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We are giving away 25 free one year magazine subscriptions to Home Educating Family magazine. There are several way to enter. Also one week special" Purchase any Well Planned Day planner and receive a free subscription!

Free Homeschool Magazine Subscriptions

Did you know my daughter Rebecca is the editor of Home Educating Family Magazine?

We are giving away 25 free one year Home Educating Family Magazine subscriptions!!! There are several way to enter, see options below.

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Rebecca is also offering this special for one week. Purchase any Well Planned Day planner and receive a free subscription!

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First Entry: Leave  a comment below about Heart of Wisdom. Has HOW changed the way you homeschool? Has HOW encouraged you? Challenged you? If you are new to HOW, what peeked your interest?

Note: “I would like to win” is not a good comment. We want your input.

Bonus Entries:

  • Visit Heart of Wisdom Lesson Plans website and leave a comment giving your opinion of the page you comment on. You can comment on each page once. Comment on several for several entries– as long as the comment is a genuine opinion about that page. (i.e nice post is not a comment).  Add “Mag” to the bottom of your comment so it will count it as an entry.
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Giveaway: 25 Free Homeschool Magazine
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<p align="center"><a href="http://archive.heartofwisdom.com/free-homeschool-magazine-subscriptions/">25 Free Homeschool Magazine Subscriptions Giveaway Enter Today!</a></p>

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  1. What a great giveaway! I always come back to HoW when I’m feeling unsure about our homeschooling future.

    Just yesterday I was thinking about it and I rec’d the email about the online lessons. I was at my computer for a while reading articles and feeling the excitment come back as I was looking at our year ahead.

    You’ve always helped me keep my focus on where it should be – Christ. My husband and I are so thankful for that.

  2. Hi Leigh Ann! Thank you for the kid words. What a blessing to know I have encouraged you.

  3. I have owned The HOW Teaching Approach for the better part of three years and it is hands down one of my favorite homeschooling resources! What a change the book has made in the way we conduct our day. Learning to focus on God and His word and allowing everything to fall into place around it (instead of just allowing Bible to be its own subject) has been so refreshing.

    Thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do to further God’s kingdom, Robin. Know that God is using you in great and mighty ways!

  4. Recently my sister-in-law shared your heart of wisdom with me. I’ve really enjoyed the articles about schooling and nutrition and look forward to exploring a bit more!

  5. Tara F

    The first thing that comes to mind when I think about HOW is that I am off the conveyor belt of education ~ that there is a way that is pro-family! When I feel like I am “not doing enough or not doing it right” compared to the public school system of thought, I pick up my copy of HOW Teaching Approach and am encouraged. I also find that What Your Child Needs to Know When is a great reference.

  6. I love the wisdom and knowledge behind Robin’s posts, especially spiritual and health issues – how they are very much related.


  7. Heidi Peyton

    I found your site a few months ago, and Love your refreshing ideas on homeschooling resources. It’s such a blessing that you share your wisdom with others. Thanks for being a facebook Friend as well.


  8. well, yes, I’d love to win! Your website and Heart of Wisdom concept has really challenged the way I think about homeschool, and the way I set up my daily schedule- seeing the need to plan my school around God’s word. I haven’t read your book, but I do come to your website looking for inspiration. 🙂

  9. Oooh I love BOTH! I was seriously considering subscribing AND ordering Well-Planned Day, and I’ve already gotten hooked on HOW. BUT $ only goes so far. FREE is one of my “fav-o-rite things!”
    HOW is giving me a freedom to do what I’ve always really wanted to do – DIG DEEP into the Word of Yeshua and learn HIM. I was surprised to see that I am the one learning in a delight directed manner, and I think my kids are seeing that example. We get to do this for a majority of the “school” time, and to really examine and apply. My hope is that this will deepen not only our intimacy with Messiah, but also with each other as they grow.

  10. jeanine

    HOW grabbed my interest because it is so biblically grounded. i pulled my son out of public school because i wanted a godly environment for him and it starts in his mind and his studies.

  11. Kayren

    Honestly, I am very new to HOW. Actually this is the first time that I have heard of it. If I had not found the Homeschool lodge, I would still not know of it. I have been homeschooling for 3 years and I am just now getting into the many sites. I wish I would had gotten into all the wealth of info my first year or even 2nd but they always say “it is better late than never”. I am really looking forward getting to know the HOW way and abundant of information that you all offer. I would really like to win the magazines. I am at the point that I can use all the help I can get. I am now dealing with a middle school age boy and there seems to be a little more challenges that I had anticipated.

