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Spiritual Roots of Diseases (Fear)

Spiritual Roots of Diseases (Fear)

spiritual_root_of_diseasesI went to a conference on the spiritual roots of diseases with my daughter Victoria in 2008. It was such a blessing to spend a full week with her before she passed in 2014. It is no surprise that there are spiritual roots to many diseases.  Christians have  same statistics in the areas of cancer, heart disease, depression, divorce, diabetes, etc.  as unbelievers. Diseases are choking the church! God’s Spirit dwelling in us does not mean we will never get sick, nor have to deal with accidents, and disasters. We live in a world of unpleasantness, temptation, and struggles. The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to withstand evil and persist in times of trials. Some diseases are the result of sin from fear, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, and bitterness examples are heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, insomnia, etc. Some disease may come from family generational curses (sins of the father Num 14:18). God doesn’t punish children for their parents’ sins. But when diabetes or alcoholism is in your genealogy linage it is a problem. If you mother cursed like a sailor you probably picked it up.

Battling Fear and Worry

I recently spoke on homeschool fear. I have overcome homeschool fears but I continue to battle fear and worry in other areas.

Worry and fear exhaust the power God gives us to face every day problems and to accomplish responsibilities. These are sinful wastes.

  1. Fret not—He loves you (John 13:1)
  2. Faint not—He holds you (Psalm 139:10)
  3. Fear not—He keeps you (Psalm 121:5)

Fear As a Spiritual Root of Disease

Fear and worry are sin. Fear is a barrier to the promises of God. The scientific community is aware of how our emotions effect our bodies. The limbic system is where our protective emotions originate including fear. The process of creating fear takes place  unconsciously in the brain. Part of your brain controls the physical response o fear and sends a signal directly to the amygdala which  stimulates the hypothalamus to produce corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) that triggers the pituitary gland’s discharge of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which stimulates the adrenal gland to secrete cortisol. Cortisol in the bloodstream causes an increase in glucose production, providing the necessary fuel for the brain and muscles to deal with stress. Here is an image from HowStuffWorks:

Cortisol is involved in several body functions including:

  1. Proper glucose metabolism
  2. Regulation of blood pressure
  3. Insulin release for blood sugar maintenance
  4. Immune function
  5. Inflammatory response

Fear is scientifically proven to be a cause of disease. ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2008) states intense fear can make our blood clot and increase the risk of thrombosis or heart attack… Anxiety patients have a statistically higher risk of dying from heart disease by a factor of 3 or 4.

The Bible says fear results in heart problems: Men’s hearts are failing for fear.” Luke 21:26. Healthy and Unhealthy Fears

Unhealthy fear is not of God. Fear and faith are opposites. We cannot operate in a spirit of faith and a spirit of fear at the same time. We should not fear, because God is with us. God said He will never leave us nor forsake us (Deu 31:6).

Healthy fear (fight or flight) helps us avoid life threatening or dangerous situations is God given. Fear is the beginning of wisdom (Psm 111:10) refers to reverence of God. Unhealthy fear is unbelief rooted in self.

Here is another image from HowStuffWorks.com:

Healthy and Unhealthy Fear

Examples: If I’m shoveling the barn and feel angina this is an example of healthy warning fear or my body telling me to slow down.

An example of unhealthy fear is to allow the angina to plunge me into a downhill spiral of thoughts like “I am going to die; I should  stay in bed; Why is God allowing this?; Who will take care of my children?; I’ll never see my grandchildren grow up?; Woe is me; etc” This type fear leads to a personal pity party. It is not God’s will for me to walk in unhealthy fear.

Though a host encamp against me, My heart will not fear; Though war arise against me, In spite of this I shall be confident. (Ps 27:3)

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. (1 John 4:18)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (2 Cor 10:5)

That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days (Deut 30:20a)

Dealing with Fear and Worry

I am dealing with these fears with repentance, the washing of the water of the Word (Bible Study), Taking Every Thought Captive, and Thinking on These Things.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (I John 5:4).

Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked” (Ephesians 6:16).

I have asked God to replace the worry and fear thoughts with gratitude and praise.

