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Christian Book Facebook Group

Christian Book Facebook Group

You can now join the new Christian Book Facebook Group!  You will receive free ebook and sale books in your Facebook timeline (as  long as you like or love post to keep the group active Facebook changes their algorithms often).

Fiction & Non-Fiction Books

Fiction and nonfiction books will be posted. Not all freebies will be posted. Only  books will average a four star or above rating.I’m an avid read too and we don’t have time for a bad read. There will be no Amish romances nor any books about the male character’s rippling six pack. Some of the mystery books include romance but this is NOT a board focusing on romance books.

My Favorite Christian Fiction Authors

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Nonfiction Books

The group’s focus is on books that teach, uplift, and encourage, and will include Bible studies, devotionals, women’s focus, homeschool, and maybe a few right-wing political books.

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