  12. Michelle

    I am fairly new to HOW. Everything I have learned has helped me to know I don’t have to be structured like a conventional public school! It is refreshing, knowing I can just let my children learn!!!
    Thank you, HOW!!!

  13. Praying for you and your son Kayren. Keep seeking God, He promises to lead.

  14. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your teaching approach. We have been just flying by the seat of our pants at her young age, but this year, i felt the need to get a little more structured. I wanted to find something that revolved around God and His Word. I found your book and that was it. When I found your website, most people couldn’t stand to be around me anymore because it was all I could talk about. Great ideas, wonderful unit studies, encouragement, freebies, projects…if I had the time, I would spend an entire day on this site. Thanks for being here for us! I really appreciate that you are not here for the money but to spread the word on how to educate with our Lord as our center.

  15. I began homeschooling using the HOW materials. I prayed for two years about homeschooling before the Lord convinced me I was capable. He led me to the Heart of Wisdom website and I knew it was He that wanted me to homeschool and not just me. Heart of Wisdom has encouraged me by providing so many resources and articles and Robin is very good about responding to questions. She is also very supportive if you are a fellow blogger. She shares real life experiences and how the Lord has led her through these things. HOW challenges me to make sure I am including the Lord and His Word in our homeschooling and throughout our day. I also appreciate HOW because it helps us teach from a hebraic perspective and because I have learned so much about celebrating God’s Feasts and Holy Days. Thank you Robin!

  16. We’ve been including the HOW approach in our homeschool for about 1 and 1/2 years now. I love having God be such a focus throughout all of our studies and not just during the “Bible Study” portion of our schedule. We have been so blessed by the scapbooking approach to our Bible Study and our Bible notebooks have gone from a few worksheets to beautiful and thoughtful layouts of Bible stories. The kids love looking through their notebooks and love showing others their personal Bible story scrapbooks pages. The blessings from this approach just keep raining down on us.

  17. We’ve just started our 3rd year of homeschooling and this has given me many ideas of how to put Christ into our not Christian materials.

  18. Mommieof4

    I came over here after reading some of Robin’s organizational techniques for homeschool. I appreciate her blog posts about seeking God with my homeschool everyday.

    I also like the Hebrew customs information.

    I am still learning about the HOW method.

    Thank you,

  19. Anni Welborne

    I have a BS degree in Elementary Education and Deaf Education. All my life I loved school and wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. But as I sat through all those Philosophy of Education classes, it just didn’t seem right to me. And when I started teaching in the public schools (and for a while in a private school), it just didn’t feel right. There was some sort of cognitive dissonance going on that I couldn’t identify. The dissonance became so loud that I became convinced that I would homeschool my children, if God ever granted me the privilege. (He did – two daughters, now ages 7 and 10)

    Fast forward a few years, when I started researching homeschooling and different homeschool philosophies and approaches – classical, eclectic, unschooling, etc. What’s this? Heart of Wisdom? Hmm… sounds interesting.

    Most books I fly through, skimming to get the main idea. I found myself reading HOW much more slowly. Here was real meat. Here was an entirely different approach to education that I had never thought possible. Here was why what I was learning in college didn’t mesh with what I felt was right, what I knew was Truth.

    HOW has changed my entire educational paradigm. I went from being a grade-A pursuing, make the teacher happy, prove my worth by my report card (or the report cards of my children) kind of person to one who focuses on what is truly important! HOW has changed everything in our homeschool. It is now much more relaxed and God-focused. I don’t get upset about not getting science or whatever done because I needed to spend time dealing with a discipline (or discipling) moment. Wisdom, truly Godly wisdom, has become our goal.

    And I am so very thankful!

  20. I have just recently found your site. I have been homeschooling for 12 years and plan to use some of your lesson plans for my younger two( almost 7 and 3). I will likely begin incorporating into the others schedule as well. I would love to have a magazine to help give me more ideas.

  21. I’ve actually read lots of good things about Heart of Wisdom online, but have never read it.

  22. Michele

    After learning about the HOW website and subsequently purchasing the “The Heart Of Wisdom” book, my thinking about homeschooling was transformed. It was like a light went on inside my head (and heart) telling me that the Lord wanted me to school at home so that I could teach His ways about His world and not just “do school” at home which was causing much burnout. So we got out our bibles first thing in the morning and somedays we did little else but read, study and discuss God’s word.
    Now when I find things aren’t going well and remember to get back to the basics. I find myself telling others about the HOW approach also.

