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Free Printable Workbox Tags

From the archives: We use the Workbox System by designed Sue Patrick to structure our school day. Homeschooling is so much easier I almost feel guilty. Our homeschool day flows without complaints.  If you are not familiar with the workbox system see the links at the bottom of this post. Our children absolutely love moving their workbox cards from  workbox to the ... Read More »

Need to Get Organized? Check Out Homeschool Workboxes

I recently started using homeschool workboxes for my boys based on the ideas in Sue Patrick's Workbox System. WOW! My children have stopped complaining about school and we are getting twice the amount of work accomplished. I love it. This exciting organization system structures your homeschool day in bite size chunks... Read More »

Free Homeschool Workbox Planners & Tags

We organize our homeschool days using the workbox system (usable with any curriculum). Since we started using this system we get twice as much done and my boys really look forward to school! I love it. Scheduling what will go into your workboxes  for the entire week is a huge time saver.  It is more fulfilling than a spotless house and  seeing the ... Read More »

My Teaching Supply Center & Printable Labels

Do you know where your index cards are? Can you grab a scissors quickly, or does it take ten minutes rummaging in drawers? While you are rummaging though the drawers for the scissors what are your children doing? School work? Probably not. In my house if I have to look for supplies by the time I get back to the ... Read More »

Books of the Bible Lapbook Game

This is a file folder game or lapbook game to learn the books of the Bible. It includes 84 Bible trivia questions (easy and medium levels) and blank cards to make your own questions. Availble to download and assemble. Read More »

A Peek into Our Homeschool Day: Workboxes

We are using the Workbox System designed by Sue Patrick. I’ve modified the system to use with our family and the Heart of Wisdom Approach (Bible first/Charlotte Mason/unit study) In the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach I suggest families use my approach  like a recipe- adapting to their family’s taste. I think the same workes for the Workbox System. My favorite part is how ... Read More »

Homeschool Organization: Daily Routine

Our daily routine varies quite a bit since I’ve had health problems. We have to work around doctor appointments, weekly infusions, and my energy levels. When my energy level is low we read aloud and do flash cards from my bed. I don’t sweat it when we miss a few days. We live an educational lifestyle. The best way to ... Read More »