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Thanksgiving: A Time To Remember

Thanksgiving: A Time To Remember

Reading this book and listening to the audio book each year is a super family tradition! Perfect for long car rides or family reading time.

Thanksgiving: A Time To Remember
Thanksgiving is both distinctly Christian and exclusively American—a holiday for celebrating faith, family, and freedom. But all too often the true purpose of this special day is lost amidst eating, napping, hours of TV, and football. That’s why Barbara Rainey created this beautifully illustrated coffee table resource to help your family recognize God’s hand in our history, remember His blessings in the past, and express thankfulness to Him for His goodness today. Includes a music CD of Thanksgiving hymns! Hardback: 80 pages.



Thanksgiving: A Time To Remember – Audio Book
Make this Thanksgiving season a memorable experience as you and your family share in this dramatic audio presentation of the real story of Thanksgiving and the Pilgrim’s exciting adventures! You’ll be moved by their courage, challenged by their perseverance, and influenced by their heart of thankfulness for God’s goodness and provision. This creative resource will inspire you to begin a new Thanksgiving tradition in your home-a tradition of remembering the past and expressing gratitude for the blessings of today. It’s perfect to listen to on the way to Grandma’s! Includes a Thanksgiving praise and worship CD! 1572297212

Windows Media file Listen to an excerpt from Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember

Enjoy 2 of the hymns from the included music CD.

Windows Media file Thanksgiving Medley

Windows Media file For The Beauty of the Earth

These cookies have been our family tradition for almost 20 years now. Making them is a special time the children look forward to every Thanksgiving. Giving them to neighbors and friends is just as fun. Click for the recipe and instructions  on my Homemaking Blog


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  1. Michelle B.

    Our family has been listening to this CD and reading the book for the last couple of years. We enjoy and look forward to using this as part of our Thanksgiving each year.

    Thanks for the post Robin!
    Blessings, Michelle B.

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