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Homeschool: What People Think I Do / What I Really Do

Homeschool: What People Think I Do / What I Really Do


Note all the friends, social skills and no overalls in photos of our homeschool.

Computer Skills

Straw Shooting 101 (You thought we miss this important lesson because we don’t go to school! Wrong!)

Home Economics


Horse Back Riding (animal husbandry)


Tom Sawyer Unit Study (Literature)

Civil Air Patrol (community service)

Horse Driving (animal husbandry)

Horse Driving (animal husbandry- the science of breeding and caring for farm animals.)

Homesteading and 4H (animal husbandry)

4H Socialization


We do socialize. It’s selective socialization!

Rest Period

Nature Walks

Nature Walks

Organizational Skills

Contrast and compare: your cats’ tails

Shave Your Dog (Contrast and Compare – LOL! )


Feeding goats with cousins (more socialization)


Feeding Calf (animal husbandry)

VBS Music (more socialization)

VBS Crafts

Recess w cousins (more socialization)

More Woodworking

Even More Woodworking

Maybe one day they will build me a home.

Gardening (science)

Sharing (life skills)

Balancing an RC Cola – important southern skill

Another important southern skill
at the RC Cola Moon Pie Festival (more socialization)




Dress Up

Swinging Good Time (better than Playground Equipment)

Air pogo


War Maneuvers

Law Enforcement


Barrel Racing (better than Playground Equipment)



Making Baskets for the retirement home (more socialization)

Not to worry. We have books, too

We read aloud every day. We read at least several biographies each week.

feature photo

Our boys help me organize the books (alphabetization)



Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. Shasta

    I really enjoyed this look at y’all’s homeschool days! Most of it looks similar to ours.

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