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Teacher’s Xpress describes itself as the “the education web for busy teachers. Find everything in one place”. It is a gateway to a wealth of useful information and resources, of especial value to teachers. This is a secular site. With the number of web pages more than doubling every 3 months, teachers need a fast way of finding interesting new information and educational resources.

It is extremely well organized and will grow to work more usefully and more responsively. All sites are grouped according to common education classifications including Reference, Museums, Books, Education Software, Special Education, Maths (Primary & Secondary), English (Primary & Secondary), Science (Primary & Secondary), Geography (Primary & Secondary), History (Primary & Secondary), Design Technology (Primary & Secondary), Religious Education, Physical Education, Health and Society, Art and Design, ICT and Music.

If you register (free) you can;

  • Create your own ‘my links’ category on the frontpage.
  • Visually customize TeacherXpress.com in many ways.
  • Hide categories which do not interest you.
  • Choose large type for the display.
  • Vary the number of links displayed in each category.
  • Display links by their popularity or alphabetically.


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  1. This and the chorebuster site look great!

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