I created a Pinterest board list of movies about the Middle Ages.   Many of the videos are free online. Please read the disclaimer first. Remember not all movies are historically accurate. The ones that are historically accurate are noted so. The BBC did a good documentary series which is listed close to the top of the Pinterest board. Check it out. ... Read More »

8 Bible Movies in Chronological Order: Adam to Abraham

Below are several Youtube Bible story videos listed in chronological order for the time period from Adam to Abraham. Read about  Adam to Abraham Unit Study and/or Free Genesis 1:11 Lapbook below the videos Adam to Abraham Unit Study Adam to Abraham Unit Study is a multilevel, Bible-focused, Heart of Wisdom Unit Study utilizing the Charlotte Mason Approach and the Internet! Lead your student on ... Read More »

YouTube Education Videos for Homeschool

Bookmark this page you will want to come back Educational Video Youtube & Other Collections Edudemic.com gives a list of the top 100 video sites specifically designed for education, these collections make it easy to find video learning resources. TeacherTube: This YouTube for teachers is an amazing resource for finding educationally-focused videos to share with your classroom. You can find videos uploaded ... Read More »

Teaching American Geography with Movies

We are so blessed to homeschool in the Internet age.  Pick any state or country and you can find an online video then goes on a virtual field trip. I utilize online resources and and record movies and documentaries on TV. Now, with Amazon TV Fire Stick we can watch YouTube on TV! (no monthly cost) My boys have a very good ... Read More »

Homeschool with Movies Facebook Group

The Homeschool with Movies Facebook group is for those wanting to teach or enhance lessons with movies or videos online or TV. This is a Christian group. Created to share educational movies, documentaries, programing and lesson plans. Join here.  Homeschool with Movies Pinterest Board   Follow Robin Sampson’s board Homeschool with Movies: Ancient History on Pinterest.   Read More »

Teaching with Movies Review

TeachwithMovies.org “TeachWithMovies.org is the premiere site on the Internet showing teachers how to create lesson plans using movies and film. Thousands of teachers use movies in their classes to teach social studies, English, Science, Health, and the Arts.” Teaching with Movies is an excellent resource for homeschoolers with a little discernment. Some of the movies are movies  I will not allow my ... Read More »

Teaching with Movies: Colonial America

Movies Set in the American Colonial Period c. 1630-1763 Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower The Pilgrims’ 1620 voyage from England to America aboard the Mayflower, their establishment of the Plymouth Colony and their relationship with the Wampanoag Indians are chronicled in a docudrama that relies heavily on William Bradford’s eyewitness account documented in “Of Plymouth Plantation.” Part ... Read More »

Utilizing the TV, DVR, or Roku in Homeschool

Since we started using DVR  educational television has become a major part of our school day. Over the years we have tried to control the TV by various means (even getting rid of it) without much success. When the TiVo DVR (digital video recorder) become available I recognized it is a fantastic resource for doing unit studies. Now there are many ... Read More »

Homeschooling with Movies & TV

Lights, Camera,  Learn Do you remember getting excited when the teacher wheeled in the  the reel to reel movie projector cart (if you are close to my age).   The movies were on 8mm reels, even the dry ones were better than reading a boring textbook. Research supports children and adults learn and retain information that is presented to them visually ... Read More »