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Organize Your Homeschool Library Free

Organize Your Homeschool Library Free

homeschool library2Classroom Organizer is a must have for your homeschool library. It was created for school classsrooms but can be just as useful for homeschools.

You use your smart phone and scan the bar code on books and it inputs all of the info for you on a database.

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Classroom Organizer and all of its features, as it currently exists, will always be FREE. In the future, however, member fees may be required for added advanced features. It will be up to the individual user to decide which Classroom Organizer version they want to use.

It allows you to separate them by reading levels and even put down their location on your shelves.


Once you scan in the book you can assign a genre in the “Track Genre” option in the “Book Rules” tab when creating your Classroom Settings (see Picture A below).

classroom Library a

Once you check “Track Genre,” select “Maintain Genre” (see Picture B below).

classroom Library b


A table will appear were you can custom your genres (Picture C).

classroom Library c


You canexport your book list for printing. On your Build Your Library page there is an “Export to Excel” button. Depending on your computer settings, you will be prompted to open or save the file. Your title list will be exported to an Excel spreadsheet (See Picture N below).

classroom Library n

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