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In-Depth Passover Study: Torah Class Videos

In-Depth Passover Study: Torah Class Videos

I went from a spiritual desert to a Torah fire hydrant this year!  After twenty-five years studying Jewish roots on my own, God blessed me moving one mile from  Seed of Abraham Fellowship lead by Tom Bradford.


Tom Bradford teaches through the Bible chapter by chapter he doesn’t skip a word.  You can have these teaching free via audio, video and illustrations in PDF file FREE at TorahClass.com.

About Tom Bradford: Tom retired early in life (S&P 500 senior executive ) when the Lord inspired him with an unquenchable passion for Israel and the Holy Scriptures, and a love for the Jewish people. He spent several years in intense Scripture study being mentored along the way by Jewish Torah scholars and Christian academics and pastors. He has poured over countless volumes of works of the learned Christian Scholars and the great Hebrew sages and Rabbis. His formal university education began with study in Archeology and Egyptology before he became a Business major, which propelled his former career in the Hi-Tech field.

The following videos contain rich, in-depth material well worth your time.

 Deuteronomy 16 Teaching

Deuteronomy 16 explains Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot.

Leviticus 23 Teaching

passover verse


Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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