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Outlining a Bible Story or Chapter

Outlining a Bible Story or Chapter

Outlining a book of the Bible or a Bible story  is an excellent way to get overview. To make an outline you can either group the outline by subject, or by paragraphs. Outlining teaches the precepts of Scripture in a clear and logical way.


Bible Story Outline

I. The Twelve Spies

A. Spies to be Sent (Numbers 13:1-3)

1. Moses assigns one leader from each tribe.

B. The 12 Spies (Numbers 13:4-16)

1. Shammau, Shaphat, Igal, Palti, Gaddiel, Gaddi, Ammiel, Sethur, Nahbi, and Geuel.

C. Spies Go Out (Numbers 13:21-24)

1. They explored the land.

2. In the Valley of Eschol they cut off a cluster of grapes.

D. Spies Commissioned (Numbers 13:25-29)

1. Moses sent them to explore the land.

2. He gives several questions to be answered.

a. What kind of land?

b. Are the towns walled? etc.

E. Report of the Spies (Numbers 13:25-29)

1. At he end of forty days the spies report to the whole assembly.

a. The cities are fortified and large.

b. The land does flow with milk and honey.

c. The people and large and powerful.

F. Caleb Disputes Reports (Numbers 13:13:30-33)

1. Caleb wants to take possession of the land

2. The ten spies express fear. They saw themselves as tiny, little grasshoppers who would be crushed by big giants.

G. Israelites Murmur (Numbers 14:1-3)

1. The people listened to the other ten spies and refused to attack the land.

2. The people cried they should have died in Egypt.

H. Joshua and Caleb Plead (Numbers 13:17-20)

1. Joshua and Caleb tear their clothes and assured the people of the goodness of the land.

I. God’s Anger Kindled (Numbers 14: 10b-12)

1. And the Lord said to Moses, “How long will these people reject me?

2. God is angry reminds them of His past faithfulness.

J. Moses Pleads for Mercy (Numbers 14:13-19)

1. Moses argued that, consistently with God’s character, in his abundant mercies, he could forgive them.

K. Judgment on Israel (Numbers 14:13-19)

1. The Lord granted the prayer of Moses so far as not at once to destroy the congregation.

L. To Wander 40 Years (Numbers 14:26-35)

1. God then commanded Moses to have the Israelites turn back into the wilderness where they would be doomed to wander for another thirty-nine years.

2. All who were over twenty years of age died in the wilderness. Only their children would enter into the promise land.

M. Spies Die (Numbers 14:36-38)

1. The ten spies that used emotional scare tactics to arouse the people were destroyed immediately.

N. People Leave Camp (Numbers 14: 39-43)

1. The Israelite people decided that they would obey the first command.

2. Moses warned them not to attack the Canaanites, for God was no longer with them.

3. They marched into southern Canaan anyway.

O. People are Defeated (Numbers 14: 44-45)

1. The Israelites suffered a terrible defeat and, upon their return, were forced to march into the wilderness again.


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