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Homeschool Controversy: Anti-Bible, Bible Curriculum!

Homeschool Controversy: Anti-Bible, Bible Curriculum!

http://heartofwisdom.com/images/wolfsheep.jpgMost of you are aware of the current homeschool controversy. We battle not against flesh and blood. It is a time for prayer.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Peter Enn wrote Telling God’s Story (Well-Trained Mind’s “Bible” curriculum).   He is involved with the very liberal Biologos group & now producing this Bible curriculum for Homeschools promoting evolution over Creation story. Biologos’ teaching include:

  • Theistic Evolution
  • Creation  story is a myth
  • There was no real worldwide Flood
  • Adam is only metaphor of Israel.
  • Salvation and grace will just confuse our children if taught too young.
  • The Fall is an allegorical story not a historical event.
  • Humans have descended from several thousand people, not just two ( ie Paul is wrong in Ro 5 and 1 Co 15)

Quotes from the Well Planned “Bible” curriculum

  • “The Flood was an attempt by God to set it right, but it didn’t work.” (Page 70)
  • “For many parents, the Bible looks a little bit like my child’s room. It’s a mess. Names, places, events are all over the place, and you hardly know where to start cleaning up. It’s such a mess, in fact, that if someone ripped twenty pages out of Leviticus or 1 Chronicles, you might not even notice it was missing. And if your aim is to teach the Bible to your children, the mess isn’t just confusing. It’s stressful.” (page 10)
  • If our expectations are modern instead of ancient, we will get ourselves into a bind. Before we can ask the hard questions—for example, “Is Genesis 1 in harmony with scientific thought? Or does Genesis 1 trump scientific thought?”—we must ask a more foundational question: What do we have the right to expect from God’s word as a book written in an ancient world?” (pages 18/19)
  • “The issue is that I read him a very complex and intricate biblical narrative—the story of Adam, Eve, and the serpent—as if it were a child’s story. This biblical story was meant to convey something profound, mature, and foundational to ancient Israelites. Sitting down and reading this story with my son set him up to receive it as one tall tale among others. The Garden narrative is deeply theological and symbolic. Despite the neat talking snake, it is not the type of story that we should toss casually to our young children. When, at a more mature age, children are asked to revisit this story and begin dealing with it in earnest, many can hardly refrain from snickering. (“I outgrew talking animals years ago!”) Or consider another Bible story commonly taught to children: the story of the Flood. The boat, the animals, the rain, the drama— all lend themselves to videos, snappy tunes, macaroni art, flannel graphs, and furry friends. What is obscured is the simply horrific notion that God would bring down such drastic destruction on the earth, rather than finding some other solution to humanity’s rebellion. And that is a question young adults should ask.” (page 44/45)
Dr. Enns’ curriculum is published by Peace Hill Press, the publishing arm of The Well-Trained Mind. Peace Hill Press is owned and operated by Dr. Susan Wise Bauer.
Susan Wise Bauer’s forums titled “With reluctance, trying to set the record straight: “said …Peter Enns, who has written a book for the Olive Branch imprint of Peace Hill Press, sometimes blogs for Biologos. To my knowledge, he has a publisher-author relationship with them. He has a publisher-author relationship with Olive Branch Books…” HOWEVER Peace Hill press is owned by Susan Wise Bauer, so why does Susan refer to Olive Branch Books as if they had nothing to do with her? Lots of sidestepping going on.

Ken Ham,  Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis wrote a blog about Dr. Peter Enns who was speaking at the Homeschool conferences . Ham exposed Enns’ false teachings. He states “We at AiG are burdened before the Lord that parents may choose to use the Bible curriculum from Dr. Enns, without being aware of the destructive teachings in it. The church is already losing two-thirds of our young people. Someone needs to stand against the compromise that is pouring into the church from many directions.”

Peter Enns teaches that the Bible is not literal, he refers to some Bible stories as myths, believes the secular world view on evolution  and other anti-Christian world-views. Enns was suspended from teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary  due to controversial issues surrounding his 2005 book, Inspiration and Incarnation

Jay Wile, well known in Homeschool circles wrote a blog very critical of Ken Ham for his blog. Now Ken Ham was uninvited from two homeschool conventions –for standing for the Bible. Read about Ken Ham’s stand here.

I applaud Ken Ham for taking a stand!  Peter Enns rejects teachings of the Bible and undermines God’s Word. Ken Ham was right to expose him.

Imagine young, new homeschoolers going to a convention to hear about homeschooling–seeking God–then being lead into a false teaching trap under the pretense of teaching your children the Bible!

I have watched anti-Bible books  infiltrate and grow in the homeschool movement over the years. Satan does not want us to teach our children truth. What better place to attack the Christians than to get to homeschool teachers. We are training the next Christian generation.

