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Free or Almost Free Christian Kindle Ebooks

With the new low price of a Kindle and all the free ebooks available the Kindle (now $139 & $189) can easily pay for itself in a few months (depending on how many books you read).

Free or Under $3 Christian Ebooks

You can read on these ebooks on Kindle, your computer, or Kindle app on your phone. See more links at the bottom of this post to dozens of free ebooks.

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Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan

Abigail Stanton’s whole life was rooted in her faith, a faith she now clings to for survival. After losing her husband and young son, Abby sets out alone, bereft, and heartsick. And when she is led to Conor MacKay’s doorstep, the very foundation of her belief starts to shift. As the volatile rancher’s new housekeeper, Abby is supposed to keep his affairs – and his capricious little girl – in order. Abby feels anything but order, though, when she and Conor are together. Free


The Littlest Doubts

The Littlest Doubts by Christina Dudley

Introducing… the much-anticipated sequel to Mourning Becomes Cassandra, which Midwest Book Review called “a fun and highly recommended read that should not be overlooked.”

Follow the continuing adventures of Cass Ewan as she juggles a complicated adoption, hostile housemates, romantic ups and downs, and even a mysterious neighborhood stalker. $2.99.


Deliver Us from Me-Ville

Deliver Us from Me-Ville by David A. Zimmerman

Welcome to Me-Ville, where you’re surrounded by a culture that celebrates and elevates the individual. The You Utopia where your home, place of work, and even your place of worship, is customized to your discerning tastes. A super-exclusive club where Self and Pride party, and Sacrifice and Humility can’t get past the velvet ropes. A place where it’s all about you. But is life supposed to be this way?

$2.56 (82% off ) – temporarily discounted regular price $13.99.


Rain Dance

Rain Dance by Joy DeKok

Jonica is ending unsuccessful infertility treatments and accepting the death of her dream of having children.

Stacie has come to schedule the termination of her pregnancy so she can further her dream of a career in law.

Tentatively the two young women reach out to each other. Can they forge an uncommon friendship that will forever transform their future? $2.99.


The Call of Zulina

The Call of Zulina by Kay Marshall Strom

The Grace in Africa series is a sweeping three-part historical saga of slavery and freedom that takes the reader from an island off the west coast of Africa to Southern plantations and finally on to Canada. All her life, Grace Winslow, the daughter of a mixed marriage between an English sea captain and an African princess, has been sheltered from the truth about the family business–the capture and trade of slaves. Free


A Cup of Comfort Women of the Bible DevotionalA Cup of Comfort Women of the Bible Devotional by James Stuart Bell and Susan B Townsend

The women of the Bible have been inspiring females for ages. Now these inspirational reflections have been collected in one place with this devotional. This beautifully packaged volume features twelve poignant stories for each month and a year’s worth of daily reflections.

Love, motherhood, sadness, joy, grief – everything is explored by these contributors. The power of these biblical women will inspire you to call upon God’s love, help, and grace whenever needed. $1.99.


Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1)

She’s not your average crime fighter! Ivy Malone has a curiosity that sometimes gets her into trouble, and it’s only aggravated by her discovery that she can easily escape the public eye. So when vandals romp through the local cemetery, she takes advantage of her newfound anonymity and its unforeseen advantages as she launches her own unofficial investigation. Free


Lie Down in Green Pastures

Even though they work right next door to each other, Cindy and Jeremiah come from two different worlds. Cindy is a church secretary; Jeremiah is a Reformed rabbi with a mysterious past full of danger and excitement. Together they have faced down a serial killer and a murderer of homeless people.

This third volume in the Psalm 23 Mysteries series finds Jeremiah and Cindy matching wits with an unscrupulous land developer. In a fast-paced story set around St. Patrick’s Day, murder invades an idyllic landscape, challenging them to save hundreds of teens even as they try to discover the source of their unexpected danger. Free!


Craving God: A 21-Day Devotional Challenge

Has food become more about frustration than fulfillment? Take the 21-day challenge and discover how to:

  • Break the cycle of ‘I’ll start again on Monday,’ and feel good about yourself today.
  • Stop agonizing over numbers on the scale and make peace with your body.*Replace rationalizations that lead to diet failure with wisdom that leads to victory.
  • Reach your healthy goals and grow closer to God through the process.

This ebook is not a how-to manual or the latest, greatest dieting plan. But rather a helpful companion to use alongside whatever healthy eating approach you choose—a Bible study to help you find the ‘want to’ in how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Free!

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  1. These books look great! However, the ones listed here as free were listed as $2 at amazon. Still a great price, but I was really hoping for free. 🙂

  2. They were free when listed. Prices change daily.

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