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Robin's Recovery

It’s 9:30 on Friday night and I just spoke again with Ronnie. Robin is breathing on her own – yeah! She was able to take a few sips of ginger ale and asked about the children. Her color has improved a great deal. She should be out of ICU tomorrow and into a regular room in the Cardiac Unit of ... Read More »

Robin's Surgery, Friday afternoon

Ronnie just called with the latest update. Robin is now in the ICU. The surgeon said the surgery went well. The first attempt to take her off the breathing apparatus was unsuccessful so they will try again later this evening. The hope is to have her breathing on her own by the end of the day. Please keep praying that ... Read More »

Robin's Bypass Surgery, part 2

Good morning, it’s me, Kathleen, again. Robin was wheeled into the OR about a half-hour ago – 7:30am EST. The surgery is scheduled for 8:15 and will probably take 4-5 hours. Please pray as she undergoes this procedure. Pray that the whole surgical team will work skillfully and gently. Pray for strength for Ronnie and the children. And, of course, ... Read More »

Robin's Open Heart Surgery

Hi everyone, this is Kathleen, one of Robin’s friends. Robin will be having heart bypass surgery tomorrow, July 6th, to correct a severe blockage in her left main artery. We don’t know the exact time yet because they are having to “squeeze” her in the schedule. Please pray that God would give her His peace and comfort, that He would ... Read More »

Hospital for Cardiac Cath This Thursday

I’m sorry my posts are focused on my health issues this week. I had no idea I’d be posting about it again so soon. I want to thank you for your prayers. I went to bed singing praises and woke up up singing praises to God this morning. I feel your prayers. God has given me a beautiful peace. Recently, ... Read More »

HOW News & Marriage Monday

Good morning. Thanks for stopping by. I’m off today to have a nuclear stress test. Hubby and I have to make several decisions about my health, a job offer for Ronnie and moving our family. Please say a prayer for us today for hearts, lungs, wisdom, and God’s will. Heart of Wisdom News The Energy: An Internet-Linked Unit Study (Ebook) ... Read More »

Consider it Pure Joy (Robin's Illness)

Due to recent family heath issues, I feel obligated to share some news with you. It was my desire to postpone this announcement until after further tests, however, I need prayer. The Bible says, “Share one another’s burdens.” It does not say to wait until you have all the facts and decisions made. So I am spilling out my family ... Read More »

Thankful Thursday: Health

I’m thankful for Thankful Thursday. It’s a special time to reflect on the week and count my blessings. Writing what I am grateful for has been an inspiration each week. I’m thankful my husband insisted I go to the doctor this week. I have been exhausted and blaming it on anemia. Hubby was right–it is more than anemia. I’m thankful ... Read More »