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Reading Ebooks on iPhone or iTouch

I love reading books on my iPhone!

At first I thought  it would be too small but I got used to it very quickly. I read every night in bed—no book light needed!

You can read Heart of Wisdom publications on your iPhone or iTouch!

I received an email question about reading  ebooks I have written on an iPhone. I responded that it was easy to do with Kindle app—but the reader pointed out that you have to have a Kindle to use iPhone’s Kindle app.

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem,  there are several ebook readers for iPhone.

Three Best iPhone Ebook Reader Apps

There are dozens of apps for ebook reading. Here are the best—you don’t have to choose one—get them all!

Stanza App

This is the app you want to import your ebooks into your iPhone.  Font sizes,  portrait mode or landscape mode are all under your control. Use Stanza to download from a vast selection of over 100,000 books and periodicals, and read them right on your phone. It’s a wireless electronic library that stays open 24/7.  See directions for sending ebook to Stanza here.

Kindle App

My Kindle broke a few weeks after the warranty ran out. At first I was really disappointed since we don’t have the funds to replace it. But I have a Kindle app on my iPhone.  Turns out I like reading on iPhone better than my Kindle!

It is super easy to get ebooks to Kindle—just email the ebook to yourself at your Kindle email address. I email PDF documents to my Kindle daily.  Read more here.

Classics App

Something every homeschooler would want: Free classics! Escape into some of the greatest stories ever written and experience a revolutionary new reading platform, only for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Free Bible Apps for iPhone and iTouch

  • Olive Tree BibleReader – Powerful, simple, searchable, and you can add via other free Olive Tree titles and in-app purchases Olive Tree company offers an array of readers and study tools, as well as
  • Mantis Bible Study – Search that delivers vividly colored annotated text, extendable via other free Mantis titles and in-app purchases. Mantis’ free and for-pay products offer easily customizable and extensible Bible reading and study tools
  • Powerfruit Bible Reader – Simple, concise, searchable presentation of the Bible with no add-ons or come ons
  • Pocket Bible – Simple, concise, searchable, but with access to 39 other free Bibles, reference books and devotionals

iPhone Meal Planning

I  plan meals on the iPhone, explained on my Homemaking Blog.

There are many more ebook reader apps available—search your iTunes for a complete list.  Do you use one I didn’t list? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Do you read books on a cellphone? What would you change?



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