Anne Elliot’s blog addresses the concerns I have about Peter Enn’s book  “Telling God’s Story.”

Several weeks ago, I first heard about a Bible curriculum by Peter Enns, published by Peace Hill Press, the publishing arm of The Well-Trained Mind.

Since so many homeschoolers are “classical” in style, this really made my ears perk up. I read about this curriculum by reviewer LeaAnn Garfias, in a blog post entitled “Home Educating in Biblical Truth.”

What I read at LeaAnn’s blog really frustrated me. It felt like Peter Enns wrote a Bible curriculum that looks good at first but then quietly attacks the core foundations of all that God’s Word teaches. According to LeaAnn, Mr. Enns claimed that sin and grace are too difficult for children to understand, so they shouldn’t be discussed until at least the teenage years. In addition, he took a very weak stance on the inspiration or authority of Scripture. He even questioned whether the creation story was true and hinted that it didn’t really matter. Read full post here

I’ve been shouting the emperor is naked for years. Satan has a goal in the homeschool movement–to get our eyes off Christ turn our focus to the things of this world.  God gave us standards on how to judge what we put in our mind and hearts in Philippians 4:8:


Pray– God will answer, Seek Him first and He will lead you. Read the Bible for yourself. Pray, let the Holy Spirit teach you.

Heart of Wisdom offers free Bible lessons here.

“whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea” (Mark 9:42).

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  1. You are so right, Robin. We need to be so careful with what we are teaching our kids. It is so easy to fall into the get excited about a curriculum to teach bible study, yet the greatest book is right in front of us, the bible. We should be teaching from the bible so that our children can see the word for themselves. Thank you for all you do within the homeschool community to make a stand for our Lord and His Word.

  2. Mama Shawnna

    WOW ~ Yes We all have to study ourselves approved… knowing for ourselves what the Bible means. It matters so much our own attitude towards the Scripture. It isn’t mearly a story or an adventure… inspiritations of home. IT is the LIVING AND TRUE WORD OF GOD. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Good for Ken Ham!!!! He is not being judgemental, he is speaking out against a false prophet.

  4. Jennifer Davis Hall

    Not shocked or surprised by this, sadly. Once again, proves we must all be Bereans, learn to read and study so that we may give an answer, and, recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They permeate everywhere and we should not be surprised by the fiery trials we encounter as we confront those wolves and keep them from our front doors and our children.

  5. Now ME. 😉 Wow, considering history, and our Elohim’s OWN admonition to Israel to KEEP HIS FEASTS FOR.EV.ER, which SPELL OUT their/our NEED for an atonement> THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB; a SAVIOR, BECAUSE OF OUR SIN… and that HE has made a way… BACK TO HIM! HalleluYAH, what could be MORE LOVING than that?! My kids have so totally been able to get it from the time they were little, re-teaching me of the profound simplicity of this- His loving plan all along the Way! My 3yo thrills over these stories, and the rest of us thrill over her preciously genuine, spontaneous prayer(s) at our meal-times of “Yeshua, thank you for saving our friends and famiwy…” Um, so glad we haven’t held back in sharing the “Dark Side of the Old Testament” with her. *sheesh*

    Especially as we’re preparing for Passover, with all of the intrinsic object lessons that our kids have been gleaning TRUTH from for years now in this beautiful holy day, as we CELEBRATE the Lamb, which our kids SO *get*, and of how this time of *remembrance* lends them such an inside VIEW, understanding of the dire consequences of our sin (to ourself and to OTHERS) as we remember/discuss how each family had to bring their own lamb into their home and live with it, love it, before sending it to be offered as a sacrifice>wearing THEIR family’s own name, etc. What a holy appreciation of our deliverance from sin (Egypt), and what vivid lessons are learned and remembered as THE CHILDREN ask the four questions during our Seder meal(s)… of their own need for a Savior.

  6. It appears to me that Jesus was pretty strong on Moses’s writings about creation and the flood being true: “But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?”, “But from the beginning it was not so.”, “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

  7. This is horrible, but not really surprising! Ken Ham is not perfect, but he speaks the TRUTH and He seeks to be right with God. Not only does he stand up for the truth in apologetics, but he has been speaking a lot the last few years abou…t teaching your children that the Bible is literally true. The world does not want us to believe hte Word is Truth because if we do we will be effective. If we can put doubt into the minds of children (and adults) that the Bible is not true then they can mindwash them and more easily make us all little brainless, Bible illiterate robots!

