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Instant Online Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is a statement that asks the students to write a paper about a specific topic. It defines the audience and purpose for writing. The list below from Creative Portal will help when you need an idea or a writing prompt or two to get your student in the writing mood. A writing prompt serves as a catalyst for creativity and can start the mind flowing in a new direction. While a simple two-sentence writing prompt won’t give you the full structure of a novel, it can start the creative wheels turning.

Imagination Prompt Generator
Creativity Portal’s Imagination Prompt Generator will inspire you by outputting one of many randomly generated writing prompts at the press of a button.

Seasonal or Holiday Prompts

Spring Writing Prompts
Add a springy step to your writing! Words and picture prompts to inspire your springtime writing needs when everything is fresh and new.

Summer Writing Prompts
Hot and vibrant words and pictures to shine some sun fun on your summertime writing adventures when it’s just too sticky to go outside.

Autumn Writing Prompts
Cool, crisp, colorful words and pictures to inspire your fall time writing adventures. Colorful leaves, vibrant trees, pumpkins, and reflections on the dying off of nature.

Winter Writing Prompts
Freezing scenes and Christmas festivities, these words and pictures will inspire your winter and holiday time writing when it’s nice to snuggle up in front of a cozy fireplace to write.

Just for Fun Story Prompts

Be Creative! Writing Topics and Words
A sparking list of writing and journaling starters to get you going. Choose a topic from a list of sentence or simple word prompts. Don’t miss the amusing Write the Story Prompts!

Southwest Series Photo Prompts by Chris Dunmire
A “dry heat” series of travel photos and writing prompts that will ultimately include the following Arizona desert destinations: Tombstone, Bisbee, Sedona, Grand Canyon, and the Chiricahua National Monument.

Photo Prompts by Kristi Kovalishyn
A picturesque writing prompt adventure series inspired by photography enthusiast Kristi Kovalishyn’s travels around the world.

Photo Prompts by Carolina Pichardo
Carolina’s work has allowed her to travel to places like China, Germany, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Take in the wonders of the world in this wonderful thought-provoking series.

Inspiring Prompts and Writing Exercises

Using the Subconscious to Paint Fiction
By Esmerelda Jones
How to make your fiction characters come alive by closing off the world and developing an intimate acquaintance with your creations.

Inner Voices of Creativity
By Anne Marie Bennett
A self-reflective series of prompts focused on those little voices in our minds that have something to say about everything we do. What will they say when you allow them to write?

Sunday Scribblings
A blog that “provides inspiration and motivation for anyone who enjoys writing and would like a weekly challenge.”

Story Spinner Online
Bonnie Neubauer’s Story Spinner Online “generates gazillions more exercises than the millions generated by the original handheld Story Spinner! You will get a starting phrase, a setting and four words that you must include in a story. Set a timer for 10-minutes… and then write!”

A Chocolate Box
Activities and prompts presented in a “take one” chocolate box fantasy! Contains “rich” and reflective writing exercises, journal prompts, and insightful perspectives from Heather Blakey.

Diarist Prompts
“Prompts, sparks, collaborations. Whatever you call them, many journalers and journal sites regularly provide inspiration for diary entries. … These are excellent places to visit when the inkwell (or pixelwell) runs dry.”

Magic Writing Tram
A Flash-based activity and idea generator designed for primary school writing. Includes fun writing exercises surely to engage the active imagination of school-aged children and adults too!

Shirazad Journaling Topics
“A collection of topics for journaling or writing in groups.” Features journaling, word magnets, quotations, and lots of writing prompts.

Wild and Wacky Writing Exercises
These wonderful visual and imaginative writing exercises will lead you down a road with a slightly different perspective to prompt your imagination and creative thinking.

Writing Prompts and Journal Topics
Over 100 writing topics and journaling prompts to choose from. Categories cover: What is; What if; What do you think; What; How; I wish; Describe; When; Which; Who; Where; Why; and miscellaneous topics.


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