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We interrupt this blog to remind you we offer free Bible lessons and lapbooks. Click on the link to go to free lessons with handwriting printables, maps, lapbook booklets, external links, outlines, Bible study tools and more.

Free Bible Lapbooks Index

We interrupt this blog to remind you we offer free Bible lapbooks.

Free Adam to Abraham Lapbook (Genesis 1-11)

Free Patriarch Lapbook (Genesis)

Free Passover Lapbook (Exodus)

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  1. We use the Ancient History: Adam to Messiah and have loved it! We’ve been working on it slowly, really delving into the topics that interest my three children. We also use many of your ideas for lapbooking, etc. Thank you, Robin, for these great resources.

  2. I found your site a couple of weeks ago and was so excited about it. I bookmarked it but when I came back all the links to these wonderful lapbooks were gone. I have searched the site but can’t seem to find them. I would LOVE if you could send me a link to were they are now. We were so looking forward to doing these. Thanks so much.

  3. We moved servers and everything was a skew for a day. You can get them now.http://heartofwisdom.com/homeschool/category/lapbooks/

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