  8. I totally agree with Enns in that the bringing about of our children’s salvation is not our work, and that we should be careful not to coherse a confession of faith (to what end anyways- if contrived?) but that we should trust the work (and Word) of the Holy Spirit, and what better way, pray tell, for us to “let the children come unto Me (Jesus)”?

    as Enns so glibly suggests… than to teach them WHO He is, and to begin from the beginning, and SHOW them WHO this blessed Messiah is; the Great I Am, Creator of all, Merciful Deliverer and jealous Bridegroom of Israel… and yes, their/our need to repent of our own deprived hearts’ natural inclinations toward sin. Then, yes, the Spirit of our Elohim will do the work, knit together the understanding for them, in His time, as they enter into their own individual age(s) of accountability… but who are we to presume that we know a better way than that which Adonai’s laid out from the beginning, that we would,

    “4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.[a] 5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.

    10 When the LORD your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you—a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, 11 houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant—then when you eat and are satisfied, 12 be careful that you do not forget the LORD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

  9. Theresa, totally agree… and in my mind, at this point, this isn’t even ABOUT Ken Ham so much, anymore… *sighs*

  10. Please also join our group! Support Ken Ham!
    This group is dedicated to giving a voice to those who have been “kicked” off the “MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati” facebook page.

  11. Thanks for posting this – I was actually not aware of the new ‘curriculum’ very sad. I am in complete agreement with you and with Ken about the biblical stand that needs to be taken. SO many of our children ARE “already gone.’ Sadly this vein of thought is taking hold in our home educators co-op just about the time they are starting to offer more classes. I will have to keep my eyes WIDE open on this – thanks!

  12. Read this on Ken Ham’s FB today:
    “Answers in Genesis wants to publicly affirm its support of Apologia Educational Ministries. We also support the current president and the direction he is taking Apologia. We are happy to affirm that the elementary, junior high, and high school science textbooks published by Apologia are consistent with the belief in a six-day creation by God and the inerrancy of Scripture.

    Answers in Genesis also supports, recommends, and sells the biblical worldview curriculum for children age 6-14 years, which is published by Apologia in partnership with Summit Ministries. In light of the recent controversy surrounding a homeschool convention in Greenville, South Carolina, we report that the perceived conflict between Ken Ham of AiG and John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries was based on an unfortunate misunderstanding, and has been amicably resolved. Regarding the theological issues surrounding the conflict, we report that there is no disagreement.”

    We encourage you to read the official response by Mr. Davis Carman (Apologia’s president and owner) located here:



  13. Glad you don’t accuse your friends not loving Jesus because of a denomination so many do…. brings about such division it is not our denomination that proves our love but our belief in who Christ Jesus is our stand for Him and our Journey with Him as well as the condition of ones heart for Him. As for one believing the bible as a myth WOW praying God shows you how to deal with that situation and will pray for that friend….♥

  14. Sheri Mattson Hagemann

    I have remained quiet on this, but here is a thought: if I had a company that sold books to the HS community/public in general, and promoted certain ones to be used along side my curriculum programs- and I stated that I was a Bible believi…ng, young earth, Scripture is God breathed kinda gal and that is directly what my company promoted-then I can guarantee ya I would not allow for questionable material to grace my store front unless I had a very, very clear understanding of it and what it promotes and then and only then would I have a FYI noted by it so that my customers were well aware of the content before buying. If I stated that I allowed for all types of opinions and generally was just a generic store for said products-then fine.

  15. Jennifer J

    I think I’m frustrated with the number of instances where we are faced with unbiblical stuff coming from “Biblical” people/resources. Honestly, it can look like people are losing their minds…just a bit.

  16. I believe that the majority of the stuff they (meaning those involved) have been posting could have been left out and kept private betwixt them. I don’t have a problem with Ken telling folks …about something that seems murky/unBiblical. But I wonder if he could have done it in a little better manner. I wasn’t there-and I don’t even claim to understand it all-just saying they are opening doors that should have remained shut and shutting doors that need to stay/be opened. I do like how Susan said she would mention her concerns about a particular product “if asked” and not use names-that seems more professional….it is a fine line there and it is one that needs Godly wisdom. Sheesh-when I write my HS product reviews I make it plain if it doesn’t line up w/our beliefs. When one in is the position that the majority of them are in-they are and must be held to higher standards-that is Biblical and they need to remember that. Again, the whole thing is sad and such a shame-truly is.

  17. As a homeschooling mother of over 22 years, I have had to wade through my share of curriculum that I disagreed with doctrinally. Our family are spirit-filled, whole gospel Christians who believe that the Gifts of the Spirit are active toda…y and available for everyone (men AND WOMEN). There is hardly any homeschooling curriculum that fits in with our belief system. That being said, I fully understand that Dr. Enns and Biologos believe in theistic evolution – something I personally can’t get my head wrapped around – but my concern is that this “crisis” is going to force a diverse movement of people into a much smaller box.
    While I might agree with Ken Ham on his stance concerning creationism, the Flood, and that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, in other areas we are not like-minded. I support Mr. Ham’s right to speak out against Dr. Enns, I do want to again say that NO MAN has correctly interpreted the Word of God.

