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Heart of Wisdom Teacher Helps

Heart of Wisdom Teacher Helps for Homeschoolers: Bible Study, Charlotte Mason, Homeschooling with Movies, Lapbooking & More

Bookmark this page! It includes the instructions in the Heart of Wisdom Unit Studies as well as our teaching philosophies and online groups. Download the internet linked PDF.  ALl unit study links have been updated on Pinterest.  Ancient History Links Adam to Abraham Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt Ancient Israel Ancient Greece Ancient Rome The Messiah Heart of Wisdom Science Links Creation Light ... Read More »

Writing Links to Help Your Teach Your Child to Write

Teaching tip: Blogging is an excellent way to “write to learn.” Consider starting a blog for your child. They can record school work, Bible studies, family outings, copy work, writing assignments, etc.  You can make it private by adding password protection. Free Writing Courses Online  10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online- Whether you are currently writing professionally or are looking to break into ... Read More »

4-Step Bible Study

The most important part of your school day is getting to God through prayer and Bible study. Are you skipping Bible time? Purpose to not touch a school book until you spend time in the Living Word! Organizing Your Bible Time There are four basic steps to the HOW approach. The amount of time for each step will vary from ... Read More »

Free Bible Handwriting Worksheets

Did you know, the Old Testament Kings were commanded to copy the Torah scrolls? No scribes allowed, the King was to copy the Torah in his own hand.  In writing a scroll of these laws by his own hand, the king is given a solemn reminder of Whom he serves and how he should live.  He should live in the pattern ... Read More »

Make the Bible Come Alive: Build a Tabernacle Model

When we began homeschooling (over 20 years ago), we built a model Tabernacle with Popsicle sticks, glue, paint and bits of fabric. It was one of the things that sparked my interest in our the Old Testament portraits of Christ. There are several kit models you can get to make your own Tabernacle. Read More »

Creating a Vocabulary Notebook

To set up your student’s Vocabulary Notebook, divide a spiral notebook into 26 sections (one for each letter of the alphabet), allowing two or three pages per letter. Read “Improving Vocabulary Skills” in Writers INC.It’s best to keep vocabulary separate from the Unit Portfolios, because many of the new words your student will learn along the way will not be ... Read More »

Seven Reasons Lapbooking Works

Lap books are wonderful teaching tools that encourage creativity while motivating learning. A lap book consists of a file folder that contains various types of mini booklets with images and text.  The mini booklets contain bite-sized chunks of information about the different themes within the larger topic that the lap book covers. There are thousands of studies showing that the ... Read More »

Renewing Your Mind About Education

As you were growing up and receiving an education, you were taught in certain ways, using systems and procedures that you eventually assumed to be the “correct way” to teach and evaluate students. Public schools teach using the curriculum of the state; that is, subjects that can be evaluated through national achievement testing. As a child, you might have been ... Read More »

Outlining a Bible Story or Chapter

Outlining a book of the Bible or a Bible story  is an excellent way to get overview. To make an outline you can either group the outline by subject, or by paragraphs. Outlining teaches the precepts of Scripture in a clear and logical way. Bible Story Outline I. The Twelve Spies A. Spies to be Sent (Numbers 13:1-3) 1. Moses assigns one ... Read More »

Our Bible Timeline Wall

We hung this Bible Timeline on the wall in our dining room (aka school room). Thenmarked the 12 Bible eras with index cards. Then I hung the Bible of the Bible Wall Chart- above the timeline and attached strings from to the Bible stories to show where the story can be found in the Bible. Read More »