Speaking to a large audience, D.L. Moody held up a glass and asked, “How can I get the air out of this glass?” One man shouted, “Suck it out with a pump!” Moody replied, “That would create a vacuum and shatter the glass.” After numerous other suggestions Moody smiled, picked up a pitcher of water, and filled the glass. “There,” he said, “all the air is now removed.” He then went on to explain that victory in the Christian life is not accomplished by “sucking out a sin here and there,” but by being filled with the Holy Spirit. (Moody Bible Institute’s Today in the Word).


…They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:30-31).

For more see the book A More Excellent Way: Be In Healthby Henry Wright.

Important Update

I received a lot of emails on this post asking if I recommend Henry Wright’s Be in Health classes. Yes, I do recommend them.We all need to work on our spiritual life and he has excellent teachings on forgiveness, fear, anger, etc. However,  I need to state I believe nutrition is a very important part of healing. If we put the proper food in our body and keep out the poisons our bodies are free to heal. When I attended Be in Health remarks were made that we could consume almost anything because food was designed by God. I don’t agree. Our food–even fruits and vegetables– have been tampered with so much they can make us sick. I had to stop eating gluten. I agree God made wheat and it should be healthy but due to genetic engineering today’s wheat has 4 times the amount of gluten and less than half the vitamins.

imagesResources to Learn More About Nutrition

If you are interested in  changing your eating habits to a biblical,  healthy a plant based, whole foods plan join in on the free Eating God’s Way  Facebook Group. Feel free to lurk or jump in.

Nutrition Resources

health_nutrition Some of the following sites have excellent health information; however, they think pork and shellfish are okay. They aren’t, so ignore those parts.


Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I definitely agree that there are spiritual causes for disease, but I can also relate to the negative responses you mentioned. I have family members who responded the same way when I tried to share this information with them. 🙁

    I have read the book Overcoming Fear Worry and Anxiety which contains much of the information in your post. I struggle with anxiety but have chosen not to try medication but to deal with my issues spiritually. Right now, I battle anxiety with much prayer and with renewing my thoughts using the thought filters of Philipians 4:8.

    Thank you again for your post.

  2. Your insight and balance is always appreciated, Robin. So…please…keep sharing, sister. 🙂

  3. I am glad you shared this too. I am also glad that it is balanced with and we live in a lost and fallen world. Some comes with creation, some is demonic and some is man-made sin.

    It kind of goes with asking God for healing and getting angry that they died forgetting that ultimate total healing infact comes to the believer through death.

    It is a tough subject and you handled it well.
    Great verses.
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

    PS don’t worry what we think 🙄 we don’t matter a hill of beans!

  4. I read the first few paragraphs and I will be back to read the rest later. I know you have some kind of encouragement and knowledge to share with us from what the Lord has revealed to you. I pray everyone who reads this will be blessed.

    Thank you for your comment on my post. It was so encouraging. 🙂 I just posted some graphics to go with it.

    Love you!

  5. Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at blackhatbootcamp.com/listofwordpressblogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  6. Penney Douglas

    Hi Robin,

    I believe that this is a very important concept for people to understand so that they can fight disease and other problems in a spiritual way instead of just physical. If we don’t know these things, we can’t get down to the roots of problems, and we continue to struggle, and sometimes we die.

    I believe God is revealing these things to us so that we can have a more abundant life and not be hindered by some things of the flesh. I think we should always seek God about why things are happening. As we pray, we can do spiritual warfare and take steps of deliverance, such as repentance and speaking our faith aloud, that is speaking the Word aloud.

    The fact that fear and anger and unforgiveness cause physical problems should not make anyone feel like they’re being blamed for their sickness. They should use it as a key as they seek God for their healing.

    I have broken roots of spiritual issues in my life and have been set free of their strongholds. I know this works. I hope this knowledge can bring healing and restoration to people’s lives as you share what the Lord is revealing to you.


