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Selling Our Home

Due to recent events, we are selling our home and moving to Nashville to be near our adult children and grandchildren. We will be downsizing. If you know anyone interested in the Northern VA area send them here. It’s For Sale by Owner.

Recovery Update

I’m doing well. I’m off complete bed rest and have graduated to “activities as tolerated.” Still no lifting, bending, or stretching. It has been one step forward and two back but I’m improving daily. You should see my 5 and 7 year-olds dry my hair–the 7 year old holds the blow dryer as the 5 year old fluffs. 🙂

Times like this can be really hard on the caregiver. Please lift up my husband. He is caring for me, HOW, children, his chores, and cooking and cleaning (I can’t even wipe the counters). As always, my hero!

I miss you all. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. You have all been so caring and a real blessing to me! I’m saving a list of all the great audio links I found to share for the Spiritual Sunday meme.

Thanks again for your prayers for our family as I recover.


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  1. Dear Robin,
    Wow, that’s a huge move! (moving house and state). I hope and pray that all will go well for you.

    Oh I have been praying major time for R (your dh) as I know first hand, how draining it can be for the primary care giver. They love being able to serve and dsiplay love but it is also tiring.

    I do hope, and this is just me thinking aloud) that HOW hasn’t taken too much of your or hsi focus and energy- I hope that you are able to love and serve each other in ways that you are able before focussing on HOW. But like I said, that’s just me thinking aout loud ~smile~

    Wonderful to have an update from you…stay well, gets lots of rest, love those that the Lord has put before you.

    Your Sister in Christ,

  2. (((Hugs))) I would love to buy your home, but it’s sort of far away and out of our price range. I will be praying for the right buyer to come along.

    I wanted to share that I bought some of the Scrapbooking kits and made a page with them and shared it on my blog.

    I think this will be a fun year 🙂

  3. Sharon Sue

    Dear Robin,

    I am so glad to hear you are gradually getting better. Many years ago-about 27 years, I was on complete bed rest trying not to loose a preganancy, for three months, for 28 days of that in the hospital and not even allowed to get out of bed to go to the bathroom-no fun at all!!!! I had a two year old at home, a huge garden (in those days, I canned and froze virtually everything we ate), etc. It was rough on all of us. I have a picture of my dad washing the windows with my little one at the bottom of the ladder. Our landlord suprised us and mowed the yard. My mom did so very much-she was mostly at my side every moment. Wow, do I ever miss her!!!! My dh worked, cared for our little girl, took care of the garden, cleaned the house and visited me in the hospital every day!!!!!! My mother-in-law and a good friend helped tremendously as well. In the end we still lost the baby-her birthday would be this August 28-she would be 27. However, God prevailed and it was those rough days that drew us together and to Him. I pray for your health to fully recover and for your relationship with Jesus to increase beyond measure.

    As for your home-wow, wow, wow!!!!!! I got your slideshow a couple days ago and just thought you were having fun on the computer-no idea you were selling!!! Interesting though is the fact that my dd is planning on moving to your area soon. Actually, her one friend who is single and wanting to buy a home, is going to have my dd and another friend as roommates until the first gets married and the other two get through college and go on. I am going to have them look at your house info. My dd’s friends live in Centreville. All three girls are into horses. My dd’s calling is to horses and ministry through that avenue. She just came home from a year as a nanny in an equine community in West Palm Beach, FL. So they may be interested-I’m not sure if they can afford it but who knows. They are all very sweet Christian girls, working to fulfill their callings in the Lord. BTW, they all are good at taking wonderful care of a home-the one girl is a landscaper!!!!! I will alert the girls today and see if they are interested.

    Anyway, all that to say, God bless you on your sale and move. Do all of your married children live in TN?? I pray all goes well, moving is very stress filled so I hope your and your dh’s health can take it!!!!! I pray God give you strength, energy, grace and His presence as you make this change. God bless you all.

    BTW, you have a lovely home!!!!! I am anxious to see what you find in TN!!!!

  4. Robin,

    I am so glad you are feeling better. You know, you are a teacher even now. Taking care of others is a wonderful way to learn to be a servant. So glad your children are stepping up to the task. Of course, it speaks to the ground work that had already been done.

    Your home is beautiful!

  5. Wow, that is an awesome home! I wish I could afford it, and my daughter would love a place for horses!

    Tennessee is beautiful too. Praying for you and yours in this time!

  6. I didn’t know that you moved to Tennessee! I remember when we chatted “eons” ago that you were looking to move but I didn’t realize that you had gone to TN. I think at the time you were considering Florida and I looked at the link you sent me of the place.
    I guess I’m excited about your TN destination because we recently moved our boat near Chatannooga on the Tennessee River. We consider it our 2nd home 🙂 Maybe, just maybe, we could meet some day.


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