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Free Book Excerpts & Homeschool Lessons

Free Book Excerpts & Homeschool Lessons

We want to make sure you like our books before purchasing. We offer hundreds of pages of free homeschool lapbooks, worksheets, lesson plans, and other homeschool helps below.

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach 
This book will instruct you, step by step, how to give your child a Bible-focused, comprehensive education from preschool through high school; one that will train him or her to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and, most importantly, to desire and seek true wisdom. This approach can be used for all grade levels. 500 pages.
unit study Excerpt (60+ pages)
heart of wisdom teaching approach Bible homeschooling
A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays 
A balanced view of the holidays focusing on Christ! “In 34 years of publishing Messianic catalogs we have never seen such a creative contribution to the body of Messiah …a balanced view of the holidays focusing on Christ!” —Manny Brotman, Founder and President of The Messianic Jewish Movement International 600 Pages.
curriculum Preview (39 pages) curriculum Flyer
What Your Child Needs to Know When 
This book is a convicting, mind-renewing read that leaves one not only informed, but challenged, and focused on the Lord for His perfect direction for our children, including their hearts and minds and education.
homeschool Excerpt 1 (10 pages) homeschool Excerpt 2 (9 pages)
What your child needs to know when homeschool book
Wisdom: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
The Bible views man as a unified whole, never separating academic learning from spiritual wisdom. Is your homeschooling on the right path? Are you reaching for the right goal? It does not matter how hard you try or how diligent you are if you don’t have the right directions. Are you headed in the right direction?
n Sample Lesson n Overview
Nuturing the Write Relationship: Developing a Family Writing Lifestyle.
In this creative piece, you won’t find formal instructions on the nuts and bolts of teaching writing, but instead you’ll find valuable insight on the hows and whys of writing!n Excerpt (20 pages)
write relationship

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Ancient History: Adam to Messiah 
This volume includes the seven history units listed below. These hyperlinked, Bible-focused unit studies will lead your students on an exciting journey to learning! 800 pages

Seven Unit Studies in One Combined Volume!

heart of Wisdom History unit studies

v How to Use (42 pages) unit study Contents (5 pages)
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Adam to Abraham Unit Study
Lead your student on a fascinating journey from Creation, through Eden and the Fall, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Nations and Religions, Abram, and Genesis’ revelation of the Messiah.
v Sample Lesson unit study Contents

Free Bible Lapbook
to go with this study!

adam to abraham

Mesopotamia: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
This unique study covers the academic requirements of ancient Mesopotamia as it focuses on Bible geography! In this unit you will study the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Persian civilizations of Mesopotamia. This unit study is central to understanding the beliefs, social norms, and material traits of the Old Testament world
.v Sample Lesson unit study Mesopotamia Timeline
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Mesopotamia Unit Study Bible Geography
Ancient Egypt: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
It is impossible to properly understand the history of God’s people without knowing something about ancient Egypt. The children of Israel were brought into Egypt and settled there for centuries before becoming an independent nation. Their removal from contact with the people of Canaan and their time of affliction prepared them for inheriting the land promised to their fathers.
v Sample Lesson 1 unit study Sample Lesson 2
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Ancient Israel: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
Three things must be held in common by a society in order for it to be a people: religion, education, and law. In all history, there is only one civilization that bases its religion, education, and law on Scripture—and that nation is Israel.
v Sample Lesson v Objectives
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Ancient Greece: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
The intuitive hypotheses of the ancient Greeks foreshadowed many theories of modern science, and many of the moral ideas of pagan Greek philosophers have been incorporated into Christian moral doctrine. Christians need to be able to recognize Greek influence (Hellenism).
Ancient Rome: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
The history of Rome covers a massive empire, a rich culture, a profound philosophical legacy, and a lengthy era. The New Testament era was a society influenced by Hellenistic ideas, customs, religion and language but dominated by Roman law, governmental forms, ideas of class and the military.
unit study Sample Lesson unit study Rome Overview
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The Messiah: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
Investigate ancient prophecies, hidden wisdom, things that people longed to know for centuries before the Messiah came to dwell on earth. You are in the privileged position of looking backward through history to see the Messiah as He was described in prophecy, as He dwelt on earth, as He is now, and as He speaks to you through His Word.
unit study Sample Lesson unit study Resource List
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Creation: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
A believing understanding of the book of Genesis is a prerequisite to an understanding of God and His meaning to man. If Genesis is only myth or allegory, then Christian doctrines have no foundation. Many Christians have added evolution to the Bible, resulting in a position that accepts God as Creator but restricts Him to the process of evolution. This position is destructive to Christianity for many reasons
unit study Sample Lesson unit study Resource List unit study Objectives

Light: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
This fascinating unit study begins with God’s words, “Let there be light,” then embarks on a journey as children and their parents discover how the physical properties of light reveal the character of God.
unit study Sample Lesson unit study Objectives
Energy: An Internet-Linked Unit Study 
I Discover how central God’s creation of energy is to how we live today. Energy is all around us. We derive energy from food, we use energy to heat our homes, and we find energy in the power of moving water.
unit study Sample Lesson unit study Objectives
science unit study

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Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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