  7. Robin,
    Please, please share more! This is quite inspiring! Am wondering if the conference you went to was taught by Dr. Henry Wright, of Georgia. Will read some of your other posts, as soon as I can. But this one is quite inspiring! Thank you so very much for sharing what you’re learning, Robin! You are teaching me much, here, just through this one post! The Lord YHWH bless you richly as you seek to glorify Him in all you do, Robin!
    Will pray for you today!
    Kathy A. in n.e. Tennessee

  8. Lisa Arndt

    Robin, As usual, I am blessed by your wonderful insight and encouragement. You hit the nail on the head with where I often find myself (fear of being good enough in homeschooling, etc.)

    Since being more grounded in God’s word and Scripture memorization, so much fear has just vanished and I have seen the power of God’s Word in my life. Yet the part about really grasping God’s love for me may be lacking, I’m not sure. At any rate, this is an exciting journey and you have helped me walk the narrow path thank you dear sister in Christ. Lisa

  9. I too have struggled with fears in my life and it makes me frustrated because I know YHWH has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind. I am better in some areas than I used to be by speaking His words. I became Pentecostal in 1990 and loved laying hands on people and seeing them be healed. I also have come to believe YHWH has given us leaves and other good things for our healing. Just 2 months ago a friend told us about product where 3 of the the ingredients have been substantiated by Nobel Prize research and 1 of them to actually reverse heart disease.
    After 2 weeks on the product my blood pressure went to normal. I have a 3rd party CD with doctors discussing the ingredients if anyone is interested. With the information you can choose any product you wish. In Hebrew way of thinking it is important to save a life and that is great fun!
    Shalom and be well.
    Jane Fleck

  10. Theresa

    I am just recognizing that I am probably struggling with mild depression. My mom actually asked me about it and I started thinking about it and realized it is true. But I don’t even think of drugs as an option. I know the problem is trying to do things in my own strength and not getting what I need from God and such. It is His way of helping me to know there is a problem. So, I appreciate what you are saying and I am encouraged by the verses you quoted about fear. They are very timely since I am dealing with this stuff right now!

  11. I was blessed by reading this! You have done a marvelous work with your website and writings, and it is greatly appreciated!
    You are surely not the only one who suffers fear and anxiety, and the effects to your health. I hope to conquer this as well, and the toll it has taken on my own body and health!!
    I will be praying for your health and full recovery!

  12. Do you have information about hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease) and depression? I am struggling with these quite a bit and have been growing in my conviction that the root cause is spiritual.

  13. hypothyroidism–If you have the book, “A More Excellent Way,” see page 241.
    In the last paragraph it says that self-hatred, self-rejection and guilt become the major root with fear/anxiety/stress becoming a rider component.

  14. Great information.
    I am looking for the spiritual roots and prayer to help remove these roots. I learned almost 20 years ago. Thank you for putting this together and detailed with wonderful wisdom.

  15. I believe that it can indeed cause many problems, though not forgetting that anger and bitterness can do the same. That is one reason it is good to forgive, and we have to forgive, as Jesus forgave us when we didn’t deserve forgiveness. Too many people are bound up in superstition, even professing Christians, and that creates a fear, as they then fear harm which may befall them because of such and such. If we trust in God, we will not fear what man can do, as nobody has any power over us, other than what God allows. We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love, and a sound mind.

  16. sharon

    please share root cause of boils, skin conditions, want to help heal my daughter. thanx and God bless!!

  17. rachel

    Dear Robin,
    my sister goes to many deliverence conferences and she also learned about the root causes of all types of diseases. Fear, bitterness, unforgiveness among others you mentioned do cause disease. If we cut the root, we cut off the supply force of the disease. I had so much fear, the Lord helped me understand how I was tearing down what I was praying to build up. We can do nothing in our own stregnth. Please continue to share with us, what you learn.


  18. Robin,

    Please keep sharing this information. This is very important for people to understand. It’s not even a Christian concept.

    Just look at the word “disease”. Dis-ease. When you’re sick you are out of ease. When you sin you cause yourself to be out of ease.

    This doesn’t mean that if you’re sick it’s because you sinned; that would be silly. But being in a state of sin (which we all are) obviously opens one up to sickness by setting up a condition opposite to ease or health. Sin (your own as well as the sins of those close to you) promotes stress and distances you from God, which negatively affects your immune system. The relationship between sin and sickness is almost a no-brainer if one is self-aware both spiritually and physically.

