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Homeschooling Housewife: Juggling it All, One Priority at a Time

Homeschooling Housewife: Juggling it All, One Priority at a Time

I just downloaded The Homeschooling Housewife: Juggling it All, One Priority at a Time by Amber Fox from Amazon Kindle. It is FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
Those of you who know me know for thirty years I have a passion to get homeschoolers to seek God first. When I saw this was Amber’s passion too I wanted to let you  know about it.

Book Description:

Do you find yourself trying to juggle all of your responsibilities and realize that you just can’t seem to balance them all? Do you wish you could keep up with all of the demands, with an attitude of dignity and grace?
Well, hope is here! Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and let Amber’s words of wisdom speak to your heart.
As a wife and homeschooling mom of seven kids, she’s been right where you are and her heart is to share her insight gained from years of experience and learning through trial-and-error, along with Biblical wisdom and guidance, to encourage moms in their calling.
You will learn practical tips on how to juggle your responsibilities so you can thrive each day. If you are ready to start enjoying your current season of life and live intentionally, then this is your opportunity!
Prepare to be challenged, encouraged, and equipped to move toward your desire to live a purposeful life as a homeschooling homemaker. With questions to ponder and apply at the end of each chapter, you will be on your way to balancing your priorities with confidence and joy, ready to live each day on purpose.

Balancing the Priorities of:

  • Putting God First
  • Loving Your Husband
  • Nurturing Your Precious Kids
  • Serving the Body of Christ
  • Keeper of Your Home
  • And More!
PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a handbook for ‘how to homeschool,’ but rather a book that will help you with all of the responsibilities you juggle as you homeschool and how to cut through the chaos and overwhelm.


“…This is THE Go-To book for homeschooling mamas who really do want to do it all without being burdened by overwhelm and just need someone to show them how to make it work…”

Lisa Tucker, blogger at gracefulabandon.com and homeschooling mom of eight kids.

“…Your writing is so relatable and just like a conversation at the kitchen table.”

Shari M., Homeschooling mom of 11 kids, homeschooled for 23 years, author, editor, and public speaker.
4.7 out of 5 stars! 

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