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One-Click Access to Your Favorite Websites in Firefox

If you are using Firefox Browser you can “drag and drop” your favorite site icons on to your toolbar.

1. Left click on the top row of the browser and make sure that the Bookmark Toolbar is checked. This will give you an empty toolbar
2. Go through your browser and go to the sites that you want to add to the toolbar. For example to add this blog to your tool bar.

  1. Go to http://archive.heartofwisdom.com/
  2. Use your left mouse button, click on it, hold it and drag it into the Bookmark Toolbar.
  3. Repeat for all your favorite sites

Clcik to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Change the Name of a Favorite

To trim the name of the site, example–Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Help to HOW–right click your mouse over the word and scroll down to Properties. Edit the name and  click the “save” button.

To Delete a Favorite

Right click your mouse over the icon and scroll down to  delete.

Have You Updated to FireFox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 has been officially released. Mozilla has made some noticeable improvements. 3.5 is faster!

To find out what version you have:

  1. Open Firefox (Start Menu > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Firefox)
  2. Click Help > About Firefox> The version will be listed.

This video shows you what’s new in 3.5 and how to upgrade.

Browse in the Fast Lane

Upgrade to the speediest, safest and most advanced Firefox yet.

FireFox Key Board Shortcuts

Learn Some New Secrets


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  1. Thank you for the Firefox update. I love it! Just the new drag and drop option for the tool bar has saved countless clicks 🙂

  2. Karen M

    May I add a “tweak’ to your great toolbar tip?
    If you remove all the vowels from the names of the sites, it makes room on the toolbar for more links! (-;


    Hrt f Wsdm
    Th Dr Pst
    Wndrgrnd Wthr


    Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Karen M

    Sorry – didn’t detail how to do this. If your sites are already saved and you drag them to the toolbar, right-click on Properties and edit the name. If you are just now saving it, choose Bookmarks Toolbar under Bookmarks, and edit the name before clicking on Save.

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