Ancient History: Adam to Messiah

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ancient history adam to messiah

Seven Unit Studies in one Combined Volume!

heart of Wisdom History unit studies

Ancient History: Adam to Messiah is a chronological history unit study designed for multi levels grades 4-12 (although many are using for all ages). It includes Bible, history, geography, literature, government, composition, agriculture, religion, science, economics, and more. The lessons are full and require minimum preparation.


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ancient history adam to Messiah Bible focus historyThe first goal of Ancient History: Adam to Messiah is to inspire students to become “hearers and doers” of God’s Word and to encourage them to search the Scriptures and apply them to everyday situations. The second goal is to teach students a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Ancient History: Adam to Messiah covers a time frame from Creation through the time of Christ in two unique ways:

  1. This book’s focus is on Bible history, as opposed to most ancient-history studies (even many Christian-based texts), which concentrate on the pagans in ancient times, ignoring God’s people. For example, in this book’s Ancient Egypt Unit the focus is on Joseph, Moses, the Exodus, and God’s people (rather than on the pyramids and gods of Egypt). Our Ancient Greece and Rome units focus on the Israelites fighting against idolatry under Greek and Roman rule (rather than on Greek mythology and Roman gods). We also include an entire unit study on Ancient Israel.
  2. This is much more than a basic history study: It is a thematic unit study. You will lead your student(s) chronologically on a fascinating journey through the Bible as they learn to study, write, research, and reason through many subjects including: Bible History, Geography, Literature, Government, Composition, Agriculture, Religion, Science, Economics, and more. As your students study, they will have a number of valuable experi-ences. They will write essays, summaries, and editorials. They will have the opportunity to publish their work online. They will dramatize and teach others. These activities will develop their ability to think, which is an asset that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Seven Unit Studies

  1. Adam to Abraham
  2. Mesopotamia (focusing on Bible geography)
  3. Ancient Egypt (with a focus on Joseph to Moses)
  4. Ancient Israel (focus on Bible times)
  5. Ancient Greece (focus on Bible times)
  6. Ancient Rome (focus on Bible times)
  7. The Messiah

It is crucial that students understand the ancient times if they are to have a good grasp of the Bible. God teaches us through stories about His people. This book is your introduction to the Mesopotamian world of the patriarchs, the Egyptian world of the Exodus, the Babylonian world of Daniel, the Persian world of Esther, and other Bible stories that show us not only the faithfulness of our God, and the greatness of our privileges, but also the marvelous wisdom of the plan of salvation.

Seventy-eight percent of the entire Bible writings (not counting the OT references in the NT), focus on Israel! In this book, you will examine the interaction between the Israelites and the Canaanite, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures, which will open your eyes (and your children’s) to new-found truths.

Each Unit Includes

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Timeline
  • Annotated Resource Lists (books, Internet sites, videos, software,etc)
  • 20 to 40 Four-Step Lessons

4-Step Lessons

There  are four basic steps in each Heart of Wisdom Unit Study lesson based on the four major learning styles. Studies show this four-step method motivates students to comprehend the material better and retain the information longer

  • Step 1 Excite: Create an interest
  • Step 2 Examine: Find out the Facts
  • Step 3 Expand: Do something with what was learned
  • Step 4 Excel:Pull everything together and share with someome

Internet Links 

  • Bible Studies
  • Bible Study Tools
  • Videos (Teachings, Movies and Documentaries)
  • Free Online Books
  • Craft Instructions
  • Biographies
  • Worksheets
  • Experiments
  • Illustrations
  • Relevant Articles
  • Writing Instruction
  • Illustrations

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