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If you are using Heart of Wisdom unit studies you have probably visited a ThinkQuest site via HOW links.

ThinkQuest inspires students to think, connect, create, and share. Students work in teams to build innovative and educational websites to share with the world. Along the way, they learn research, writing, teamwork, and technology skills and compete for prizes.

Building a Web Site on a topic is a perfect example of Heart of Wisdom’s Writing to Learn philosophy.

Sponsored by the Oracle Education Foundation, the competition offers a unique project-based learning experience to students and teachers across the globe. Everybody wins by having their completed websites published in the ThinkQuest Library, a rich online resource visited by millions monthly.

With an annual competition, it’s never too late to join the 30,000+ students worldwide who have participated since 1996. Start thinking…If your student would like to get involved follow the Step-By-Step Guide.How to Compete
Students, ages 9-19, form a team and recruit a teacher to act as coach. Once the coach enrolls the team, students work together to create an innovative website on any topic within a broad range of educational categories. Diverse teams and globally relevant themes are encouraged.

Awards & Prizes
The top 10 teams in each age division receive laptop computers and a cash award for the coach’s school. In addition, the top 3 teams in each age division travel to ThinkQuest Live, an educational extravaganza celebrating their achievements. A special award is also presented to the team best demonstrating global perspectives.

Sampling of ThinkQuest Sites

Here is a small sampling of the sites recommended in Heart of Wisdom unit studies:

  • Ancient World
    This site includes factual information, crafts, recipes, and online activities for Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
  • Time Trek
    It is the year 3210 CE. The time machine has been invented, and you will be able to travel back through time to visit exciting cities and events such as the French Revolution and Ancient Egypt. Learn great facts about culture, transporation, science and technology, and more. Where will you choose to go?
  • The Light of People Cultures : Mesopotamia
    What is Mesopotamia? — Mesopotamia is a Greek term, meaning The Land between the Rivers. And it is also the 1st people civilized culture we have known until now.
  • Egypt
    Learn about Egyptian History, Mummification, Symbols, Pyramids, Hieroglyphs, Pharaohs and Gods through this site. This site will introduce you to Egypt and provide Egyptian links, art lessons and hieroglyphic riddles to be solved using a hieroglyphic alphabet.
  • Time Travel Back to Ancient Greece
    Take a ride back to the ancient civilization of Greece. Find out exciting facts about the Greek’s way of life. Go to the Ancient Olympics and find out how the Olympic games started. Explore ancient Greek architecture and find out what type of pillars the Greeks used to hold up their structures.
  • The Grand Tour of Light
    This Site focuses on the basics of light and some of its properties. It also has some fun activities to explore and complete such as the word search and crossword. Then to test your knowledge take a quick test!
  • Israel – A Light Unto the Nations
    This Web site, Israel, a Light Unto the Nations: Celebrating 50 Years of Technology, has been designed, created, and engineered to be an interactive, informative and thought-provoking experience for the reader. At first glance, one might consider this Web site to be focused only on the tiny nation of Israel, but clearly, the objectives and more.
  • The Energy Planet
    The Energy Planet: This innovative site takes users on a journey through time to learn about the long history, present, and future of energy. The site takes the user on a journey through time, beginning with ancient cultures and their methods of utilizing energy. All modern forms of energy are explained in detail, and specific modern.
  • Space Exploration: The Evolution
    Space exploration has been of paramount importance since the ancient people found the need to keep track of time and direction. Since then, our interests in the great mysteries of the heavens have grown. Many great astronomical minds have developed theories to explain the wonders of the universe. From ancient times to the future, this site.

Recent ThinkQuest Winners

This is part of a series of articles on Utilizing the Internet focusing on Web 2.0 communities.

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