  19. can you have fear and not know it?

  20. Dear Robin,

    I trust your good health is sustained. Thank you for your contributions to us homeschoolers.

    I really appreciate the drawings above. Spiritually speaking, according to Genesis, our bodies decay (die) because we are sinners, but clinically speaking, stress, as you have noted, or environmental exposure can cause the exacerbation of (sometimes hidden) symptoms of an underlying medical condition.

    My daughter (17) was diagnosed with a potentially blinding disease called uveitis (which BTW can be a symptom of dozens of ‘autoimmune’ conditions, including crohns).

    In my daughter’s case, the underlying cause of the uveitis is still unknown, so her treatment plan was matched to one who has rheumatoid arthritis (which BTW can cause uveitis). She could not tolerate a chemotherapy called methotrexate, and we discovered that the other two drugs (enbrel and remicade) she was offered have a history of causing cancer in children and teens. We knew that the Marshall Protocol was our only option. After 6 months, she has not had a relapse and she no longer feels like a 70 yr old lady.

    May I refer your readers to these websites?: http://www.bacteriality.com http://www.curemyth1.com
    I hope this is a help to you or your readers.


  21. my friends dad just suffered a heart attack, so i went to the bible to look for scripture to pray into and onto the internet for further insignt. I have been blessed and encouraged by your knowledge from the Lord. Bless you, thank you and keep running the race set before you.
    In Jesus name.
    love xxxx

  22. Thank you for great post!

  23. gillian

    please could you help with how to overcome posessivness and jealousy towards some one in a spiritual way

  24. Hello Robin, I’m new to your site. I agree with you 100%. This teaching is not new to me, but it’s very good to be reminded again of it.

    You broke it down so well, without judging or making us feel that we are continually being condemned by God. You shared your own personal experiences with health.

    I appreciate this post very much. Thank you!!!

    P.S. I follow you on Twitter. You are a blessing.
    .-= Far Above Rubies´s last blog ..Music Mondays =-.

  25. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for sharing about Fear, Anxiety and Stress. I also attended one of these conferences about 6 years ago, and I must say that Henry Wright (by the way he is not a Dr.)book and ministry has given me much insight into diseases. After hearing what they had to say and apply the biblical principles, I have been healed of IBS, Infertility, Sciatica, to name a few. and altough I go to my Dr. and get diagnoses, I go to this ministry for insight on the diagnoses and deal with the issues. Sometimes we can’t see an issue in our lives, but when the disease is there and there are spiritual roots, the roots gives us insight into our spiritual condition. Thank you for sharing what you learned and may G-d continue to give you insight. thank you for having a teachable heart and sharing. I just began reading Heart of Wisdom and I must say that as an elementary teacher, you are on target. I am encouraged to homeschool my little ones!!!

  26. Dear Robin and followers: I can relate to much of what is being discussed. But I have experienced much healing in seeking after understanding God’s love for me.

    Knowing about fear and the physical is important but the essential to healing is growing in the belief that God loves you. It takes time, meditation, patience and willingness to believe it. It is a completely different road than you are on here but I have been sick for over 10 years, tried everything – even the food issues you mention. I am walking in healing today and continue to do so (I CAN eat anything.) I am a new person and have a new life of dignity, hope and love. My friends, love is the answer to healing. Will you search this instead of chasing the fruits of the root of fear only? Change your direction. Yes, knowing about fear is important, but take the next step and know about love too. A recipe needs every ingredient to work together.

    Impact Ministries with Jim Richards changed everything for me. It’s understanding love that they teach. Call them, write them, and be willing to look in a new direction for healing and you will find it. Not only did I find it, I found joy and peace. Praise the love of God! It is deep, rich, gentle, non-judgemental, sustaining and FULL of hope.

    Sickness over a long period of time steals hope. Hope is the confident expectation of the goodness of God – meaining that when something happens we know NOT to say, “God, why are you doing this to me.” God is good and there is no evil in Him. It’s the lack of understanding what God’s love is that makes us say this. Any yes, I’ve said it many, many times in the past.

