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Free Printable Clip Chart Behavior System

Free Printable Clip Chart Behavior System

Here’s a great idea to start out the new school year! I was looking at a some behavior charts to help discourage grumbling during school work and chores. I found the Clip Chart Behavior Set up. I like it because it focuses on both positive and negative.

It is designed for school use so I made one that is more homeschool friendly. You can print out the one I made or make your own with construction paper.

clip chart

See download at the bottom of this post

All you need are two items:

  1. Clothespins (one for each child)
  2. Clip Chart (make from construction paper or download below)

Download Free Printable Clip Chart

Print in color & laminate.


How it Works

  • Print out the clip chart
  • Write each child’s names on a clothespin.
  • Begin each day with clothespins clipped into the middle green area.
  • Move the close-pins throughout the day based on child’s behavior.

A child using the Clip Chart  experiences a sense of accomplishment as his clothespin moves up the chart because of his good choices.

Children are told to move his clothespin down a level or two when they make bad choices but is also aware that he can be restored to his former position
later in the day when he is making better choices.

The “Think About it” level is a warning or reminder. There’s no consequence associated with the level. Just move your clip down and get back on task. Everyone needs a chance to show that he can learn from his mistakes.

This is where I got the idea from 3rd grade teache Rick Morris’s ebook. . It explains how to use the system in a classroom setting. It also compares the Clip Chart with the standard school Traffic light Behavior Card system. Children have green, yellow and red cards in a stack. They start out each day with green on top. They flip the cards back and forth depending on behavior. The color card card system works well but focuses more on the negative.

Differences Between Morris’ School Clip Chart and My Homeschool Clip Chart

  • Instead of  “Ready to Learn” in the center I choose the term “Ready for Team Work” because I frequently remind my children God made our family a team to work together. We have good days when all family members do their part. I added the Bible verse as a reminder.
  • Instead of  “Teacher’s Choice”  I choose the term “Loose a Privilege.” This restriction should be based on the child. Not all children respond to the same consequence in the same way.
  • Instead of  “Parent Contact” on the bottom I choose the term “Punishment.” This, of course, would be based on how your family handles punishment.

If you decide to try this system please come back and tell us how it works for your family.


Get Free Download Printable Here



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  1. Robin,
    I love this idea!!! We are going to try it out, I know it will work great!

    Thank you!


  2. Stephanie

    I Love this idea too!! But I can’t get the non-reader one to download 🙁 Could you possible email it to me?? I’m gonna start using these when we start back to school next week!! Thanks!!!


  3. Sorry. It is fixed now.

  4. Stephanie


  5. I like this chart a lot. Thanks!

  6. what things could we use as a lose of privilege?
    I’m having trouble coming up with ideas. also what could be a good reward system for getting to the top?

  7. thanks! This gives me an idea to motivate respect and good speech at home as I adapt to our needs!

  8. I use this for my 6 and 4 year olds with GREAT results so far! Our chart has slightly modified wording starting at the top with “Shining Star!, Lighting the way, Getting Brighter, Ready to Learn, Think About It, Consequence, Black Hole”. They are using the same verse and working to “Shine Like Stars”. They chose for themselves what rewards they wanted to work towards. Boy (6 yrs) choose a watch. With each day at ended on Shining Star he earns a star sticker towards his watch. The star sticker is put on a “star chart” with about 20 stars spaces that need to be filled with star stickers before the reward. May use less stars for cheaper rewards. Sounds complicated but isn’t really. I like this better than cheap trinket rewards. The bottom “Black Hole” space “sucks” a star of the start chart.

  9. This is wonderful! We are new to homeschooling, and can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful ideas and resources you have made available. God bless you!

  10. I was searching for a behavior chart to use each days with my two daughters! We will give this a try…thanks for uploading so other homeschool families could have a free option! I’ll let you know how it goes…

  11. Tricia

    Love your non-reader chart. I can not get it to open. Would you be able to email it to me? Thank you

  12. Love your site! Thank you! I’m going to use this system with my 2nd grade class this year. Thanks!

  13. Louise

    I LOVE this. I’ve looked and looked for something and I think this will work just fine! Thanks

  14. Jo Anna

    I have been so disappointed looking online for an acceptable “behavior chart”. I homeschool and our 9 year old son whom we adopted last year was recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and is receiving OT. He has some behaviors we’ve been working on and hope to add to his homeschool IEP. When I saw this chart, I knew it would work for our little guy!The other charts I viewed require so much time and written input that I knew they would never work for our busy/active family. I would be tied to the charts I viewed! not to mention spending a lot of time with the “chart” and less with my children. This is great and I’m blessed to have found it!!Thank you thank you!

  15. Could you make me a printable behavior chart in the same manner/look as above but with the following:

    Purple – star, Outstanding,
    Green – smiley face Great Day,
    Yellow – sad face, Think About It,
    Blue – sadder face, Lose A Privilege,
    Red – saddest face, Punishment

    This would help me and my daughter so much as my daughter’s school uses the above colors and stages and we can be consistent at home.

    Thank you for your time.

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