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How to Fix a Broken Window Blind

How to Fix a Broken Window Blind

how-to-fix-broken-blindsA few of the vertical blind slats broke off our living room window because the blinds were hard to open and had to be tugged. When the lights are on inside and people can see in your living room through broken blinds it looks…well…junky.

DIY Temporary Fix: Scotch Tape

A lot of people fix for broken slats by turning the slat upside down and hole punch the other end however you now have holes on the bottom showing but that would really bug me.  Instead I used layers of Scotch Tape to cover the original hole then used a knife to make a new tiny hole. This worked temporary. A few opening and closings and the blinds starting falling again. So I invested $7 in a repair kit.

DIY Paper Clip / Duct Tape Fix

Later I thought “I should have used duct tape!” But the repair kit was already on the way so I never tried duct tape but I’m sure it would be stronger than layers of scotch tape. (Rabbit trail: Why do they call it Scotch Tape?)

Then I found this genius blind fix using a paper clip and scotch tape. Love the blog title How to Fix Broken Blind Slats MacGyver Style. Even better: try duct tape and a paper clip.


Window Blind Repair Kits

Who new broken blinds happen all over the world and they make all kinds of repair kits for broken top holes, bent mini blinds, etc.

blind slat3


Bent Mini Blinds Fix

If you have mini blinds and children (or pets) you will have bent mini blinds.  I have not fixed any bent mini blinds but I  sure have had a lot of them (9 children and dozens of pets over the years).  I saw this neat Miniblindrx Mini Blind Repair Tool for $7 . The reviews say the blinds don’t look new but greatly improved.

mini blind fix

mini blind repair tool

before after mini blinds

Blind Repair Videos



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