  18. What I find disturbing about this is –1. The Biologos Foundation was founded by Francis Collins, who was also its
    first President until he was nominated by President Obama to head the
    National Institutes of Health — In walks Peter Enns — …are they trying to do an inside job in the home… school community — like maybe destroy us from within??

  19. 2. Peter Enns also writs for a very liberal, polytheistic web-site called HuffPo. It is pro Muslim among other things. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/pete-enns-phd/does-god-talk-to-us-throu_b_637765.html here’s one art…icle at this site — Here is is talking about the Bible is just a fairy tale and atheists need to be excepting of it and so do Conservative Christians. He says things in other articles about Jesus just being one of many “messiahs” etc. — to me this is more than just a bad curriculum — it is paving the way for the acceptance of the Anti-Christ. The false Prophet who comes before the “fake messiah.” This is scary!!#

    So now — I think this is much more than just — a “heated debate” or people being decisive — this is about standing up for one’s beliefs — not just old earth vs young earth — but Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he is who he said HE …is. It’s believing that the BIble is accurate and you either stand up and be willing to die for Christ or………you don’t. One day it may come down to our children being taken to psychiatric wards and being brain washed into believing that the Bible was just a good fairy tale. It’s happening now in Sweden, Germany, and it’s going to come here UNLESS we as Believers will be willing to stand up and Fight the battle that is before us!!

  20. It really concerns me when people start picking and choosing which part of the Bible they think is true. If you do this, what grounds do you have to stand on for the Gospel? How do you have assurance of anything that God has said and done?

  21. Susan’s publishing is heresy by putting out anything by Peter Enns. The fact that she chose him of all people to be the first – and still only – author under the new, “religious books” imprint of PHP…well, how scary is that?

  22. Can you tell me where the quotes attributed to Peter Enns are from? Are they from “Telling God’s Story?” I have a link to the text of this curriculum and I can’t find the quotes you have listed. Here is the link:



  23. Never mind, I figured out that the page numbers are different in the documents. You can remove both of these comments. Thanks!


  24. Victoria

    There is only one solution to “bible” curriculum. Don’t buy it. I love the Charlotte Mason approach for homeschooling because the bible curriculum is the bible. Go directly to the source. There is simply no need for a middle man to water it down. The only exception I made to this was a bible stories book. I don’t like the Christian curriculums in general because there is no need for them if you are putting the word of God front and center. Stick to the bible pure and simple. Find books that do not attack your religious views to homeschool with. I also think that the Well-Trained Mind is not a curriculum plan that Christians should follow. It’s too worldy and too demanding. I feel sorry for the children who’s parents are following that plan. I found where she had made her own assessment of a few popular Charlotte Mason books on her website. Her reviews of the books in question are deceptive because she makes it sound like the CM way is not well rounded. I’ve witnessed first hand the success that method can have.

  25. Stacey

    I have (had) been a regular on the WTM website for over 2 years. Lately, I have felt uncomfortable with the progressive flavor there. Mind you, not all are that way, there are plenty of Bible believing people on there but it is becoming apparent that there are some vain and wordly things going on in the homeschooling community. I pray for us. The world is sneaking in. We must be careful and watchful. We can not be ashamed and do be bold!!! There are even atheists who act like you have to be stupid to teach creation (and they are very bold). I can’t be on there anymore. It is good to see other homeschool Christians standing for Ken Ham—he is right! I thank God for him standing for what is right and true. I pray the Christians on the WTM forum remember they have to answer to GOD not Susan Wise Bauer. We do not bow to her but to HIM!

  26. Hi Robyn, I am so happy to see someone besides Ken Ham take a stand and share about the dangers of some of the curriculum out there. I remember years back when Story of the World came out and asking about it. Fortunately the vendor knew enough about it to share that God is not included in His story.
    It has been sold and oversold to many unknowing homeschoolers via conventions, catalogs etc. I nearly jumped for joy when AIG took a stand and finally I wasn’t the only one speaking against Story of the World and Susan Wise Bauer. Peter Enn’s and Biologos should not be allowed at any Christian Homeschool Convention . 2 years ago at a local convention we had AIG , Diana Waring, Sally Clarkson, some non christian science curriculum, an author with some pretty scary looking novels for teens and Story of the World along with a classical curriculum. No one was battling of course but there were definitely two sides, it made me realize how much change has taken place in homeschooling . Scary. Anyway enough of my rambling . Thank you again for taking a stand and sharing what you know.

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