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A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

“In 34 years of publishing Messianic Catalogs we have never seen such a creative contribution to the body of Messiah …” Manny and Sandra Brotman, founder of The Messianic Jewish Movement International Download Free 39 page Excerpt below. Learn the teaching method God uses to teach His children. The ultimate hands-on Bible lessons! Teach your children the way God instructed ... Read More »

Heart of Wisdom Reviews

Homeschool Reviews & Free 60 Page Excerpt Author: Cathy Geary “Homeschool Grammy” (Amazon review) No need to reinvent the wheel, Robin Sampson does an excellent job of presenting and authenticating her point of view that a child’s education, to be most pleasing to God, should be biblically based; meaning that is should be based on the type of education that ... Read More »

Save 30% with Homeschool Coupon Code

Use the Coupon Code: HOMESCHOOL to save 30% off any Heart of Wisdom Publications or Lapbooks on Etsy. Limited time offer. eBooks are lreay 50% less than the paperbacks so this is HUGE savings! On check out click on the coupon button and type in HOMESCHOOL. 30% will be deducted from your total. Read More »

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

When homeschoolers are asked about this book one word continues to come up over and over–”Wow!  The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is for all homeschoolers that want to make the Bible the center of their school day. This giant provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying ... Read More »

Adam to Abraham

Adam to Abraham Unit Study is a  Multilevel, Bible Focused, Heart of Wisdom Unit Study utilizing the Charlotte Mason Approach, and the Internet! Lead your student on a fascinating journey from Creation, through Eden and the Fall, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Nations and Religions, Abram, and Genesis’ revelation of the Messiah The first eleven chapters describe Creation, the Fall, the ... Read More »

What Your Child Needs to Know When

  Concerned homeschooling parents are always asking “Am I doing enough?” This book answers this question and includes the checklists for academic evaluation for each grade K-8 and much more. Robin explains our children need to obtain academic knowledge, but, more importantly, they need to acquire the wisdom to know how to use the knowledge! “You may be interested in ... Read More »

Wisdom Unit Study

This study is one of the most important things you will ever do with your children! Is Your Homeschool on the Right Path? Are you reaching for the right goal? It does not matter how hard you try or how diligent you are if you don’t have the right directions. Are you headed in the right direction? Suppose you wanted to go ... Read More »