Printable 15 Minute DIY Chore Checklists


Telling a child to clean a room can be overwhelming to them. These checklists are broken down into easy, doable one- to three-minute chores. You can assign a child a room or a few steps. Get them here.

Studies show when teaching chores, parents should break each one down into small parts. These chart do that!Instead of telling a child to clean his bedroom there are step-by step instructions as to what it mean to clean a bedroom picking up toys dusting, vacuuming. Parents should then show their children how to do each part of the chore correctly.

Explain to your children that if they complete the list every day, each can be done in about 15 minutes!

  1. Family Room Cleaning Checklist
  2. Bedroom Cleaning Checklist
  3. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
  4. Blank Cleaning Checklist

Print and laminate the list and hang it in the appropriate room. Use dry erase markers to check off or assign chores. (If you don’t have a laminator, you may want to consider getting Apache 9″ Thermal Laminator  under $15—we use ours all the time).


Here is a blank list to make your own

A 15-minute cleanup time is a great way to stay ahead of clutter.  To really help keep your home clean you should add weekly to-do lists too (clean out fridge, clean under beds, clean out closets, etc.).


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