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Humility Lessons from Peter

Humility Lessons from Peter

Read About the Four-Step Lesson Approach Here. It’s how Jesus taught!

Lessons from Peter Bible


Discuss: What would you do if you just came back from walking on water with Jesus? Would you nbe excited? Would you post on Facebook orInstagram?  Would you immediately be thinking how could put it into 140 characters for a Tweet on Twitter?


But Peter never mentions this or the other miracles he was involved with in his epistles! What a lesson in humility.

Peter is best known for walking on the water but many other amazing things happened in his life. Brainstorm with your family and make a list of all the things you remember about Peter.


Lets look at a timeline of Peter’s life to remind us all the stories.

Timeline of Peter

  • Calling – John 1:40–42
  • Name Simon changed to Peter by Jesus* – Matt. 17:25; Mark 14:37; Luke 22:31, comp. 21:15–17
  • Fishing Net on Sea of Galilee – Matt. 4:18–22
  • Refuses to let Jesus wash his feet – Luke 8:45
  • Rebuked by Jesus – Matt. 16:21–23; Mark 8:31–33
  • Present at the healing of Jairus’s daughter – Mark 5:37; Luke 8:51
  • Transfiguration, wants to build 3 Tabernacles – Matt. 17:1–9
  • Coin in the Fish’s Mouth for taxes – Matt. 17:24–27
  • Walks upon the water w Jesus – Matt. 14:28–31
  • Sent with John to prepare the Passover – Luke 22:8
  • Denys Jesus – Matt. 26:33–35; Mark 14:29–31; Luke 22:31–34; John 13:36–38.
  • After Resurrection sees linen –   John 20:1–10 Luke 24:9–12
  • Ascension – Acts 1:15–26
  • Pentecost – Acts 2:14–40
  • Heal Cripple at the temple gate – Acts 3
  • Imprisoned and scourged; his defense before the council – Acts 4:19, 20
  • Foretells the death of Ananias and Sapphira – Acts 5:1–11
  • Prays for the baptism of the Holy Spirit -Acts 8:15–18
  • Rebukes Simon, the sorcerer -Acts 8:18–24
  • Receives Paul -Gal. 1:18; 2:9
  • Visits Lydda; heals Aenea – Acts 9:32–34.
  • Raises Dorcas from the dead – Acts 9:36–43
  • Has a Vision about Gentiles – Acts 10:9–16
  • Preaches and Baptizes the centurion and his household – Acts 10
  • Imprisoned and delivered by an angel -Acts 12:3–19 (VBS kidos fav story)
  • Writes two epistles – 1 Pet. 1:1; 2 Pet. 1:1
  • Council in Jerusalem – Acts 15:1–31; Gal. 2:1–10
  • After this he appears to have carried the gospel to the east, and to have labored for a while at Babylon, on the Euphrates 1 Pet. 5:13. Where or when he died is not certainly known. Probably between 64 and 67.

Read through the Themes from Peter’s Writings

The focus on Peter’s episiles are on Christ and to believers to trust and obey God that we may be proven genuine in praise, glory and honor.

1-Peter-1-13-webAccept Trails (1 Peter)

  • Rejoice, even if you have to endure trials and testing (1:6-7; 4:12-13)
  • Follow the example of Christ in suffering unjustly (1:11; 2:21-25; 3:18; 4:1; 5:9)
  • Don’t do anything to deserve punishment (2:20; 3:16-17; 4:15)
  • Don’t repay evil with evil, but by blessing and doing good to those who persecute you (2:23; 3:9; 4:19)
  • You are blessed if you are reviled or suffer “for the name of Christ” or “as a Christian” (4:14, 16)

Maintain Hope (1 Peter)

  • Jesus’ resurrection gives us hope for an imperishable inheritance (1:3-4, 11), the salvation of our souls (1:5, 9)
  • Judgment day, the “end of all things” is near, so be prepared (2:12; 4:5-7; 5:8)
  • In 1 Peter, the focus is on Theology more than Christology: Jesus is the model of obedient suffering, but God is the eschatological judge; the Christian community is the “Household of God,” rather than the “Body of Christ” (as in Paul)

