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Teaching American Geography with Movies

Teaching American Geography with Movies

amazon_fire_tv_stick1We are so blessed to homeschool in the Internet age.  Pick any state or country and you can find an online video then goes on a virtual field trip. I utilize online resources and and record movies and documentaries on TV.

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My boys have a very good foundation in American geography. We used several resources but the main ones were these two DVD series:

  1. How the States got their Shapes (often on TV; search your channels and set to record)
  2. The States DVD Set free online (due to slow Internet connection I purchased 4 DVDs for $9. I guess it caught on because now the $9 DVDs are $46.00).

How the States Got Their Shapes

DVS include:

  • DISC 1: A River Runs Through It / The Great Plains, Trains, & Automobiles / Force of Nature / State of Rebellion
  • DISC 2: Living on the Edge / Use it Or Lose It / Church and States / A Boom With A View
  • DISC 3: Culture Clash / Mouthing Off
  • DISC 4: Bonus Special: How the States Got Their Shapes

 History Classics The States


Free Online Geography Games

More Video Resources

These are the main resources I have bookmarked:

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