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Creating Reminders for Our Children

From the archive: I decorate my home with reminders of Bible lessons. We have the Ten Commandments on our living room wall, and a ram’s horn on display. We have a large picture of Jerusalem to remind us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We have a special meal and light candles Friday evening, the beginning of the weekly ... Read More »

3000 Free Kindle eBooks and Free Audio Books

BooksShouldBeFree.com. offers thousands of free audio books that you can download in several ebook formats (computer, Kindle, epub, text, etc)  and several audio formats (mp3, iPod, and iTunes) format for your portable audio player. You can gather your children around the Kindle, computer, phone or mp3 player for story time. Years ago, homeschooling my oldest children I bartered homeschool books for $300 worth of audio ... Read More »

Organizing Homeschool Supplies & Free Printable Labels

Is your homeschool organized? Having the correct tools for the job makes for a stress-free day. See lots of homeschool organizing tips on my Organized Homeschool Pinterest  Board. Below are my teacher supply drawers using the Trofast frames and sliding bins from IKEA. I was so excited to organize my teaching supplies. The scrapbook storage drawers I was using were bursting at the ... Read More »

Delight Directed Homeschooling: Farm Science

We moved to a mini farm about 5 years ago because I wanted my boys to experience farm life.They have learning so much caring for animals (horses, goats, chickens)  and having a vegetable garden. (While I learn patience from lousy Internet connection). If you can’t move to a farm the second best thing would be to visit one and read ... Read More »

Organize Your Web Surfing with Evernote

So much information, so little time! Wouldn’t it be great to have an external brain to hook up just like you hook up external memory to your computer? Now you can. Evernote let’s you do a ‘brain dump’ of anything you want to remember and recall easily at a later date and its FREE! Evernote remembers like an elephant. Evernote ... Read More »

Pearls' To Train Up A Child and Child Abuse

Most of us know about the deaths of two children at the hands of their parents—seven year-old Lydia Schatz and four year-old Sean Paddock. Both families used the discipline techniques described in books by Michael and Debi Pearl, To Train Up a Child. The Pearls’ teachings are still huge in the homeschool movement and we must speak out. We need ... Read More »

One Needful Thing

While we are teaching our children to study, research, and write, we need to remember that they are establishing and perfecting tools that they will one day use to God’s glory, depending on their unique, individual talents. Homeschoolers sometimes get so wrapped up in academics they forget the one needful thing. Remember the story of Mary and Martha Martha was ... Read More »

Fun & Easy American History

There is no need to suffer though boring history text books. I teach my youngest boys American history by combining wonderful engaging read aloud books (like the Jean Fritz books) and YouTube videos and/or documentaries. No brain work required. Simply read the story aloud and combine with narration, copy work or activity and a YouTube video. For example On President’s ... Read More »

ROFL Entrepreneurial Grandson

My daughter, Rebecca and her family have been traveling to homeschool fairs all summer promoting their Home Educating Magazine. My grandson Joe — unknown to his parents — set up his own booth at a homeschool fair. He purchased arrow heads from a vendor during the convention. He then proceeded to borrow some string and a piece of paper from ... Read More »

More Than One Way to Lapbook

I’ve been using the term Scrap-Lapbooking to describe how we make our lapbooks. Here are some terms to clarify: Scrapbooking – a method for preserving family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums. Digital Scrapbooking – is the art of creating a digital scrapbook page using an uploaded photo and various digital effects ... Read More »

To Be Educated

# If I can learn my ABCs, can read 600 words per minute, and can write with perfect penmanship, but have not been shown how to communicate with the Designer of all language, # I have not been educated. # If I can deliver an eloquent speech and persuade you with my stunning logic, but have not been instructed in God’s wisdom, Read More »

Sodom and Gomorrah Printable Booklet

This is a squash book for the Genesis Bible Lapbook. You can download the 6 page PDF file below free. The folds are a bit tricky so I wanted to give it its own post with a video. Taken with my iPhone by my 10 year old son. I got the  inspiration for the cover layout from PageMaps.com. I love ... Read More »