Spread the Gospel and Avoid False Teachers (2 Peter)

  • The whole letter is written in the form of a “Testament,” as the dying words of the apostle Peter (1:12-15; 3:1-2)
  • Peter was an eyewitness of Jesus, not someone who made up or passed on myths (1:16-18)
  • In contrast, f alse prophets and false teachers will try to deceive the believers (2:1-3, 10-22; 3:3-4, 16)

Live  Virtuous and Godly Life: Avoid Evil and Immorality (2 Peter)

  • build up your lives step-by-step: faith / goodness / knowledge / self-control / endurance / godliness / mutual affection / love (1:5-7)
  • the Lord will punish the unrighteous, but rescue the righteous (2:4-10)
  • avoid sinners and any kind of sin: slander, revelry, adultery, greed, etc. (2:11-22)
  • live ethical holy lives as you wait for the coming of the “Day of the Lord” (1:3-4; 3:11-12)



Complete one or more activities below. 

Activity 1: Read and Copy

Read each of the verses below about humility. Choose one verse for copy work.

Activity 2: Outline Peter’s Books

Create an online of Peters books. See an example here.

Activity 3: Brainstorm and Discuss

What did you learn about humility. How can you apply it to your life?

Activity 4:  Read Two Bible Chapters

Randomly choose a chapter to read from both 1 and 2 Peter. Did you notice Peter never once mentions the miracles that happened to him personally. Peter reminds us that we need to remain humble of heart.

Activity 5: Make a Lapbook About Peter

  1. Download the free lapbook templates
  2. Make a booklet for each of the events on the timeline in Step 2.
  3. Share your lapbook with others.

Activity 6: Make a Index Card Timeline

Write each of the events that happened to Peter listed in Step 2 on an index card. Shuffle the cards and try to put them in order to hang on the wall.

Activity 7: Fill Out A Worksheet

  1. Download the Bible Worksheets (12 page PDF).
  2. Choose one or more events from Peter’s life, from the list in Step 2, to fill in an Event Worksheet.
  1. step-4-Heart-of-Wisdom-Lesson-Plan_4matDiscuss John 3:30 means with your parents.John 3.30

    The biggest lesson to me is Peter failed, he even denied Christ,  but still was awarded the “rock of the church” honor despite all of his weaknesses. This gives me hope that my life with all my failures can make a difference. But also remember humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.

    humility not less

    ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct punctuation and spelling.
    ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct and effective use of grammar.
    ❒ Add to your Writing Notebook the rules for all punctuation and grammar errors you corrected.
    ❒ Record any misspelled words in your spelling notebook.
    ❒ Add to your Vocabulary Notebook any new words encountered in this lesson. Include a definition
    for each word. Use each vocabulary term in a sentence orally or in writing.
    ❒ Add corrected written work or any illustrations to your Portfolio.
    ❒ Add any important people or events to your Time Line Book.
    ❒ Share with a friend or family member an activity you completed for this lesson. Explain to them what you have learned.


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  1. Neither Peter nor anyone else in the Bible, other than Jesus, is greater than you or I. We are all just flawed vessels that can be used by God if we willingly and regularly dump out anything else that’s inside us in order to be filled up with Him.

  2. Kepha (Peter)is my favorite disciple. With his mouth always overloading his intent, I just know he must have been a red head!!!(like me) But his sweet and gentle nature also comes through. He loved Yeshua (Jesus)with all his heart, and wanted SO badly to make Yeshua proud by bringing honor and glory to His Name. I always felt I could identify with Kepha more than any other disciple. It always helped me feel better when I’d mess things up to read Kepha’s books, or read about Kepha. Yeshua always forgave him, and was always tender towards Kepha. How much more so is He with me! May I be as willing to be used as Kepha! Shalom, Spitfire

  3. Wow, I never realized that before. Thank you, I’m going to read through this again to get all the details. 🙂

  4. I always thought Babylon was Peter’s metaphorical characterization of Rome. But I have no proof that is correct.


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