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Simple Trick to Save Hours Each Week

Simple Trick to Save Hours Each Week

menu-planningMenu planning is something we intend to do when we get around to it or “when I’m get organized.” But this is backward thinking; menu planning should be your first step toward getting organized.

A lack of meal planning means wasted money, extra trips to the store, frustration and cooking boredom. We are all faced with meals three times a day, seven times a week, it should be planned. Don’t put it off any longer.

Reasons to Meal Plan

Save Time and Money

  • Reduce grocery and gas bills by meal planning. A simple list of meals means an easy grocery list for the trip to the grocery store, which cuts down on impulse buying, wasted food, and needless trips to the supermarket.
  • If you don’t plan, there will be days you end up harried and hurried with hungry kids, and opt for a trip to a fast food restaurant (which can take more time than preparing a meal). The more harried and hurried you are, the more fast food trips you will be likely to make.
  • Having a shopping list will make it easier for you to clip coupons.
  • Stock up on sale items like hamburger, chicken, jars of spaghetti sauce, etc.
  • Save the maximum amount of time and money by using a book like Once-A-Month Cooking or Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month.

time-saving-metaphor-shutterstock-300pxMake Healthier Meals

  • Eating out may be convenient, but trans-fat-laden fast food is not nutritional (it’s a huge part of the reason our nation is experiencing an obesity epidemic).
  • When you pre-plan your own meals, you can choose healthy options. You control the flavor, the fat and amount of sugar, and you can grill or broil instead of fry. Planning ensures you are cooking a healthy meal every day of the week.

Easier Meal Preparation

  • With a meal plan you always know what meat to take out of the freezer to defrost the night before and you’ll have the ingredients because they were listed on your shopping list.
  • The easiest meals for me are made using my crockpot in the morning. I love smelling it cooking all day and simply setting the table at dinner time.

Teach Your Children Skills

  • Include children in the meal planning process to teach them organizational skills and how to assemble a balanced meal.
  • They can help to plan the meals and learn about the different nutrition groups.

Reduce Stress

  • How frustrated do you get each night at meal time rummaging through the freezer and pantry? Once you menu plan, you won’t have to worry about everything that goes into making a meal.
  • My dear OCD hubby asks me daily (usually before breakfast) “What’s for dinner?” I used to get irritated and roll my eyes but since I started meal planning I can give him a cheerful answer.
  • There is something secure about having dinner organized and on the table at the same time every night. It brings peace to you and your family.
  • Our family meal times are jeopardized by rushed schedules, overworked and exhausted parents. Meal planning allows us to have a special family time to share, rekindle, and reconnect.


Free Download Fridge Menu Planner


Meal Plan Online!

  • Meals Matter – Meals Matter is a really neat free meal planning website featuring recipes and personalized nutrition tips. Users can create family cookbooks, shopping lists, and plan out menus. They offer a ton of articles, recipes and ideas for creating healthy and easy meals. They also offer a free Nutrition & Fitness Challenge ( a three-week self-directed program). Each week of the Challenge you will receive an email that guides you through the steps that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Pepperclip – Pepperclip offers a free place for you to organize your personal recipes, share with friends, and make your trips to the grocery store easier by writing your lists for you. Your list is made from either recipes you typed in or from recipes other Pepperclip users have added to the website. Once you type a recipe, it is saved in the system forever and you can use it again for shopping lists in the future.
  • Organized Home – If you prefer organizing on paper, this site offers printable menu planners.


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