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Tribute to My Hero on Veteran’s Day

These a few pages from a scrapbook I made as a tribute to my husband. Ronnie served as a medic in the Army in the Vietnam War. He received his first Purple Heart and Bronze Star for receiving a bullet in his arm while untangling a man during live gunfire from a barbwire fence. He received the second Bronze Star ... Read More »

Why You Should Never Ignore Ice Cravings

I have been pregnant eleven times. Every time I craved iced. Every time I gave birth I stopped craving ice. It is amazing how many doctors don’t know ice cravings are a symptom of anemia. My second daughter had five pregnancies. She also craved ice during each pregnancy. We joked about knowing where to get the chest ice in town– Sonic ... Read More »

A Typical Gluten Free Day

Thanks to genetic engineering the wheat we eat today has four times the amount of gluten the wheat our grandparents ate—i.e., we are not eating the wheat God intended us to eat. Most people can benefit considerably from a gluten-free or reduced-gluten diet. Gluten and wheat are blamed for a variety of health problems, including depression, fatigue, weight gain and ... Read More »

Tribute to My Grandmother

Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. My sweet grandmother went to heaven in February 2007. She was 96 .Hundreds attended her funeral with glowing testimonies of her Christian work, dedication, and loving spirit. My grandmother was the kindest, most loving, giving person I have ever known. Several people who came from all over the state said she never said a negative ... Read More »

Digital Scrapbook Project Life: Month at a Glance

Project Life is simplified scrapbooking method to help you document every week of the year with photos and journaling. I LOVE it. How neat is it that my children can look back at every week for the year! I post each Project Life Week on my scrapbook blog and I will post each completed month on this blog. Here is January.  ... Read More »

ROFL Entrepreneurial Grandson

My daughter, Rebecca and her family have been traveling to homeschool fairs all summer promoting their Home Educating Magazine. My grandson Joe — unknown to his parents — set up his own booth at a homeschool fair. He purchased arrow heads from a vendor during the convention. He then proceeded to borrow some string and a piece of paper from ... Read More »

Things My Doctor Didn't tell Me

The American medical system is among the best care the world for treating accidents, but ranks with the lowest  in the world for treatment of disease. We have higher rates of infant mortality, diabetes, heart disease, and other ills than many other developed countries. This week I received several test results from my primary care doctor (not my nutritionist/chiropractor), with ... Read More »

God is Better than Google: Found a Christian Doctor

I don’t know why I’m always amazed how God answers my prayers. He always does and I’m always amazed. The Bible says we are not to receive counsel from the ungodly (Psalm 1:1)—however, most of us go to doctors without a clue of their spiritual condition. I prayed for a Christian doctor and  found Dr. Josh Axe. Dr. Josh Axe-Testimonials ... Read More »

Homeschooling the Next Generation

I'm so proud of my girls. Let me tell you a little about them. They each think outside-the-box and have entrepreneurial attitudes. Two of them operate homeschool businesses. Belinda is the director Family Christian Academy a private Christian School and Homeschool in the Nashville TN area. Rebecca, .my second daughter and hubby Scot homeschool their five children and live in the Nashville area. Read More »

Dehydration: As Serious as a Heart Attack

I had a really scary experience yesterday I want to share to prevent someone else from learning the hard way. Our family has a flu bug. I didn’t think it was too bad. My son was vomiting and had a headache one day and the next morning I awaoke feeling achy with a headache. By mid morning my son and ... Read More »

Prayer Request for Robin

Hi all, This is Robin’s friend, Kathleen, writing to let you all know that Robin was admitted to the Critical Care Unit of the hospital Monday, August 24 and needs our prayers.  She lost quite a bit of blood due which then led to serious heart problems. She lost almost five units of blood and has been given two units ... Read More »

Journey to Wholeness

Last week I was admitted to the local hospital for 4 days. Tuesday I went to the Vanderbilt Emergency Room with the same stomach problems. I returned home this morning (Friday)...Diagnoses: either the last doctor was wrong about my Crohns diagnoses or I've been healed. Praise the Lord! Read More »

Home from the Hospital (again…sigh)

Friday, I hemorrhaged again and went to the ER. God gives us the strength to endure and even rejoice in trials. We can rejoice in weakness, trials, hardships, persecution, and calamity when we understand God is building in us dependence on the glorification of the grace and power of His Son. Read More »

