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More Printable Bible Verse Memory Cards

More Printable Bible Verse Memory Cards

Here are more free printables for Bible drill. Just click on an image to download the PDF. I print the cards out on card stock and laminate them for durability.

Key Bible passages.

More About Children’s Bible Drill

More Freebies

Comment if  you would like more cards.


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  1. Robin thank you so much for these. I can imagine countless hours laying on the bed, riding in cars, at the breakfast table, etc learning these verses. Thank you!!!!

  2. Matalyn

    We do Bible Drills with the TBC. I would love to see more cards! We use the KJV, though. Do you have nay made up with those verses? I found your site this morning and have gleaned soooo many ideas! Thank you so much for all this work!


  3. Stevie

    Your website is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and ideas. I love the cards and would definitely welcome more!

  4. Thank You for the bible drill questions. We are planning a bible drill at our church for the summer. Could you send me more bible drill questions, I will take all that you can send. Thank You.

  5. Thank you for the Bible drill games. Do you have any more? Do you have these for the green cycle?
    How about youth or high school?
    Would love to have them.

  6. Hi Robin,
    I found that it’s great for kids and adults. Do you have some more? Thanks

  7. I love these cards, I use them with my grandchildren and (don’t tell) for myself

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