    We are sick for a lot of reasons, but God says you need to live in belief of His love for you and that will bring healing and an excellent peacefull life as a whole. It’s this belief system that you have to establish in relationship with Him. Put the same effort into learning about love as you have learning about fear.

    Jim Richards ministry is fabulous in this concept. Believe me, I tried it all to heal until one day I had the revealation that “I’ve tried it all and I’m worse.” I knew then that my head had to change and with that change in thought God started leading me to all kinds of new information and ultimately I’ve spend over three years blossoming, blossoming blossoming 🙂 I’m so happy. God cares about your heart for “out of it flows the issues of life.” Heal your heart first and it will heal your life – spirit, soul and body. When we take away the pain in our hearts because of unloving behavior we experience healing. God brings understanding to the confusion in our hearts and the understanding of love brings our body functions into line.

    My life before was pure hell. I could not work and the people in my life were hurting me constantly. I was truly a basket case.

    May you gather the courage to change your thinking and move on to seeking God’s love for you. Focus on that and that alone. Do you want to experience love more than healing from God or do you just want God for healing? It’s a fair question, because, honestly, I just wanted to feel better right now. Love is a relationship – the foundation of our being. Healing comes as the fruit of knwoing His love by experiencing it. Which of these needs to be first? Foundation or fruit? Build your house on love. “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God (love, peace, joy) and His righteous (His way of doing things – He’ll show you) and ALL this shall be added unto you. Life baby, LIFE as a whole! Seek love and live. It truly does make your life a lot easier.

    Linda – whole, healed, delivered now and always! I love the love of God 🙂 It takes time and patience to grow in this but boy it’s worth it!!!!!

  27. Hey Linda this was such great reading…. Im on this path also….my son had Chronic Fatigue for 3 years and had a wonderful healing after trying everything else also. He read again and again the Fathers Love Letter . He says to me perfect love casts out fear…. just keep putting the love in Mum….the Fathers love 🙂 Praise the Lord

  28. Judy, that is great to hear about your son’s healing…it’s true, God’s love is our healer!!

    My own past experiences have been filled with so much pain that I couldn’t even see it, I only felt it in my heart and it consumed me to the point of non-comprehension. I am learning more and more about “releasing” the pain in my heart. Thank you Jesus.

    We can’t always escape pain, but we can learn to walk away from it sooner than later. I am only seeing this is possible now because I’m feeling safe in my life and for my future. God takes you on the path of “resting” in His love. When you are at rest you can see and release.

    Learning to rest is the result of growing in God’s love first. Those scripture verses in the the Fathers Love Letter are life giving – I know from experience. Quote them, believe them, repeat them, cherish them always in all situations – never stop. Use them extravagantly – it is our birthright in Christ. Come boldly to the throne of grace – I love the strength I feel in God’s love 🙂


  29. Robin, I agree with everything except the curses. Our pastor preached that there are no curses for Christians as Jesus became accursed for us. Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed [is] every one that hangeth on a tree: Galations 3:13 this goes along with the false teachings that Christians can be demon possessed. As a person who suffers many illnesses after a life of fear, first as an abused child then an abused wife for 25 years, I can well believe that it and subsequent negative emotions can exacerbate those illnesses. Repentance, study and learning to trust to Jesus are crucial, as you have said. Blessings!

  30. Hi Jane,

    I have a friend who has a real problem with high blood pressure. Where can she find further information about the product you mentioned?

  31. Robin, I just happened upon your blog…..thought you would like to know I recently found an excellent book by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Christian neuro-scientist, Tho Switched Off My Brain. It is a great resource for why the Lord gave us Phil. 4:8. I believe He is so energetic in our behalf to heal us. I have personally seen this recently, and I believe so strongly in the power of the Word.
    Blessings and healing and health to you!