  23. HOW has been an absolute God-send for me. I have a 5 yo and a 2 yo boys. I knew that I wanted to homeschool my children right from the start. I have done extensive research and can honestly say that the approach that Robin offers in amazing. Though I have not purchased any specific curriculum from HOW, I have purchased and read The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach, The Family I recommend all 3. Guide to Biblical Holidays and What a Child Needs to Know When. These books were eye-openers. I realized my need to instill (at a very early age) a biblical world view in the minds of my children. This is the only homeschooling site that I have found that focuses on our Hebrew roots. I love that! Robin I love your site. Thank you for the investment that you have made. Thank you for your FREEBIES! Thank you for everything. I am slowly incorporating the HOW methods into my homeschooling day! GOD BLESS!

  24. This is our first year of homeschooling (4th and 6th grade girls) and we are so excited to be implementing HOW as the core of our curriculum!

  25. Sharon Sue

    I have loved the HOW curriculum from the first time I saw it. It is the best home school curriculum I have come across in the 26 or so years we have home educated our children!! Thank you so very much!!

  26. I would be under the category of ‘piqued my interest’. i really do not think i am gifted to home school yet it keeps coming to mind and when i saw your magazine giveaway i thought that perhaps that would be insightful and educational/informative way for me to move from abstract to some clarity on the subject.

  27. I only recently found your website but I did bookmark it so I could come back and read later. It looks like a wonderful resource!

  28. Kendra

    I just found your site through the home school lounge. I Use the Charlotte Mason approach using ambleside as an outline, but your site has more in depth planning. Their are some things I will be adding to what we are already doing for this term.
    Thank you

  29. Debbie

    I have loved your resources for many years now. My first homeschool book was your Teaching Approach book. I have also purchased Adam to Abraham and Biblical Holidays which I love. Your methods make a lot of sense to me. Thanks for the chance to win the magazines.

  30. Trish Preston

    When I first started tiptoeing into the idea of homeschooling, I went to a book sale that our local home school co-op was putting on, and attended a workshop about “getting started in homeschooling” and the speaker recommended your book “what your child needs to know when” and it completely changed everything I thought I knew about education and the importance of it. I just recently found your blog(s) online and I’ve been enjoying catching up. We are about to embark on our second year of homeschool after 5 years of public school with my daughter and this year will be my son’s first year of homeschooling (pre-K), so I can use all the encouragement I can get! Thank you for all you do and for being such a blessing to homeschoolers everywhere. 🙂

  31. suzanne

    I am new to HOW. however as I was browsing the site I came across the article 21 signs you are homeschool book junkie. It made me laugh. Especially sign one. I love shelves. why? cause i can fill them with book! lol Thanks Robin for the laugh

  32. Mag
    We have enjoyed your site over this past year-our 1st year to HS.
    We will be on the road this year and am thrilled to find such a great updated site. You are spreading the foundation of our hope in a way that I am proud to share with our homeschool reading club. Blessings- kristi

  33. christina

    Today I met a wonderful lady who told me about HOW – and now I am hooked. I am so excited to have stumbled upon this great resource and look forward to reading more and learning more. We always use the Bible as part of our curriculum, but this is what I have been wanting in my heart, just did not know where to find. Praise God for birthday parties (which is where I met K. today) Winning a year subscription to the magazine would certainly get me off to a great start!

  34. WOW! I giveaway? Cool! I bought your planner and it has been the most amazing thing for our school year. Encouraging, well thought out, just perfect!

    I found your site here and am so happy to have found it! I was drawn by an article about the Twilight series that is sweeping our nation and the unfortunate christians who are as well. I am glad to find so much more! I will be visiting here often and hope to read more and more by way of tips and encouragement. I put off subscribing as I was waiting for a chance to save some money first. Now I have a chance to win it for free. How cool is that?! I know whomever the winners are they will be blessed. Thank you for being such an encouragement to homescool families and standing for TRUTH!! I only wish I knew how to link to my fledgling blog. Someday I’ll get it! 🙂

  35. I got your book for my birthday 2 years ago. It was actually the only present I asked for as I have been coming to your site weekly to gleen from your wisdom of homeschooling with God’s Word. Your approach has changed the way I teach both of my girls, one of which has numerous medical issues. You have inspired me to look at education from a different perspective that what the world wants from my children.

