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Hidden Romance in the Bible

Hidden Romance in the Bible

From Eternity to Here- Rediscovering the Ageless Purpose of GodBook Review: From Eternity to Here: Rediscovering the Ageless Purpose of God by Frank Viola.

This book is an amazing Biblical study.

Deep within God’s Word lies a wondrous story like no other. A drama that originated before time began. An epic saga that resonates with the heartbeat of God. A story that reveals nothing less than the meaning of life and God’s great mission in the earth.

From Eternity to Here presents three remarkable stories spanning Genesis to Revelation. Each story traces a divine theme that is woven throughout Scripture describing a God who is madly in love with the bride, and goes to great lengths not only to create her, but to redeem her.

This book offers an extraordinary glimpse into God’s highest passion and grand mission. What you discover will forever change your view of life, the church, and our magnificent God.

“I wrote the book,” Viola explains, “to bring back into view the greatness, the supremacy, the centrality, and the incomparable glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in the face of God’s immense purpose.”

the-bride-ready-10The three stories are:

  1. A Forgotten Woman: The Bride of Christ
  2. An Eternal Quest: The House of God
  3. A New Species: The Body of Christ and The Family of God.


Below are a few of my notes on the first section:

A Forgotten Woman: The Bride of Christ

Adam, First Man Christ, Last Adam
Now Adam is a symbol, a representation of Christ, who was yet to come. Rom 5:14 The first man, Adam, became a living person. But the last Adam—that is, Christ—is a life-giving Spirit. 1Cor 15:45
Eve, First Bride Second Eve, Bride of Christ
  • 8th Day God takes the hidden woman from man’s side (pleura).Gen 2:23
  • When man rest–God works.
  • Eve took Adam’s name Gen 5:2
  • Eve was Flawless (before fall)
  • Without Adam- Eve had no existence
  • Eve was Adam’s glory, she reflected Adam Cor 11:7
  • Eve- Mother of all living Gen3:20
  • Through Christ’ death sin separating man from God was destroyed. A solider pierced Christ’ side (pleura).
  • When man rest–God works.
  • Bride takes the Bridegroom’s name
  • Bride becomes wrinkle and spot free by the blood of the Bridegroom
  • Without Christ- Church had no existence
  • Church is Christ’ glory, she reflects Jesus
  • Bridegroom goes to prepare the bridal chamber
  • Bridegroom comes for His bride with the sound of the shofar
“A godly “romance” is at the heart of the universe and is the key to all existence. From all eternity God purposed that at some time in the future His Son should have an Eternal Companion, described by John the Revelator as “the bride, the Lamb’s wife.” Rev21:9. (Paul Billheimer)

I agree with the basic points from the book From Eternity of Here and fully enjoyed the narrative writing. But I have to mention, when I recommend a book it doesn’t mean I am in full agreement with that book or the author’s beliefs. Read this book prayerfully, but like a watermelon you can enjoy the fruit and maybe spit out a few seeds.

Unlike Violas other books Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices and Reimagining Church: Pursuing the Dream of Organic Christianity From Eternity to Here is not about church practices and forms.

I understand and agree with some of Viola’s other books about churches meeting in large corporate gatherings but not fully–I attend a loving Baptist church. But I praise Viola from bringing many excellent historical facts about the church to light.

From Eternity to Here is a book written for all of God’s people irrespective of which church forms and structures they might embrace.

I Dreamed of Jesus’ Return

copper ringI especially enjoyed this book because of a I had a dream when as a child. My Grandmother had told me stories about Jesus returning in the clouds.

I dreamed Jesus came in the clouds. I saw Him from the waist up in a white robe, both his hands were help up bent at the elbows. He took copper ring off a finger on one hand and put it on his other hand.

I was too young at the the time to know about rings and engagement or even what copper was. I certainly had no idea that Jesus was coming to get His bride. I mentioned it to my mother and a few people but no one I mentioned it to had any insight. From Eternity to Here has been a special blessing to me.

Read or Listen to the First Chapter Free

You can read the first chapter free here  Do NOT miss this! You need to understand this beautiful fascinating mystery.

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  1. I love the relational nature of this. As you have said previously: “Christianity = relationship”. I just led a Bible study on God’s grandeur a few weeks ago and I just read The Prodigal God by Keller. I’m surrounded by the message that my relationship to God is the primary focus and I appreciate it from every angle.

    I don’t recall seeing a lot of this message in my earlier Christian years.

  2. Lisa K.

    I just devoured this book! This is one that a call a “paradigm shift” book. I only have 1 other of those right now, Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and several life experiences I put in that category. I attended a conference he spoke at several weeks back and it has completely changed my worldview on the church and our purpose. God is so awesome!

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