  32. Jennifer Crouch

    Dear Robin,
    I was healed at the For My Life Class (FML)at Be In Health Ministries. I have sent 12 peope down there in the 14 months since I got well, and had the pleasure and blessing of seeing my freinds with whom I shared a disease get well, people become Chrisitans, just an outpouring of Gods love. I love Henry Wright in person. His book is more useful now that I have been to the FML class, and kind of he same with a conference. If you haven’t taken the full course, prayerfully consider it. I was still confused after the book, and the conference is so abbreviated although good. The abbreviations gave me the wrong idea about many things, so much so I hesitate to reccommend anything but the full course. Well anyway, I just did not see the fear in my life until the class and when they prayed over the entire class at the end of the fear teaching I left well. I had a hard time trusting people form childhood stuff, and that had even extended to God much more than I realized. It was a joy to learn how to lay that down and learn about how much GOd loved me, the covenants He made with me and how to seek Him to heal the emotional hurts that left me a child unable to trust.

    As far as the negative comments, see of course I could have got all offended that somehow I was to blame for me being sick and I could frankly still be sick. We will all say no we are not perfect, but feel accused and condemned by our imperfections when the bible clearly says there is no condemnation for those in Christ walking after the Spirit. So where is all this condemnation coming from? Not God. So its kinda like you are missing out, somebody says hey look over here, you catch the boat (line up wiht Gods word in one area of your life) and you are well. There is only one accuser of the brethren! Offense is the bait of Satan, to reference Bevere.

    I know God has a perfect plan for your healing and look forward to the day you are well 110%. I just bought your homeschool series plus biblical holidays and can’t wait to finish reading. I just cannot agree more with your take on the holidays and its such a blessing to have an easy to use resource.

    Mom to two beautiful gifts from God, ages 2 and 4

  33. Jennifer Crouch

    May I explain the curse concept…this is kind of what I meant in my previous post that a little info is SOOO misleading sometimes. Well Jesus did take all the curses for us at the cross..became the curse for it is written that cursed is He that hangs on a tree. They teach you to specifically nail things like genetic inherited disease (which is no blessing) to the cross in prayer. Be In Health’s ministry is based on the fact that there were three things done at the cross-one is remission of sins by the blood (atonement/salvation), healing by the stripes, and curses canceled because Jesus took the curse for us. So we pray the sinners prayer for salvation, but upon conversion to Chrisianity, why are we not instantly healed, instantly rid of every curse (Deuteronomy 28 gives a lot of examples of what God considers curses from losing your farm, sickness, to losing your wife to another man, really, read it, LOL!!) SO lets appropriate everything Jesus already paid for at the cross in prayer and be free. The how to is the 50 hour class FML, homework, long days, worth every minute. Blessings!

  34. Thank you Robin and everyone!
    I would like to connect to others who have gone to the conferences with Henry W. Whright- i am planning on going within a month or 2.
    I have Gluten & Lactose intolerance (my sister has been diagnosed with Celiac & my father also had it) my tests were never ‘clear’- I guess I have Celiac by ‘default’. Also I keep getting sick and no matter how careful I am, there are new food that keep being taken off ‘my list’ the latest are potatoes and rice, I can only have brown rice and sweet potatoes… the energy it takes to keep up with diet/cooking/planning/taking food with me on trips/episodes/being sick/taking time off/ etc… is really preventing me from using my spiritual gifts- I want to get to the root of the problems and slowly re-introduce foods to my diet. I agree with Robin that we need to use wisdom as much of our food today has chemicals etc… but we each should be able to fulfill our God-given calling & I know I want to use my musical/creative gifts for His glory…without my health/energy I just can’t- thank you and may God bless each one & keep on pouring out His wisdom, healing and love on us!!!!

  35. Valerie

    Thank you Robin for sharing these great insights. I too have read and studied GOD’S WORD on spiritual roots to our health issues with great insight that the LORD gave “Be in Health”. The LORD has freed me too of many spiritual roots to many things that brought 17 surgeries and addiction to pain meds in my lifetime. I am finally free as of the beginning of 2010 of a morphine pump that was the worlds way of dealing with chronic pain.Many are looking for love in the wrong places. The best thing about the freedom I received from the LORD is that I have by the HOLY SPIRIT learned to love myself and others in the process of my healing. I have a great peace and joy in my life that has changed the way I see things.My relationship with the LORD has blossomed and HE is the most important person in my life. I was blind but now I see. I know what the LORD has done in my heart and life and I praise HIM for it and am so very thankful and grateful for HIS truthes and HIS love for me. Thank YOU FATHER for your grace, healing and deliverance in my life. I look forward to seeing what YOU are going to do next in my life and in the lives of others who will step out of their unbelief and their focus on the ways of the world and live by faith and trust in what the WORD of GOD has to say! Thank you again dear sister in CHRIST in sharing this with the world. My prayer is that all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST will know that JESUS has come to set the captives free. There is healing and deliverance for all who believe and ask according to HIS will for their lives. Everyone, the FATHER loves us so much! HE cares about our health, our relationships and the things that so easily beset us. Be blessed in HIM always! 🙂