Genesis Bible Lapbook Video & Free Printables

This Bible Lapbook includes the Bible stories in Genesis 1-11. It is our gift to you to encourage Bible study and lapbooking. Download the Genesis Lapbook Free Here Note: The files have been updated since this video was made.   This is an excellent lapbook for beginners as it is made with two file folders and can easily be completed ... Read More »

Free Bible Lapbook: Genesis 1-11

This is a Bible Lapbook to go along with the Adam to Abraham lessons. It includes the Bible stories in Geneses 1-11: Creation, Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, The Fall, Cain and Abel, Noah’s Ark and The Tower of Babel. Get this Scrap-Lapbook Kit Free here. The files have been updated since this video was made.   Sample Booklets   ... Read More »

Hundreds of Free Lapbooks and Unit Studies

There is no one more qualified to write homeschool curricula than a homeschool mom. Homeschool Share (HSS) is a on-line cooperative effort of several homeschooling moms to provide free but quality literature-based unit studies and resources. Homeschool Share offers hundreds and hundreds homeschool lapbooks, unit studies and notebooking pages for FREE. These resources go beautifully with Heart of Wisdom unit ... Read More »

Books of the Bible Lapbook Game

This is a file folder game or lapbook game to learn the books of the Bible. It includes 84 Bible trivia questions (easy and medium levels) and blank cards to make your own questions. Availble to download and assemble. Read More »

Times Tales = Fun, Fast & Easy Multiplication

Last week, my husband was helping me teach math to our boys. He made a remark about how they were both struggling with multiplication. You can imagine how that went over. My self worth as a mother, wife, and person is completely wrapped up in my homeschool abilities (not really, at least not anymore,  but I have been there). I ... Read More »

Free Bible Worksheets

Free Bible Worksheets from HeartofWisdom.com Great for documenting daily studies: Bible Event Worksheet, Bible Character Worksheet, Bible Passages Worksheet, Bible Notes Worksheet and more. Please re-pin

Using these worksheets will help your child (and you) extract pertinent materials from the Bible reading, analyze it, categorize it, and produce a reference sheet for his or her Bible portfolio. This is not busywork- its writing to learn. These can be used for all ages even non readers! Mom can fill in the pages for younger students using Charlotte ... Read More »

What Homeschoolers Should Know About Learning Styles

Studies show that seventy percent of children do NOT learn well in the way the schools teach-lecture/ textbook/ test–most students need more. Learning styles researchers state there are 4 identifiable learners. The four-step lesson cycle is a way to teach to all four learning styles. It does not isolate one type of learning but, instead, teaches in all four ways ... Read More »

Why Homeschoolers Should Have an Ipod or MP3 Player!

Can MP3s and Ipods improve your children’s reading comprehension and speed? Can it help same you time teaching and story reading? Here are 7 ways to use MP3 in your homeschool including listening to the classics, homeschool software , improving reading, Bible study, where to get FREE downloads, and more. Read More »

Download FREE Audio and Ebooks

In a previous post I explained where you can download books in audio and ebook format online. Below is a sampling of the available titles from Overdrive. Browse the site for thousands more. Listen to audio books from your computer or burn to a CD, MP3 player or Kindle (See using Kindle as an MP3 Player) . Read ebooks on ... Read More »

Free Audiobooks and MP3 Downloads

Thousands of audio books and ebooks are available to download FREE! Play from your computer or download to a CD or MP3 player. If you want young children to become readers, it is important to instill a love of listening to good stories. Take advantage of these free audio books. Overdrive and Netlibrary are public library resources you can access ... Read More »

Free Christian Teaching Resources!

Little Blots   Visit Valerie’s Little Blot community for ideas, resources and Free Printable Bible Crafts for teaching our children about God’s love. You will find Bible Crafts, Preschool Lessons and Christian values to homeschool and teach in Children’s Ministry. There is a growing section for Bible Crafts and Bible Lapbooks, all of which are free for your personal or ... Read More »