Another Blood Transfusion

The hospital just called and rescheduled my blood transfusion for Thursday morning 8:00. Recently, I had several hospital procedures preformed to find the cause of intestinal bleeding I’d battled for several years (put on the back burner for a while to deal with heart issues). I lost 3 units of blood in the last few weeks leaving me very weak. ... Read More »

"Dear Mr. Obama" Video and My Hubby

Freedom Has a Price The powerful 2-minute video below, titled ‘Dear Mr. Obama,’ has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube. It is especially moving to our family.  I cried. My husband has something in common with this solider. (If you can’t see the video below it may be your Internet settings.  You can view video here. ) ... Read More »

Home from the Hospital and Anxiety Free

Thank you for your prayers. God answered them! I went to the local Emergency Room on Monday afternoon after experiencing several days of chest discomfort (not helped by nitroglycerin)  The EKG showed some irregularities so I was transferred by ambulance to Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. I have left main coronary artery disease (LMD). Last July, I had open heart surgery, then ... Read More »

Our First Day at Driving School

Two weeks ago my miniature horses started driving school. Today my sons and I began our training. The trainer, Dale, put his horse, Smurf (the black horse), with Comanche for awhile and then Toby. We rode like the wind! I had a blast. It was even better than riding for me. Here is a video of my first solo with ... Read More »

The Issue Continues: Anemia and Medical Warning

Health Update: Anemia I received an iron infusion at the hematologist office today. I’ve lost over a unit of blood since Friday. (Last week, I lost that much in one hour in the ambulance). The good news is I had enough blood to lose a few units; the bad news is I’m still losing blood. I go back to the ... Read More »

View from the Back of an Ambulance

Is there anything more sobering than an hour ride in an ambulance with flashing lights and screaming sirens? Yes, there is. When the paramedic in the back of the ambulance takes your BP and says to the ambulance driver, “You better speed it up” SPEED IT UP? Yep, that is even more sobering. Rejoice: This Week Has Been a Trial ... Read More »

Health Update on Robin

Dear Ladies, Thank you so very much for your prayers and concern. Robin was delighted when I spoke to her yesterday and was able to report that a small army of homeschool moms has undertaken to intercede on her behalf. Please continue to pray for Robin. She is under attack spiritually and has lost her will to live. She was ... Read More »

A Reminder of the Blood Covenant

A few days ago I was hospitalized to receive a blood transfusion. What a difference! I received two units of iron rich blood and feel 20 years younger (a fountain of youth!) Last week, I was so anemic I couldn’t walk up the stairs. Well, I could kind of–I could take three steps, then rest a few minutes then try ... Read More »

Health Update and Timeline Summary

I went for my second iron infusion yesterday. This is me at the oncologist (ugg, hate this photo, remember I’m really sick here). My blood levels are exactly the same, no improvement. So I’m going to be admitted into the Murfreesboro hospital today for a blood transfusion. I did not want a blood transfusion (for obvious reasons). I’m asking you ... Read More »

Passover in the Hospital

Our Passover was something. Our close friends Louis and Ibeth and their family of 5 drove down from VA to spend Passover with us. Passover morning they received a call Louis’ mother was killed in an auto accident. They left immediately to FL to be with family. Please pray for the Alvarez family. Before the tragic call, I had to ... Read More »

I Almost Died and Missed the Blog Party

You know blogging is a big part of your life when you are lying in the back of an ambulance with chest pains thinking “Oh man, I’m going to miss the blog party.” Don’t get me wrong, this was not my primary concern, but the Ultimate Blog Party did cross my mind, quickly followed with the thought, “You’re thinking of ... Read More »

Update on Robin

Robin is scheduled to have the catheterization at noon today – Saturday. The doctor said if he sees anything that needs fixing he will go ahead and do that so it could be a while before I hear anything more. Thank you for your prayers – Robin appreciates your love and support very much. Please continue to pray, especially that ... Read More »

We Interrupt This Blog For Medical Testing…..

I’m having a nuclear stress test and echocardiogram in the morning so I won’t be here to post. Don’t worry about me. My Father has everything under control. I have had a few problems but I really don’t think it’s my heart again. I think anemia is the source but the cardiologist wants to do tests. Did I mention my ... Read More »

Blog Down for Flu

I have had stomach virus and been in bed for a few days. I need another few rest days to get better. Blessings to all. Check Out Most Popular Blog Posts Here Read More »