  36. I came across this page while searching for emotional roots to illnesses, and didn’t realize this is Robin Sampson’s till I opened it again the next day. How interesting… as we’ve used your homeschool materials.

    I agree with *both* focusing on God’s love as well as spending time searching for solutions. I’ve found that coming into a greater awareness of God’s love (through daily prayer and meditation) is what leads us to answers like “Be in Health.” It is through this time of receiving God’s love that this wisdom is revealed. Yes, His love alone is healing. But since the mind gets in the way, and it takes many years to “be transformed through the renewal of your mind,” God in all His compassion, leads us to things that work directly on the physical and the soul.

    This seeking after healing through discovering the root causes of disease is in accordance with the Scripture below. Our soul (mind,will,emotions) must be healed for us to be in health.

    “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”

    Once a person discovers the emotional roots of disease, he/she becomes free and comes into greater prosperity of health.

    However, once there has been great physical damage, the two must be balanced, just like when an arm is cut off. You could keep seeking root causes and coming into a greater awareness of God’s love, but a surgeon is going to have to sew it on in the mean time, or you won’t have it anymore!

    So I say “hurray!” to Robin for seeking to prosper your soul so that your health will get better, as it is promised in Scripture. (And thank you for sharing it with us!) But I also say to please pay attention to your doctors (I do NOT like doctors by the way), but your physical body is much in need of them as well. I will pray that you find the proper balance.

    In the mean time, may I refer you to something that will help you to find much more quickly the roots of your fears? (See last sentence below). I have seen and experienced on more than a few occasions that a lifetime of psychological counseling is healed in just one 45-minute session! (And you can do this yourself with God, without paying any fees). That’s because in this prayer method, God is intimately involved in helping to find the root of the fear or other emotional issue. I have helped myself and may others with this. You need to ask God what happened earlier in your life to cause the original fear that keeps being triggered throughout your life, whether it is being triggered by homeschool fears (that you are over now), or other fears. There is an original root. As long as it remains, it will continue to be triggered.

    Check out Theophostic.com (means “God’s Light). If you come across any naysayers, realize it is NOT what they say and that every good thing is attacked by others. You can get the video series and find out for yourself. You don’t even need anyone else to be involved except the Lord. But it is advised that if you have had any serious emotional trauma, you find a facilitator to help you find the root causes of your fears.

    Also, if there is spiritual attack against your health (because of all the goodness you bring to God’s people), the darkness in your soul (whatever caused the fear) is what is allowing the spiritual attack to continue. When you are rid of the injury, whatever is causing the attacks will leave your life, because evil needs darkness to dwell.

    It is a process. Every time I have a Theophostic session, I am freer and less fearful, less likely to be “triggered” by the things in daily life.

    Robin, please check into this. We NEED you! We need you to be well.

    With Love

  37. Below is a link to the introduction for Theophostic ministry, so anyone can read for themselves what it is about.


    The intro speaks of very traumatic situations. But even small incidences in a person’s life can cause fear, anxiety and even trauma later in life. Theophostic ministry brings freedom to all sorts of injuries, from something as simple as how an insult from a close friend or sibling affects current life to more serious trauma such as sexual abuse or experiencing the death of a loved one.

  38. L Greer

    A good resource to help idenify fear is, “Who Switched Off My Brain”, by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

  39. Please, will appreciate further information and will be grateful. Thank you.

  40. sujata prakash

    Hi Robin

    I have read Pastor Wright’s book and while it has excellent material, I will mention that after a while it started to stress me out.