    Thank You

  36. Twilight

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about the heart of wisdom when I first started home-schooling. I happen to find it at the library and the first chapter cut me to the heart. I knew I was trying to recreate Egypt and my heart had gone wayward. I was getting further and further away from why I had started home-schooling in the first place. My daughters need the wisdom of the word, not the world. I really want to buy your book but can’t at this point. Thank you heart of wisdom for helping me get my focus back on Jesus.

  37. Wendy Kvachenko

    I heard about HOW through Homeschool Freebie of the Day when they featured your Bible Verses copywork. At this point, that is all we have been using, but look forward to browsing your site and I hope to find other items of interest. Thank you for the freebies!

  38. Sherrie Pruitt

    I am a christian homeschool mom. I love the Bible Verses and the christian ideas you have. I would love this because I am a new homeschool mom. I need all the help I can get. My little girl has some health issues, so she could not deal with public school. It is what is best for her. Thanks for listening.

  39. Thanks you all for all your hard work for the homeschooling community!

  40. This website has encouraged me with great ideas and helps for our homeschooling journey! I love connecting with other homeschool moms and sharing thoughts and how tos of schooling at home! thanks for writing!

  41. I tweeted!


  42. Holly Schwartz

    Please enter me to win the giveaway!!

    God bless all you do and all the encouragement you give on our daily homeschool journeys.

    Holly from Kentucky

    110 Andrea court
    BArdstown, KY 40004

  43. I’m new to HOW. A friend recommended it to me on Twitter so I’m excited to start looking around. We’re officially starting our first year of homeschooling, K, Monday! Would love to have the subscription!

  44. I find your writing so inspiring and Bible-centered Robin! I own HOW, but have yet to read it (bad on me!) but I love reading your blog!

  45. TwylaBeth

    The HOW approach really helped me nail down in my heart the bottom-line *why* we were choosing to homeschool and what the long-term, lifelong benefits would be.

    I knew that if I didn’t really have the *why* settled within myself and with my husband, we were always going to have one eye on the yellow bus, which seemed a path destined to fail. We’re no success story yet, as we’re just beginning, but I feel we have a sturdier foundation now through HOW’s approach and curriculum.

  46. I have wanted to homeschool for so long, and we are finally doing it this year! A Facebook friend suggested your site. I’m hopeful to win because I have so much to learn. 🙂

  47. trish lemar

    I love coming to the HOW site. I always leave encouraged and ready to homeschool. I love how it centers on God and family first.

    I would love to win a subscription since my family just started a business and finances are tight.

  48. peggy carpenito

    Thank you so much for your Heart of Wisdom site. It helps me so much to keep my heart and our families heart sensitive to what the Lord wants for us. We have homeschooled for 13 years now and sometimes it can become draining. Yet through your articles and the Lord I always seem to have an attitude of how can we improve. The devotionals and helps are great and I have fun browsing through everything. May the Lord bless you for your efforts for our benefit.
    In His Service, Peggy Carpenito Oh yes I would love a subscription as I find it so helpful while we are homeschooling to immerse myself in things that pertain to that. I get most magezines from our local library who have a number of them.

  49. This just keeps me encouraged!

  50. Crystal L.

    Raising children is hard, no matter how you do it. Since I have become a homeschool mother of two boys, my daily motto is ” With GOD all things are possible.” So homeschooling is hard. But I think it is easier than putting them in school since the children aren’t getting mixed messages, aren’t being taught to ignore what’s taught at home (morals and values), aren’t forced to keep to a schedule someone else came up with, etc. We can slow down when we need to. Take time to pray for our many Blessings. And, make the most of teachable moments.

  51. Stefanija Delands

    I am really excited to have found this great site,its very encouraging. I have two boys ages 3 and 5 and after so much hassle with public schools,I have been spending countless hours researching homeschooling and the laws here in Michigan where I reside. This site is just what I need,and a subscription is just what I need as well. I am a single mother living on disability and am really feeling encouraged thinking about home schooling my two boys come September and practicing with them throughout the Summer. I am hoping to find a lot of support and helpful information to get me started on this brand new journey. I am already inspired and feel blessed to have found this awesome site. Thank you for allowing me this chance to enter.

  52. Christy

    I just discovered this site and I am soo happy. This will be my first year homeschooling my boys they have been in public school for 3 years and I know God is calling me to homeschool them!! I am super excited about this new journey but also know im gonna need all the HELP I can get!! I will benifit from not only your site but also the magazines. Thank you so much

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