    You see, I would start to imagine all sorts of symptoms and feel convinced I was going to get this disease or that. For eg, I know I was getting hypertension because of stress, but in Wright’s book I read hypoglycemia is caused by fear, so my mind started obsessing about being hypoglycemic. That caused my anxiety to soar. Eventually I gave that book away. I believe we don’t have to know every syptom and cause in detail. The bottom line is -don’t fear, don’t be in unforgiveness, love God and love your neighbor, and it will go well with you.

    As for eating, well, that is something I would like to touch upon. I was a very picky and overly cautious eater. I wanted to know the best foods and what is good and bad. But God changed me completely after my bout with anxiety. He told me that ALL food is good when eaten with thanks and blessed by Him. Of course food means food, and not junk. I do drink and eat as much organic as I can, but other than that I have stopped worrying about what to eat.

    There are people in this world who eat substandard diets but are still healthy because they are not greedy or stressed, and work in fresh air and sun. God is good.

  41. Jackie

    Thank you to everyone who has posted. I’m in the midst of deciding to refer a good friend of mine to the book, “A More Excellent Way”. I’ve had some recent hesitations. But, after reading these posts and talking with my husband, I believe, that the book is helpful for certain diseases. I appreciate all the “new” ideas of the love of God and not focusing so much on the symptoms, because it is stressful to think “what does this symptom mean.”
    I will check out the the resources mentioned and in the meantime be thanking God for this journey He is leading us on to make us more like the image of His Son.

  42. Sara Bumgarner

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Theophostic Prayer Ministry by Dr. Ed Smith. What life changing effects this type of ministry brings about!!! I have also been studying the spiritual roots too disease and have been to Henry Wright’s For My Life weeklong course. I discovered there that the root of my skin problem was fear, stress and anxiety. But KNOWING the root didn’t get me free and healed of it. Theophostic prayer is the way to get healed of anxiety, so the skin problem goes away. I am working on teaching a seminar where I combine the two issues-spritual roots and Theophostic prayer (TPM) to get people well. I am in the process of becoming certified to do TPM and am taking 2 groups of people through the training as I also go through it. I can’t recommend it highly enough!! It is AMAZING!! I’ve been in the deliverance ministry for many years, and I’ve never seen anything so dramatically get people healed and set free than TPM!

  43. there is so much in way of Jesus’ ministry of deliverance that the ‘church’ needs to grow in to see ‘greater works’… i certainly need to learn more!
    blessings, f1

  44. Hi, I just finished a seminar based on Writght’s book. I have been, of course, reminded that everything is copyrighted and that it should not be used without permission. I work in closed countries and laugh at this a bit.

    Thanks for posting the information. I am going to take the material, albeit from other sources, wouldn’t want to interrupt their cash flow by quoting them illegally.

    Will you let me quote you while I talk to folks that have no food, no clothes, no hope? That would be nice. Since I have been back from the field, my supporters have been paying enormous amounts of money so I can go to these seminars. Why, many of them have been studying this stuff for 10 years, conference after conference, fees upon fees, and they claim that they still need more healing.

    Pardon me if I take my broken and disgusting self back to those who have nothing, perhaps if I introduce them to Jesus, He might be able to help them without infringing on copyrights.

    I am waiting on the Lord, just waiting where I am surrounded by the dying, diseased and disparaged of the world.

    Seriously, thanks for posting this stuff without a copyright reminder.

  45. thanks for the info great stuff
    I am going through cardiac issues atrial fib and I know its fear of man based God helped me realize it wished I had read this way earlier a real blessing
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  46. malati

    This was full of love and made me look at sin, etc., in a whole new loving way. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  47. Hi Robin, I just wanted to let you know how helpful your information was. I just returned from the doctor, and their saying that my blood pressure levels are pretty high. That I might need medication for it. However, I wanted a scriptural approach to dealing with this (high blood pressure), and the Lord led me to your website. Since I lost everything (marriage, children, job, housing, Etc..,) I have been believing God for restoration in my life. However I have been known to worry alot on how things are going to turn out. But as I said earlier, the scriptures along with the encouraging words have given me new hope, thanks to you. God bless you, and continue to allow The Lord to lead you.

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